Shining Force RPG 2 session 33
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||Narrator|| ===== SESSION START ===== ||Narrator|| The Shining Force slowly wakes... The morning sun still slightly warped by the darkness... But overall more stable than past days... * Indigo stretches and yawns. ||Indigo|| Morning world! ^_^ * Hans opens his eyes, the same look in them as always * ... * Jessica sits up, next to Darin. * Aura mrrs softly as she blinks her eyes open...hoping to se jeyer next to her.. * Indigo gets up and starts poking everyone with her staff. * Darin mrrhs in his sleep and turns over, slinging an arm over Jessica's waist. * Hans sits up and looks left then right, with an almost frighteningly calm look on his face * ||Jessica|| Darin...wake up. * Aura sighs almost saddly and burries her head into her pillow.. * Hans steps out of his bed * ||Indigo|| Wakey Wakey children! ^_^ ||Darin|| Just five more minutes Mommie... * David is lying in bed next to Reisha, an arm around her waist and fast asleep. * Indigo pulls Darin's blankets over him and pats his head. * Hans walks over to the table over to the side and begins to gear up * * Jessica throws a fireball at Indigo. "Go AWAT!" ||Indigo|| Awwwwww...........he's dreaming...... ^_^ * Tiernan seems to be awake already, and is gathering things in his room, or at least it sounds like it. ^^ His door is closed. * Aura mrrs and slowly rolls off the bed onto the floor.. * Indigo pokes Jessica some more..... ||Indigo|| Awwww.....she's cranky today! * Jessica throws numerous fireballs at Indigo. "I said go AWAY!" * Hans puts on his leather shoes, ties the band around them, then puts his robe, cape, and hood. A new set of them, being of snow white color * * Darin stretches, completely oblivious to what goes on around him. * Indigo gets out an old pacifier and sticks it in Jessica's mouth, then pats her head. * David opens his eyes and he yawns softly before blinking at Reisha next to him. ||Indigo|| There there, little Jessie..... * Jessica gets up and grabs her rapier. " asked for it, bitch." * David gets a soft smile and slowly slides out of bed, padding to his clothes and putting them on. ;) ||Indigo|| Naughty Jessie, no bad words and don't play with knives! ||David|| Hmmm....breakfast in bed. ;) * Indigo glows orange. * Hans tightens his cloth belt and then looks at his hands, remembering his gloves and how they were ripped * ... ||Darin|| Sssnnnnrrrrkkxxx * Aura mrfphels and pulls on her clothes slowly.. ||Indigo|| Apollo, Elemental of Fire, melt the blade. * David stretches and heads out the door, quietly closing it to let Reisha sleep. * Jessica slices right at Indigo's abdomen. * Hans puts his coin bag on a clip on his belt and heads downstairs * * David pauses outside his door and glances towards the other doors, hearing the sounds of fighting ^^; ||David|| sigh.. ^^; ||Jessica|| how many times do I have to tell you, you damn psycho bitch, to LEAVE US ALONE! * David shakes his head and heads for Tiernan's room.. * Indigo pats Jess's hand, waiting for Apollo. * Aura frowns, remembering part of her dream, and reaches up to the left side of her head, behind her ear... ||Jessica|| Someone get this pscyho out of our room. * Hans sits in a stool by the bar counter and looks to his left for a barkeep * * David knocks at the door.. "Hey, Tyr, you awake?" ||Tiernan|| David...Hi. ^_^ Yes, I'm awake. ||Tiernan|| You can come in if you want... ^_^ ||Hans|| Barkeep...? * David nods and saunters in.. ^_- ||Indigo|| Hey.....where's Jeyer, or was that Joyer, or someone? The horse boy? * Tiernan turns around after putting a satchel over his shoulder. ^^; His look is different than David remembers though, although he's wearing his trademark trenchcoat and scarf, he now has flame red mage armor on...and a really big boomerang...and...looks slightly more mature. O_o ||Jessica|| that's Johei, you idiot. * Aura goes over to the mirror and trys to look behind her ear.. * Indigo wanders out. * Kodah yawns, then moves to join the others, looking rather groggy ||David|| Wow, Tyr.. ^_- You've grown up! MY LITTLE BOY IS ALL BIG NOW! Err, sorry. How're you doing? * Jessica shakes Darin. "Wake up, Darin. The psycho's gone." ||Tiernan|| O_o Uh...fine...You'll never guess what happened though! ||David|| What? ^_- ||Darin|| mrphnrphlem... * Aura sighs and cant see very well..walks out of the room to the bar * Tiernan 's face sobers a lot. "Well..." ||Hans|| ... * Indigo goes to her room, wets down a rag, gets a bar of heavy soap, and comes back to Jessica's room, beginning to literally wash her mouth out with soap. ^_^ ||Jessica|| ok, Darin. You know the alternative means of waking you up. ||Tiernan|| I woke up last night having a really bad dream...and I kept hearing voices in my room... * Kodah rubs the sleep out of his eyes, "Morning folks" * Jessica stabs Indigo through the heart. ||Hans|| ... I guess it is a little early... Wait... What time IS it...? ||Narrator|| The barkeep comes out from the backstore with a large crate and goes behind the counter... * Hans notices the barkeep * ||Hans|| Barkeep, what do you have to drink here? * Aura keeps rubbing behind her ear and toddles over to the bar * Indigo blinks. * David blinks "What were they saying?" ||Narrator|| * The barkeep pops open the crate and hmms... "We have... Not much." ||Tiernan|| I don't know...Just a lot of noise. Then...this cat jumped on my lap! O_o ||Hans|| Any elven wine? * Jessica gets a very serious look on her face. "I said to leave us alone...and I meant it." * Kodah heads for the bar and takes a seat ||Tiernan|| And...well...then it turned into Jeyer... O_o * Indigo pouts. ||David|| Jeyer? Ah...yeah.. ||Indigo|| You've got a very nasty potty-mouth! * Aura sits at the bar and looks over at Tyr.."jeyer..??" ||Tiernan|| And he said that 'He'll take over.' * Indigo scrubs her mouth harder, then skips out. ||Indigo|| There, that should cure it! * Jessica puts the blade to Indigo's throat. "And I've got a very nasty sharp object....NOW GET OUTTA HERE!" ||Narrator|| * The barkeep shuffles through the crate... "Aye... It seems we have a bottle left." and plops it on the counter. ||David|| Who will? ||Tiernan|| ...Volcanon. ||Tiernan|| But that's not all of it... * Indigo skips out merrily, still glowing orange..... * Aura leans her chin on the counter and sighs ||Hans|| Okay... *takes the whole bottle* What's the total? ||Jessica|| now, where was I? ||Jessica|| Oh..I remember. ||Darin|| mmphlgm * Indigo comes downstairs. * David gazes at Tyr, looking pleasantly rumpled with his grey blue eyes bright and happy looking. ^_- ||Tiernan|| Then I started falling through darkness...empty room and bed dissapeared... * Hans reaches down to his gold bag * * Jessica points to the air above Darin as a small piece of ice forms. A fireball melts it and water falls on Darin's face. "Chilling Inferno" * Aura humms softly and stares off into space..still rubbing behind her left ear ||Tiernan|| And then Volcanon, Jeyer...and Dark Dragon showed up. They said that I would fail because I was a weak willed mortal.. ||Indigo|| Hi there Mr. Innkeeper man! I'll have bacon, and sausages and waffles, and pancakes, and eggs, and juice, and milk, and a blueberry muffin for breakfast this morning. Please be snappy. ^_^ ||Narrator|| * The barkeep digs through the case... ||Tiernan|| And that Volcanon will take over in the end and I won't exsist anymore. * David grimaces. "Not exactly happy dreams, huh?" ||Tiernan|| It wasn't a dream though... * Kodah quietly orders some breakfast without fuss ||Tiernan|| But that's not all of it. ^_^ ||Jessica|| better than an alarm clock. ^_^ * Aura traces Jeyer onto the counter with a lil puddle of water * Hans glances over his shoulder at the Shining Force members coming downstairs then looks back to the barkeep for his bill * ||Narrator|| * The barkeep turns towards Indigo... "Sorry miss, we're on supply rations. Food is scarce in these here parts." * Aura splashes it out and draws a little pheonix... *** Danny is now known as Im_Blue ||Darin|| AHHHHHH!!! ||Indigo|| Supply rations, why? * Tiernan smiles. "I...I told them all that I could be strong...that I would fight for all my friends! And then...I fought against Dark Dragon and won! ...Well..he wasn't really Dark Dragon...Jeyer said he was a prop..." ||Narrator|| * The barkeep glances at Indigo... "Trade routes were cut from the other isles... We only have what we can grow." * Darin jumps about 3 feet over the bed... "JESS!!" .... He now half sits on the floor, mostly naked, and dripping wet. * Aura splashes that out again and writes Ancient onto the counter...splashes that out again.. * David nods. "Hm. I think it was a test to see if you were strong enough...and you are." ||Hans|| Barkeep, total? ||Tiernan|| Yeah... * Indigo pouts, then stomps her foot. ||Tiernan|| And then I got...this armor...and I felt strong...but... ||Jessica|| it was just a small spell, Darin... ||Indigo|| But....but I want it. I want it, I want it, I want it.......!!!! ||Tiernan|| I realize now that Volcanon might let me...well...exsist in the end...if I show how strong I am...and humanity is. ||Narrator|| * The barkeep glances at hans... "That'll be 50 gold coins, lad." ||Jessica|| it's not like I cast freeze 2 on you. * Indigo glows orange, then blue, then green....... * Kodah finishes his breakfast (since Indigo's whining kinda soured it) and heads outside ||Hans|| Okay... *Opens his gold bag* ... *Sighs* * David claps Tyr on the shoulder. "Mm. So lets go show them, huh?" ||Tiernan|| And I plan to...but after the final battle...if I start acting...different...don't worry...okay? ||Tiernan|| And don't tell anyone either. I don't want them to worry about me. ||Indigo|| Apollo, no, Neptune, no.......Tio, Elemental of Plague I want my breakfast!!!!!!! * Aura sighs