Shining Force RPG 2 session 32
Text version

||Narrator|| ===== SESSION START =====
||Narrator|| The Shining Force, after a dizzying ride, appear in a thick, dark matter... It feels like being trapped in a large vat of pudding, but the air is still breathable... 
||Indigo|| Hi!
* Kodah tries to clear his head, his senses still reeling from his recent experiences
* David blinks dazedly and winces.. "Man, what a ride..!"
||Narrator|| There's light surrounding the Shining Force, but looking ahead is like trying to look through a dark, thick fog...
* Indigo appears in a bright burst of white light.
||Indigo|| So, what did I miss? ^_^
* Aura looks around dazedly..
* Reisha opens her eyes, looking around all disoriented. "Hey, what lam-o put us in the Twilight Zone.."
||Darin|| W....what is this? 
* David looks down at himself and then tries to peer forward.. "Tiernan's mind..?"
* Aura blinks.."brain maybe...?"
* Kodah smacks himself in the head, trying to clear the fog, then realizes that the fog is kinda real
* Indigo blinks and looks around.
||David|| is....uh...empty.
* Indigo smiles.
||Indigo|| I know!
* David attempts to move forward. ^^;
* Aura pokes around in front of her
||Hans|| ...?
||Kodah|| Wh...
||Narrator|| A surreal glowing slowly approaches the Shining Force from the north...
* Hans is still confused about what just happened... *
* Reisha tries to walk ahead towards David.
* Indigo starts poking and prodding with her booted foot and the retied ends of her staff. ^_^
* Aura sits dazedle and looks over at the glow..
* David blinks and eyes the glow, leaning back a little towards Rei..
* Darin tries to move.. but notices the light in the north.. "What... the HELL is that?!"
||Kodah|| Where are we?
* Indigo waves to the light.
||David|| sure as heck isn't the tooth fairy.. ^^;
||Indigo|| It's the Light at the End of the Tunnel! ^_^
||Hans|| Uhm...
||Hans|| o_O
||Narrator|| Indigo suddenly trips
||Reisha|| SHut up Indy.. ^^
* Aura looks around slowly..
* David chuckles and rubs the goatee-ish hair on his chin..
* Indigo stumbles and flails about.
* Hans notices Dave rubbing his chin. Hans feels his own and realizes that he's formed a mustache... o_O *
||David|| go towards the light. ^^;
* Kodah doesn't seem altogether with the group yet
* Reisha is tempted to kick someone with her new cooler thigh-high boots. ;)
* Indigo smiles and wades off towards the light.
||David|| Man, this is eerily familiar. ^^; As long as Dad doesn't show up nude, we're fine..!
||Indigo|| Come on, come on! It's only the Light, don't be scared. It's just our time.....
* David tries to head for the light.. ^^;
||Reisha|| Dad.. nude.. o_o
||Reisha|| David, I don't want to know. ^^
* Indigo laughs.
||David|| Ah, but I wanted to tell you so badly. ^_- Hey, I was nude too!
||Indigo|| Chamolo had too much good taste for that dear. Now your mother.....maybe.
* Aura mumbles about nude fathers
* Kodah looks around for some kind of direction, then sees the light
||David|| No no, Indi..! I was in the afterlife and so was he.. ^^; It was disturbing.
* David waves his hand a little. ^^;
||Indigo|| Oh, one of those scenes huh? :)
* Reisha goes toward the light, for lack of anything else to do. :)
* David hums the theme to Mission Impossible ;)
* Indigo prods some more.
||Indigo|| Tyr, it's us! Wake up! We're just playing mindgames. ^_^
* Aura walks slowly towards the light
* Kodah decides to try and get his act together, and moves towards the light
* Indigo pokes some mind matter as she walks.
* Darin attempts to move closer to the light, following the others.
||David|| So..! Come here often, Rei? ;)
||Indigo|| The memories are connected to the cortex and....
* Indigo hums the old "Kneebone connected to the shinbone" song as she pokes at various regions of Tyr's mind.
* Reisha flings her hair out. "Sure.. I rove little godling's innermost thoughts every day! ^_-
* David grins at Rei.. "I'm sure! Lucky godling!"
* Aura rolls her eyes at Rei
||Narrator|| The light glows brightly... With dark flames swirling around it... Someone seems to be standing in the light...
* Aura blinks and oooo's 
||Reisha|| Hey, it's not my fault I'm in everyone's heads..
* Reisha winks.
* David blinks.. "Huh.."
* Kodah shields his eyes, trying to identify the figure
* Narrator is back! Away for -
||Indigo|| I thought Tyr's mind was simple though. Eat, drink, be nice, court my daughter, and flight. Five simple regions, for our simple friend. ^_^
* David blushes at Rei. ^^;
||Kodah|| Shut up Indigo
* Reisha glances at the light.
||Narrator|| A large carrot leaps up Indigo's nose
* Aura frowns and stares at the light
||Indigo|| Hey Tyr! It's the Shining Force! Wake up and smell Mother Indigo's perfume! ^_^
* Indigo swats the carrot, then bites into it.
||Narrator|| The carrot tasted like chicken
* David steps ahead of everyone else.. "Hello? Tiernan?"
* Indigo looks at the carrot, not aware that it had been in her nose. She cleans it and tosses it to the figure.
* Aura scampers ahead a lil bit..
||Kodah|| ...
||Narrator|| Aura suddenly notices her necklace is missing...
* Reisha cups her hands to her mouth and calls out, "Hey Tyr! Wake up, the cavalry is here!"
* Aura blinks and grabs at her throat
||Aura|| oh god...
||Indigo|| I drew you a picture Tyr!
||Narrator|| The carrot suspends itself in air, unmoving
* Indigo holds up a child's picture of a Phoenix in flight, spitting flames.
||Indigo|| This is what you want to be, right?
* Aura starts to hyperventilate.."!?!?"
* David sweatdrops and eyes Rei. "Would it be murder if my hand slipped and killed her, Rei? Would it?"
* Kodah blinks at Aura
* Aura looks around, a realy realy broken look on her face
||Aura|| w..where is it..
||Reisha|| Nope..
* Indigo looks at Aura.
||Indigo|| I'll buy you a new one! ^_^
* Reisha tries to cut through the fog more and see the light better.
* Aura crumples down on her knees and looks around..where is it..
||Kodah|| What now?
||Narrator|| As the team approaches, a man in a black and white swirled robe turns around... His face is still hazy... But seems friendly
* David eyes Aura.. "Calm down...its probably just because we're in Tiernan's mind...physical objects probably don't have meaning here.."
* Aura starts to cry
* David blinks at the man, eyeing him warily..
* Aura looks up at David.."i dont care.."
* Reisha looks skeptically at the man.
* Indigo smiles and looks at her rainbow-colored robe.
* Kodah notes the newcomer
||Indigo|| We have the same tailor! ^_^
||David|| If you don't care, then don't be so upset...once we get outta here, it'll come right back..
* Indigo rushes forward, piecing her staff together.
* Aura keeps crying, and looks up at the man
||Indigo|| Hey you! Hi! I'm Indigo Mysteria and we're the Shining Force, here to do something. Who are you?
||David|| Oh gods. ^^;
||Narrator|| A familiarity to the man's features suddenly resound in Aura's perception...
||Indigo|| I'm the Master Elementalist of the group, by the way. ^_^
* Aura looks up at the man and blinks slowly...
* David makes choking motions with his hands at Indi ^^;
||Narrator|| Indigo suddenly feels something muffle her...
||Kodah|| ...
* Indigo struggles and kicks, jumping and flailing about wildly with her staff.
* Aura crawls slowly towards the man, blinking..
||Narrator|| The man smiles back to Aura warmly as she approaches... Then looks at the Shining Force somberly...
* Reisha just stands there taking everything in.. but at least ehr mood seems not the somebr one from before. :)
* David frowns.. "Who...?"
||Kodah|| Who's there?
* Aura starts to smile as she inches closer..""
||David|| ....Aura..?
||David|| Wait!
* Indigo blinks.
* Indigo then resumes struggling and kicking against the muzzle.
||Kodah|| Jeyer?
* David dashes towards Aura and skids in front of her, dragging her back! "Wait! Wait! What if it isn't him! It might!"
||Kodah|| ...
||Narrator|| The face clears up almost completely as the Shining Force walks into his surrounding light... It is Jeyer.
* David pauses and eyes Jeyer, still holding onto Aura..
* Aura squirms..."Let me go! its not zeon! its JEYER!!"
* David twitches and looks down at Aura before releasing her..
* Jeyer eyes David back... "Doubt me if you must, David... You're wise enough to be wary..."
||Reisha|| Well, I knew he'd show up sooner or later.
||Kodah|| Jeyer...
||Darin|| .....
* Aura scrambles to her feet and stares at Jeyer...smiling
* David gazes at Jeyer.. "...glad you could make it to the party."
* Jeyer smiles at Aura and says, "I'm only here because we're in neutral territory where we can both co-exist. I won't be here after this is done..."
