Shining Force RPG 2 session 31
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<Narrator> ===== Session Start! ===== <Narrator> The remnants of the boad lay scattered across the coast line, faint signs of life slowly emerge from the wreckage... The members of the Shining Force slowly raise themselves to move out of the cold water, their muscles aching with the shock of being blown up. (Haw) * Jessica lies face first on the shore...out cold. * David lies motionless on the shore, half in the water and half out.. * Aura slowly blinks her eyes open and is staring at the sand.. * Hans is unconscious until a tide of water splashes up and he awakens, coughing, gasping for air * <Hans> Gasp! O_O; * Reisha lays upon the sandy beach near David, one arm of his still draped over her prone form. <Jessica> -_- * Darin washes up on the shore, face down in the surf, a strand of seaweed tucked behind his ear and in his hair.. he's unconcious, but slowly waking. * David mumbles as he awakens, his shirt in tatters and his arm tightening around Rei reflexively.. " mouth tastes like I've been eating sand..." * Jessica is just plain out cold...cold in more ways than one.....can we say "Hypothermia", kiddies? * Aura mumbles something to h erself and tries to push herself up on her elbows.. * Darin slowly pulls himself up, opening his eyes, groaning, and shivering with cold... * Hans lifts his head up. He is still too fatigued to raise any other limbs * <Jessica> -_- * Hans sees sand... * * David blinks dazedly and lifts himself up... "Uhnnn....I have been eating sand...!" <Hans> Ehh...? * Aura gets up halfway and falls back into the sand, getting more sand in her mouth * Reisha 's face starts to twitch, as she then sheforcible exhales a gout of seawater. :P * Darin leans on his elbows.. only one thought in his mind now that he knows he's alive... <Jessica> -_- * Hans speaks, almost in a drunk tone * Izzis a san'box...? @_@ * Reisha gasps a couple times, and picks herself up, quickly stumbling into the sandy dune again. * David blinks down at Reisha and gently picks her up, standing.. "Hey..? Is everyone alright!" <Jessica> -_- * Hans stands up partway, but falls backwards, and onto his back * <Hans> Nnngh... Oww...? >_< <Reisha> I.. feel.. like shit... * Aura pushes herself up and rolls over onto her back.. * Jessica is still lying facedown in the sand, unconscious. <Narrator> As the Shining Force gather themselves and look around, they realize Johei and Meredith aren't there... <David> ....Johei? Meredith? Oh no.. * Aura looks around..."shit...wha...whe.." * Hans still has a slight wobble in his steps * * David frowns and runs a hand through his hair.. "Everyone come together..!" * Narrator tips Hans over <Jessica> -_- * Reisha shakes the sand off of her, lying face up on the beach. <Hans> What the hell happened back there...? * Hans glances back out at the sea * * Aura sits up quickly with a hand wrapped around her waist, spitting out sand.. <David> We got blown up after an epic battle with one bitchsmack worthy god.. * Darin pulls himself up.. and looks around... and finding what he's searching for, crawls to Jessica.. and turns her over. "Jess?" <Hans> I know, but what HAPPENED? <Jessica> -_- <Hans> We survived somehow * Reisha hangs her head.. * David blinks a little.. "We did.." * Hans rubs his head * * Jessica feels rather cold. She's out like a light. * Kodah groans * Aura curls up a little and wraps her hand around her necklace.. * Hans notices Jessica * eh? o_O <Reisha> I should have never done it.. why did I do it... * Darin slaps Jessica's face lightly... "Jessica?!" * David heads over to Reisha, kneeling beside her.. "We all make mistakes." <Jessica> Uhmm....Da..rin....? * Hans sits on the sand * <Reisha> My whole life's one mistake after another... you think i'd elarn afetr all this time.. <Narrator> The necklace warms up slowly, giving strength to Aura... <Darin> Jessica.. you're alive! * Reisha sits up, pushing some hair out of her face. * Hans notices a oyster. He opens it up and sees a black pearl in it * One strange thing after another. (Black Pearls are somewhat rare :) * David looks concernedly at Reisha.. <Reisha> David... I.. * Aura blinks and slowly pulls herself to her feet, standing wobbily, still holding the necklace * Kodah tilts his head up slightly, and spits out some sand * Hans just flings it over his shoulder and into the sea * * Darin picks Jess up carefully and cradles her in his arms, seemingly oblivious to the others for a few moments...then.. "I though we were all dead.." <Jessica> right hand...on my armor's...chest plate....I need to do something...before...the ...c..cold really kills... me. <David> Rei...maybe you should wait a bit...just rest....we've got to get everyone to a town....a nice warm inn...with baths.. * Aura looks around at everybody and wobbles, trying to stand up straight.. <Kodah> What tghe heck happned? Oough... * Reisha weakly smiles, looking distant. "Baths.. Inn.. yeah..." * David stands up and looks about, yelling. "HEY! LISTEN UP! Everyone okay?! Someone tell me if anyone is in need of healing!" * Aura puts her arms out like an airplaine quickly and tries to stay up <Jessica> L..Look at me...and...ask that question...again, David. -_-; <Narrator> Aura's necklace starts to glow a faint light blue, giving Aura newfound strength... Her soreness slowly fades away... * David frowns at Jess and heads over to her, chanting softly...he thrusts out his hands and mutters.. " Heal!" * Darin picks up Jessica's hand and rests it on her chest. * Aura blinks and quietly wispers 'waoh..' looking at her necklace * Reisha turns around, looking down at her tattered fine silk cape. * Kodah struggles up onto his elbows, "Can someone fill me in on what's going on? What happened to Tyr? Where the heck are we?" <David>'re okay..? <Hans> ... <Narrator> == David casts heal lv. 1 on Jess... Jess recovers from her wounds, feeling better... * Aura looks around at everybody and slowly backs away, as if retreating towards the island * Jessica closes her eyes as she calls out softly "Fire...spirit..bring me your warmth." A fire from her hand enters her, making the effects of the cold lessened, but not gone altogether. * Reisha tries to smooth out some of the creases and tears... * Kodah rubs some sand out of his eyes * Hans is dead silent in thought * * Reisha then lets it drop, falling to her knees in the sand. <Jessica> I'll be ok now, Darin, but if you don't mind carrying me into the next town. I'll not be able to move until the effects of the inner fire spell I just cast wears off. * David blinks and looks at Reisha worriedly.. "....we need to get to a inn....get our bearings together..." <Reisha> ... who am I kidding! * Darin hugs Jess close.. "It's okay.. I dont' mind at all.." <Jessica> ^_^ <Meredith's voice> "Please hold still!" * Aura backs up untill she hits a tree and stands there.. * David blinks and tenses, getting into a battle pose.. "Who..?" * Kodah rolls onto his back with a moan <Meredith's voice> "Xavier, if you could....?" * Jessica looks around. "What the?" * Hans removes his cape, robe, and hood, all soaking wet. he flings them onto the ground. He is now wearing what he was wearing underneath it. His baggy navy blue pants, and leather shoes * <Darin> ....... <David> ...? * Aura looks around... <Xavier> "Okay...Aura...3!" * Reisha turns her head, eyes filled with tears. * Aura blinks and stands up straigt.. <Narrator> == Xavier casts Aura lv. 3... The Shining Force recovers to full strength as a lupine aura surrounds their sore forms... * Aura looks down at herself.. * David blinks and wanders to Rei, resting his fingers lightly on her shoulder.. "Hey.." <Narrator> A figure walks out from beind some trees. "You're alive...what a relief..." <Hans> Eh...? <Jessica> Meredith..How did you wind up there? <Reisha> David.. David... * Kodah blinks, tries to sit up, and immediately regrets it * Aura looks over at the person apearing behind her... <Reisha> I'm just a damn fool... * David blinks.. "No you're not..." <Meredith> I woke up on a piece of floatsam...and some of my Vinosec friends found've been unconcious almost two days... <David> ....two days..? <Darin> Two... DAYS? <Jessica> No wonder I almost wound up with Hypothermia. <Meredith> At least, I think so...It's been that long since Zeon... * Meredith sighs, looking very grim. * Reisha looks into his hazy eyes. "How can you say that?! I almost kileld you all just for something I couldn't even handle!" * Aura rubs at her eyes.. <Jessica> since Zeon what, Meredith... * Hans paces over to Kodah * You ok? <Meredith> Destroyed the ghost ship...and things have been getting progressively worse... <Kodah> I've been a lot better <Jessica> don't tell us he's achieved Arc Valley. * Hans helps Kodah up * Same here * Aura slumps in front of the tree again...sighing.. * David frowns at Rei, gazing back at her.. "Its okay, Reisha...everyone makes bad're here, aren't you? You came back..." <Meredith> We know why Zeon possessed Volcanon's body...and no,'s worse. <Darin> ........ <Jessica> O_O * Kodah leans heavily aganst Hans, still not recovered from the beating Zeon gave him <Jessica> what is it, Meredith.... <Reisha> To what though.. what do I have to look forward too.. -_- <Hans> Hmmm <Meredith> Zeon wants to destroy Volcanon's protection. <Meredith> If he does, the world will unravel at the seams. <Darin> ...... <Jessica> so we basically have to break Tyr's possession... <Reisha> I lost your trust, I almost lost you, and I've lost my powers.. * Aura just watches and listens to everybody...still holding the necklace.. <Reisha> I really am garbage, just like Volcannon said. <Meredith> If it's even possible...the boy was probably the only thing stopping Zeon...and he has since given up. * David quickly leans down to kiss Rei lightly before squeezing her shoulder.. "But you've still got us...the team..and I'm still here...and no, you're not garbage...hardly...." <Jessica> There's always a way, right, Darin? <Meredith> Which is why.... * Meredith trails off. * Darin nods <Jessica> why what, Meredith? * Aura picks up a rock in her other hand and ponders whether or not to throw it.. <Hans> Faker :P * Kodah glares at Hans, "There's a difference between damage and pain Hans." * Reisha stands back up. "David.. just.. please don't do this.. to humor me.." -_- * Meredith looks at the party with a very serious face. "At 17:00 hours today, the Vinosec Army will locate Zeon and proceed in destroying his body. Unfortunatly...this will also destory Volcanon and his mortal persona..." <Jessica> WHAT? <Kodah> Tyr... * Hans backs up * I know that * Aura blinks..and remembers something.. <Darin> ..... <Meredith> We have no choice anymore... * Aura looks through her little bag... * David blinks at Meredith.. " can't do that....thats....Tiernan..?" <Meredith> You think I LIKE killing the God I've looked up to all my life? He would have wanted this... <Jessica> if you do that, Meredith, there is no way on Mitula's green earth to restore the protection that this world needs to keep from falling appart at the seems? * David strokes Rei's back a little, looking at her meaningfully before looking back to Meredith.. <Meredith> We'll buy a bit more time than what Zeon's doing now. * Darin stares at Meredith in disbelief... <Meredith> A few more months, perhaps... * Hans paces along the shore * <Meredith> If we let Zeon continue like this, we're looking at hours. * Reisha just looks down for several moments as Meredith speaks. <Kodah> ... <Jessica> I won't stand for it, Meredith. We can break tyr's possession... <Meredith> Can you? <David> ....there has to be another way...we can beat this, Meredith.. <Jessica> as I said, there's always a way. * Reisha raises her blonde head. <Reisha> If anyone cares... * Meredith shakes her head. "As much as I want t believe that....we don't have time..." * Aura pulls out the purple mushrooms she collected, the vertibrae from the bear and a bunch of other random things.. * Meredith looks at Reisha. "Yes?" * David blinks and looks to Rei.. "Yeah..?" <Jessica> what is it, Rei? * Aura swears when she cant find what she wants and shoves them all back into the bag <Reisha> YOu do remember that girl we saw at the hut right? <Meredith> Yes, Celia. <Jessica> Celia, yeah. * David nods... <Kodah> ... * Hans picks up a stone, and flings it across the water, as a skipping stone * <Reisha> When I was with Volcannon.. I cuaght a few things... <Jessica> such as? <Meredith> Hm? * Reisha raises a hand. "And believe me I know all about this..." <Reisha> That woman sure isn't just using girlish charms on him. <Jessica> magic? * David raises an eyebrow, blue eyes flickering in color.. "What do you mean?" * Aura takes one of her daggers and slams it into the tree behind her in frusteration <Reisha> I'm saying she's got him wrapped around ehr little pinky finger.. if it's even a real human finger.. <Jessica> could Celia be the fake Mitula? <Meredith> It wouldn't surprise me... * Kodah raises an eyebrow * Aura mumbles to herself and watches, listening <Jessica> Then what we have to do is take out Celia to break the spell? <Meredith> ...As much as I hate to leave you all, my army is waiting...and Zeon is probably already beginning the ritual... <Meredith> No... * Hans continues pacing, listening to Meredith * <Meredith> Celia most likely is a lackey to Zeon... <David> Meredith... <Meredith> ...I'm sorry David...but if you manage to find Zeon before we do...I'll give you the chance to save your friend... <Meredith> But you have to's one life to thousands... * David pauses and nods.. "I know. But thank you. For that chance." <Reisha> Whatever... not like I can do anything anymore for him.. * Reisha closes her eyes. <David> Rei.. <Jessica> and those thousands will still die if you kill Tyr you're looking at a no win situation. * Aura rolls her eyes and yanks her dagger from thr tree and starts to walk away.. <Meredith> Hurry...He's going to break the protection any moment now. You need to go as quickly as possible. * Jessica nods. <Meredith> Maybe...maybe not. * David closes his eyes and then opens them.. "Lets go.." * Jessica stands. "I guess I can move now..." <Meredith> We'll just have to see and place our faith in...something... <Jessica> a bit sore, but I'll get over it. * Meredith nods to the force and walks back to her army, as they begin to march away. * Reisha opens her too. "I might as well...." <Jessica> let's get going, people. * Aura holds out her dagger and slashes at things as she walks past them * David runs his hand over Rei's cheek gently before walking past and inward from the shore.. "Lets go, Shining Force...we have to save a friend." * Jessica nods and follows David. "I'm with you." * Reisha 's eyes soften, ebfore she starts marching.. * Hans follows, without even speaking * * David smiles faintly to himself, looking as if he has regained his strength and will to fight.. * Aura looks back and sighs, seeing them following behind her..slams her dagger into another tree <David> Aura..! <Reisha> David.. even after everything.. you still think I can do something right? * David blinks and looks to Rei, smiling fondly.. "Are you kidding? I know you can. I have faith in you." * Aura looks back at david, her face emotionless... <Jessica> of course we do, Reisha. We all make mistakes in life..don't beat yourself up like that. <Reisha> But I don't have anything left... <Jessica> you still have this team, Rei..that's more than some people have. * Aura pulls the dagger out again and walks..arms hanging at her sides.. * David turns to look at Aura, murmuring.. "Help us, Aura.....we need your skills...and maybe we can help Jeyer out of the amulet.." <David> have me......and...the group.. <Hans> Reisha, you have something left. You just refuse to notice it. * Reisha mumbles something... <Jessica> besides, Rei, you have someone who loves you...David. <Reisha> I just... * David makes a soft noise, blushing and quickly dropping his gaze to his feet. ^^; * Reisha holds her hands to her sides. <Reisha> Mitula.. I can't stand this! * Aura looks back at David.."why..why should i help somebody...when they take back a person..who has ruined the lives of others..just because she says she's sorry..?" <Reisha> I feel like my whole life has been one giant glass hosue that someone just shattered.. <Reisha> Aura's right.. I don't deserve it.. <David> Aura.....people make mistakes....everyone deserves a second chance...everyone....and she hasn't ruined the lives of anyone..look past your hurt and anger, Aura...and notice the guilt that resides within her.. <Reisha> I nearly kileld you all just cause I though I found my answer. * Aura looks down at her amulet and tears slip down her face.."