softly and writes Jeyer inside a little heart * Hans puts 19 gold coins onto the counter, once emptying out his bag * Er... One second... ||David|| I won't. You have my word, Tyr. ^_- ||Narrator|| The elemental summons fails * Hans takes a glance into his backpack which he laid on the ground * * Hans doesn't see anything * ||Narrator|| * The barkeep snags the gold coins... "Take it, lad. It's allright." ||Tiernan|| Thanks David. ^_^ Now, we better go. If I had this dream about Dark Dragon...if it was a dream or not...that might mean he's trying to get to Arc Valley again! * Indigo stomps her foot again. * David grins. "Yeah. I should get breakfast for Rei.." * Jessica gets dressed and goes back to Darin. "Now, will you get up?" * David nods almost to himself. ^_- ||Indigo|| Apollo, Elemental of Fire, GET ME MY BREAKFAST!!!!!! ||Hans|| No. I don't leave debts. * Indigo glows orange now. ||Darin|| Jess.. do you always have to wake me up liek that? * Kodah goes behind the inn and starts his morning warm-up exercises ||Narrator|| The summons fails again. ||Tiernan|| Why do you look all rumpled David? * Darin gets up, dries off and dresses. ||Narrator|| Barkeep: Think of it as a gift, lad. It's fine. ||David|| Ah...uh.. * Aura writes jeyer in a heart bigger, and tries to fit Aura in as well, but runs out of water * Hans takes his mitula cross from his neck and hands it to the barkeep * Will this cover it? ||David|| It was a busy night? ^^; ||Jessica|| it's the only way to wake you up. You're too sound a sleeper..for a knight. ||Narrator|| The barkeep lines up bottles on the wall, then pulls out a rag... ||Tiernan|| Did you both get in a...pillow fight? * Darin sighs. "I am not." * David struggles to keep a straight face. "Uh, yes." * Indigo screams, then stomps off, glowing every color of the rainbow and shouting incoherently as she kicks open the door and storms outside to rage. ||Tiernan|| Wow. ^_^ Sounds like fun. ||Tiernan|| Next time you should invite all of us. ||Narrator|| * The barkeep looks at the cross... "This here... Is some fine craftsmanship, boy. I couldn't accept it." * Hans points to the mitula cross he put on the counter * It's made of silver, and mitula's eyes are diamond. I'm sure you'd like to have it. ||David|| ! Uhm, well.. ;) Lets just go should ask Rei that when she wakes up. ^_- * Jessica puts her arms around Darin. Well, shall we go downstairs and kill Indigo? ||Hans|| Barkeep... I'm beginning to wonder if Mitula is still with me. * Kodah tries to maintain his foucus, despite Indogo's ravings, going through the manny katas he learned so long ago ||Tiernan|| ^_^ Okay! ||Darin|| What's Indi got to do with this? * Tiernan fluffs his wings and follows David out the door. * Aura looks over at Indigo and sighs.. * David nods and struts downstairs! ||Narrator|| * The barkeep pushes it back towards hans... "You need it more than I do, lad." and heads towards the backroom again. ||Hans|| Besides, the cross is only a symbol. ||Jessica|| She came in here and tried to wake us up after I was already awake... * Hans sighs * ||Jessica|| and she wouldn't leave us were too soundly asleep to notice. * Tiernan walks down the stairs, and waves at Kodah. "^_^ Hi!" * Hans puts the cross around his neck and walks over to the Shining Force, not taking the elven wine with him... * * Indigo slams the front door shut noisily after several minutes of ranting and raving outside the inn. She slams it back with every intention of breaking it off it's hinges as she glows light-blue, then black. * Aura burries her head in her arms and sighs...wishing she couls fall asleep and dream again... * David settles into a chair and stretches out. ||Kodah|| Morning Tyr. How're you feeling? ||Darin|| .... I slept through all that?! * David grins ;) ||Tiernan|| I'm a little tired...but much better than yesterday. I'm not numb anymore. ^_^ * Aura looks back at Tyr and David as they come in.. * Jessica walks downstairs, holding onto Darin's arm. "Good morning, everyone. And yes, did sleep through all that." * David winks at Aura in greeting! ||Jessica|| O_o ||Jessica|| TYR? ||Tiernan|| ...O_o Yes? * Hans sits at a table and pulls out a needle and a thread. He then pulls out his gloves and begins to try to sew them back together * * Aura raises an eyebrow at David and smiles a bit.. ||Kodah|| Excellent news. I'm glad to what? ||Jessica|| you look so much older. ||David|| And Kodah, doesn't Tyr look absoloutely dazzling in his new outfit? ;) ||Tiernan|| ^^; Not that much... * Kodah blinks at th sudden topic change, "Yyyes. He does look quite capital." * David yawns as if he didn't get much sleep * Aura gets up and wanders over to David and company..somewhat wary of Tyr * Tiernan blushes lightly. ^^ ||David|| I swear, Tyr, the girls'll be dropping like flies when they see you. ^_- * Hans finishes and puts the gloves on * ||Tiernan|| Why? O_o Am I that bad looking? ||Jessica|| No, look great..honestly. ||Kodah|| Actually Tyr, he's saying that the ladies will find you quite hansome * Darin rubs his eyes a few times. * Aura stands next to David and sort of looks at Tyr blankly..thinking.. ||Tiernan|| Oh...^^; * Hans stands up and jabs at air a few times * * David pats Aura on the shoulder briefly before heading to the bar! * Tiernan blushes more, not used to all the praise. "I...thank you..." ||David|| Barkeep! ||Jessica|| are you ok, Darin? * Aura smiles weekly at David and leans agains the wall * Kodah proeceeds through the next few steps of his katas ||Narrator|| * The barkeep peaks his head from the backroom... "Aye?" ||Darin|| Yeah.. *Yawn* just... eh.. ||David|| What do you normally serve for breakfast? * Hans glances over at David * How much longer should we be here...? ||Jessica|| that wake up call? ||Tiernan|| Hey... * Tiernan thinks, and looks at Aura... * Hans walks over to Kodah * Hey Kodah... ||David|| Not too long, Hans...I just need to wake up Reisha ;) * Indigo glows blue this time. ||Tiernan|| You were the one that Jeyer likes...right? ||Kodah|| What's up Hans? * Aura sighs softly and smiles weekly at Tyr.."yea..." ||Indigo|| Neptune, Elemental of Water, get my breakfast from that creep! ||Tiernan|| I saw him last my drream! ||Jessica|| is it just me or should someone just run Indigo through..... * Hans blinks at David * She's still worn out? ||David|| Uhhh..yes. ;) * Aura frowns softly..."so did i...but..i dont think it was a dream..." ||Hans|| Not much, Kodah. Just repaired my glvoes... I hope they hold up... ||Tiernan|| ...I'm'm sorry I couldn't stop Zeon from cursing him... * Darin still tries to drag his sorry butt into the waking world. ||Tiernan|| Maybe we can try and lift it together? ||Narrator|| * The barkeep comes out from the backroom and gives David a menu of what he has in stock... It mostly consist of bread and some fruit juice... ||Kodah|| Considering what we're all doing, the condition of your gloves should be the least of your worries * Aura sighs and holds her necklace tight.."well....we..can break the curse....somehow...we have. to..." ||Narrator|| Alot of items on the list are crossed out... * David furrows his brow. "Are you experiencing some trouble, kind sir?" ||Tiernan|| Maybe... * Kodah moves seamlessly from the end of one katas, into the second * Hans glances at Kodah * It's my family's treasure. Over 900 years old. ||Tiernan|| Hey you know anyone who's strong enough to break curses? * Aura whimpers softly.."please...we realy have to.." ||Hans|| Every stitch torn in it, I feel my soul grow weaker for some reason... ||Kodah|| That's pretty old for a glove, and no, the only person I knew who might have know is Creed ||David|| curses? Hmm.. ||Jessica|| or Chamolo....he's a pretty powerful priest. ||Tiernan|| Chamolo? ||Hans|| I can't live without this. This is all I have left to remember my parents by. ||David|| Ah, yes, my father is pretty powerful.. ||Tiernan|| ^_^ You think he could break Jeyer's curse? ||Kodah|| I don't mean to be blunt Hans, but its not a good idea to rely so much on an object * Aura sighs softly and mumbles something about ancients.. ||David|| Possible.. ^^; ||Hans|| I can't help it... I rely on this more than I do mitula. ||Hans|| Sometimes I wonder why I even call myself a Monk. ||Tiernan|| Well...Maybe we could find him...Aura seems pretty sad and I feel like i'm responsible for it :/ ||Kodah|| The glove is a thing. And things break, or can be lost. Its more important to rely on yourself ||Jessica|| I rely on myself and the people I'm with. Items can be useful, but all in all, it's the people that make the difference. * Aura sits down and sighs.."not your fault.." ||David|| Hmmm.. ||Tiernan|| ...Well..I know it's not really my fault...but I still feel responsible...and I'll help you restore him! It's the least I can do. ^_^ * Jessica looks at Darin. "Having trouble waking up?" * Aura smiles softly.."thanks tyr.." ||Hans|| This glove helps me actually hurt my foe. With my bare fists, I wouldn't do much harm. But with this, I can help defend people. Don't want other people to grow up without a family. * Tiernan smiles back. "^_^ No problem." ||Hans|| The main thing on it is this magical elven character on it. * Aura frowns.." you know anything about the ancients..?" ||Tiernan|| Ancients? ... ... ... * David orders some bread and juice.. ^^; ||Kodah|| Do youn know what the character means? * Hans points to a strange seal on the back of the glove. it is embedded into the leather glove, the seal is bronze * * Aura nods softly and rubs at the left side of her head.."jeyer...he..said...i have the mark...or something.." ||Hans|| I don't know. Some said it is "Mitula" written in a long forgotten dialogue. Others thing it is my family symbol. Others think it is just for looks. ||Tiernan|| Well... ||Narrator|| * The barkeep goes to the back for a minute and comes back