* Indigo raises an eyebrow and signs "Well...if it isn't our itinerant ninja. First you get yourself worked into a snit, then you vanish, and now you're back. It's a ride a minute with you."
* Aura blinks..."wha.."
||David|| Ah...well...
* David drifts back to Rei's side..
||Kodah|| But...why?
||Aura|| after what is done..?
||Narrator|| * Jeyer flashes a glare at Indigo... "Your powers don't work in here, Drag queen... Be wary of what you say to me. You're in my territory now."
* Reisha looks at David. "A ride a minute... it sure is.."
* David blinks and looks at Rei, eyebrow raising slowly..
||Kodah|| What's ahppened to you Jeyer?
* Reisha points at Jeyer. "SO now you do mind games as well as ninja tricks? Sheesh." ^^
* Indigo glares back and signs "Any time you costumed freak! I can take you to the cleaners with or without my powers if you don't use yours in here. But then wouldn't have the balls for such a contest so....."
||Kodah|| Indigo would you just drop it!!
||David|| ....Indi, stop that. O_o 
* Aura glares at Indigo.."Watch your tounge bitch.."
* Jeyer glares at Indigo and raises his hand... Indigo suddenly starts choking
||David|| Jeyer....!
* Kodah steps closer to Jeyer, "What's happeneing Jeyer?"
||David|| You know how she is! Forget her!
* Aura squeeks and blinks
||Reisha|| You know I could shock her again...
* Indigo flips him as she drops to her knees.
* Jeyer growls softly and tosses Indigo backwards hard.
* David sighs ^^;
||David|| ...absoloutely not control of the group..!
* Aura blinks.."wow.."
* Indigo looks up and spits on him.
||Kodah|| Jeyer please...what's happened to you? And us?
* Aura glares at Indigo
* David sighs down at Indi.. ^^;
* Jeyer turns back to the Shining Force... "I'm sorry.. Now. As some of you may have guessed... We're in Tiernan's mind."
* Reisha pats David's shoulder reassuringly. "At least you're still sane." :)
||Darin|| .....
* Jeyer feels something wet hit him and pays no attention to it.
* Aura looks around and nods..
* David blinks and grins at Rei.. "I'm not so sure."
* David turns his attention to Jeyer..
||Kodah|| Tyr's mind?
||Jeyer|| As for me.. The curse set by Zeon was too much of a challenge to ward off... Thus I took refuge in a familiar territory.. Aura's necklace.
* Indigo gets back to her feet and glares.
* Aura blinks.."familiar..?"
* Aura reaches up as if to grasp the necklace
||Reisha|| Excellent observation.. the question is.. now what the hell do we do?
||Jeyer|| It's ancient made... A relic from their reign..
* Kodah blinks
* Aura blinks and nods..
||Jeyer|| It's used to enhance one of Ancient's blood's power.
* Aura raises an eyebrow..
||Aura|| but it enhances mine..
* Reisha blinks a few times.
* Indigo signs "And how did a mere ninja whom we've all...well at least, *I* saw get his scrawny behind whooped 18 years ago learn about this sort of thing. You haven't been thieving for your Master's books again, have you Joker?"
* David furrows his brow, his hair drifting into his grey blue eyes..
* Aura growls at Indi
* Jeyer nods... "Exactly what I was wondering."
* Kodah manhandles Indigo, and clamps a hand over her mouth, "Enough from you!"
* Aura looks down at herself and blinks a few times.."how could it work on my then.."
* Jeyer glances at Indigo... "In case you didn't know, I AM of ancient blood. Of course, you were insane your whole life, thus only recalled what your twisted perception let you."
||Reisha|| So that Aura kid has Ancient blood? Who'd have thought
* Reisha looks at David. "And if Jeyer is an Ancient bloodline..."
* Indigo shrugs and signs "So what? I have the blood of a Goddess in my veins, so that doesn't particularly impress me. You seem to get by on impressing and intimdating people, but I remember you from 18 years ago when you were just a punk ninja wanna-be, disgraced from his clan, so I'm not impressed."
* David blinks and shrugs... "Ah,'father' son?"
* David looks meek. ^^;
* Jeyer snickers... "Blood of a Goddess... If you only knew."
* Aura looks over at Indi
* Kodah clamps down hard over Indigo's mouth, preparing to wrestle her to the ground if necesary
* Aura slowly, calmly starts to walk over to Indi
||Reisha|| Goddess blood... ^^;
||David|| Well now that I've learned yet another disturbing truth about me..! Jeyer....why're we here? What are we to accomplish...?
* Indigo struggles against Kodah and signs "Still trying to be more than you are Jerker, even after all this time. I thought you'd have learned...."
* Indigo sighs.
* Reisha mutetrs something a little darkly about Jeyer. :P
* David gently places a hand on Rei's shoulder and eyes Jeyer intently..
* Aura growls as she walks past Reisha and stands in front of Indi, glaring calmly
* Kodah twists Indigo hard, shoving her face into the foggy gruck, "Enough! This isn;t helping!!"
* Jeyer sighs and ignores Indigo's comment... "David... We need to revive Tiernan. If we don't... Well, the world as we know it will be warped into eternal chaos."
* David nods.. "I"
||Jeyer|| ... Follow me.
* Reisha sighs at Aura, trying to shift her concentration of herself.
* David nods and heads after Jeyer steadily..
* Jeyer starts moving away slowly, waiting for the Shining force to follow...
* Indigo kicks at Kodah's feet and stands back up, glaring at Jeyer some more, defiantly, then taking out a spellbook and ignoring him deliberately.
* Aura slowly follows after Jeyer..
* Reisha follows behind David.
* Kodah snorts at Indigo, then goes to follow Jeyer
* David brushes his hair from his eyes..
* Indigo looks at David and sighs.
||Reisha|| This is all one crazy trip.. but I guess once you start you can't quit while it's getting good.
* Jeyer probes ahead with his arms... Looking for something through the darkness ahead...
||David|| Rei...this group has been one crazy trip from day one. ;)
||Indigo|| "If you're determined to do this, I'd better keep an eye on you. No telling where the Ninjerk would lead you, and Kara and Chamolo would be devastated if I let something happen to you."
* Reisha nods. "Of coruse.. I've been here since day one, silly thing." ;)
* David blinks at Indi and sweatdrops. ^^;
* Aura sighs at Indi and keeps walking
||Reisha|| Indigo.. if we wanted your opinion, you'd be hosting some crazy talk show or something.. :P
* Indigo follows behind David, one hand on his shoulder like a grandmother's.
* Jeyer pulls his hand back quickly after probing one of the areas of darkness...
* Indigo smiles.
* David blinks.. ^^;
* Kodah , once again, ignores Indigo
* David glances at the hand and then at Rei. ^^;
||Indigo|| I know, but you get my opinion and comments anyways, free of charge! ^_^ I've been down this road before, so I like to think that I'm helping you whippersnappers. ^_^
* Aura wonders what Jeyer is doing..
* Reisha nudges Indigo off David's shoulders, like a bird on it's perch. :)
||Jeyer|| Here... Here.
||Jeyer|| Run quickly through here and don't stop running no matter what.
* Jeyer pulls back slowly and runs into the dark matter, dissapearing
* Aura blinks.."wha..why..?"
* David nods and crouches, taking off into the darkness..!
* Aura blinks and starts running
||Kodah|| Jeyer?
||Kodah|| Damn...
* Kodah hustles after him
* Reisha runs for it. "Last one in has to listen to Indy for eternity!"
||Indigo|| Oh well, its' only the darkness of Tyr's mind. No big deal.....
* Aura runs after Jeyer
||Indigo|| I'll bet it's filled with flowers and candy, since Tyr was so nice....
* Indigo takes a few deep breaths and runs into the darkness.
||Narrator|| As the group crosses over, bloodhounds and large demons start to growl and lash out at the team, the whole area covered with blood, lava and eternal fire...
||Kodah|| GAH!
* Aura blinks and runs faster
* David inhales in shock but keeps running..!
||David|| Keep going!
||David|| Don't stop!
* Indigo runs on ahead.
* Kodah kicks at the riff-raff and keeps running
||Reisha|| Woah.. talk about a hotfoot!
||Narrator|| Jeyer can be seen ahead, floating off the ground while running quickly towards an area of greenland...
* Reisha strides ahead, not looking back. ^^
||Indigo|| I'll have to talk to that boy about his imagination.... *huff*
* Aura runs as fast as she can after Jeyer
* David crouches lower, zigging around the various monsters.. ^^;
||Reisha|| You know David, maybe we should run through hellish infernoes more often.. ^^ 
||Narrator|| The soles of David's feet start to burn furiously... Slowly, the rest of the team feel the same heat...
* Reisha ducks a huge demon's fiery breath. ^^
* David grimaces.. "I'll have to refuse you on that!"
* David slows a little, wincing..
||Kodah|| Damn!
||Indigo|| Owie!
* Aura shreaks as she runs into a giant dog, and starts running towars the greenland
* Kodah keep running
||Indigo|| Tyr, think cool thoughts! This fire's giving me a hotfoot!
* Indigo limps and runs.