..and anyway..i dont know how to get him out...." <Jessica> don't you think we all feel that way? How do you think it feels to be "Destined to die anyway?" Goddess knows I wish I didn't hear that one. * David snaps his gaze to Reisha.. " didn't. You didn't kill us." * Kodah keeps his thoughts to himself <David> Aura...we can figure it out...I promise.. * Darin hugs Jess. "He's right, Rei.. We're all still here.. " * Hans is following behind the whole ground * <Narrator> The sky is dark and omnious... * Aura turns away and starts to walk again...hiding her tears, but visibly shaking.. * Reisha meets his eyes. "I.. could have...I almost..." * Indigo appears in a brilliant flash of white light from....somewhere. <Indigo> Hello children! ^_^ <Narrator> The road is garbled and the trees twisted by the utter darkness of the sky... Thunder crashes and lightning lights up the sky behind the dark clouds up ahead.. * Hans jumps 10 feet into the air from the sudden burst of a voice from the person that is Indigo * AAAAAHHH!!! O_O;;;; * David drops back to walk beside Reisha, voice softening.. "But you didn't... didn't...and its alright....we understand...and you still have us...we're still have me..." * Kodah rotates his should until it makes a nasty popping sound * Aura looks up at Indi and starts to run towards the clouds, and away from Indi * Reisha rest her head on his shoudler, ignoring Indy's appearance.. <Narrator> Kodah feels something fall out of one of his pockets. <Reisha> WHy did I do it.. I gave up everything.. just to save you. * Kodah looks down, trying to see what he lost <Indigo> Nasty storm brewing I see. So, did I miss anything important, or where we just wandering around again and getting into trouble? <Narrator> Kodah finds it's a very wet piece of paper that looks like a drawing of some sort... * Kodah reaches down and looks at the paper <Indigo> The last thing I remember is getting cut with a scythe, just before I summoned Doom to fight against a possessed Reisha and Tiernan.... <Kodah> ... <Reisha> How could a selfish... bitch.. like me give up the only thing she had going for her in one brief moment... * David laughs softly.. "I'm not sure either, Rei...but why question it? Just let it go.." <Narrator> The drawing is smudged almost to the point of being unrecognizable, but you know who drew it.. * Indigo looks about her, then at the sky. * Jessica makes a point to ignore the psycho summoner. * Kodah gently folds up the paper and put it back into his pocket without a word * Reisha falls silent, a faint glimmer of realization crossing her countenance. <Jessica> Darin, do you really think we stand a chance at breaking Tyr's possession? * David glances up at the sky and murmurs.. "You make yourself out to be something you're not....otherwise I wouldn't be here..." * Aura is now far away from Indi, but allot closer to the storm.. <Indigo> Oh stop that Atlas. I'm thinking here. I must have died, so maybe I visited the Land of the Dead and teleported back. But then why.....oh, they moved again. The children can move so fast sometimes. I suppose Rei has regained her mind by now. * Hans is looking at the trees up ahead * <Darin> I think there is a chance... honestly.. <Reisha> You're right... damnit, whya re you always right..? * Indigo takes a couple of steps and stops, frowning. <David> Just lucky, I guess.. ^_- <Indigo> I wonder what it is have a mind.... * Hans notices Indigo stop walking, since she is in front of him a little bit * <Hans> Something wrong? <Reisha> I've been fooling myself forever.. since that time.. * Aura stops and stares up at the sky... * David tilts his head at Rei, blonde hair falling into his eyes... <Indigo> Oh, just trying to piece things together. I died, then teleported here. I don't know what you guys have been up to while I was gone. * Indigo looks at David. * Kodah trudges along, thinking to himself <Indigo> But I hope you've been changing your underwear and socks every day young man! Kara would kill me if I brought you home dirty! <David> ! * David facefaults * Reisha nearly falls over. o_o * Hans cackles * * Jessica holds onto Darin, walking along and wondering what they're going to do. * Aura sighs and starts running again....wanting to get away from the group, or find her end, whichever comes first * Indigo goes over and takes a rag, washing David's face and behind his ears. <David> Aahhnn! <Hans> Hahah! ^__^ * David flails in a chibi moment. "Stop that!" <Indigo> And wash behind your ears. You've got a lot of dirt back here you know! <Reisha> Indigo! You're ruining my moment! Go change your duaghter's diapers or something! * Darin tightens his grip on Jess, chuckling at Indi. <Narrator> A bolt of lightning flashes and strikes a few feet behind Indigo! :O * Reisha shoves Indigo away, fuming. <Hans> ...? Hey, old lad--er--Indigo... Your ears look pretty dirty, too...! <Jessica> O_o; * Indigo eeps and turns to the sky. * David chuckles despite himself and looks at Reisha.. "Its not nice to shove your elders!" * Hans is struck by the lightning, being a few feet behind Indi * AAAAAIIIGHHH!!! O_O * David blinks at the lightning. ^^; <Indigo> Atlas, no dinner for you! <David> Lets...uh...hurry up.. O_o * Indigo then glares at Hans. * Hans flops to the ground * -_-; <Reisha> Hey, but it feels good, right? <Indigo> What....was....that.......? <Narrator> The lightning doesn't knock Hans out, but dazes him quite a bit ^_^ * Aura is now out of earshot of the group, and happy of it <Darin> ... * David winks at Reisha.. "I suppose..!" * Hans rises back up, the same way he flopped * Rrrgh >_< <Hans> Alllrighty... -_-; * Reisha listens to the noise of the thunder. <Hans> Who's playing lightning rod with me? /_\ * Indigo takes out a bright red ball and balances herself on it, rolling off after Aura. <David> Come on, guys.. ^^; Lets keep going.. * Jessica nods. <Indigo> Hey weird girl! I mean....Aura! Wait up! * Jessica follows david, still holding onto Darin. <Reisha> What am I goign to do now.. I used up all of my strength on the boat.. * Aura looks back and gets a sort of pained look, starts to run faster * David turns to Rei as he walks beside her.. "'ve got your daggers..." * Hans realizes he left his robe, cape, and hood back on the beach, but just shrugs * <Reisha> But I'm no fighetr... * Indigo starts rolling after her faster. <David> Ah, but you are! You've got that 'I'll stomp on your stomach until you gag' spirit! ^_- <Indigo> What happened to that creepy ain't-never-gonna-be ninja Jeyer? <Reisha> Volcannon's not exactly some drunken bastrad at the tavern, though.. * Aura runs with all the speed she can, realy just trying to get away from them all <Narrator> A large bird takes a dump on Ingido's head * Indigo smiles, then grabs a rock and flings it at the bird. * David frowns at Aura's retreating form, eyes narrowing a little.. "He could be if we bought him some ale, Rei...then we just wait..!" <Jessica> about time a bird divebombed Indi...hell, she deserves it. <Narrator> The bird flies in... And is MUCH bigger than expected. <Narrator> The bird is struck, and spirals down and smacks Indi's head! * Kodah is too busy wrapped up in his own thoughts <Indigo> Nah, Tyr's a young bastard and....oof! <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Narrator> ===== Monster: Roc ===== * Indigo looks at the bird. <Narrator> == The Roc can attack! <Indigo> Stupid fowl! You're dinner! * Aura stops running and clutches her arms around her middle, her empty stomach starting to take effect <Jessica> Indo got herself into this mess...let her get her own ass out. <Narrator> == The roc caws loudly and pecks at Indigo's head! Indigo takes 21 damage! * Hans runs to the side and forward * <David> O_o <Hans> I am NOT staying behind her for this...! * Reisha fumbles for her daggers... <David> What the heck..! * Indigo screams and curses the bird. <Narrator> == Kodah can attack! * Aura slumps to the ground and watches, holding her aching stomach <Jessica> hey, Indigo, how does it feel to get the bird? * Darin nods to Jess, and then laughs. * Kodah leaps at the rock! * Kodah draws in as much power as he can stand, then unleashes all his deadly techniques, Rekkuzan, Shoryuhengezan, Reppasempuujin, Shichisenko, Kugashoryukaku, and Majinken, one after the other! "Choujikuuken!" * David hesitantly unsheathes AmeShi, protectively beside Reisha.. <Narrator> == Kodah attacks the Roc... The rock reels back from the sheer force exerted at it! 74 damage! Critical! * Indigo grits her teeth. <Narrator> == The roc counter attacks! <Indigo> The bird dies and I'm cooking tonight Jess.... * Reisha sighs, looking at her hands merely holding steel and not ethereal force. "This just feels.. wrong..." <Narrator> == The roc leaps into the air and dives at Indigo, claws striking her shoulder! 17 damage! * Indigo screams. <Jessica> this is just plain stupid..... <Indigo> I'll find your nest and burn your children bird! * Kodah lands on the ground with a thump, still reeking of devil energy * Hans watches Indigo get the #*$)#^)(# beaten out of her * o_o; <David> can do this... <Narrator> == Reisha and David can attack! * Indigo glows orange in preparation. * David rushes forward, slashing at the Roc with deadly accuracy and power, the flames crackling loudly! "Aaaaaaaaiiiiyaaa!" * Aura curls up smaller and mumbles.. * Jessica standst here by Darin. "Is it just me or is this whole battle just plain senseless?" <Darin> It's not just you, Jess... * Reisha looks to her knives, grabbing several, and tosses the volley at the bird's feathers, driving them through with moderate force! * Jessica begins channeling firey energy into her hands. "We don't have time for this, dammit." * David slides back beside Reisha, smiling faintly. "Nice aim." <Reisha> Golden rain.. do your stuff! <Narrator> == David's sword slices through the bird as the daggers pierce his eyes! The bird falls to the ground, twitching... 