with a tray with two portions of freshly cooked bread and tall glasses of juice... ||David|| Thank you, sir. :) ||Kodah|| It might be important to learn about its true importance before relying too much on it * David pays the keep. ^^ ||Jessica|| I wonder what happened to Meredith....anyone know|| * David grabs his food and heads for Rei's room.. * Hans sighs * The odd thing... Is that that seal makes this glove indestructable. That's what I know for sure. * Aura mumbles about her past and the high father, and the ancients.. ||Hans|| My father wore them, and was attacked by an ogre one day with a katana. It swatted at his hand with the glove. the sword didn't penetrate it. ||Tiernan|| The ancients were a group of people...they were the ancestors of some of the present day Gods and Humans. ||Tiernan|| But some of the ancients were corrupt... ||Hans|| Maybe it wasn't a katana. i don't know. All I know is that it was a bladed weapon. * Indigo storms back in, her face bearing a scowl. ||Jessica|| are you still having trouble waking up, Darin? ||Indigo|| What do you have Innkeeper? ||Tiernan|| That's why some of them turned into they could stop the courrpt ancients from taking Arc Valley. ||Hans|| And, it happens to tear simply from nothing. * Aura sighs softly..."well..what did jeyer mean..." ||Kodah|| That sounds kinds strange ||Hans|| Aye... ||Tiernan|| Does this help, Aura? * Aura sighs softly..."no..." ||Narrator|| The barkeep looks at Indigo and says, "Bread and fruit juice... Particularly grape..." * Jessica rests a hand on the hilt of her rapier. "keep that psycho away from me or I'll kill her." * Kodah moves into the third katas * Aura looks at Tyr almost saddly.."i might be one..somehow....." ||Tiernan|| They had powers though that humans of today couldn't comprehend... * Hans puts his hand on the table * ||Tiernan|| O_o ||Indigo|| Fruit juice and bread..... ||Hans|| Kodah, slash at it with your sword. Stab. I don't care. ||Hans|| Just watch. ||Tiernan|| You couldn't be a true ancient...they all died might have the blood of one, though. * Indigo grits her teeth and glows every color for a moment. ||Indigo|| Fine, give that to me. ||Kodah|| I'd like to, but I don't have a sword. I use my fists and feet nowadays ||Tiernan|| never know... * Tiernan smiles and fluffs his wings again. ||Aura|| *sigh* you dont know about my you....? ||Narrator|| The barkeep brings two portions for Indigo... ||Darin|| I think I'm allright now, Jess.... thanks ||Tiernan|| No...not really... * Hans notices a bottle on the table. He breaks it over the edge and hands it to Kodah * ||Jessica|| Good...and I'm glad you slept through the psycho bitch insident. * Indigo nods morosely, then looks at Tyr and double-takes. ||Hans|| Stab at my hand. ||Indigo|| You grew up little one! ||Tiernan|| O_o ||Tiernan|| I really don't look that I? ||Jessica|| Run, Tyr...RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. * Indigo munches at her bread and fruit juice. ||Tiernan|| Why? ^^; ||Narrator|| The barkeep gahs at the broken bottle and shakes his head, watching... ||Jessica|| Indigo....she's really gone psycho.. ||Indigo|| You look like a teenager now. * Aura frowns.."well...i...had..a realy..realy rough childhood..but..this man sort of saved jeyer told me..the high father of the ancients or something like that.." ||Tiernan|| O_o I did before...didn't I? * Kodah takes the bottle in his hand, assumes the Hans knows what he's doing, then stabs with it as hard as he can manage! * Indigo shakes her head. ||Jessica|| not to say that she wasn't psycho before....but she's worse now. ||Indigo|| Nope, like a kid. ^_^ * Indigo looks around. ||Darin|| How is that possible, Jess? * Hans grunts and closes his eyes. Suddenly, the bronze seal glows, and the bottle shatters into hundreds of pieces! * * Aura blinks at indi.."fuck off...thank you.." ||Jessica|| you were asleep when she was in our room, Darin. * Tiernan sighs and ignores Indigo...trying not to let her words hurt him, and turns back to Aura. "Really...maybe you are an ancient...I'm sure we'll find out for sure when we restore Jeyer!" ||Indigo|| Time to wash your mouth out again Jessie, after I finish eating whatever this is supposed to be. Breakfast? * Hans lifts up his hand and looks at it * ||Hans|| Didn't even tear. Good sign. * Indigo smiles and hugs Tyr. * Tiernan is hugged O_o ||Hans|| Then again, I did kind of crack that bottle well... Oh well. * Aura mrrs and turns her head to the side..showing tyr the left side of her head" is the mark there..?..jeyer said it was..?" * Jessica draws her blade from out of it's sheath again. "Try it. I'll cut you to ribbons" * Darin rests a hand on Jessica's shoulder.... "Jessica..." * Tiernan parts Aura's hair back, trying to find the mark. ||Tiernan|| O_o A phoenix...? ||Tiernan|| Yes...I do see it! * Hans looks at where he sewed the glove up. Suddenly, the whole leather part of the glove turns into dust and falls to the ground like sand. The seals fall and clatter on the ground. Hans' eyes widen and he falls to his knees * ||Kodah|| I wouldn't worry too mcu about the glove Hans. There are a lot of other things to be worried about * Indigo looks at the glove and finishes her breakfast. * Kodah blinks * Aura puts her hand up and covers it.."jeyer says i wasnt born this way...i was given it.." ||Hans|| ... ||Tiernan|| Given ancient powers....I've never heard of such a thing... * Hans continues to look at the seals. His eyes wide open and trembling ||Jessica|| I've had it with her, Darin. I really have. 1: She's not my mother, so she's not supposed to be correcting me. 2: I'm 20 years old for goddess sake. I'm my own person. 3: that SOAP bit is going to get her killed. ||Indigo|| You know, I've heard that enchanted items do that sometime. Just attach it to a new glove and you'll be fine. ||Darin|| Soap bit? * Indigo pats Hans's hand. ||Tiernan||'re insane... :/ ||Jessica|| don't ask. * Aura smiles meakly.."well...the lord high father or whatever.,..the first ancient...he was the one who gave it to me..he gave me this necklace..? * Indigo looks around. ||Kodah|| That was...unexpected * Aura glares at indigo.."do you want me to hur tyou?? ||Indigo|| Not anymore! I've been cured! ^_^ * Hans takes the seals of bronze into his hands. He puts it into his pockets and quietly stands up... * * Indigo giggles. * Tiernan looks at Indigo with a sad expression. "No you haven't... ||Indigo|| Oh Aura, we shouldn't fight. We're a lot alike you know. * Tiernan looks at Aura's necklace. "I'm sure your powers must come from it... I feel...something from it..." ||Kodah|| You okay Hans? * Aura rolls her eyes.."what the hell do you mean??" ||Indigo|| That's what the Final Judgement did. Although my memories of that are a little hazy..... ||Hans|| ... * Tiernan stiffens. * Indigo pulls out a list and gives it to the Innkeeper. * Hans sighs and goes back upstairs... * * Aura looks down at the necklace.."jeyer lives there.." ||Jessica|| and the Final Judgement completely screwed up the world, you moron..that's the whole reason we're doing this. ||Tiernan|| ...He does? * Aura nods.. ||Indigo|| Now, I want this next time I come here. Or I'll REALLY be mad! * Hans slams his room's door shut * ||Kodah|| ... ||Tiernan|| Indigo. ||Tiernan|| Be quiet. Please. * Tiernan looks rather angry...uncharacteristic for him ^^: * David is upstairs! ;) With Reisha! ;) ||Indigo|| He has to know. Ignorance is no excuse the second time around dear. ^_^ * Kodah resumes his katas, trying to ignore Indi's screaming ||Tiernan|| But...who's ignorant? O_o * Aura sighs and stands up.."" * Jessica walks outside. * Darin follows Jessica outside. ||Indigo|| The Innkeeper. When I want my breakfast, I want my breakfast. I guess the Elementals are still asleep, or else Apollo and Tio would have come by now, or Neptune. I summoned them all to make him give me breakfast. * Hans sits in his chair in his room and drops the seals on the table * ... ||Tiernan|| Indigo...the people here are going through a famine...I asked for food last night and he told me that. :/ You can't expect him to give you food. ||Indigo|| I really need to get them an alarm clock....or this device I heard of in Sorceress's Monthly. It vibrates when you send a message to someone.... ||Jessica|| I honestly don't know how the last shining force put up whth her. * Aura growls softly and turns.."sorry tyr..i cant talk with Indi here..i may kill her.." ||Indigo|| But I want it, and I want it now........... * Aura glares at Indi.. * Indigo stars to scream and then glow black, the sign of Doom.... ||Tiernan|| Indigo! How can you be so selfish? People are starving here... * Aura blinks.." thing.." * Tiernan backs up. ||Tiernan|| You are insane...something is eating at your mind Indigo... ||Indigo|| I didn't know I had a mind...... ||Tiernan|| ...Huh? ||Tiernan|| ...Aura...go get David... * Indigo rocks back and forth, the black glow getting stronger. * Aura blinks..and runs.. ||Tiernan|| Something's wrong...:/ ||Tiernan|| Indigo! * Aura runs.."DAVID!!! COME QUICK!!! ||Indigo|| Doom, Elemental of Death, I command you, GET MY BREAKFAST NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ||Tiernan|| Indigo, what's the matter with you? O_o * David dashes out of the room, in his boxers! * David holds AmeShi and leaps down the stairs! ||Tiernan|| ==The Summon fails. ^^: * Aura runs up stares.."Indi's going psycho.." ||David|| Gods! * Indigo rocks back and forth, then screams and begins flailing with her staff, smashing anything in sight. * Kodah finishes his final katas, and wipes his brow with the back of his hand. He then goes to see what all the freaking screaming is all about ||Indigo|| All eight......Eight Elementals......I command...... * David skids to a stop and runs over, grabbing Indigo from behind! * Indigo glows every color of the rainbow.... * David grabs her in a bear hug ^^; * Tiernan is smashed on the head by Indi's staff! O_O ||David|| HEY! HEY! Miss Night Lite! Calm down! * Tiernan falls to the floor, dazed. O_o * Aura leaps and pounces into indigo as well.."Indi!!" ||Kodah|| What the hell is....oh for crying in the mud not again! ||Tiernan|| Ow... * Kodah charges at Indi and helps Davis restrain her ||Indigo|| Dao, Apollo, Atlas, Tio, Neptune, Pio, Pestil and Doom........ * Hans is silent. Not a sound is heard from his room... * ||David|| Indi! Indi!!! * Tiernan sits up. "She said something about not having a mind..." * Aura hugs Indi tight to her.."indi..indiii...come on hun.." * Jessica is still outside...ignoring Indigo. * David holds Indi's arms down. ^^; * Indigo eyes flare and that silver-blue energy starts to gather around her, the same kind as she once used to try and summon Volcanon..... * Aura swears.. * Tiernan stares at Indigo. O_o ||David|| Ah, damnit! ||Kodah|| Not now Indigo! Dammit!! * David releases Indi's arm and draws back his fist! ||David|| Indi!! Don't make me..! * Hans ops his door, and walks downstairs. He looks normal now. He doesn't seem depressed. Just calm like before * * Aura gently pats Indi's hair.."indi indi..jeyyyer...jeyer..we need you.." * Jessica hears the comotion and runs back in, rapier in hand and pointed at Indigo's head. * Kodah twists Indi into a half-nelson, holding her steady if David's gonna smack her * Aura nocks the rapier away.."do not hurt her.." * Indigo starts to glow, and flare and shake her head, screaming. * Hans walks over to where everyone is... He notices Indi * * Aura grabs indi tight.."Indigo..please.." ||Jessica|| hey, this is my chance to get rid of that psycho. ||Tiernan|| Don't kill her... * Aura hugs her tight.."indi indi.. ||Indigo|| I SUMMON YOU ALL NOW!!!!!!!!! ||Tiernan|| Hold her still... * David grimaces a bit.. "Gods be damned, how do you-..!" * Tiernan takes out his boomerang. * Hans walks over to the counter, and takes the elven wine bottle and walks over to Indi * * Aura holds indi tight against her.."indi..please.." * Tiernan chucks the boomerang at Indi's head, trying to knock her out! * Indigo opens her eyes, and no sanity can be seen there. * Aura blinks at hans.."no.." ||Jessica|| she's lost it.... * Kodah locks his hands and arms firmly around Indi's neck and arms * Hans opens the bottle, and shoves it into her mouth, forcing wine into her * Elven wine is pretty strong, y'know. you could be unconscious soon... * Tiernan 's boomerang hits Indi's head! * Aura pulls indi away from Kodah, swearing.."indi indi.." * Kodah does not relenquish his grip on the crazed sorceress ||Narrator|| Indigo gets a few gulps of springwine before getting hit to the head... Indigo falls unconscious... * Indigo slumps. * Tiernan phews. * Kodah finally drops her ||Hans|| Works every time... * Tiernan catches the boomerang on the return trip. * David pants softly.. "Cripes..!" * Aura pulls indi into her arms and sighs * Hans puts the empty bottle on the counter * ||Tiernan|| She's insane... :/ ||Kodah|| That was pointless ||David|| Grand. ^^; * David feels breezy. * David notices he's only in boxers. ^^; ||Tiernan|| ...But... ||Kodah|| Stopping her like this solves nothing. We need to get to the root of her problem ||Hans|| ... ||Tiernan|| I felt something familiar in her.. * Aura sighs softly... * Tiernan puts his hands on Indigo's head. ||Hans|| Psychological maybe? ||Jessica|| think it may be Zeon again? * David dashes off upstairs again ^^; ||Tiernan|| I'm not sure... * Aura pulls indi close, and away from everybody else.."you all want her dead..not as much as i do..but still..." ||Kodah|| I don't want her dead. I want her under control * Aura sighs ||Jessica|| I just want her to leave me and Darin alone. That bit with the soap was the straw that broke the centaur's back. ||Tiernan|| (w) Volcanon will never forgive humanity at this rate... * Aura lays Indi down onto the ground confortably ||Hans|| ... ||Hans|| Should we get out of here? * David comes downstairs fully dressed and ready to leave with Reisha trailing behind him. ;) ||Kodah|| I think we sould. We've caused enough of a fuss here ||Tiernan|| Should we, David? ||Jessica|| I think so. ||Hans|| Yeah... ||David|| Yes. ^_- ||Tiernan|| But where do we go? ||David|| Let's go! * Hans looks over to the barkeep * Sorry about this, sir * Aura looks down at indi.."what about her..?" ||David|| Anywhere, I suppose.. ^^; ||David|| Bring her with us...I'll take her. ||Tiernan|| Take her with us...:/ I just feel her insanity is not her fault... ||Kodah|| We were heading for Arc Valley. To stop Dark Dragon remember? * Hans walks over to a plant in the corner. He digs into the dirt of it and takes out a piece of it's root * ||Tiernan|| Besides...she was kind to me in the beginning... * Tiernan fluffs his wings in sympathy. ||David|| Which way, Kodah? ||Tiernan|| ^^ Oh...that's right. ||Hans|| If we grind this, we could knock her out for a few days with it's powder. Just in case she get * Kodah thinks ||Hans|| gets out of hand * Aura nods slowly.."but..we want to bring her with us and not kill her.." ||Hans|| It won't kill her. ||Jessica|| When I was out side I saw something to the north. ||David|| The north? Hmm.. ||Jessica|| maybe we should head in that direction. ||David|| Sounds good to me. ||Kodah|| Give me a sec ot get my bearings here * Jessica grabs Darin. "Wanna go?" * David comfortably loops his arm around Rei's waist. * Aura sighs softly and stares off blankly...rubbing at the phoenix mark.. * Kodah looks at Aura ||Kodah|| Aura, can I see that necklace of yours a moment? ||Hans|| ... * Aura looks at Kodah.."sure...." * Aura takes it off and hands it to Kodah.. * Kodah takes a moment and concentrates * Tiernan examines Indigo again... ||Narrator|| The necklace emmenates a faint blue glow... ||Tiernan|| I know I've felt this...somewhere... * Aura looks at the necklase and sighs softly.." jeyers in there.." ||Hans|| ... ...? * Kodah slowly starts to turn, orienting on something * Aura watches Kodah.. * Kodah stops turning, "North-ish. That's where we should go." * Tiernan closes his eyes, and puts his hands on Indi's head again. * Kodah returns the necklace ||Jessica|| I already said that , Kodah. * Aura puts the necklace on.."what was that..?" * Tiernan suddenly lets out a choked gasp and stumbles back! O_o ||Kodah|| Tyr? ||Jessica|| What's wrong, Tyr? * Aura looks over at Tyr..""you okay..?" ||David|| Tyr? * Tiernan 's face hardens...there's definetely anger in his eyes. "Celia..." ||Tiernan|| She did this... * Aura blinks.."celia..?" * Tiernan nods. ||Aura|| were with..? ||Jessica|| Celia? Why am I not surprised.. ||Tiernan|| ...Yes... ||Kodah|| Celia's making Indi nuts? * Aura growls softly.. * Tiernan looks sick to his stomach at the thought. ||Jessica|| She was nuts before...Celia's making her worse. ||Tiernan|| Yes...I think so. ||Kodah|| Great ||David|| lets head North, shall we? ||Jessica|| yeah..let's go. ||Tiernan|| Yes...let's go! ||Hans|| ... * David nods and heads out the inn door with Rei, going north! * Kodah helfs his bag and starts moving north, "Let;s go people" * Jessica holds onto Darin's arm as she walks out and follows David. * Hans follows... Slowly... * Aura picks up her stuff and looks down at Indi, sighing softly.. ||Hans|| Where to...? * Tiernan looks at Aura sadly. * David walks along and its noticable that he has a red mark on the back of his neck! ||Narrator|| A bolt of power hits Darin, killing him ||Jessica|| DARIN! * Aura looks over at Tyr and holds onto her necklace as she walks.. ||Tiernan|| O_o ||Tiernan|| Will you be okay, Aura? * Aura sighs.."i dont know.." ||Jessica|| Darin, are you ok? You've been awfully silent. ||Tiernan|| :/ * Kodah pushes on in silence, thinking to himself * David strokes Rei's back a bit as they keep walking. ;) ||Tiernan|| Well...Maybe the next town we come across...we can find a high priest! ||Darin|| Yeah.. I'm fine Jess... just.... *sighs* it's nothign. * Aura sighs and holds onto her necklace tighter.."please..lets.." * Hans speaks a little louder* David, where are we going? * Darin fingers his SunStone a little.. ||Jessica|| you don't look it....what's up? ||David|| To the north ;) ||Hans|| ... To where though? ||Kodah|| To whatever is north of us ||David|| The Shrine of Toth! Erm..wait.. * Aura wanders northish * Darin sighs.. "I keep having these dreams..... it's nothing.." ||Narrator|| To the north, a dark cloud wanders over hills... With clasps of silent thunder shimmering over a dark structure... ||Tiernan|| ... * Aura frowns...looking at the clouds.. * Tiernan looks down, knowing full well why that cloud is there. ||Jessica|| I 've had the same problem, Darin, remember? The mage and demon, then the graveyard and the voice? Do you want to tell me about it? ||Hans|| ... * Jessica eyes the clouds. * Aura looks over at Tiernan..points up at the clouds.. * Hans looks left then right * * Kodah pushes on ||Jessica|| this is not a good thing, I'll wager. ||Narrator|| The ground becomes harder... And the air seems thin... * Aura frowns.." you know what this is...whats happening...??' * Tiernan coughs slightly. "What...No! The protection can't be failing now!" ||Kodah|| Protection? ||Hans|| ... ||Tiernan|| Volcanon's protection...It can't...It can't... * David walks along, arm around Rei's waist. ;) ||Kodah|| ... * Aura growls softly.."Tyr..whats going on..?" ||Jessica|| what in the world.? ||Tiernan|| I'm not sure... ||David|| Yes, what is going on..? * Jessica holds onto Darin tighter. ||Tiernan|| But if Volcanon's protection crumbles...we're all dead... ||Tiernan|| So pray this is not it... ||Jessica|| That means we'd better finish this quick. * David nods * Aura growls..."we cant die...not yet...not without jeyer.." ||David|| I know all