* Reisha hops a bit, shifting her wieght more. "Of course, I may go through 3 pairs for shoes at this rate."
||Kodah|| Ow...ow...ow...ow...ow...
||Indigo|| hotheaded and impulsive......
* Aura stumbles a little as her feet start to burn
||Narrator|| Jeyer arrives at the green area and drops down, panting hoarsely. He sees the rest of the Shining Force struggling and casts a boost spell to push them forward...
* Indigo shakes her head, sighing and running.
* David grimaces and dashes frantically for the land, finally reaching it..!
* Aura whimpers and and collapses onto the green area
* Kodah starts making flying leaps, trying to avoid contact with the ground!
* Indigo limps onto the green spot and collapses.
* Aura looks down at her feet and whiimpers
* Jeyer tries to catch his breath...
* Reisha stumbles onto the green patch, holding her feet. "Fine, just rub it in." ^^
||Indigo|| So this....*puff* is our morning exercise huh? What's next *huff* fishing for demons?
* Kodah finishes one last leaps and slams down onto the green!
* David winces but ignores his feet, eyeing Jeyer... "Now what....?"
* Aura crawls closer to jeyer, because she can
* Jeyer manages to say, "Yeah.. With... You... As bait."
||Kodah|| Owtch...
* Jeyer sits back and starts to catch his breath... "Now... We... Take a small break.."
||Indigo|| But I'm the pretty one. Demons like their food old, wrinkled, and useless.
||Kodah|| Ow...fine by me...
||Jeyer|| Exactly... You're pretty... Pretty old...
* Indigo laughs.
* David laughs a little but sits down next to Rei, leaning slightly on her.. " wasn't exactly a hot run for your money, huh?"
* Aura collapses next to Jeyer and looks at her feet again
||Indigo|| I'm 34. By your own admission, your Ancient. Besides, I still have a world to beautify, and you're just an over-the-hill ninja, so you'd be the better bait.
* Reisha blows her shoes so they stop smoldering. "Hey, if you can't take the heat, get outta the kitchen they say.. but I'm the chef du jour." ^^
* Jeyer takes a deep breath, exhales and casts a heal spell on Aura... Her feet heal, the stinging of the burn leaving...
* Kodah takes some deep breaths, "Indigo, what part of shut up don't you understand?"
* David grins at Reisha and holds out his hands, casting  Heal on her feet..
* Aura purrs softly and rubs at her feet
* Indigo smiles.
||Indigo|| Neither! ^_^
* Jeyer grins... "Actually... Demons like chaos and insanity... So... I guess your brain would be perfect."
||Indigo|| But they proliferate in darkness and void, and the void between your ears, not to mention your legs, would be perfect. ^_^
* Reisha grins thankfully to David..
* Aura sits next to Jeyer and blinks at Indi
* Reisha then starts snickering.
* David winks at Rei before looking to Indigo. "Jeez, Indi, lay off my father!"
* Jeyer shakes his head and chuckles... "If that wasn't coming from someone who's only seen Crest naked, I'd take it as an insult."
* Kodah grouses
||Reisha|| Hey davey boy, how abotu we just sit here and grab some popcorn for this one? ;)
* Aura quietly mumbles something about whats between jeyer's legs
* Indigo smiles.
* David blinks and nods to Rei, tentively wrapping an arm around her shoulders.. "Ah....sure....what the lady wants, she gets..!"
||Indigo|| At least I've seen someone naked. You can dream of Kara and every other woman who's pimpslapped you in the face and imagine the possibilities. 
* David blanches faintly at the mention of his mother
* Kodah punches Indigo dead in the face!
* Aura blinks at indi and mumbles something else about whats between jeyers legs and being naked
||Kodah|| SHUT UP!!
* Jeyer laughs as Kodah punches Indigo.
* Reisha gives a thumbs up. "I think for once... Indy hits it dead on." ^_^
||Reisha|| Now.. don't we ahev a phoenix boy to rescue?
* Indigo drives the pointy end of her staff between Kodah's legs for good measure then turns and smiles.
||Indigo|| Want to play again?
* Jeyer sighs and chuckles softly... "Well. I'd like to keep this ambiance going forever, but... We have work to do."
||David|| That we do. ^^; Indi....stop. Or I'll be forced to knock you out.
* Kodah catches the sticj before it hits anything vital
||David|| Jeyer..? ^^;
* Reisha pats David's head playfully. "Yeah.. he sure is good at being one, eh?"
||Indigo|| Yes, and don't you go poisoning Tyr's mind. Now, why don't we direct ourselves towards Zeon instead. I've got some insults for him too....
* Reisha stands up.
* David raises an eyebrow at Reisha and stands up as well..
* Aura stands up and reaches out to Jeyer.."here..i'll help you up..
||David|| What's next, oh fearless Ninja guide of the beyond? ^^;
* Reisha tightens her shiny gloves. "Now.. let's cookin'." :)
* Jeyer forces himself up and smiles at Aura before talking... "Indigo... Zeon isn't here anymore..."
* Indigo stands up and shakes the cobwebs out of her head.
* Indigo sighs.
||Kodah|| ...
* David eyes the gloves.. "Nice...very sexy....anyway..!"
* David looks back towards Jeyer.. ^^;
||Kodah|| So where did he go?
* Aura smiles at Jeyer, then listens
||Indigo|| Just great. The coward fled from us. We smashed him once and now he runs like a lowly street punk. If I wanted to chase wanna-be thugs, I'd have stayed at the Crystal Tower and practiced summoning Apollo to zap them....
||Jeyer|| ... Probably to get a new body... Of whom, I don't know.
||Kodah|| ...
* Reisha blows a kiss. "Hey.. whoever redid my outfit has a great fashion sense!" ^_^
* Aura nods..
||Narrator|| Jeyer: He'll look for someone weak.
* David raises an eyebrow at Rei, blushing furiously..
||David|| do we save Tiernan?
||Indigo|| We'll let's see. There's you, then there' again, followed by....oh! Probably the King of Granseal. He's old and getting senile.
||Kodah|| ...
||Jeyer|| Look around you... The lush, green environment... Then look at the place we ran from... And look at it good.. It's expanding.
* Aura raises an eyebrow.."why save him..?"
* David blinks and glances around..
* Aura looks back at the hellish place and blinks
* Kodah looks around, not quite making the connection
||David|| That means the darkness is fading...symbolizing Zeon's disappearance?
* Aura backs away from the hellish place
* Reisha puts a finger to her mouth. "Sounds about right..."
||Jeyer|| What I gather of it... Is more Tiernan's humanity is slowly slipping away... Eaten by the fury of Volcanon..
||David|| do we help him..?
* Aura sighs and wonders why they want to save Tiernan, having never known him as good
||Jeyer|| The darkness is fading, yes. But Volcanon is going to destroy Tiernan..
||Reisha|| Talk about eating yourself over something..
* David scowls. "It's not Tiernan's fault.."
||Jeyer|| And take over... With no compassion..
||Kodah|| Destroy...?
||Jeyer|| I don't know how.. We have to find SOMETHING here that'll restore the balance.
||David|| Something..? Man..
* Aura looks around..
||Reisha|| So this does mean Tyr's still in here somewhere then...
* Aura just looks around blinking..
||David|| Hm. How..
* Reisha wanders in the field, looking for a clue.
||Kodah|| ...
* David watches Rei briefly before looking around again..
* Aura sits down on the ground and watches them look
||David|| For fear of seeming corny....maybe he can hear us...? Maybe we just need to think happy thoughts..? Honest ones? I mean, about him?
* Reisha bends down near David, peering into some tall grass, and well.. :)
* Aura sighs and looks around..
||Kodah|| Tyr...
||Reisha|| Maybe there's some memories around here somewhere..
* David gapes a little and blushes furiously.. ^^;
* Aura rolls her eyes at Reisha and David
* David coughs and forces his mind back to task.. ^^;
* Aura looks around and finds a few flowers, picks them, and starts to make a chain out of them
* David blinks and picks a flower, eyeing it dubiously..
* David coughs and taps Rei on the shoulder, offering her to flower and looking meek. ^^;
* Aura keeps chaining the flowers together
* Reisha turns around.
* Kodah thinks
||Aura|| God, David, cant you just stop wanting to get into her pants for at least 5 minutes?!
||David|| I don't want in her pants! :P
||Aura|| Yes you do!!
* David scowls at Aura!
* Reisha tilts her head, gazing at the flower, then lets her face drop and looks at Aura.
||Aura|| you know  you want it baaaaaybee!
* Aura smiles
* David blushes furiously and looks away, his eyes darkening with actual hurt..
||David|| ...fine.
||David|| Lets do this.
||Reisha|| Hey, don't hate me cause I'm just too beautiful for words.. ^_^
* David stands..
* Aura raises an eyebrow.."huh..?"
||Kodah|| ..?
* Reisha blinks. "Huh? David?"
* David exhales and wanders away from the group, looking around..
* Aura backs away.."it was a joke man.."
* David pointedly stays far away from everyone..
* Reisha taps her foot at Aura. "Now look what you did.."