49 damage double attack, dispatched! * David nods, smiling wider now. * Indigo grits her teeth. * Reisha blinks, reaching for some more. "I got it...?" <Indigo> Apollo, Elemental of Fire, burn this carcass! * Hans suddenly hopes Indigo can cook better than she can summon * o_o; * Kodah dissapates the last of his devil aura <Narrator> The sky crackles again with lightning...louder this time... <Narrator> == Apollo is cast... The fire burns the bird, its carcass smelling quite good! "FOOD'S ON!!" <David> ...thats not a happy sound. * Hans notices Indigo summoning, and a huge sweatdrop appears on the back of his head * Aura looks up at the lightning...wishies it would rain.. <Jessica> no it's not. We've gotta hurry. <Reisha> Normally, I'd like the sound of the storm.. <Hans> o_O; That actually WORKED! * Reisha eeks as her knives melt in the blaze. :o * Indigo looks at the corpse, then starts cutting it up. <Indigo> We'll be hungry later, and this...this *thing* is dinner! <Reisha> Damn you Indy. :P <Jessica> we'd better get moving again.... <Hans> How much does this damn bird weigh??? o_O <David> Let's roll, guys. ^_- <Indigo> I don't know, you're carrying it ~ ^_^ * Aura stays curled up on the ground * Reisha puts whatever she can salvage away into her cloak somewhere. * Indigo shoves the bird onto Hans's back, gets on her ball, and rolls out of there. <Hans> BWAAAAHH???? /_\ * Hans is holding the roc on his back * /_\ Why me...? <Hans> ...! * David blinks.. "Hey....issat Aura..?" <Jessica> looks like her, David. * Hans gathers up strength, and flings it over his head, and it lands on an unsuspecting Indigo * ^__^ * David frowns and picks Aura up as they near her.. * Indigo smiles and tosses it back, then rolls around to Aura. * Reisha juggles one knife. "Maybe I could do this after all..." * Aura mrphs and frowns...but stays all curled up.. * Indigo pokes Aura with her staff's sharp metal end. ^_^ <David> You can, Rei....I know you can! * Hans punches it, making it fly back at Indigo * <Indigo> Hey, wake up Aura! ^_^ * Indigo thwacks it back to him. * Reisha looks down. "She doesn't look too hot.." * Aura screatches and flies at Indi <Indigo> *poke poke* <Jessica> she's clutching her stomach....maybe she's just very hungry. * Hans dodges, watching it skid across the dirt road* ^^ <David> O_o I don't know, she seems fine enough to attack Indi O_o * Indigo eeps and rolls back. <Indigo> Hey! * Reisha backs away. "Woah.. slowdown, kid!" * Aura slams into Indi * Indigo thrusts her staff out to trip her, the point flying up as she slammed. <David> Aura!! We don't have time for this! * Indigo flails about, her staff slamming into Aura. * David frowns, looking cute when he's frustrated. ^^; * Aura blinks and falls back onto the ground <Jessica> since when is slam dancing a part of adventuring? <Narrator> Another bolt of lightning strikes somewhere further ahead. * Hans walks up beside Indigo and just lifts up the fried roc, and smothers Indigo between it and the ground* :P <David> Aura...Indi...come guys can mud wrestle later.....the lightning is trying to tell us something! <Jessica> we'd better get moving, people.... * Hans sees the lightning bolt and screams * AAAAHHH! * Reisha looks back up to the skies. <Kodah> ... * Indigo grabs Aura, knocks the corpses onto Hans's shoulders, and slings Aura over her shoulders, rolling off. * David continues onward, tugging Rei by her elbow.. * Hans runs and hides behind David * It never hits him! ^^ <Narrator> A bolt of lightning then strikes David and Hans, knocking them both on their butts! * Aura yelps and squirms.."leeme go you bitch!!" <Reisha> .oO( Damn.. that should be my thunder.. slamming down.. ) <Hans> AAAAGAGGGGGGAAGAGGAGAGAGAGAGGGHHH!!!!! O_O; <Hans> *THUMP* * Reisha acks as David and her go flying from the blast. >_< * Indigo smiles and tightens her hold, carrying her like a sack of potatoes. * David grunts loudly! * Hans raises his fist into the air * B-B-Bastard... -_-; <David> Ackk..! * Indigo continues rolling on her ball, carrying her away. <Indigo> Come along child. * Jessica gets started moving again, going towards the thunder. <Indigo> You need a time-out. * Aura squirms harder..."!" * David stands and helps Rei up.. ^^; <Kodah> ... * Reisha gets a firm stance and raises a fist to the heavens. "What are you mocking me? Is that it?!" * Hans rubs his head * Mitula must really have it in for me /_\ I should've become an archer or a warrior... * Sighs * <Indigo> Behave, or I'll spank you and send you to your room! ^_^ <Jessica> hey, at least you're not a magician. <David> Come on, guys.. ^^; * David continues to tug Rei by the elbow. ^^; * Aura swings her arms, beating Indi in the back.."let me go..." * Reisha gets tugged * David pauses and uses his free hand to haul out two of his old daggers from his pouch...he offers them to Rei.. "" * Reisha looks at David's hands. * Jessica uses both arms to hold onto Darin. "I hope we're going in the right direction." <Reisha> Wait a minute.. * Indigo frowns and whacks Aura on the butt with her free hand. * David blinks. ^^; <Hans> -_-; Goddess Mitula, why do you hate me so...? <Narrator> Something invisible pimp slaps Indigo violently! * Aura squeeks and blinks her eyes open wide.."what the hell.." <Reisha> Hey, didn't I give these to you all the way back at the prison phantom place thingie? * Kodah ignores the worst of the squabbling, still thinking to himself <David> Yes.. ^^; Uh..I...kept them... * Indigo falls over, still holding Aura in one hand and rubbing her cheek with the other, then she gets back on her ball and keeps rolling. * Reisha looks speechless. "You.. kept them all this time..?" * David nods a little, blushing faintly.. "Yeah.." <Indigo> You were misbehavng dear. * Jessica fireballs indigo's ball. "Hey, you can walk like the rest of us." * Aura squirms and yells loudly.."!!!" * Indigo whacks her bottom again as she jumps clear and brings out another ball. * Hans glances over at David and Rei, both of them talking normally * <Narrator> Another bolt of lighting hits, causing some of the ground to be torn up from it's power! O_o <Narrator> Something invisible pimp slaps Indigo violently again! * Reisha looks at David a few moments... "...." <Indigo> Ow! * Aura squeaks loudly again * Kodah begins to worry <Indigo> Quit it you! I'm warning you! * Reisha finally reaches to take them, but jumps at the thunderbolt. o_o * Hans is missed by the thunderbolt * Whew... * Aura squirms again * David blinks and steadies Reisha, gently pressing the hilts of the daggers into her hands.. "Here....careful.." <Jessica> can we get on with this, ok? There's not a lot of time here * Indigo rubs Aura's head gently. <Indigo> It hurt me more than it did you dear. ^_^ <Narrator> More bolts of lighting crash into the earth, the source becoming closer...maybe just past this grove of trees... * David nods and continues onward.. * Reisha gets her balance back. "Thanks.. David...I will.." * Hans reaches down and opens his pendant and sighs then closes it and looks up, hearing the lightning yet again * <Hans> Eh? * Aura yells loudly..."SHUT UP AND LET ME DOWN!!!!!!!!" <Indigo> Awwwww.........