about finishing things quick! * Hans seems to be thinking. Alot must be on his mind * ||Tiernan|| Wait...Are we getting near the Shrine of Transition? ||David|| I'm not sure...are we? ||Jessica|| dunno. ||Kodah|| Possibly * Darin hugs Jessica closer... "..." * Hans looks at the road and to his left then right * I feel like I've been here before... * Aura frowns and walks away from everybody else...staring at the clouds.." * Reisha smiles confidently. "What.. too busy looking at me rather then where we're going, davey-boy? ;) * David blushes. "Ah ah ha! Of course not!" * David glances about ;) ||Jessica|| this can't be a good thing.... ||David|| Lets just keep going.. ||David|| Just be on guard, people.. ||Jessica|| of course. * Hans stops * Kodah keeps moving, all of his senses peeled for danger * Hans looks straight ahead * ... Hmm... * Hans looks behind him and to his left... Still thinking * * Jessica keeps going, holding onto Darin, and keeping alert for whatever's out there. * David keeps his arm around Rei's waist, tensed for danger.. ||Tiernan|| Is...that something in the sky? * Tiernan points! * Aura mumbles....looking up... * Jessica looks up. ||David|| Wha..? ||Narrator|| A sudden chill flows through everyone... Devil power can be sensed by Kodah. * Darin looks to where Tyr poinst. ||Kodah|| Dang! * David shudders and whips his arm from Rei's waist, drawing AmeShi smoothly..! * Hans glances straight forward. He runs up to the Shining Force * ||Jessica|| this can't be a good thing. I have a bad feeling about this. ||Kodah|| Devil power! Stay sharp people! * Aura growls low in her throat... * Reisha fixes a glove idly that crackles with some latent static charge. She looks upward. "Huh?" ||Tiernan|| It must be Dark Dragon! * Jessica draws the rapier from it's sheath. ||Jessica|| Then we're nearing the Shrine of Transition. ||Aura|| we cant die..not again..not yet.. * Kodah starts moving faster ||Reisha|| Don't tell me they are going to ruin this perfect moment.. talk about raining on my parade. :P ||David|| Nobody is dying on my shift! Lets go! ||Jessica|| We WON'T die..No one dies on my watch, Aura. * David glances at Rei with an amused look * Tiernan hugs Aura. ||Tiernan|| I won't let you die. :) Don't worry. ||David|| perfect moment? ;) * Aura hugs Tyr back.."thanks ^^;" * Kodah tries to get a lock on the sourse of the devil power * Jessica holds Darin's hand with her free hand. "United we stand, Darin?" * Reisha hurries up. "Nevermind.. we'll chat about it over tea on dark Dragon's hide, eh?" :) ||David|| Tea and biscuits! * David shakes his head and continues walking but doesn't sheath AmeShi.. * Reisha grins. "Can't forget those.." ;) * Darin nods. "And we're sure nto going to fall." * Darin draws his Blade. * Aura smiles weakly at Tyr and walks away from everybody again.. * Jessica follows David, Rapier in hand. * Hans cracks his knuckles... but looks down. It doesn't feel right without his gloves. He frowns and sighs * * David passes the sword from hand to hand skillfully.. "We can do this.." ||Hans|| I don't even know if my magic will still be as strong... ||Tiernan|| I believe in everyone... ||Tiernan|| We won't fail! ||Jessica|| We will do this, David, Tyr... * Aura makes a ball of ice and lets in float in front of her as she walks.. ||Narrator|| The ground suddenly loses its hardness and starts to feel like mud as they advance... * David blinks.. "Well that's....unusual." * Aura ohes and looks down at the ground.. ||Reisha|| Hey... don't even think of such a thing! This battle's in the bag with me around. ;) ||Hans|| ... ||Jessica|| Volcanon's protection is wearing off. ||Hans|| ...? * Kodah hisses * Reisha blinks as the ground gets all sqooshy. * Tiernan chokes, and tries to walk through the mud O_o * David mutters. "Mud wrestling." * Aura growls.. ||Darin|| ...... ugh... * Jessica tries to freeze the mud with her ice magic to make a walkway for everyone. * Kodah presses on as best he can ||Tiernan|| I won't fail, Volcanon...I won't... I'll protect this world... * David trudges onwards, grumbling. "Man, I'm gonna need a bath after this...nice and hot." * Aura stares at the ground.."stop it..stop it.." ||Kodah|| ... ||Tiernan|| Aura...? * Hans doesn't even seem to notice the mud * * Tiernan hmms. * Tiernan suddenly extends his wings, and flies in the air..."Aura! Let me try something...!" * Aura looks over at Tyr.."just..talking to the ground...." * Aura looks up.."yeas...?" ||Narrator|| The shrine seems much larger than before... Its stones a pale blue start turning darker and darker.... * Tiernan flies behidn Aura, and picks her up in his arms, out of the mud! ||Hans|| Uh oh... * David grimaces at the shrine.. "....that's intimidating.." ||Tiernan|| There! ^_^ ||Jessica|| not good....definately not good. * Aura squeeks and ohes.."why are you carrying me..."^^; * Reisha trudges trough the muddy mire as well, grumbling,and looking up. "Well, if that was David's eyes I wouldn't mind.. but a shrine.. now that's not a good thing." ||Tiernan|| Because...You won't get muddy or tired this way. :) * David blushes faintly and coughs. ^^; * Aura blushes.."um...thanks.." ||Hans|| ... * Hans wonders if the other members of the Force notice he's even here, he's been so quiet * * David gazes at the shrine, his hair whipping to reveal the odd red mark on his neck again ;) * Kodah continues to move forward * Reisha notices the red mark, looking inwardly pleased. ^_^ * Jessica keeps following the party. * Aura blushes and looks down at everybody else.. ||Tiernan|| Indigo's been unconsious a while. I hope I didn't break her brain... ||Tiernan|| ...any more than it was.... ^^;;;; * David glances at Rei. "Yeah...while you were sleeping, Indi flipped out..." ||Hans|| No. She is still breathing. You can hear her... * Reisha waves dismissedly. "Is there something to break in the first place?" ^^ * Darin mumbles.... "You mean she had a brain to break?"" ||Tiernan|| Don't be so hard on her. I know Celia did something ot her... * Aura mumbles about Jeyer a bit.. ||Tiernan|| But...she has to realize...her this whole mess...or we might... * Tiernan shuts up. ||Reisha|| Ok ok.. maybe I'm a LITTLE woried. * David grins widely. "You? Miss Zapalot? The one usually rarin' to give her some electroshock therapy?" ||Jessica|| We won't die, Tyr.... * Aura goes limp in Tyrs arms, thinking.. ||Tiernan|| ... * David 's voice has a playful note ;) ||Tiernan|| Aura? ||Reisha|| Zapalot? You wanna test that theory one more time? :D * Aura sighs..."sorry Tyr...just thinking..." * Reisha juggles some electric energys on a finger. * David raises an eyebrow and gazes at Rei. "Oh my." ||Tiernan|| Oh...Okay. :) ||Tiernan|| You want me to put you down now? * Aura sighs softly..."yea....please.." * Tiernan smiles, and gently sets Aura down on the ground. * Reisha blows it out like a light. "I'm just teasing... for all I know, you'll probably like it." ;) ||Hans|| ... * David blushes! " never know!" * Indigo twitches and moans, like she's going into a seizure, then she falls still. ||Narrator|| The doors of the shrine come into view now... It seems to be guarded by a large elemental made of fire... * Aura smiles weakly at tyr and keeps walking.. ||Hans|| ... ||Jessica|| fire elemental.... ||Reisha|| WEll.. looks like we get a warm welcome.. ||Hans|| An elemental... * David twitches and eyes the elemental.. ||Tiernan|| Fire Elemental... ||Hans|| Maybe we could talk to it. ||David|| Lets try. ^^; ||Hans|| I know a few languages that might help us. * Aura plays with some ice.. ||Hans|| But, it could speak english ||Darin|| .... uhhh ||Hans|| or Ancient Mitulan. ||Tiernan|| Fire Elemental...! * Jessica gets her ice magic ready. ||Tiernan|| I am... ||Tiernan|| ||Hans|| Jessica, you'd better stay back * Tiernan wonders how he should go about this... O_o ||Hans|| These things hate ice mages. ||Kodah|| ... * Reisha puts her hands on her hips. "C'mon Tyr.. fire should listen to you, right?" * David mumbles. "Dom." ||Tiernan|| I dunno if I should flaunt around who I really am... * Hans approaches the elemental * Aura mumbles about Tyr while she walks * David crosses his arms. "Hans...don't get burnt." ||Hans|| * Loud voice * Elemental. Do you speak english? ||Hans|| Just trust me ||Narrator|| The elemental stays stoic, not saying a word. * Darin fingers his SunStone again.... eyeing the Elemental. ||Hans|| Okay... hmm * Reisha thinks. .o( DOm.. hoo boy is he going to learn the emaning when this is over.. ^^) * Hans speaks in an odd dialect ||Tiernan|| Elemental...I am... * David frowns at Hans. "Sounds a bit like a chipmunk when he does that. Kinda disturbing." ||Tiernan|| I...I am the representive of Volcanon! We wish to pass by! * Hans finishes speaking in that dialect. He tries another * ||Hans|| ... ||Tiernan|| Fire Elemental! We wish you no harm...We just want to pass by! ||Hans|| Damn. Didn't work... Maybe it knows english, but it's just stubborn or hasn't spoken for awhile... ||Narrator|| The fire elemental stands still, not moving an inch... * Tiernan flies closer to it. "Please!" * David sighs and shakes his head, heading for the doors. :P * Reisha taps her foot. ||Reisha|| Hey, tall hot and bothered, let us through already.. there's a Dark Dragon that needs stopping. :P ||Jessica|| Oh for crying out loud....will you let us by already? ||Hans|| I'd hate to say it, but we may have to battle... ||Narrator|| The fire elemental stands still, unmoving... * David pauses. "Sorry, Rei." ;) * Aura growls low and looks at the elemental.."let us through.." ||Narrator|| He has some familiarity to him... ||David|| Oh wait, you meant the elemental. ;) * Kodah glares up at the elemental * Darin eyes the elemental .. "Please won't you let us past?" * Reisha glances at David. "Hey.. I never said that did I?" ;) ||Jessica|| I guess Apollo got tired