* Aura sighs.."its not my fault he cant stand the obvious"
* Kodah growls and kicks at a stone, wondering what to do
* Reisha folds her arms. "But you gotta understand..."
* Darin sighs.
* David's eyes burn with anger and he kicks at the ground roughly..
* Aura sighs.."what is there to understand.."
* Reisha holds her hands out. "Gah.. I'm the worst oen to try and explain this.." ^^;
* David sinks down and returns to sitting position, just gazing off..
||Reisha|| Aura.. look.
* Aura sighs.."what.."
||Reisha|| We all know for some wierd reason you got the hots for Jeyer.
* Jeyer simply looks around, amused bt the whole situation...
* Aura nods.."yea..."
||Reisha|| I'm not going to go off and bug you about it.. ^^
* Kodah looks at David for a bit, then decides to approach him
||Aura|| but you do
||Kodah|| Hey...
* David stares at the ground, his body tensed and almost shivering with the anger he feels...along with something else..
||Reisha|| But why don't you tell me how you feel?
||Reisha|| Cause I could sure say you want in his pants just as much if not more. ;)
* David snaps his head up, eyeing Kodah warily with hurt eyes.. "Yeah? What?"
||Aura|| tell you how i feel?
* Jeyer yawns. :P "Enough... Time to find Tiernan."
||Kodah|| You okay?
||Aura|| god...I've slept with so many people that that doesnt mean anything to me
* David blinks and shrugs.. "It doesn't matter....after all, I'm just the muscle bound lets go get Tiernan."
* David stands and heads to Jeyer..
* Reisha starts giggling.
* Jeyer glances at Reisha... 
||Aura|| it does to other people..but not realy to me..i've learned not to atatch emotion to it
* Jeyer turns his glance towards Aura...
||Reisha|| OH man.. maybe we have some common ground.
||Kodah|| Sorry David. But I don't buy that fior a second
* Jeyer shakes his head and looks over at David... "Chicks." and shrugs
||Reisha|| Look Aura.. I've been through the motions a whole lot myself..
* Aura 's bottom lip starts to wobble.."and if you think that its for the same reasons that you've slept with lots of are wrong.."
* David sighs at Jeyer.. -_- "Can we just go...."
* Reisha frowns. "Hey.. I'm trying to be sincere here.." :(
* Indigo appears once more in a flash of light.
* Jeyer frowns... "Yes. Let's."
* Jeyer grahs. "Oh no... Demon bait's back."
||Indigo|| Sorry, I had to go take a bath. This muck was getting to me.
||Indigo|| Besides, Jeyer's smell wears off on you.
||David|| ....Indigo. Shut up.
||David|| Just shut up right now.
||Reisha|| I guess I shouldn't have tried anyway... I probably don't understand it enough msyelf.
||Kodah|| ...
* Reisha walks away oevr to Jeyer and David.
* Aura 's eyes start to fill with tears.."well..i'm sorry that it didnt work.."
* Jeyer grins... "Actually, I found a way to tune out Indigo... It's pretty easy. 
||David|| your damned spell books or something.
* Aura sighs and sits down on the ground..looking around in front of her
* Darin sighs again, and waits to move on.
||Jeyer|| I just ignore any pitch higher than a normal human voice... Works wonders.
||Indigo|| I know. You need to take a bath instead, and stop living in the sewers with your rat kindred.
* David steps towards Indigo, glowering..
||Narrator|| HEH!
* Indigo pats David's head.
* David slaps the hand away
||Indigo|| There there....that's a good boy.
||Narrator|| Erm. Oops. *returns to Narrating*
||David|| shut up. Don't touch me.
* Indigo gives him some candy.
* Reisha has a little hurt tone in her voice. "Yeah.. that's a good idea."
||Indigo|| Now run along and play dear, the adults are talking. ^_^
* Reisha zaps Indy's hand with the candy.
||Narrator|| == You suddenly hear a familar, blood curdling scream! O_o
* David takes off for the scream, not waiting for anyone
* Indigo turns to the sound, cradling one hand.
||Kodah|| !
* Kodah charges in the direction of the scream!
* Aura sits up and looks towards the scream
||Indigo|| Hang on! The Shining Force is here! Dah-de-dah-dah-dah! Charge!
||Reisha|| Huh? Hey, David, wait up!
* Indigo runs towards the noise.
* David grits his teeth and forces himself to slow for Reisha..
||David|| C'mon. Its gotta be Tiernan.
* Reisha chases after the scream, cape billowing and trailing her.
* Jeyer blinks and hovers in the direction everyone's going
||Reisha|| It better be..
* Aura stays sitting and watching them all run towards the scream
||Indigo|| Come on Ninjoke! Get the lead out! 
* Indigo claps her hands as she runs.
* Jeyer grins and casts a heat wave at Indigo, pushing her forward while dealing massive damage! 24 damage!
* Indigo turns to him.
* David looks at Rei for a second before focusing on running..
||Indigo|| Now, what did I tell you about that child?
* Darin runs after the group.
* Indigo slaps Jeyer upside the head.
* Jeyer teleports away from the slap
||Indigo|| We'll discuss your punishment later. For now, Move!
* Indigo heads off.
||Reisha|| Just stay focused right now David.. it's better than thinking about the pain.
* Reisha looks a little like she wants to cry.
* David blinks faintly and frowns..
||Indigo|| I can't leave you alone for fifteen minutes without something going wrong can I?
* Aura sighs and curls up on the ground..reveling in her sudden alone-ness
||Indigo|| Hang in there, we're on our way! Don't give up!
* Kodah keeps running!
* Aura wonders if she should have followed them..
* David dashes beside Rei, taking the time to quickly put something in her hand...another flower...before looking back ahead..
||Narrator|| == You hear another scream and some magic spell being cast, and a loud growl in the distance, followed by serveral more.
||David|| ...hang on, Tiernan!
* David crouches and runs ahead faster..!
* Aura sighs and pulls herself to her feet, grabbing her flower chain and walks slowly after them
* Reisha knows exactly what he placed in her hand, her gaze softening slightly. then she looks back at Aura and the ground. "Get the lead out girl!" ^^
||Narrator|| The Shining Force runs towards another edge of fire, which can be seen in the distance... Next to a large tree consumated by fire, a figure fights a large bloodhound
||Kodah|| ..!
||Tiernan|| ...Kee...p...keep back!
||Indigo|| Hey, that's magic! I guess we better prepare to fight again. But....won't it destroy Tyr's mind if we fight in here? I'm used to insanity, but it might cause Tyr to kill himself. Those first few years are the hardest....
* Aura blinks and squints to see
||Reisha|| Indy, you're not helping any..
||David|| Tiernan!
||Kodah|| Tyr!
* Tiernan turns to the party almost in a daze. "...Everyone...?"
||Darin|| ......
* Aura blinks somewhat calmly..
||David|| We'll help! Hold on!
||Indigo|| Hi Tyr! It's your friendly neighborhood Shining Force, here to save your mind, free of charge. ^_^
* David runs to the battle..!
||Aura|| she might have some truth for once Reisha..if we fight in here, it might hurt him..
===== COMBAT =====
||Tiernan|| E...everyone...!
* Reisha charges forth. "Then I'll be extra careful!"
||Narrator|| ===== Monster: 1 Giant Bloodhound =====
* Tiernan falls to his knees, very beat up ^^;
||Hans|| Eh...?
* David slides in front of Tiernan!
||Kodah|| Hang on Tyr! We're coming!
||Hans|| What is that...???
* Indigo glares at the bloodhound.
||David|| Alright, lets party!
* David draws AmeShi..
* Aura calmly glares at Tiernan..
* Hans follows David *
||Indigo|| We have leash laws in this mind, mutt!
* Darin quickly draws his blade..
||Tiernan|| ...Is it...really you...?
* Reisha comes up alongside Tiernan. "Hey, you having fun without us?"
* Tiernan smiles weakly. "Reisha...'
||David|| It is, Tiernan. Glad to see you're still around. ^_-
||Kodah|| Hey there Tyr. Nice to see you still in one piece
||Darin|| ||||If that damned thing is another reincarnation of Dinky, Narr, I will shoot you in the face with a bazooka!||||
||Tiernan|| I'm so happy...
* David crouches...
* Reisha grins. "In the flesh.. new and improved.." ^_^
* Tiernan begins to sway back and forth, fighting off passing out ^^:
||David||'ll take care of this one, huh?
||Indigo|| Of course! We like to play mindgames. ^_^ Besides, we have a semi-competent guide to you and your trail was easy to find. ^_^
||Hans|| ...
* Aura watches everybody calmly..
||Hans|| Tiernan, just listen to him
* David brings AmeShi to bear... "What..? We'll what..? Is there something to know?"
||Narrator|| == Kodah can attack
||Kodah|| YAH!
* Kodah charges!
* David grins at Reisha, muttering to her.. "And don't you do anything too daring, huh? Its bad enough you almost became Kentucky Fried Reisha..."
* Aura sits down on the green grass and watches
* David eyes the bloodhound..
* Kodah slams his fists into the enemy's face!