^_^ <David> ...nice weather we're having. ^_- * Kodah looks around warily, not liking this at all * Indigo scratches behind her ears, then plays her head like a drum, giggling. <Narrator> Something invisible pushes Indigo down, freeing Aura <Narrator> You see something up in the distance...something dark...and tall.. O_o <Hans> Guys... <Reisha> Yeah... nice weather, alright.. <Hans> I think we have trouble... * Indigo frowns, then looks up. * Aura blinks and raises an eyebrow, then starts to run towards whatever it is <David> ....huh... * David draws AmeShi slowly.. <Jessica> O_o; * Hans cracks his knuckles then his neck and points to the figure * <Hans> up there <Indigo> Oh a creep! Creeps are fun! They make all sorts of threats and they're great punching bags..... <Kodah> ... <Jessica> someone tell me I can kill that psycho. <Hans> ... <Narrator> In the distance, you see a large tower, so old it seems to be a relic of some kind. It throbs with dark power as lighting courses all around...most of it converging near the top of the tower. <David> ....Tiernan must be there.. <Kodah> Devil power... <Kodah> And lots of it <Jessica> Then that's where we're headed... <Indigo> Oh, probably Zeon. He always was a trifle melodramatic. * Aura looks up at the tower and runs towards it.. <Jessica> and you're always a lot annoying, so shut up and act your age. * David grips AmeShi tighter, his hands going a little pale from the pressure.. <Reisha> Indy, just cut the crap, would you? ^^ <Narrator> A bolt of lightning strikes Reisha's daggers! * Hans glances at Indigo over his shoulder * Old woman, do you EVER stop talking? <David> ! * Hans jumps to the side in surprise * <David> Rei! <Hans> What on Mitula's green earth...??? * Reisha doesn't have time to react, getting zapped fullf orce! o_O * Aura keeps running as fast as she can..out of earshot again.. <Indigo> Well it's true! I tried to give Zeon decorating tips when I confronted him with the first Shining Force, but did he! He just sat there looking stupid until we put him out of his misery. <Narrator> Aura is struck by lightning as well, but is just knocked on her bottom, the wind struck out of her. <Reisha> Woahoahoah... o_O *rolls to the ground, smoking* <Hans> Uh oh! * Hans charges healing spells * * David looks worried and puts his hand on Rei's shoulder.. "Hey!! You alright?" * Indigo turns to the tower. * Aura squeeks quietly and collapses onto her back <Narrator> In fact, more lightning is hitting all around you! You need to get inside and dodge before Zeon kills you! O_o * Jessica shifts, trying to stay on her feet. <David> Ah, damnit! <Hans> HOLY CRAP!!! * Kodah narrows his eyes, and charges forward! <Darin> .... * Hans rolls to the side, dodging a lightning bolt * * Aura tries to move, but can't, not that well at least * Jessica starts inside, pulling Darin with her. <Reisha> Grr.... using my own damn tricks.. that little... * Hans lifts Aura up * <Indigo> Oh stop that Zeon! We all know its' you! Cut out the light show, I'm not impressed! Some ultimate evil. Any rookie could summon lightning you overgrown punk! <Narrator> Reisha feels a familar power surge through her. <Hans> I'm stuck carrying EVERYONE! /_\ * Indigo dances around. * Aura breaths deeply... just lets Hans carry her * David picks Rei up, dashing to the tower. "Time for death threats later! Lets go!" * Reisha staggers up, all burnt, looking determined. "I'M GONNA SHOW HIM A STORM, ALL RIGHT!" * Hans runs to the tower as quickly as his legs can move * <Indigo> Come down here and face us like a God, or will you hide in your tower like a frightened little boy? <Hans> Wait... * Indigo heads off to the tower. <Hans> Just thunder...? <Hans> This is Zeon! * Kodah tries his best to avoid the lightning bolts as he runs <David> funny, I thought it was the friggin snackwells cookie man! <Hans> There's bound to be more...! <Indigo> If I have to come up there, you're going to be sorry! * Hans is about 20 yards from the tower * <Jessica> Darin, can I kill Indigo? <Darin> Not yet... * Aura whimpers and goes limp over Hans' shoulder <Jessica> damn. <Narrator> The door to the tower is closed shut! <Hans> !!! * Reisha sturggles way from david, and takes off like a bat out of hell for the Tower gates... <Indigo> I'm in no mood for climbing towers, so drag your rotting carcass down here so I can beat on it like my friends and I did eighteen years ago weakling! <Hans> IT'S SHUT!!! * Hans screeches to a stop at the door and jumps back just in time to dodge a lightning bolt * * David raises an eyebrow but just shrugs, skidding to a stop at the door and kicking at it. "Aw, damnit, open up!" <Reisha> Then I've got the key right here! * Hans places Aura on the ground * * Indigo walks over and kicks the gate. <Hans> eh? <Narrator> You hear faint laughter from above, along with very ominous chanting... * Reisha gestures towards the door.... <Indigo> Hey Sleepy Ugly, wake up! * Aura backs up next to the tower and curls up small.. <Indigo> Sleeping* * Kodah slams hard against the door! * Hans raises his arms into the air * <Hans> STRENGTH UP! * David blinks and steps back ^^; <Narrator> Reisha sends a bolt of lightning through the door, busting it down! O_O * Hans feels a bit of his mana energy seep away * <Hans> Dammit -_-; <Narrator> Reisha's magic is restored! :D <Hans> Useless again * Indigo flips off the the person doing the laughing and chanting. * Hans lifts Aura back up * <David> ...oh hey, guess you won't be needing those daggers now. ^^; <David> Let's go! * David runs into the tower! * Aura swings her arms at Hans.."lemme go" * Reisha grins. "I'm going to get his sorry ass for using that trick against me..!!!" * Reisha runs inside! * Kodah runs through the door and into the tower * Indigo steps inside. <Hans> Still mad at me from before I can see. * Aura whimpers and curls up against the wall again <Indigo> I guess we have to do this the hard way you sodding coward! Fine! Prepare to get beaten and beaten badly! <Aura> shut..up.. * David glances about, his body tensed and AmeShi held in front of him.. <Hans> . o O (Hmm... This might get her up and around) <Hans> Yeah. That's what you're mad about <Indigo> Why should I? Zero obviously doesn't have the jewels to face us.... * Reisha looks about for a stairwell.. * Aura growls.."dont flatter yourself.." * Kodah looks around warily, letting his senses do their work <Narrator> Reisha sees some sort of tablet up ahead. <Hans> I suppose you're upset about Jeyer then * Reisha looks at the tablet. <Indigo> Whatever happened to Jerker anyways? * Hans notices the rest of the force a bit ahead * <Hans> C'mon. Let's go. <Narrator> The writing is old...and is exactly in the same style as in the desert shrine where you found Tyr. <Reisha> Where is he.. just some stupid rock here.. * Hans motions over to where everyone else is * * Indigo walks over. * David blinks and eyes the writing.. "Whats it say?" <Reisha> Wait a sec.. this looks familiar. * Aura growls and stands up.."please..just..stop about jeyer..kay..?" <Aura> itll save you all allot of pain.. <Hans> Okay. <Indigo> But why care about Joker? * Indigo blinks. * Hans walks over to where everyone is * * Aura growls and steps over to indi... <David> Indigo, please be quiet...that's my...half father you're talking about. * David glares at Indi before looking back at the tablet.. * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> I bet that'll be news to Cham.... * Reisha reads it somewhat impatiently. ^^ <Narrator> stands in front of Indi with a reealy evil look on her face <Indigo> Then again, the Joke and Kara did seem to have some sort of relationship 18 years ago.... <Reisha> Nope.. it's not decipherable... * Kodah looks at the tablet <Reisha> But this is the same stuff from that place where we found Tyr, though. * David frowns and glances at Indi before back at the tablet.. "How about you, Kodah?" <Hans> ... <Kodah> Gimme a sec <Hans> Maybe it's not writing, but some sort of puzzle? * Indigo opens her book of sorcery to see if she can get a match on the writing. <Kodah> Hm... * Aura growls at Indi... "watch your mouth bitch.." <Narrator> A large basket strung to a bunch of pulleys in the darkness... Two large, deformed demons lie at its side, unmoving, unbreathing... Their white eyes show their blindness, but they seem aware of the party's presence by the aura they're releasing... * Reisha stamps her foot. "I don't want a puzzle.. I want to give that bird a piece of my mind, that's what I want!" * Indigo blinks and looks up. * Aura growls at Indi.. <Indigo> So riled up about the Ninjerk? Sorry David... * Hans examines the tablet, in hopes of understanding it * <Kodah> Um..I think this is some kind of shrine to Volcanon <Narrator> Hans finds a hidden switch behind the tablet. <Narrator> A large rock flies through the air and hits Indigo's head <Hans> Huh...? <Hans> Hey... Look at this... * Aura 's hand quickly grabs Indi around the throat.."I" <Kodah> I can't really read this though * Hans pulls the switch * * Indigo continues reading. <Indigo> Perhaps the language is similiar to the language of magic. * Jessica pays close attention to what's going on, minus the insane Indigo. * David glances at Rei before looking back at the tablet.. * Reisha goes over to the demonic things... <Narrator> The large demons make a growling sound... * Darin remains silent... watching closely. * Indigo gasps and falls back, holding her head as Aura grabs her throat. * David blinks ^^; "Rei....don't get eaten, that wouldn't be very healthy.." * Reisha points at them. "Look, are you just going to let us get this oevr with, or are you going to be all stupid about it?" <Narrator> Suddenly, their eyes start glowing as their bowels move, making a strange, disturbing squeeking sound... <Hans> Me and my luck! ;_; <Indigo> Hey! Just because I don't like the Nimrod doesn't mean you have to get grabby! <Kodah> ...? <Hans> Uhmm... <Narrator> Indigo is suddenly tripped <Demon> ~Basket...get in the basket...enter...