of listening to Indigo. * David grins at Rei before looking at the elemental, stepping up front to it. "Uh....hello, mister fire elemental?" * Aura frowns...staring at the elemental.. ||David|| Remember us? * Aura steps closer to the elemental..ponders just walking past * Indigo spasms again. * David snaps his fingers. "Hey! Primuss!" ||Narrator|| The elemental stays unmoving... ||Tiernan|| Primuss...You sent that Monster that killed Dal! ||Jessica|| Primwuss? Oh perfect... ||Darin|| ...Not Primwuss again... * David sighs! ^^; ||Darin|| this is almost as bad as that stupid bloodhound. ||Kodah|| ... ||Narrator|| Dinky: I RESENT THAT! ||Reisha|| Well, nobody said this would be pretty.. *sighs* * David prods the elemental with the hilt of AmeShi ^^; * Aura growls low.. * David prods him again. ^^; ||Narrator|| The elemental doesn't budge... ||David|| Hm ^^; ||Darin|| ... * Tiernan sighs. "Oh forget this...Here I go!" * David shrugs and goes to the doors! * Tiernan follows David! * Aura tosses a ball of ice at the elemental * Kodah charges towards the doors! ||Narrator|| As soon as someone touches the door, his massive arm snaps to the side blocking passage, his other arm blocking the iceball. ||David|| O_o ||David|| Gods be damned! * Aura raises an eyebrow and ducks the arms * Tiernan is pushed back! O_o * David scowls ;P * Reisha frowns, looking impatient. "Look, are we going to have to do this the hard way?" * Hans calmly approaches the elemental and stops right in front of it. He looks straight up at it, staring at it's face... * ||Tiernan|| He can't escape the wind...! * Tiernan begins a small chant, words of magic flowing fluidly off his tongue. "Wind Elemental Sylph! Messenger of the Gods and bearer of the fates! Raise your judgement unto a fury and blow away the evil of this world!" * Tiernan casts Cyclone lv1! In a flash, a tornado of howling wind whips around Fire_Elemental, tossing his about like a rag doll! ||Jessica|| TYR NO! Fire is strong to wind! ||Reisha|| Tiernan, won't wind will make his flame stronger.. :P * Aura crawls along the ground, trying to get around the elemental ||Tiernan|| ...Shoot. :/ * Tiernan looks ashamed. :/ ||Narrator|| The fire elemental flares..... * Hans is pushed back by Tiernan's attack * ||Narrator|| ===== COMBAT ===== ||Hans|| AGH! * David sighs and leans on Rei's shoulder. "You know...sometimes it's just not a great day to wake up." ||Narrator|| ===== Monster count: Primuss, fire elemental. ===== * David quickly drops into combat position! * Darin shifts his Blade in his hand, cursing softly. ||Tiernan|| But he's we can defeat him! ||Hans|| Don't be so sure * Aura swears and rolls away from the elemental ||Narrator|| == Primuss can attack. ||Jessica|| only one way to fin out. ||David|| Don't be such a pessimist! * Hans leaps back * * Kodah slips into a combat posture * Reisha looks at David's face, and looks a little hurt. "What.. isn't my face enough to make it through the day?" ;) ||Narrator|| == Primuss casts a fire field... The fire field surrounds the Shining Force, blocking their advance... ||Hans|| ... * Reisha twirls around, and begins to glow with an erratic yellow light.. * David blinks at the fire field.. ^^; ||Tiernan|| Ah...! * Aura crouches on the ground and makes allot of ice in front of her.. ||Narrator|| == Tiernan can attack ||David|| I guess we really do need to beat him down now. ^^; * Tiernan holds his fingers to his lips and whispers an ancient chant that is slowly building to a crescendo.. ! "Immortals above! Grant me the power to make the first blow! Eagle Wing!" *From high above, an image of a glowing eagle appears above Tiernan, showering him with feathers that quickly dissapear as soon as they appear!* ||Narrator|| Tiernan casts Eagle wings... His body quickens... 20 agility increase! ||Narrator|| == Tiernan can attack * David grins almost devilishly.. * Tiernan spins around slowly, as tiny whisps of faerie fire swirl and grow around him. Planting both feet firmly on the ground, the faerie flames burst into life as a collum of white fire that surrounds him, giving him new strength! * Aura swears and piles the ice into a little sheild around her that she can use as amunnition ||Narrator|| == Tiernan feels new strength flow through his body... 21 strength increase! ||Narrator|| == David and Reisha can attack * Tiernan pulls out his now large boomerang and watches the fire elemental closely. ||Reisha|| How about we give this guy our welcome too.. but it's a lot more than warm.. ;) * David grins and shifts..! * Jessica watches Primwuss to try to read his intentions. * David leaps at the fire elemental, bringing the ghostly flames of AmeShi down upon it's chest, a gash opening up where he hits as he drops to his knees. He does a back flip back to his original position! * Reisha gestures to a spot in the ground near Primuss as a small lightning bolt strikes it. "Heaven's.." She points to another as it is struck as well. "True.." A third one appears as she points, forming a triangular pattern of force on the ground. "Power.." She then claps her hands together, as a prism of raw lightning appears and closes in upon Primuss! "..converge! Triangle Bolt!" * David raises an eyebrow and points at Primuss. "And I know for a fact that is a nasty painful spell!" * Aura growls and makes some new ice.. ||Narrator|| == David's blade slices through Primuss' body, dealing little damage, but still hurting him... The triangle bolt enhances the cut, deepening the wound as the three points of concentrated lightning course through his body... Combo attack! 67 damage! ||Narrator|| == Hans can attack! * David glances at AmeShi. ^^; ||Jessica|| if anyone has ice magic....USE IT! ||Tiernan|| I don't. ^^; * Aura grins and points at her pile of ice..." this? ;)" ||Jessica|| Yeah. * Reisha pushes David gently at that comment, giving him a small shock from her magical aura. ^^ * David squeaks a bit and slaps Rei on the ass with the flat of AmeShi jokingly before crouching again! * Hans bends his knees slightly, somewhat leaning back * I don't have my gloves... Mitula may not feel me worth enough as a worshipper, but sitll, I can live...! * Hans runs towards Primuss. When he is 5 feet from Primuss, he leaps high into the air and sends all his strength into a powerful right handed punch to Primuss' face * * Aura idly makes a small castle around herself as she waits.. * Reisha teeters for a second, holding her rear, and starts grinning. ^_^ * David twirls AmeShi expertly and mumbles. "AmeShi won't do much damage against this guy alone.." * Aura tosses David a ball of ice * David gets thwocked in the head with it! ^^; ||Jessica|| Oh sure, Aura..start flinging snowballs...real effective. ||Narrator|| == Hans' fist glows magically as its punch hits Primuss squarely across the jaw! The elemental's face reels back, not seeming to phase him... But a large, cold scar stays across his jaw... 36 damage! * Aura eeps, "sorry David!" ||Narrator|| == Kodah can attack! ||David|| Thats alright. ^^; ||Tiernan|| Hey...That was nice, Hans! :D ||David|| Man, first Rei shocks me, then I get pelted with ice.. ;) * Hans rubs his hand, thinking to feel extreme heat, it was just a little warm * Odd... * Aura starts making pules of ice balls to throw at the elemental... ||Hans|| Thanks, Tyr! ||Jessica|| ready, Darin? * Kodah summons his black aura again, and draws it towards his hands. Then with a mighty shout, he unleashes a searing beam of devil power at the enemy! "Majinken!" ||Reisha|| What, you want some more, honey? I got plenty where that came from. ;) * Darin nods. "I dont' think my blade will do much though... It's only real power is against /evil/ ....not fire.." * David straightens a bit and gazes at Rei, eyebrow raised. ||Jessica|| Well, this bastard is surely evil..but I wish I had an elemental weapon right now. ||Narrator|| == Kodah's attack pushes Primuss backwards into the fire field... Primuss walks back out, having absorbed part of the hit... His form sears at parts the flames are extinguished though... 56 damage! Critical! * Aura grins somewhat evilly.. ||Tiernan|| ^_^ All right Kodah!! ||Narrator|| == Aura can attack! ||Kodah|| Ha! * Aura starts throwing a barrage of ice balls at the elemental..."cmon, put this guy ooout.." * Aura grins and has fun throwing them at him, as hard as she can, *freeze* * David chuckles. ^^; ||Jessica|| oh perfect. A battle turns into a snowball fight. ||Narrator|| The ice balls clash against Primuss, its flames flickering, trying to divert the ice... As the ice balls hit, a sheet of ice flows from them, covering him in a thin, frozen substance, slowly chewing through him... 34 damage! Aura learns freeze field level 1! ||Tiernan|| Yes! ||Kodah|| Nice shot Aura! * Aura laughs maniacaly, showing her somewhat insanely evil side ^^; ||Narrator|| The necklace glows an eerie blue suddenly... * Hans cocks an eyebrow * ||Narrator|| == Jessica can attack! * Tiernan notes the necklace, and gasps in alarm. "Aura"! * Jessica begins chanting. "Mercury, great celestial spirit of water and ice, let your power become my sword to defeat that which threatens me. FREEZE 2!" Jess then points her right hand to Primuss as blades of pure ice shoot forward impaling into their target. * David tightens his grip on AmeShi.. * Aura looks down at the necklace and ohes.. ||Narrator|| == Jess casts freeze level 2... The blades slice by Primuss, cutting up his body... His flames slowly flickering out of existance... 30 damage! * Aura gently touches the necklace and wonders what the hell is going on ||Narrator|| == Darin can attack * Darin glares at Primuss, and jumps forward, slashing the Elemental across its/his? body. "Die you stupid %&^*$!!!!" ||Tiernan|| O_o What did you say, Darin? What's a Goat Fucker? ||Narrator|| == Darin's sharp blade slices across Primuss' body, creating a large gash... Green fluid spews from it, making Primuss clutch a hand over the wound... 