* Tiernan holds one of his gaping wounds and watches the fight...
* Reisha gathers some electricity in her hand. "Hey, you know I can take care of myself. And I'm going to prove there's a lot mroe at stake here." ;)
||Indigo|| Tyr, just calm down. We're on the scene! ^_^ Jeyer, leave this to the professionals and tend to Tyr, okay?
||Narrator|| == The Bloodhound reels from the punches. 22 damage.
* David grins wider and nods faintly in response to Rei, shifting to attack..
||Narrator|| * Jeyer glances at Indigo... "Professionnals huh? Watch this, Drag queen..."
||Tiernan|| ...Is this even real...?
* Kodah hops back in front of Tyr
* Aura idly makes a little tower of snowballs
||Narrator|| == Jeyer can attack!
* Indigo smiles to Aura.
||Indigo|| She's as crazy as I am.
||Indigo|| ^_^
* Aura makes a little snow man and grins evilly
* Aura smashes it with her fist
||Reisha|| Psycho mages fighting for the mind of a God.. how cliche. ^^;
||Narrator|| == Jeyer casts Rayjin lv 3... a large, concentrated bolt of plummets down towards the earth, hitting Indigo for 46 damage!
* Indigo goes to Aura and pats her head, then goes back to the action.
||Tiernan|| ...God...I....
* Indigo looks up as she falls.
||Kodah|| We're reeally here Tyr. We've come to find you
* Jeyer grins widely...
* Aura blinks up at Indi
||Tiernan|| Is....Zeon...?
||Indigo|| "'d punk out and hit me right than the enemy you Jacka...." 
||Narrator|| == Reisha can attack!
* Indigo collapses.
* Aura throws a snowball at Indi
* David tenses...
||Reisha|| I'm going to show you how it's done Jeyer...
||Kodah|| Zeon got the boot!
* Tiernan smiles. "He's...gone? Really?!"
||Narrator|| Jeyer: Oh please do, Reisha... *chuckles*
||Tiernan|| Then...why is....why am I here?
||David|| Thats rather sexual.. ^_-
||Reisha|| Is that a challenge? Get ready pal!
* Hans remains silent still... *
* Reisha gestures to a spot in the ground near bloodhound as a small lightning bolt strikes it. "Heaven's.." She points to another as it is struck as well. "True.." A third one appears as she points, forming a triangular pattern of force on the ground. "Power.." She then claps her hands together, as a prism of raw lightning appears and closes in upon bloodhound! "..converge! Triangle Bolt!"
* Aura blinks
||Narrator|| == Reisha casts Triangle bolt...
||David|| I hate that spell..! ^^;
* Aura throws another snowball at Indigo
||Tiernan|| Why is everyone hurting Indigo...?
||Narrator|| == The triangle form spins around the bloodhound, energy crackling wildly... The bloodhound's fur shrivels and burns, dealing massive damage! 43 damage!
||David|| Its okay, Tiernan, she enjoys it. ^^;
||Tiernan|| ...O_o
||Kodah|| Because she's annoying as all get-out
* Jeyer grins... "Not bad, thundermage..."
* Aura throws a snowball at the dog
||Tiernan|| Oh...okay....I think...
||Narrator|| == David can attack!
* David grins!
||David|| My turn!
* Tiernan begins to feel woozy and decides not to think about it. ^^;
* Reisha grins. "What, is that envy, Ancient?" ;)
* David draws back his body slightly before dashing forward, his powerful muscles driving a slash viciously across the bloodhound's muzzle to leave the wounds ignited in green flame! "Hiiiyyyaaahhh!!"
* Indigo groans and lifts one finger to flip Jeyer off again.
* Aura throws a snoball at Reisha
* Reisha gets a facefull of snow. "Mmrff!"
* Jeyer shakes his head... The only person I envy is David for having such a shocking lover."
* Aura looks innocent and makes a snoman
* David slides back to the group and then snaps his gaze to Jeyer O_o
||Kodah|| Oh boy -_-
* Tiernan blinks.
||Narrator|| * Jeyer winks at David
* Aura giggles
* David blushes and looks at the ground..
* Aura walks over, hands David a snoball, and motions to Jeyer
||Narrator|| == AmeShi cuts at the bloodhound, rendering it to a pile of stinky meat... 46 damage! Dispatched!
===== Victory! =====
* Aura snickers and hopples away
* Reisha wipes the snow off. "You better be lucky that my eyes were covered when you said that.. cuase it would've made me cry... really.." ;)
* David snaps his head up and grins at the dispatched monster
* David then flings the snowball at Jeyer!
* Tiernan smiles weakly, and falls to the ground, exhausted...
||Kodah|| Tyr!
* Kodah goes to tend to his friend
||Tiernan|| Kodah...It's really you...everyone...stilIndigo crawls over to him.
* Jeyer takes pity on Indigo and casts heal lv. 2, restoring part of her wounds...
* David sheathes AmeShi and looks at Tiernan.. "Yeah, Tyr...its us...."
* Aura giggles at David 
* Indigo stands up and turns to Tyr.
* Jeyer ows as the snowball hits him. The heal spell fizzles. o_O
||Tiernan|| I...I was so scared here...I thought...I thought I'd never see you again...
||Kodah|| Hey are you holding up?
||Indigo|| Now child, tell me all about it.
* Aura blinks at Tyr...not knowing what to do...
* Indigo hugs Tyr and strokes his head like a scared child.
* Aura wonders if Tyr even knows who she is
||Tiernan|| I...I...I'm sorry...
||Tiernan|| I hurt...all of you...
||David|| Tiernan...
||Hans|| ... ... ...
||Tiernan|| I tried to stop Zeon...but he was so strong...
||Kodah|| Oh for pete's sake, that wasn't you Tyr. Regardless of what Zeon told you
* Aura calmly glares...cant help it
||David|| Its alright, Tiernan....everyone makes mistakes...
||Indigo|| It's okay child. Zero is a coward who took over your mind. He didn't have the guts to face us in the flesh after the way we smashed him before, so it's not your fault.
||Tiernan|| Kodah...
* Reisha kneels down. "Hey.. I almost amde a fatal one too.. but look how it turned out?"
* Hans walks over to the bloodhound's corpse to see if there's an item on it *
||Tiernan|| Thank you...
||Tiernan|| I heard you calling out to me...Zeon was doing a spell or something...but the monsters kept me back..
||Tiernan|| What was he doing?
* Hans searches the bloodhound's corpse... *
||Kodah|| I'm not really sure to be honest
* Aura keeps calmly glaring at Tiernan..
||Indigo|| Now let's get out of here and go rest. We can go hunting in the mind of whichever feebleminded fool *coughJeyercough* Zeon is hiding in.
* Tiernan looks at Aura.
||Narrator|| The bloodhound corpse has nothing
* David looks at Rei, eyebrow raised..
||Hans|| Hm. Ah well. I tried...
||Tiernan|| Why are you looking at me like that? *Innocent look*
||Reisha|| Well, I'd say destroying you and the world forever was on the top of his hitlist. ^^
||Hans|| Need to get myself some new gloves...
||David|| Aura is just sort of....bitter. ^^;
||Aura|| ..because i'm not sure if i should trust you or not...i dont even know you..
* Jeyer goes by Aura... "Don't be too hard on him.. He's a good kid.. When not possessed."
||Indigo|| But Zeon couldn't destroy a stuffed toy, so he inevitably screwed it up.
||Tiernan|| ...Everyone...why are all of these monsters in my mind?
* Aura looks up at Jeyer.."b..but.."
||Tiernan|| I guess...this is my mind...right?
* Kodah nods
||David|| Ah....well...uh...Volcannon is having a slight...problem... with you. ^^;
||Tiernan|| ...Volcanon
||Indigo|| Probably as guards, to make sure you don't take your mind back and we're too busy to stop Zeon.
* Jeyer looks down at Aura... "Honestly.. He's ok now..."
||Tiernan|| Why would I be mad at myself? O_o
* David holds out his hands and chants softly before casting  Heal on Tiernan..
* Aura sighs...."fine.."
||Indigo|| You mean Voltron? I thought Zeon made that up.
* Hans slightly adjusts his right glove and it rips, now ruined * Dangit... By Mitula, this is NOT my day...
||Reisha|| I don't know, Tyr...
* Jeyer pulls Aura closer...
||Tiernan|| ...I don't want my memories anymore then..
||Tiernan|| I don't want to be angry like he is....
||Tiernan|| I'm...scared...
* Aura sighs and rests her head on Jeyer
* Indigo hugs him.
||Kodah|| ...
||Indigo|| There there.....
||Reisha|| Maybe it's one of those split personality things..
||David|| Don't be, Tiernan...we're here now...we'll protect you, huh?
||Narrator|| The inferno consumes the unsoiled earth quicker, causing the Shining Force to pull back...
* Hans places his glove in his bag *
* Indigo looks about.
* David scowls at the inferno..
* Tiernan looks at the inferno and begins to panic.
||Tiernan|| W...why are you doing this?
* Reisha draws back. "And we'd better think fast..." o_o
||Indigo|| Tyr, I think you should clear your mind now dear....