~ * Hans looks at the switch * <Hans> Well! O_O <David> ...? Basket? ^^; * Aura growls and kicks Indi while she's down <Kodah> ... * Jessica jumps in the basket. "Never been one to NOT trust a mysterious voice." * Hans steps into the basket * * Reisha nods. "Fine!" * One of the demons points to the basket and pulley. ~Enter.~ <Narrator> The demons turn to the large pulleys, their hands wrapping around large wheels... Their large, dark muscles bulging with strength... * Kodah steps into the basket * Indigo frowns, then hits Aura in the stomach with her staff and cracks her in the side of the head with her staff, getting in the basket. * Reisha goes into it. <David> O_o * David follows Reisha.. <Narrator> Indigo's staff snaps in two before it hits Aura * Hans looks up * * Aura squeeks and backs away from Indi * Indigo looks at the pieces of her staff, then starts swinging them like nunchucks experimentally. * David looks at Rei. "You alright..?" * Aura looks at the Basket.. <Hans> Unlimited magical powers, and he uses a BASKET to get from floor to floor...? o_O; * Kodah waits for everyone to get into the damn basket * Reisha looks at him intesely... * Reisha brushes some soot of her face. <Reisha> DO I look ok? * David looks truly concerned, eyes glowing faintly in the dimness of the tower.. * Aura steps into the Basket gingerly, knowing they wont let her stay <David> Beautiful as ever, but I'd say you need some sleep. ^_- * Reisha sweatdrops. ^^; <Hans> Rei: We all wanna look our best for the Emperor of Darkness :P * Aura refrains from gagging noises <Indigo> Zeon is lame, as I told you. A tenth-rate imitation of a third-rate god. Really, he's nothing to be impressed with. I should know. Take it from me, once you see him, you'll realize he's barely even the Court Jester of Darkness. * David laughs.. "Sorry...lets just do this...Tiernan is depending on us.." * Kodah resists the urge to bash Indi in the teeth <Hans> But the point, you old hag, is that he is a GOD <Reisha> Right... <Hans> God's are powerful * Aura sighs... * Indigo shrugs. <Hans> never underestimate your opponent * David gently brushes Rei's bangs from her eyes before looking about. "Are we all in the happy basket?" <Indigo> So's my Grandmother, Mitula. Your point? <Aura> Can we all just Shut Up and get into the damned basket!? <Reisha> I just don't care who's is is.. I'm doing this for everyone, and not myself. <Jessica> usually hidden under your hat, Indigo,.... * Indigo is in the basket after bashing Aura. <Narrator> Everyone is suddenly pushed into the basket! :P <Hans> About time... -_-; <Narrator> The basket begins to go up with almost blinding speed! <Kodah> !! <Darin> O_O;; <Indigo> Hans, Grandmother Mitula and Volcanon beat Zeon. The first Shining Force beat Zeon. We can beat Zeon. * Reisha latches onto David as it speeds upwards. * Indigo eeps. <Hans> ...! O_O; * David blinks in slight shock, holding Rei as the basket rockets upwards.. ^^; * Aura blinks and slumps into the bottom of the basket <Tiernan> == It suddenly comes to a stop at a set of stairs, where a cold wind blows from an open door... * Aura peeks over the top of the basket.. <Jessica> my guess is that Tyr's just beyond that door... * Indigo stumbles out of the basket and looks at the door, piecing her staff together again. <Indigo> Oh please. Not the Abyss again. * Indigo calls into the door "That trick is old Zeon!" * Hans leaps out of the basket * * Aura crawls out of the basket and kicks Indi hard, "shut up!" <Narrator> Indigo's staff suddenly turns to dust * Reisha steps out... <David> Everyone....this is going to be a hard battle...I want you all to know...that you're all....the most brave, strongest people I've ever met....and that I am honored to be leading you.. <Hans> Be careful. Zeon might have some traps... * Indigo frowns, then smiles to David and bows. * David slides out of the basket, a solemn look on his face.. <Hans> Is someone here an elf? I hear that elves are good at finding traps <Reisha> David, I know that already.. stop being a self-righteous hero and just walk. ;) * Aura rolls her eyes at David, then starts to slowly crawl her way up the stairs, staying down small * David grins at Rei and bows grandly before sarcastically skipping into the doorway <Indigo> It was a honor to serve under you. You're a credit to your parents and your family name. Don't worry. I'll be here to guide your children's steps, so they're in safe hands. * David climbs the stairs first, tho ^^; * Jessica follows David. <Darin> Hans, I won't take that personally. <Hans> Darin, eh? <Darin> The Elf comment. * Darin follows Jess and David. * Indigo strolls up the staircase, humming the Smurf theme music. ^_^ <Hans> I have seen some elven rogues. They are great at detecting hidden things <Narrator> The party walks through the door to the roof of the tower, a cold wind blasting them when they arrive! <Hans> I'm halfblood elven, you know. I'm not insulting anyone * Kodah shivers * Aura skitters up and shivers..mumbling to herself again * Indigo shivers and her teeth chatters. <Indigo> Couldn't think of anything new wannabe?! * Jessica let's herself shiver, but the inner fire spell she cast earlier helps her deal with it. <David> Nnhh, cold O_O * Aura pushes Indi back down the stairs <Narrator> Standing in a glowing circle of runes, his aura throbbing with black power, stands Tiernan...who looks even more different than when you saw him last. His skin is vampiric in shade, and his hair is slicked back. His body is clothed in a dark black bodysuit with evil silver runes sewn in for power, and a black cloak flutters in the strong breeze. <Narrator> His eyes are closed and his black lips are tight in an experssion of concentration as he chants an evil spell under his breath, his hand pointed toward the sky. <Hans> You! <Kodah> ..! * David stares.. "That's...not good." <Indigo> Break his concentration, like you do when I start summoning! * Aura blinks at Tiernan.."" <Kodah> Tyr! Stop!! * Tiernan concentrates and brings his hand down slowly. "Don't interrupt. You're about to see the best part..." <Jessica> not good at all. <Narrator> Indigo feels like her hair is on fire suddenly * Indigo grabs a rock from her satchel bag and flings it at his head. <Hans> A... A ritual of some sort...? * Kodah growls <Narrator> The rock bounces off an invisible shield * Indigo eeps and screams. <Reisha> Tyr, you stop whatever you're doing right this instant! * Aura stays small and crawls across the floor towards Tyr.. <Hans> This is NOT good... * Tiernan pulls out a small jagged knife. * Tiernan then opens his eyes suddenly, surprised, then nods to himself. * Jessica gathers a fireball in her hand. <Tiernan> So you're finally dead... * Indigo starts screaming very loudly and screams every song she knows to break his concentration, cursing him like a drunken sailor. <David> ...? * Reisha pulls out her knives. "Oh no you don't..." * Tiernan stares at David with his white eyes. "Yes, Tiernan died just now. Volcanon is next." * Aura inches closer to Tiernan.. <David> ....I don't believe you! * Indigo starts glowing with every color of the rainbow. * Hans hopes Indigo won't ACT like a drunk sailor...! * <Tiernan> Ah, but it is the truth... <Narrator> Aura freezes, something invisible holding her <Reisha> Tyr is still in there, and I know who's responsible.. <Kodah> ... <Indigo> You know, now that I think of it, whatever happened to Darksol and the Dark Dragon? I thought those lamers would be here too..... * Aura squeeks and tries to move.. <Narrator> The force holding Aura down seems gentle, but firm... As though it was a warning... <David> Tiernan... Tiernan is alive! I know he is! Liar! * Kodah tries to move towards Tyr * Jessica watches what's going on... * Tiernan brandishes the knife and makes a large, jagged cut on his hand... * Aura is oddly calmed and tries to back away.. <Indigo> Zeon, you're getting predictable you know. We all know Tiernan's alive. You're not smart enough to kill someone you know. <Narrator> The force doesn't hold her... * Indigo has a voice filled with supreme sarcasm. * Aura back up and sits against the wall...watching.. * Reisha grrs, and charges a knife with all the lightning she can muster at Tyr's knife before it cuts completely! * Jessica throws the fireball at Zeon, trying to knock the knife from his hands. * Tiernan raises the hand up, blood pouring down. "And with Volcanon's blood...the protection will cease..." <Indigo> I'm surprised you're smart enough to wipe your rear with your hand actually.... <Narrator> A calm, soothing force wraps itself around Aura * Hans knows