44 damage! * Aura makes a bunch more balls of ice, because she can.. ||Tiernan|| Can someone tell me what Darin meant by 'Goat-Fucker'? ||Tiernan|| ...Nevermind. ;/ * David grunts. "It's a bad term, Tyr...sort of like shit and fuck..." * Aura laughs..."uum...its...someone..who...fucks..goats..^^;" ||Tiernan|| Oh... * Tiernan gives Darin an odd look ^^; ||Darin|| it's... It's a very .... VERY Rude insult, Tyr ^^;; ||Narrator|| ===== Monster count: Primuss ===== ||Tiernan|| Ah...Okay! ||Aura|| its not a goood thing to say ^^; * Reisha starts laughing. "Hey now.. elave your fetishes out of this battle.." :P * David snickers. "You're one to talk, beautiful!" ||Narrator|| == a greenish white aura surrounds Primuss... He gains 84 HP... * David grins and crouches lower, trying to avoid a swipe ;) * Aura blinks at Reisha.."well, darn, we were just about to get to yours ;)" * Jessica closes her eyes as she tries a new incantation. "Hear me, Mercury, spirit of ice, and Raiden, spirit of thunder. Let your power become mine. Bring forth your destructive powers to decimate my enemy." * Reisha juggles some more electricity. "Well hey, it's not my fault I like to juice up a relationship..." :P ||Narrator|| A slender figure wrapped in a shiny green and white garb... ||Tiernan|| Huh...? * Aura growls low.."wasiss...??" * David grins at Rei briefly before blinking at the figure. ^^; ||Narrator|| A long, thin blade hangs losely in his hands as he prepares himself for battle... ||Jessica|| it's German. ||Kodah|| ..? ||Narrator|| == Germaine can attack... * Aura looks shiftilly at the man * Hans blinks * ||Hans|| Who's this? ||Tiernan|| Oh no..! * David blinks and drops into defensive mode! * Aura hides in her castle of ice ||Narrator|| == Germaine's form flickers and dissapears.... * Tiernan looks around wildly. "Where did he go?!" ||Kodah|| What the heck..? ||Narrator|| == Primuss can attack * Jessica looks around. * Reisha sighs. "From hot headed to hard to get..." :P ||David|| O_o This can't be g-...oh damn, everyone brace themselves! * Aura swears softly and stays hidden.. ||Jessica|| Oh shit.... ||Narrator|| == Primuss casts blaze level 4 on Reisha ||David|| ! ||Darin|| .... ||Hans|| !!! ||Jessica|| REI! ||David|| Rei!! ||Darin|| oh gods... ||Tiernan|| Reisha!! * Aura growls.."fuck..rei.." * Reisha braces, and tries to dodge! "Well hot damn." ||Narrator|| == A large explosion of fire surrounds Rei, dealing massive damage! Rei takes 32 damage! * David 's eyes go cold and he snarls.. ||Jessica|| and David's turning into a bulldog. ||Tiernan|| calm... ||Tiernan|| Please... * Aura growls low, making ice into the form of a biig sword ||Narrator|| == Tiernan can attack! * David flicks his sword a bit and the flames go out.. * Tiernan rears back and throws his boomerang! As it flies, it splits into 7 parts and slashes madly at the enemy from every angle! * Reisha bats out the flames and embers on her nice shiny duds, looking quiet toasty, and also quite pissed. ^^ ||Narrator|| == Tiernan attacks Primuss... The boomerang splits and slices at his already damaged form! Primuss doesn't move from the attack... 39 damage! ||Jessica|| let's see how this drudge fucker likes the spell I have planned. * Aura throws some ice shards at Rei.."here" * Tiernan catches the boomerang on the return trip! * David twirls the now normal looking AmeShi, the flames gone out.. ||Tiernan|| Thank you, David... :) ||Narrator|| == David and Reisha can attack * David leaps at Primuss and slashes straight down his chest before leaping back up, dragging the sword up through the wound he just made! He kicks himself off of Primuss's chest and lands back at the group! * Reisha points her finger at 3. "Force of Lightning, crash and burn...zap my foe with power in turn! Bolt!" A column of intense electricity leaps from her hand, frying them to a tender crisp. ||Narrator|| Hea * David gazes at Rei. "You gonna make it, sparky?" * Reisha then catches the ice shards of Aura nonchalantly, putting out the remaining flames on her person. "Wow.. better than mineral ice.." ^^ ||Narrator|| == David's sword gets enhanced by the bolt, cutting through Primuss more easily... The bolt spell does the final work of dealing more damage... Primuss reels again, falling in the fire field... 49 damage! * Jessica emits a turquoise aura as she finishes her incantation. "Thunder and ice become as one. let our power be known to all. Come forth that you may strike down those who wish harm on all that live. In the name of all that lives, I summon your strength." * David snaps AmeShi again and the flames flicker back on! * Aura winks at Rei and balances a ball of ice on th end of her finger * Reisha brushes some ashes off. "Hey.. you know I can go the distance, hot stuff." ||Narrator|| == Hans can attack! * David breaks into a grin and nods briefly before turning back to the fight. "That I do." * Hans charges light in his right hand, on the tip of in index and middle finger, as he runs over to Reisha. He places his glowing fingers on Reisha's forehead * "Heal 1!" * Healing energy surges into Reisha's body, rejuvinating her * * Tiernan flies high, trying to find Germaine before he can strike! ||Narrator|| == The heal spell seems to be enhanced, healing Reisha thoughroughly... 32 HP restored! Hans learns Heal lv. 3! * David flexes his arms a bit, thick muscles twitching with exertion as he crouches low again.. ||Hans|| o_O Welllll! * Reisha blinks and smiles, getting healed suddenly. "Hey, that tingles, Hahn baby..." ^_^ * Hans grins * ^___^ ||Narrator|| == Kodah can attack! * Hans blushes and seems to go into a slight daze and stumbles back slightly * * Aura chuckles and peeks out at the elemental * Tiernan glances at Hans, and holds him steady! * David chuckles. "Dear, I think he needs his wits about distractions." ;) * Hans gets back up to his feet * Well... That was a first o_O;; ||Hans|| Thanks Tyr! :) * Reisha laughs. "Well, I can't turn my good looks off.. hehe.." ^_^ ||Tiernan|| No problem! ^_^ * Tiernan flies back up into the air, searching for Germaine * Kodah summons his black aura again ||David|| Thank the gods for that. ;) ||Kodah|| Noble soldier! Sightless warrior! I call upon thy name, and appeal to thy nature! Lend to me your power to bring down the infidels before me! Odd-Eye! ||Tiernan|| ...Huh... O_o * Kodah steps back and raises his hand to the sky. The clouds part slightly and an armored figure drops out of the sky to land in front of Kodah. Odd-Eye sweeps back his cape and raises his sword, looking at the enemy with determined, yet sightless eyes. He then lunges forward and cross-cuts the enemy several times before unleashing his Odd-Eye beam! ||Tiernan|| Kodah!! O_O ||Hans|| Actually, Reisha, barely any females have ever spoken to me o_O I could count the total number of times a woman's spoken to me off of my hands o_O; * Aura stands up tall next to her little ice castle...standing tall, and looking a bit evil * Tiernan feels a surge of anger rise in his chest, not knowing where it's coming from. O_o * Reisha shakes her head, winking a little mockingly. "You poor thing..." ;) * Tiernan gulps the rage back down, and tries to concentrate on the battle. * Aura humms stabbing westward and paces...waiting for a chance to atack.... ||Narrator|| == Kodah casts devil magic level 2... Odd eye mutilates what is already left of Primuss, cutting him up badly.... The beam seers him even more, his body completely anihilated... 67 damage! Dispatched! ||Tiernan|| Germaine!! Where are you!? * David twitches and sheathes his sword.. * Kodah dismisses Odd-Eye without a word * Reisha concentrates. "Ok, now where's the guy who thinks he's the invisible man.." :P ||David|| Nicely done, Kodah. ^_- ||Kodah|| Thanks ||Tiernan|| Kodah...I...I don't think you should summon him anymore... ||Tiernan|| He...He... * Tiernan blinks. "Why am I even angry over this? O_o" ||Narrator|| == A sudden swipe of a sword cuts everyone... 21 damage to all members! ||Kodah|| ... * David grunts! ||Kodah|| OW! ||David|| Wh..! * Tiernan screams and gets thrown on his butt! ||Darin|| ... ow... * Aura ungs and wraps her arms around her middle ||Jessica|| OUchers...that hurt. * Reisha throws out a couple of spheres of small static energy, trying to see if anyone or anything is snooping around.. but gets cut before she gets a chance to capitalize on it. * Hans looks down to see a gash across his chest * ||Tiernan|| Germaine! Come out now! * David draws AmeShi and holds it up for defense, inching a little in front of Rei.. " yourself, you spineless bastard!" * Hans puts his hand over it and then raises his free hand into the air, as light charges in it * * Aura looks around..still holding her stomach, but with her fist out, surounded by ice.. * David has a nice looking gash down his arm, blood slowly running down onto his wrist.. * Reisha holds her side. "That stung.. talk about a cheap shot." ||Narrator|| The green/white form appears in front of the still flaming fire field.... An aura surrounds Primuss' body, restoring him... 68 HP regained... ||David|| .... ||Tiernan|| No...! ||Darin|| dammit... ||Narrator|| == Aura can attack * Aura swears loudly, gets more angry and evil looking * Aura leaps up high onto the top of her ice castle, and whips her arms forward...throwing an imense sheat of ice at the elemental..