* Aura frowns as her little snowman melts
||Tiernan|| It's not me though...It's...former self...
* Hans timidly looks at the inferno, seeming to be kind of mad o_O He takes off his left hand's glove as well and tucks it into his pack *
||Reisha|| Isn't there some way you and him could get along.. accept power, but also have conscience too?
||David|| Tiernan..
||Kodah|| ...
||Indigo|| You mean Zippo the wanna-be god?
* Tiernan looks at the inferno. "Why are you angry? Zeon's gone..! These are my friends!"
||Darin|| ......
* Aura idly hugs close to Jeyer
||Tiernan|| I...I don't know...
||Tiernan|| If I accepted his power...I might be lost....
||Tiernan|| ...And I'd forget about you...
||Tiernan|| But if we could somehow get him to listen...this must be what Zeon tried to do to to I could just calm him down somehow...
* Hans rubs his blistered hands while walking over to where the rest of the force stands *
||Indigo|| It's your power though, you can do what you want. When I discovered the Final Judgement, it was *my* decision, not anyone else's, on how to use it. It's your decision when you claim the power.
* Reisha points to herself. "Hey don't talk like that.. look at me. I gave up power for soemthing bigegr, and I ended up richer in the end."
* Indigo smiles.
* David raises an eyebrow at Rei..
||Indigo|| I have an idea! ^_^
* Indigo closes her eyes and tries to summon the power of the Final Judgement to get them out of here.
* Aura steps over and hugs Tyr quickly
* Tiernan blinks at Aura.
* Aura inches back over to Jeyer
||Tiernan|| ... Thank you...
* Aura smiles weekly
* Jeyer smiles down at Aura and whispers in her ear, "Good girl.."
* Kodah thinks
* Aura smiles up at Jeyer
||Hans|| ...
||David|| Tiernan...we want you to join the group again...we need you...and we miss you....don't let Zeon and Volcanon stop you, huh? ^_-
* Reisha calls out to the blaze. "Hey Volcannon..w hy don't you just douse that flame and listen to the kid... ignoring who you are is the worst thing you could do.."
||Tiernan|| I want to join you...I do! But Volcanon is so mad he'll eat up everything...
||Kodah|| ...
* Aura frowns
||Indigo|| All eight Elements come to me, open the door of destiny, summon the power of the Final Judgement and let us get out of here!
* Kodah stands and heads towards the line of flames
||Tiernan|| Kodah!
* Hans mumbles * If these gloves weren't hundreds of years old, I would've thrown them away by now...
||Aura|| Hey, Volcannon, Buddy ole pal! I dont know who the hell you are, but why do you hate us?
* Indigo looks to the fires as she chants.
||Tiernan|| ...I understand now! 
||Tiernan|| Volcanon was controlled by Zeon, right?
||Kodah|| Right
* Indigo nods.
* Aura looks at Indi
* Reisha nods.
||Kodah|| Or at least influenced
* Aura 's eyes open wide
||Tiernan|| Maybe there's still some aftereffects from that! But Zeon is it should be weaker!
* Aura runs over and tackles her
||Tiernan|| So if we could try to snap him...myself out of this...we can stop this!
* Indigo buffets Aura's ears with her staff as she falls, sliding up.
||Aura|| No final Judgement! BAD!
* Aura grabs Indi's throat and pushes her down
||Indigo|| Tyr, you may not like this, but it's time for tough love with your other self. Leave it to me. ^_^
* Indigo pushes back and headbutts Aura, struggling up to the flames.
* Aura punches Indi
||Reisha|| The question is how do we make him listen.. ^^
||Tiernan|| No! Indigo no!
* Kodah looks back out across the flames, "Volcanon! I know you remember me! I want to talk to you!"
* David mumbles to Tiernan. "Oh and by the way, I still have absoloutely no control whatsoever over these people.."
||Indigo|| Hey Volcanon, yeah you! Shut your hole and get over it!
||Tiernan|| ^^; I know David..
* Aura shakes Indigo
||Tiernan|| Quiet please!
* Indigo reels from the punch, then looks to Tyr.
||Indigo|| ?
* Hans walks up behind Indigo, following her, looking at her neck. He punches a point that could knock her out *
||Tiernan|| == The ground rumbles!
||Reisha|| And here you though we weren't the real deal. *grins smugly*
||Darin|| .....
||Tiernan|| ~Weak...pitiful....~
* Reisha staggers a bit.
* Hans stumbles back before he can hit Indi * Dangit Mitula...
* David steadies himself..
||Tiernan|| Did you hear that?
||David|| Yep..
* Indigo rolls back with the force of the blow.
||Indigo|| Your other self is cranky today Tyr.
||Tiernan|| Indigo please stop insulting's like you're insulting me. ;_;
* Aura wanders back over to Jeyer
||Reisha|| Maybe Indy's good for getting his attention at least... ^^
||Tiernan|| ~Weak...pitiful is a plauge...a weakness!~
||Indigo|| While I have you on the line, get a better answering machine you piece of....huh? Oh, sorry Tyr. 
* Indigo sweatdrops.
||Kodah|| Please Volcanon! I must speak with you!
||Tiernan|| He's still influenced...
||Tiernan|| ~HE is the symbol of everything that is wrong with humanity! He is weak, and must be purged from this body! It is the only way...~
* Jeyer sighs...
||Reisha|| Hey, Volcannon... why do you say stuff like that? Then why did you become mortal anyway? Just to throw it in our faces?
* Aura hugs Jeyer
||Indigo|| And what did you create us? Lack of foresight?
||Tiernan|| ~It was not by my choice...It was her final judgement...~
||David|| He is everything RIGHT! Don't you get it?! He is innocence! He is joy! He is love! He is hardly wrong! 
||Indigo|| If a God is weak enough to be bound by the Final Judgement of a mortal, he's not much of a God, no offense Tyr.
||Hans|| "Hardly"? o_O
||Tiernan|| ...
* Tiernan steps away from Indigo...
||Reisha|| Ok, well, eyah, it was Indy's fault.. but youc an't doubt it gave you that oen chance to see through a little different eyes, right?
* Aura turns her head to one side
* David places a hand on Tiernan's shoulder..
||Tiernan|| ~Why should I spare humanity after the pain, suffering, and auguish I have seen?~
||Indigo|| Because your war with Zeon started it all.
||David|| ....because there's also love...and joy....and....and hope..
||Jeyer|| You're hardly a mortal, Indigo..
||Aura|| because maybe we dont deserve it?
* Kodah stands unmoving before the flames, "Because if you don't, you are no better than the devils you stand against."
||Indigo|| We were the innocent bystanders, you brought your war here.
* Indigo preens.
||David|| You're only seeing the bad qualities, Volcanon! We have far better good points!
||Indigo|| Well, yes, I am Divinely beautiful I know. ^_^
||Tiernan|| ~My war with Zeon was to save this world...and yet with your evil thoughts, you spat in my face as a thank you~
||Kodah|| Evil thoughts? Is that what you see in those before you?
||Reisha|| Hey, you can't judge everyone just on the actions of some.. we've got a lot of redeeming qualities too!
||Tiernan|| Why...they aren't evil...
* Aura hugs close to Jeyer
||Darin|| ......
||Tiernan|| They've done so much for me....
||Tiernan|| They could have just killed me...but they didn't...
||Indigo|| I don't have evil thoughts dear, not any more. That was my other half. I bound the two to save some remnants of my sanity and help defeat *your* enemy.
* Jeyer's mood darkens and hugs close to Aura..
||Reisha|| maybe we might be selfish sometimes, but we can put that aside to fight for a cause..
* David wraps his arms around Rei's waist as a statement, gazing out into the inferno..
||Reisha|| That's what the Shining Force has always been about, right? Coming together.
||Indigo|| We've been doing your dirty work down here for instance.
* Aura mumbles something to herself about Tyr and Volcannon and Indigo and hides her head in Jeyer's shoudler
||Tiernan|| I..I..I want to make a new start...humanity might have made mistakes...but...
* Reisha stands there with David... she looks strong, and not weak like so many other times. :)
||Indigo|| So did you.
||Tiernan|| No...
* David hugs Reisha slightly, not saying anything else but looking very much determined..
||Tiernan|| == The ground rumbles again, but Volcanon says nothing.
||Reisha|| Admit it Volcannon.. the way Tiernan sacrificed himself for people.. for us.. was probably the toughest thing anyone could do. But he did it as a person..
* Kodah still refuses to budge from Volcanon's fire
* Aura wishes she could be her more assertive self, but its just not working
||Reisha|| So obviously you're given us all a bum rap, big guy. ^^
* Tiernan steps in right before the flames, and looks up.
||Indigo|| We fight and sacrifice and die, only to confront the evil you can not or will not destroy.
* David looks at down slightly at Reisha with warmth in his eyes..
||Tiernan|| You're right in some respects, Volcanon....Humans and Gods have lost their way with one another...
* Reisha puts an arm around David, patting the side of his cheek.
||Tiernan|| So why should humanity be given a second chance...? It's because they believe...they hope...they love...
||Kodah|| ...