there's no way he can break through the barrier, so he just stands there silently * <Narrator> The blood drips onto the rune structure. * Aura purrs softly and watches.. <Darin> ..... <Jessica> this is NOT good. <Kodah> Tyr, I know you;re in there. Don't do this <David> ....Tiernan.... <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, wash the blood away! <Tiernan> Tyr no longer exists you fool! * Jessica grabs onto Darin. * Hans glances over at Aura momentarily, seeming somewhat confused * ...? <Narrator> Neptune fails to respond... * Hans looks back to Tiernan * <Tiernan> Only I, Zeon, remain! And I will soon be your Master! The one you must kneel to! The one you will fear! * Indigo sighs and looks at Zeon. * Indigo laughs. <David> No! NEVER! <Jessica> The one who's gonna get his candy ass kicked. <Narrator> The sky twists and writhes, deforming slowly... <Reisha> I'm not kneeling to you! You being used, just like I was! <Kodah> Not a chance Zeon * Aura looks up at the sky... <Indigo> Oh please. Bow to you, you pathetic wanna-be god? Get real! We smashed you once, we'll smash you again you failure! <Tiernan> Oh really? Then come and prove'll be the first sacrifice for my new world... <Indigo> Drop your protection coward, and bring it on! * Indigo continues glowing. * Reisha advances towards Tiernan... he form gettign wrapped in lightning... * Tiernan cackles, glowing in power. "Consider it done, idiot summoner....I'll actually enjoy killing you anyway." * David steps forward, fire crackling around AmeShi angrily.. "Let it begin..." <Jessica> for once he'll be doing us all a favor. * Aura wraps her hand around her amulet and wishes Jeyer was here.. <Indigo> Remember me. I'm Indigo Mysteria, the crazy girl from eighteen years ago. I was here with my friends, when we stomped your ragged behind from here to Infinity.... <Hans> Who wouldn't enjoy killing her? ^^; <Reisha> Tiernan.. stop being stupid and just open your eyes for once.. <Tiernan> Tiernan had no control once he surrendered his body to me. <Kodah> ... I don't beleive that <Indigo> Oh of course. You were too WEAK to take it! <Tiernan> You don't, Kodah? Humph. Speaking of which... * Tiernan narrows his eyes. "How did you live, anyway?" * Jessica reaches into her pack and pulls out a sock and sticks it in Indigo's mouth. "OH STICK A SOCK IN IT WILL YA?" <Reisha> He never surrendered to you... Tyr's stronger than any of us because he can make a sacrifice.. <Kodah> I'm tougher than you think, obviously <Indigo> Oh, and Zero, get out of Tiernan's body. It's much faster to smash you in your own sorry form. I've got places to be.... * Aura ponders saying something to Tiernan.. * Hans walks up to right behind the Shining Force, instead of way back at the doorway * Tiernan gestures tiredly and mutes Indigo! * Reisha takes a deep breath and starts running at Tiernan... * Indigo spits the sock into Tiernan's face, then flips him off and moons him. <Narrator> == Indigo is muted * Hans sighs * Thanks god... <David> Rei! <Hans> Eh...? * Aura frowns and decides against it... <Reisha> I still got some of that power right now, so I'm going to make you listen! * Reisha leaps at the field, still having some of the bolt's effects left in ehr. * David stares, reaching out at Rei.. "What are...!" * Tiernan grins at Reisha, as her bolt power is extingushed. <Tiernan> Game over. I win. <Jessica> Reisha! <Narrator> The field hits Reisha... Lightning courses through her... <Jessica> Oh hell....TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE! * Hans begins to charge a healing spell * <Reisha> Grr.. I'm not.. going.. to give up.. I"m going to prove.. I'm.... * Jessica throws 2 large fireballs at the barrier <Narrator> Impossible pain courses through her! * David stares and rushes forward, grabbing at Rei! * Indigo decides that if she's going to die, she'll do it her way. She pulls down her pants and moons Tiernan again, giggling silently. <Narrator> The fireballs rebound off the barrier! * Aura frowns and starts to stand up <Tiernan> Hah! Look at the sky! Look at it break apart! <Narrator> David also feels the pain of the lightning! * Kodah tests the barrier <David> Nnnnhhh!!!! <Reisha> I don't need... magic... to win... * Hans runs forward, stopping about 1 foot away from Reisha, and he begins to try to heal her * <Tiernan> Look at the chaos that will soon ensue! THIS is my revenge against Volcanon...and all those years he sealed me into Arc Valley! * Hans notices David getting electrocuted too * Ehh?? * David grits his teeth and grabs ahold of Rei, tugging her away from Tiernan! "RrrrrRRRR!" * Aura steps closer to Tiernan from behind <Narrator> The field holds Reisha and David in place... * Hans charges a healing spell in the other hand and tries to heal David at the same time * <Jessica> that does it...Darin, I'm going for it....I've got to help them. * Indigo turns around, pulls her pants up, then points to Tiernan and makes the crazy gesture, flipping her finger next to her head. <Tiernan> No one will ever seal me away again! This body is mine! * Jessica runs right for David and Rei, trying to pull them from the barrier. * David clenches his eyes shut.. "Ahhnn.." <Narrator> AmeShi starts flickering wildly... Tiernan's face turns blank... * Indigo strides forward and tries to sink a kick into Tiernan's groin with her high- heeled boot. * Kodah slams his fist into the barrier! * Aura steps even closer to Tiernan quietly * David grasps the hilt of AmeShi, trying to raise it up.. "I WON'T GIVE IN!" * Hans tries to pull Dave and Rei off of the barrier * * Tiernan blinks. "If..." <Narrator> The force field suddenly starts crackling with the flames of AmeShi with powerful lightning... It starts to crack and suddenly shatters in a sparkle of green light! Everyone is blinded! <Tiernan> Agh...! <Kodah> Augh!! * David grimaces.. "Ahn!" <Hans> Ngh...! * Indigo holds her hands before her, silently screeching. <Darin> bad.... * Reisha starts passing out from the pain, her skin getting seared and her eyes blinded.. * Jessica keeps trying to pull David and Rei from the barrier..even whiile blinded. * Aura yelps and throws her hands up over her eyes * David grabs ahold of Rei now and drags her away weakly from Tiernan.. <Narrator> The green light heals Reisha slowly, her shape reforming... <Jessica> Hang in there, Rei, Dave.... * Tiernan pants. "If you strike may if you wish...but then I'll just have to bash in Tyr's little head before you do." * Kodah blinks very rapidly, trying to clear his eyes * Indigo shakes her head, then focuses on the sound of the voice and runs forward, striking with a sharp kick to Tyr's crotch. <David> nnh...hang in...there.. * Aura rubs at her eyes and steps closer to Tiernan in her confusion * Tiernan flies into the air and avoids Indigo. * Reisha crosses her arms over her chest... concentrating... <Narrator> Reisha's clothes reshape, her cloack wrapping around her whole body... Her leggings start to glow omniously and her hair smooths itself out... Reisha suddenly seems more present... <David> O_o <Narrator> == Reisha is promoted to Thunder Wizard! <Reisha> I'm not being swayed by the storms of fate.. I'm going to be the one driving them! * Jessica keeps trying her best to pull David and Reisha from the barrier.... <Kodah> What? What happened? What's going on? * David stares at Reisha.. "Uh.." * Tiernan gapes at Reisha, but chuckles. "It's still too late! Volcanon's protection is broken! Say goodbye to this world!" * Aura blinks her eyes open and realises she's right behind Tiernan <Narrator> Aura trips and falls on Tiernan, pushing him forward! <Jessica> Not if I have anything to say about it. * Jessica draws her rapier from the sheath. * Aura squeeks and hits her head on what seem to be feet <Tiernan> And there is nothing you can do! Any strike you make against me will destroy Tyr and Volcanon! You cannot seal me again! * Hans is knocked down from Aura hitting his leg * OW! <Tiernan> None of you have the power! <Kodah> No...we can't seal you... * Reisha twirls her finger as energy crackles about it. "Oh you're going to get a charge outta this... Paralyze!" A field of intense static electricity then erupts around Tiernan, delivering a huge paralyzing shock to the foe's system, not to mention leaving their hair standing on end. ^_^ * Kodah finishes clearing his eyes * Tiernan blinks at Kodah, snickering. "So what do you plan to do it about it, fool?" <Narrator> == Tiernan seems to be paralyzed from the spell! <Tiernan> Urk! <Reisha> Tyr.. fight him! * David growls and eyes Tiernan, next to Reisha.. * Tiernan spirals down to the ground like a slain duck! * Kodah cracks his knuckles, and summons his devil powers again * Aura looks up and realizes that Tiernan is