* Aura snuggles against Jeyer and listens to Tyr
* David captures Rei's hand and kisses her knuckles lightly before looking at Tiernan..
||Tiernan|| I don't want to see any more pain or suffering, or hurt people...and you don't either! I know that Zeon is controlling you...and you have to wake up and see that!
||Reisha|| Yeah, so stop being so stubborn already. We have a world to save for your sake as well as us.
||Tiernan|| They came all this way, because they want to save this world...and save everyone...selflessly!
||Kodah|| ...
* Jeyer wraps his arm around Aura and sighs, trying to stay out of this...
||Darin|| ....
* Indigo nods.
* Aura looks up at Jeyer, then back at Tyr and Indi
* Aura wonders who Volcannon is
||Indigo|| Everyone tells me to grow up, but its' you who needs to grow up and see the greater picture here.
||David|| ...give us a chance...we want to save the world...because its worth saving..
||Tiernan|| I want to save this world too...and the people...the Gods....everyone...and that is why you have to help us and lend us your strength, if only just a little! You have to wake up and realise this...please..don't hurt this world anymore...It's such a wonderful place...
* Aura mumbles something about the worlds worth
||Kodah|| Please don't do this Volcanon. These are not the actions of the kind god who watched the three greatest devil squabble over mastery and grieved
||Indigo|| Besides, if you don't, you're the same as Zeon.
||Tiernan|| == The ground stops shaking, the fires begin to subside
||Kodah|| ...
* Tiernan smiles. "Thank you..."
* David whispers softly to Rei.. "Lets hope that doesn't mean the mind is gonna explode.."
* Indigo smiles and pats Tyr's head.
* Aura watches..
||Indigo|| Good boy! ^_^
* Reisha smiles slightly. "I'd hate to see Volcannon's migrains.." ^^
* Jeyer smacks Indigo with a mind control spell...
||Tiernan|| == The fires die down completely...
||Narrator|| The land starts to go dark...
* Aura blinks and looks around...
* David pauses and kisses Reisha lightly before hauling away to glance around..
||Indigo|| Ow! I didn't hear you slither up. I thought you'd gone away back to whatever's rat's nest you live in....
||Tiernan|| ... We... he's okay now. ^_^ He woke up...but where did he go?
* Aura snuggles close to Jeyer again
||Kodah|| Good question
* Indigo looks at the surroundings.
* Jeyer starts getting up slowly, hauling Aura up with him...
* Reisha is kissed, but before she can do anything he retreats off, elaving her a little.. disappointed?
||Tiernan|| you know where he went?
||Indigo|| Maybe back to his place. I can try and contact him if you like. Give him a congratulations on maturity or something.
||Tiernan|| Please stop insulting him... :/
* Reisha straightens up. "Ahem.. anyway.." ^^
||Tiernan|| It's not his fault...
* Aura eeps softly and wraps her arms around Jeyer
||Kodah|| Speaking of maturity...Indi could use some
* Tiernan laughs. ^^;
* Jeyer sighs.. "He's there.. He's just letting you do it your way.. Before... Taking over.."
||Tiernan|| Taking...over?
* Indigo smiles and hugs Tyr.
||Narrator|| The land fades to nothingness..
||Tiernan|| What do you mean?
||Darin|| ....
||Kodah|| ...
||Jeyer|| ... No time to explain. Everyone. Gather close.
* Aura blinks slowly...thinkgin..
* Indigo gathers close.
||Tiernan|| ...I guess I have to stay here...
||Reisha|| You know.. maybe I gotta persuade him a little more..
||Indigo|| I'll just insult Jeyer instead! ^_^
||Tiernan|| ....Everyone...
||Jeyer|| No, Tyr.. Go with them.
* Indigo looks at him.
* Aura snuggles close to Jeyer and hides her face in his shoulder..
* David takes Rei into his arms again and gets close to everyone else..
||Tiernan|| But...isn't this my mind?
||Jeyer|| Hurry. Just do what I say.
||Tiernan|| ..Okay...
* Tiernan gathers around his friends.
||Kodah|| ...?
* Jeyer pulls Aura back and whispers, "Go, Aura.."
* Reisha stands there, a little confused, but holding back a comment or three.
||Indigo|| What are you up to Jeyer?
* Aura blinks.."why...i dont want to..i."
||Tiernan|| Jeyer...I don't understand...
* David murmurs into Rei's ear.. "He's got something up his sleeve...just wait..."
* Aura looks at the ground
* Reisha whispers back. "When doesn't that coniving bastard... but you gotta love him I guess." ^^
* Jeyer swallows hard.. "Please.. Do this for me.."
||Tiernan|| Aura...please....come with us...
* David grins a little.. "Hey....he's my dad....what can I say..."
* Aura nods and kisses jeyer and turns ovet to the group
* Kodah looks again at Jeyer, a question going unasked
||Indigo|| Chamolo's going to be shocked to hear that....
* Jeyer stiffens.. Then relaxes slowly and surrounds himself with an aura of power...
* Aura walks over to them and turns back to watch Jeyer
||Indigo|| Hmmm....I'd better find Sashie and make sure she's mine.
* David eyes Jeyer, holding Reisha almost protectively.. ;)
* Jeyer waves his arms in intricate patterns and starts chanting... "Mind's eye passed... Restoration begins... Ancient power, flowing through all... Flowing through the heavens... Restore these lost souls..."
* Aura wipes at her eyes and watches him
||Kodah|| ...
* Indigo eyes Jeyer suspiciously.
||Indigo|| I hope you know what you're doing. Magic is not a toy you know...
||Tiernan|| ...Indigo please stop...
* Jeyer stops for a few seconds, staring at the Shining Force... Then swallows hard.... And utters... "Ancient restoration."
||Reisha|| Yeah.. I think you're living proof Indigo
* David gazes at Jeyer..
||Tiernan|| Jeyer...what?
||Indigo|| I know. All that magic in my bloodline shattered my mind. ^_^ In fact, I'm surprised my daughter isn't insane. ^_^
||Narrator|| The area surrounding the Shining Force darkens completely, and a sudden vacuum effect similar to the one that pulled them in, pulls them outward...
||Kodah|| ..!
||Tiernan|| Ah..!
||David|| Augghhh I hate this feeling!
||Tiernan|| Wh...what's going on?!
* Reisha grins playfully, and embraces David, leaning up to kiss his lips passionately as the force splits reality asunder. ^^
||Narrator|| ===== Cut scene! =====
* Jeyer stands alone in the darkness... After the end of the spell, he rushes to a large crystal mirror and starts uttering arcane words...
||Jeyer|| ... Please.. For the love of the ancients, please let this spell be successful..
||Narrator|| A dark void is the only thing reflected in the mirror...
||Jeyer|| ... No. Please..! No..!
* Jeyer looks about ready to break down and cry...
||Narrator|| Suddenly, out of one corner of the crystalline surface, the darkness dissapears... An image starts to fade in...
||Narrator|| The picture flows into view, depicting the Shining Force as they awaken, seeing it from someone's perspective...
* Jeyer sighs of relief and collapses... "... Thank.. The heavens.."
||Narrator|| Jeyer slowly drifts away to dreaming...
||Narrator|| ===== End cut scene! =====
||Narrator|| The Shining Force starts to awaken, being at the same spot where Jeyer originally cast the mind's eye spell...
* Indigo looks about her slowly, coming to.
* Tiernan is still unconcious in David's arms, but his wings, once dark and black, are once again smaller and orange. ^-^
||Kodah|| Oy...
* Aura slowly opens her eyes...looks around..." here..?"
||Indigo|| Hey everyone! Ninja Vanish! 
* Reisha wakens up from the spot where she collapsed near Tyr.
* David blinks dazedly as he awakens..."uhn.."
* Indigo giggles and makes a gesture of throwing a smokebomb down.
||Narrator|| Jeyer is nowhere in sight...
* David blinks again and shakes Tiernan.. "Hey, you there..?"
* Aura starts to shake..."j..jeyer...?"
* Tiernan 's eyes twitch, and he lets out a soft sigh...
||Tiernan|| D...david...
||Indigo|| Now, we're back in our world right? Where the Shining Force rules and everyone else drools?
||Kodah|| Is everyone here?
* Reisha rights herself to a sitting position. "Damn straight, Indy."
* David raises an eyebrow.. "Yep...that's alright, oh winged one?"
* Tiernan opens his eyes slowly. "Home..."
* Darin openes his eyes... and looks around, saying nothing.
* David looks towards Reisha...
* Aura curls up small and closes her eyes tight, crying softly into her knees
||Reisha|| Yeah Tyr.. welcome back.
||Tiernan|| I'm...I' see you...
* Reisha rubs her sore body. "I wish I wasn't hurting so bad right now though.." ^^
||Indigo|| Hey, I don't see Jughead anywhere. Probably landed on the other side of the world or something. I told him that magic isn't a toy....
* David blinks and grins at Tiernan. "I'm happy to see you too, Tyr."
* Aura reaches up and checks for her necklace..
* Tiernan smiles back, and gives David a weak hug. ^_^
* Indigo turns to Tyr.
||Indigo|| Your mind is your own again?
* Aura growls low at indi's comment
||Tiernan|| ...I think it's mine...
* Reisha looks over at david and Tyr hugging, and gets a wistful look in ehr eyes.
* David returns the hug and chuckles, gently getting up after releasing Tiernan....
* Aura gets to her feet and slowly steps over to Indi
* Indigo smiles.
||Indigo|| Good, good.
* Tiernan is still too weak to stand, so he sits on the ground.
||Indigo|| Well, where to next after we rest?
||Kodah|| Nice to have you back Tyr
* Aura growls and grabs indi by thr throat, slamming her back against the wall
||Tiernan|| I'm glad to be free...thank you...and I'm glad you're alive Kodah..I missed you...
* David looks over at Rei and heads over to her, quickly hugging her close. "Nice to see you made it back in one piece, thunder mage.."
* Indigo headbutts Aura repeatedly, until her head starts bleeding, then she kicks her and slams her face-first into the wall.
* Kodah grins at Tyr, the first grin he's had in a long time
||Indigo|| What's your problem?
* Reisha nods. "You just won't admit you were worried sick." ;)
* Tiernan reaches up and hugs Kodah with all the strength he has. ^_^
* Aura lunges at Aura and slashes at her with a dagger
||Narrator|| Aura's wounds slowly heal, the necklace flaring...
* Kodah ruffles Tyr's hair, "Heh"
* David raises an eyebrow in amusement... "Of course I was worried sick..!"
* Reisha hugs back. "Thanks for helping me back there, you big dumb hero." :)
* Indigo calmly sidesteps and smashes her across the face, dragging the metal point of her staff through her cheek.
||Tiernan|| I'm tired though...and whatever I'm wearing itches a lot... :/
* David blushes. "Anytime, Rei...and I mean that..!"
* Aura holds indi against the wall by her throat again, pressing her body against her to keep her there
||Indigo|| Now then, calm down. 
* Aura holds a dagger up to Indi's throat.."no.."
* Reisha pecks his cheek lightly. "I believe you." ^^
||Indigo|| I know you've taken pity on Jeyer and decided to teach him about the birds and the bees but really....
* Reisha stands up carefully...
||Kodah|| Perhaps we should go get some rest
||Tiernan|| Yeah...My body feels numb in some places...
||Indigo|| I mean, no other female would have him, so someone had to take the poor thing in....
* Aura growls low in her throat and presses the dagger against Indi's throat..
||David|| Indigo....thats my father you're talking about.
||Reisha|| You know, I still ahve enough elft to paralyze her.
* Aura pulls the dagger slowly across Indi's throat..""
||Indigo|| Really? Wow. Cham's going to be stunned....
* David grins wryly at Rei.. "Don't waste it."
||Indigo|| I weigh 120 pounds, thankyouverymuch!
* Indigo kicks Aura in the stomach and spins to avoid the dagger, slamming her fist into her nose, then jumping back.
* Indigo glows orange.
||David|| Indigo...Aura..!
||Indigo|| Apollo, Elemental of Fire, incinerate her!
||David|| Indigo O_O
* Tiernan leans against Kodah, energy pretty much spent ^^;
||David|| Oh jeez. ^^; 
||Reisha|| Hey, let 'em fight.. I'm going to get a nice peaceful room.. ^^;
* Aura keeps pushing Indi against the wall and slashes slowly at her throat again
* Kodah keep Tyr from falling
* David grins and picks Rei up in his arms macho-ly. "Alright. Lets just go. C'mon! Away!"
||Tiernan|| Thank you....
* David heads off, leaving Aura and Indi to fight.. "C'mon, Tyr and Kodah!"
* Indigo slowly turns the metal point of her staff upwards against Aura, ramming it into her stomach as she feels the dagger.
* Kodah nods to David and starts moving
||Tiernan|| It's nice to be....home...
* Tiernan smiles and tries to keep up with Kodah as best as he can.
* Reisha grins impishly. "Oh.. I get it! This must be room service.. what will they think of next." ^_^
* Aura doesnt seem to care about the pain and keeps slowly pressing the knife into Indi's throat
||Indigo|| Be right there! I have to teach the girl a lesson!
||Kodah|| Give it up, both of you
* David laughs and raises an eyebrow down at Rei, hugging her against his chest. "Uh huh..! You just use your imagination as to what they'll think of next!" ;)
||Tiernan|| Kodah...what did Jeyer mean about Volcanon taking over...?
||Narrator|| Aura's dagger starts to crackle with electricity...
* Indigo leans her weight forward, feeling the dagger cut into her throat, but feeling the spike ram into Aura's stomach as she leans forward with all her weight and shoves her back.
||Indigo|| Time for your lesson child!
* Aura growls deep in her throat and puts her hand to her stomach..
||Kodah|| I'm not too sure Tyr
||Indigo|| Atlas, Elemental of Air, hit her with a lightning bolt!
||Reisha|| David, you naughty thing you. What of your vaunted reputation? ;)
* Aura clenches her hand around the dagger tight..steping up to Indi again
* Indigo spins aside, holding her staff before her and picking up some dirt. She flings it into Aura's eyes when she summons.
* David laughs.. "Ah...well...there's rumors, you know.."
||Indigo|| You won't be needing this.
||Tiernan|| We'll set everything right...right Kodah? We have to show Volcanon what we meant...
* Indigo swats the dagger from her hand with her staff.
||Narrator|| == Atlas is summoned... The bolt crashes down on both Indigo and Aura, knocking both out.
||Kodah|| Of course we will
* Aura falls back onto the ground..
* Indigo falls on her face.
* Tiernan smiles, and stumbles a bit. ^^:
||Tiernan|| Maybe when I feel a bit stronger though...
||David|| What we all need is a hot bath!
||David|| And some warm food!
||Tiernan|| Food...^_^
||Tiernan|| My stomach feels so empty....I wonder if I've eaten anything since... O_o
* Reisha brushes some hair out of ehr eyes, still being carried. "Oh, you really know how to press my buttons.." ^^
||Kodah|| We'll get you some food as soon as possible
||Reisha|| After all, we ahev a world to save.
||Tiernan|| Thank you...
* Aura is still passed out on the ground
* David blinks down at Rei and blushes furiously.. "I won't even ask what buttons....uhmm...and yes, a world to save, right!"
* Narrator whispers in David's ear... "Hey.. about 2 centimeters under her right nipple... G-spot. Don't ask how I know, just trust me."
||Tiernan|| That voice again!
* David blinks O_o
||Reisha|| Shut your mouth, you damn voice! This is my moment! :P
||Tiernan|| ...-_- I still don't know what that voice is...
* David obviously struggles not to go down that path of thought, his face blushing brighter.. ^^;
* Narrator whispers in Reisha's ear, "Neck, right under his earlobe... Now we're even."
* Aura continues to remain passed out on the ground
||Tiernan|| Hey...stop that! :/
* Reisha blinks. "Fine, fine.."
* David coughs. "Uhm. ANYWAY!"
||Reisha|| Hey, could someone pick up our two straggelrs back there?
||David|| So....we should...get Aura and Indi and go to the inn ^^;
||Tiernan|| Sleep sounds good to me... ^_^
* David looks at Rei in his arms. "Ah, well, my arms are sorta full!"
||Kodah|| Er...I already have Tyr...but I guess I could take one of them ^^;;
||David|| ...not that I'm complaining, mind you. ^^;
||Reisha|| Yeah.. and I wouldn't have it any other way..
* Reisha starts laughing amusedly.
||Narrator|| Oh David... I forgot to mention... That promotion outfit? Straps on with velcro... 
* Kodah reaches down a bit and hefts Aura onto his shoulder
* Reisha growls.
* David wideyes and actually manages to carry Rei with one arm O_o
||Tiernan|| Mister Voice...please stop embarrasing my friends...
* David picks Indi up with the other one ^_-
||Kodah|| Oof...
||Tiernan|| Are you okay you want me to walk?
||Narrator|| Threesome with an unconscious girl? Kinky, David...
* David blushes but walks on.. ^^;
||Reisha|| You know suddenly it's getting a bit too crowded here.. _
||Kodah|| Nah...I think I got it
* Tiernan smiles and closes his eyes, stumbling/walking along. ^^;
* Narrator whispers to Reisha, "Don't be so obvious... I'm sure the squeaking of the bed'll be enough."
||David|| Ah...I'm sorry, Rei.. ^^; I don't really wanna share you.. ;) But some animal might come along and devour Indi...and die! I mean, contamination..
* Reisha folds her arms in David's. "Oh go narrate some OTHER kinky story or something..."
* David laughs softly and leans his head down, kissing Reisha gently and hugging her tighter as they walk ^_-
* Tiernan smiles at David and Reisha...happy for them. ^_^
||Narrator|| The Shining Force settles down for the night after rescuing Tiernan... And get a well deserved rest... Others get a great night of passionnate sex, but hey... They're not all that lucky... 
==== Session end! =====