gonna land right on her * Jessica 's eyes are clear as a bell as she eyes Tiernan. "You can beat him, Tyr....try, dammit!" * Tiernan crashes to the ground hard! <Tiernan> can't...get to him...heh....heh...heh... <Kodah> Fight him Tyr! I know you can hear me!! <Tiernan> He's...under my control... <Jessica> wanna bet? * Aura looks at the Tiernan at her feet <Tiernan> And he cannot hear any of you now... <Darin> Don't give up Tyr! <Reisha> Come on out, you demonic trash... * Aura kicks him hard..."DAmn you for harming Jeyer! its your fault he's gone!!" <Jessica> Tiernan, you have to try to beat this thing....Force him out of you! <Reisha> Or are you going to cower inside him forever? <Tiernan> Heh...heh...he's not gone you idiot.. <Kodah> FIght him Tyr! I know you can do it! <Aura> ..dont call me an idiot...he's not Here, and i want him Here, in the FLESH <Tiernan> do I I can kill him...heh heh heh... * David snarls and steps forward... "LET HIM GO!" <David> By the gods, let him go or I'll cleave you apart and rip him from your snarled clutches! * Aura reaches down and grabs Tiernan by the neck..."i will hurt hurt Jeyer..." <Tiernan> The only way you'll have any way to get to him...even if you to drive me from this body...and none of you can do that! * David brings AmeShi to bear, the flames crackling.. <Narrator> Kodah feels a surge of duty flow through him... * Tiernan laughs at you mockingly. "NONE of you!" <David> You know nothing, you fraud....nothing at all.. * Kodah growls, and his devil aura begins to expand * Reisha sudden goes to a knee... * Aura wraps her hands around Tiernan's neck..."i could realy realy hurt you.....right now..." <Hans> ... <Reisha> Damn.. I can't hold him much longer... -_- <Kodah> There has to be a way... <Hans> Killing him in Tiernan's body might not help us much. <Narrator> The paralysis slowly starts to break... * Aura punches Tiernan in the face <Narrator> Kodah's devil powers call out to him... <Reisha> YOu ahve to do something soon.. * Tiernan moves his head, only to be struck in the face. :p <Jessica> if anyone knows a way to break it now. * David growls and levels AmeShi at Tiernan's throat.. * Aura growls and punches Tiernan again.."you hurt something, the only thing, that i realy cared about..and i will break you..somehow, i will break you..." <David> I don't want to kill you...but to protect the world, I will... <Kodah> Damn you Zeon! <Tiernan> That's...right...kill...your...friend...go ahead! Do it! <Kodah> Here goes nothing!! * Kodah draws his hands and arms in close, and the whole world seems to peel away from him, as if it were terrified, leaving Kodah to stand in the middle of a spherical, black void... * Aura grins evilly...punches Tiernan again..."he's not my friend.." * Tiernan turns to Kodah in alarm. "Wha...NO!" <Kodah> Bane of light, whose dark eyes shade the pure heart of the world. I turn, I turn, I turn again, breeze carry now my profane breath. Raise thy hand to grip once more the souls of men! Raise thy voice and speak of things not known by kith or kin! Raise thy name and shatter the veil of sanity! Now circle black and circle dark, break forth thy rage unto my hand, rain down thy blood upon this earth, unleash thy hate, let all resolve <Hans> ... <Tiernan> You can't DO THIS! <Jessica> Kodah? <Kodah> I summon thee! ZEON!! * Aura keeps her hands tight around Tiernan's neck.. <Hans> ... Aura... You might want to get back. * Tiernan struggles against the paralsis. "NO! NO! Even if! I will...not give up this body without a fight!" <Narrator> == A sickly sucking sound comes from Tiernan's mouth... And a deathly scream.... * Aura growls...punches Tiernan again and again... * Reisha leans over, and falls to the floor, her wounds catching up to her. "To do something.. for someone. else...." <Narrator> Something tells Aura to pull back... * Aura backs away quickly.. * David kneels and picks Reisha up... "I've got you, Rei.." * Hans pulls Aura back * * Hans paces over to David * <Hans> I'll heal her. * Darin stares.. <Narrator> == Tiernan's body twists and writhes violently in a sick death pattern.... <Hans> Never did much good, but here goes... <David> Thank you... * Kodah struggles to maintain the summons, as black ichor bleeds from his eyes * Aura growls and shakes with anger <Narrator> Suddenly, a large, black, broken form is expulsed from Tiernan's mouth, screaming a prolonged and strenuous "NOOOOOO!" * Hans charges a bright light in his hand and holds it up to Reisha. The light glows brighter. There is a flash of light, and energy then streams through Reisha's body, able to rejuvinate her * <Jessica> o_o * Darin slowly backs away, his eyes wide <Kodah> Ss...som...somebody.....get....Tyr...out! * Jessica backs away with Darin. * Aura backs up and bumps into a wall.. <Jessica> DAVID, GRAB TYR! * David growls and reaches out to grab Tyr! <Hans> ! * Tiernan's head hits the ground, his eyes absoultely dead looking and blank. * Hans finishes healing Reisha. * David hold Rei with one arm, Tyr with the other.. * Kodah steps away, a bit unshakily, struggling against Zeon's might <David> Kodah..! * Aura slumps down against the wall and clutches her amulet, tears slipping down her face.. * Hans would try to help Kodah, but he'd only get in the way * ... <Tiernan> Zeon's voice: Heh! Heh! It doesn't matter! Volcanon's protection is near gone! Soon this world will be dust! And you'll never...EVER reach've only saved a vegtable! Even though I lost the body, I still won, and this isn't over yet! * Kodah tries again to reach Tyr <David>'re right....its not over....I promise you that, you dark snake.. * David heads over to Kodah, Tiernan in his arms along with Rei.. ^^; * Tiernan 's eyes stare blankly at the sky, no warmth, no life...nothing. * Kodah's concentration snaps like a twig and he keels over backwards X_x <David> Gods... Hans, tend to Kodah! * Hans nods to David runs over to Kodah * <Narrator> The spirit that is Zeon goes POOF! O_o * Hans puts both hands to Kodah's forehead * Mitula, tend to this man's wounds, and make sure he lives to see another day... Heal! * Hans releases healing energy into Kodah * * David blinks.. "Where is Meredith?" O_o <Narrator> == Hans casts Heal lv. 1... Kodah heals for 16 HP... <Hans> Hey pal. You ok? * Kodah gurgles @_@ * Jessica says a silent prayer to the godess as she points to Kodah. An aura of holy light surrounds Kodah and their wounds begin to close up. HEAL! <Narrator> A faint swirl of pure energy flows around the party... * Aura whimpers and holds her amulet tight in her hand.. <David> O_o * David holds Rei and Tyr against him protectively, tensed.. <Narrator> == Jess casts Heal lv. 1 on Kodah... Kodah gains 14 HP and feels better... * Tiernan lies in David's arms like a corpse. <Kodah> Ow... <Hans> Heh. Good job, Kodah! <Jessica> Eh? What is this energy? <Narrator> A voice whispers to Aura... "Smile.. I am not far from this world.." <Narrator> The amulet starts to glow blue again... * Aura blinks and sits up... * Aura looks down at her amulet and her eyes go wide.. <Narrator> The amulet suddenly projects an image of Jeyer, once again in his ancient garb, no longer in his ninja apparel... * Kodah sits up, and blinks <Kodah> Jeyer? * Tiernan skin feels cold to the touch, but his chest still moves up and down shallowly. * Aura squeeks and jolts upright..her voice hopeful..."..j...jeyer..?" <Jessica> O_o; Now I think I've seen everything....Jeyer? * Jeyer smiles faintly, then frowns at Tiernan... "Yes. It seems I'm needed..." * Hans suddenly tilts to the left a bit, panting due to all the healing he had to perform * * Kodah blinks again, his brain still addled from all the effort he expended * Aura nods slightly.."yea...we needed you badly hun.." * Jeyer's image closes his eyes and says, "I'm stuck in this baubble until we can find a way to remove this curse.. From here, I can channel my energy... And now, it is most needed.. Prepare yourself, Shining Force... Undo my mistake.." * Aura nods..."what should i do...? if anything..?" <Kodah> Mistake? <Jessica> what could he mean by mistake? <David> ..... * Jeyer starts chanting softly... "Future's savior, blood giver to the ancient race... With my distant breath, I send your salvation... Accept these travelers to follow your golden path and rescue you and your world from this pending peril... Mind's eye." * Aura watches, her head tilted to the side.. * Hans leans up against the wall, and slides down to a sitting position on the floor * * Kodah is not understanding this at all <Narrator> A vacuum effect emmenates from Tiernan... The Shining Force is quickly pulled into his being, losing their corporeal forms... Then all that is left is darkness... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====