*freeze feild* * Aura growls deeply and throws another feild.. * David sheathes AmeShi.. * David chants lowly.. ||Narrator|| == Aura's necklace flares as she casts the freeze field... The ice is enhanced, trapping both Germaine and Primuss in a sheet of thick ice... Germaine can now be seen! 35 damage each! ||Tiernan|| There you are! ||Tiernan|| You won't get away! :/ * Aura stands on top of the ice house, growling low in her throat..her fists holding large balls of ice at her sides..staring at primuss and germain.. * Kodah growls ||Narrator|| == Jess can attack! * Jessica gestures to the skies as a field of ice surrounds Primuss and Germaine. Suddenly, clouds form over the icy form and shoot lightning bolts down upon the frozen enemies. "THUNDER AND ICE STRIKE NOW, CHILLING THUNDER Level 2!" ||David|| Hans! Heal people! * David breaks his chant and draws AmeShi again..! ||Reisha|| Way to go Aura.. a chilling revelation! Heh! of the reightous, shall have their reward!~ |||| ||Hans|| I know! I'm charging! *Sweat matting up on his forehead* * Aura grins evvily at Reisha.. * Hans closes his eyes. The light grows larger * * Jessica looks spent after this spell. "That took a lot out of me." ||Narrator|| == Jess casts Chilling tunder... Large, blue bolts of power crash down on the Shining Force's opponents, cutting through them like a hot knife through butter! Primuss takes 51 damage! Critical! Dispatched! Germaine takes 31 damage! ||Narrator|| == Jessica learns bolt level 1 and 2! ||Narrator|| == Darin can attack! * David sidles up to Reisha, nudging her lightly with his elbow. "Hey, beautiful. Seems like you have competition...! How about you show them what real thunder is?" * Darin runs up to Germaine and yells a few obscenities at him while slashing the holy hell outta him. ||Tiernan|| Okay, what's a cork screwing donkey wanker, Darin? :/ * Aura growls low in her throat.. ||Narrator|| == Darin's sword slashes at Germaine, cutting him up badly! The blade slices through his slender form, the ice restraining him from parrying... 69 damage! Critical! * Darin turns a bright shade of red at Tyr.. "Uhhhh"" *sweatdrop* * Tiernan blushes bright red too ^^; ||Narrator|| ===== Monster count: Germaine ===== ||Narrator|| == Germaine teleports away from the sheet of ice... ||Tiernan|| No! * David narrows his eyes and crouches low.. "Damnit.." ||Kodah|| Damn! ||Narrator|| == tiernan can attack ||Jessica|| don't worry. I have a surprise for him. ||Tiernan|| You will not get away....! * Tiernan closes his eyes and crosses his arms. His wings burst into fire, and a low gutteral moan escapes from Tyr's lips. "Black Earth Mother, courtesan of the end! Open thy hands and set free the fires of your twisted passions! Exploder 3!" The earth begins to moan in response, and the ground bursts into fire around him! The fire spreads outwards at an incredible rate, engulfing everything in searing magma! ||Narrator|| == Hans can attack! * Hans closes his eyes and the light in his hand grows to the size of a basketball * "Aura Level 1!" * The light in Hans' hand pops out of the sphere form flies up into the air in a fluid-like form and lowers around the Shining Force like forming a bowl above and lowering to the ground like a dome, everything inside glowing an aquamarine-like color. The Shining Force is rejuvinated! * * Reisha shrugs. "Guess he couldn't take the heat, eh? Aw well.." ^^ ||Narrator|| == tiernan casts Exploder 3... The spell has no target, casting fails... * David 's muscles twitch attractively and sweat gleams off his body.. ;) ||Tiernan|| ... :/ ||Narrator|| == Hans casta aura level 1... The healing field heals everyone with enhanced ability... Everyone is restored to full health... Hans learns Aura level 2! * Aura makes a huge ball of ice, grinning ||Hans|| Huzzah! o_O; * Jessica emits a multi-colored aura as she begins a new incantation silently. ||Narrator|| == David skips his attack ||David|| Damn the man! ||Narrator|| == Reisha can attack ||Reisha|| Oh well.. might as well give him something to have fun with.. ^^ * Reisha raises her hands high. "Lords of the sky...bring down your power to maim and fry! Bolt..." extends her hands forward "...3!" Lightning gathers seemingly out of thin air, decimating all foes! ||Narrator|| == The bolt spell sends sheets of lightning coursing through the sky... A form can be seen as it's hit by one of the bolts, but fades away after being affected! 13 damage! ||Jessica|| let's see how this drudge fucker like a taste of my elemental prowess, eh, Reisha? ||Narrator|| == Aura can attack ||Reisha|| Can't hide from a girl forever boy! Haha! ^_^ * David chuckles. "The only woman I know who can make being electrocuted attractive.." * Aura grins evilly and lobs the giant ball of ice at Germaine ||Jessica|| Oh, you'll love this one, me. ||Reisha|| Go for it girl.. but what's a Drudge anyway? ||Narrator|| == The ice balls sheet the area with ice... The ice field captures Germaine, making him visible again! 17 damage! Germain uses regenerative powers... Germain regains 50 HP ||Narrator|| == Jess can attack! * Jessica 's voice reverberates throughout the land as she casts her ultimate incantation. "Celestial spirits of the elements, allow your power to flow through me to decimate my enemy. ELEMENTAL TEMPEST 2 !" She raises both arms to the skies as area is buffetted with ice daggers. a pillar of fire engulfs the icy area as a massive bolt of lightning shoots down, electrocuting and frying Jess's target. * David grins slyly. "Not bad." ||Darin|| O_o ||Darin|| Damn Jess.... ||Narrator|| == Jess casts Elemental Tempest... The elemental powers crash into Germaine violently... The sheet of ice surrounding him melts from the fire collumn, The ice daggers pierce his whole body while the lightning cremates his body to nothingness! 56 damage! Dispatched! ||Narrator|| ===== Victory! ===== ||Tiernan|| All right Jess! * Jessica really looks winded. "These spell combos are really doing a number on me." * David nods and sheathes his sword ||Kodah|| About time * Tiernan smiles and floats back down the ground! "Let's hurry!" * Aura grins and hops down off the house * Kodah charges for the doors again * David heads for the doors! * Tiernan follows Kodah! ||Narrator|| the fire field remains in front of the door * Aura runs at the temple ||Hans|| Use ice! ||Tiernan|| Aura! Use Ice! ||Jessica|| you mind carrying me for a few minutes? ||Tiernan|| Please? :) * David runs into the fire with a loud sizzling sound ^^; ||Tiernan|| O_o David! ||David|| AAAAAGGH #%$%&%^*$#%@#$@ ||Jessica|| I am outta breath... * Aura picks up the uce castle and throws it at the fire * David hops back!! * Tiernan catches David and tries to bat out the flames ^^; ||David|| MOTHER FUCKING SON OF A.. ||David|| Err, thanks, Tyr ^^; ||Tiernan|| ^_^ No problem. * Kodah skids to a stop before the wall of flames * Tiernan fluffs his wings happily ^_^ ||Narrator|| == The castle explodes in a spray of water, extinguishing the fire field ||Hans|| ... o_O;;; ||Tiernan|| ...Okay! Now we can go! ||Hans|| Work on your aim :P * Reisha helps out of course, grinning. "Wow.. don't combust on me yet david.." ^^ ||Jessica|| O_o; * Tiernan runs toward the doors! ||Jessica|| please? * Hans follows * * David grimaces at Rei and sticks his tongue out before running towards the door! * Darin picks Jessica up carefully.. "Not a problem, love." * Kodah charges forward again, getting annoyed at all the delays ||David|| I'm not extra crispy, damnit.. ;) * Aura grins and runs at the temple * Darin follows the others, carefully. * Reisha hops along. "Well, that was a good warm up!" ||Narrator|| The main corridor of the place pulses morbidly... As though the shrine was alive... In the center of the large, open room, a big, black form pulses to the same rythm of the shrine... ||David|| I have a better one. ;) ||Tiernan|| ...What on...? ||Tiernan|| Dark Dragon...!? * Aura growls...walking nearer everybody.. * David blushes after that and gazes at the room.. ||Darin|| ..... ||Hans|| .... * Jessica looks over. "Oh....shit." * Kodah growls ||David|| Well, this can't be good.. * David inches ahead of everyone else, gazing at the form.. ||Reisha|| I think Jess said it for me already. Ick. * Aura walks slowly and slyly * Jessica holds on tightly to Darin. * Tiernan follows David, but is back a ways. * Hans looks to his left and sees a stick on the ground and a few stones to his right. He picks up the stick, tears off some of his cape, ties it around the top of the stick, and hits the two stones together, making a spark fly onto the stick, light it on fire, as a torch * * Hans follows * * Reisha sticks by David, ready to coruscate any who impede their progress. * David glances at Rei almost worriedly before heading for the form.. ||Tiernan|| Kodah...are you okay back there...and Aura...? * Aura looks over at Tyr.."im fine.." ||Tiernan|| Good... :) ||Kodah|| I think so ||Narrator|| The form pulses as three large serpent like forms raise themselves from behind the shape.... ||Tiernan|| ...It's Dark Dragon! Look out! ||David|| ! ||Kodah|| Shit! * David brings AmeShi to bear..! ||Darin|| Oh... SHIT.... * Aura wanders, growling.. ||Jessica|| I'm fine now, Darin. I can walk. ||Narrator|| The three heads bob in an entrancing pattern... * Darin sets Jessica down beside him. ||Narrator|| Aura's necklace glows a deep blue... * Hans stands there, eyes wide * It's... The Dragon... Dark Dragon...! * Reisha lights up the room with electricity. "It's the big ugly all right!" * Tiernan glances again at Aura's necklace... * Aura growls low and sort of puts all her energy into the neckalce.. ||David|| Lets end this.. ||Jessica|| let's get to it.... ||Tiernan|| Something about this feels.... ||Tiernan|| Be careful everyone...! ||Kodah|| ... * David nods and crouches..! * Jessica begins her incantations again. * Tiernan chants under his breath. * Darin draws his blade. * Aura growls and keeps walking towards the serpent thing, her necklace illuminating her sorta ^^; * David 's muscles twitch warningly....and he dashes at the dragon to strike! * Jessica holds Darin's hand. "Let's go, Darin." * Kodah 's aura flares into being again, in response to Dark Dragon's presence ||Narrator|| Dark, leathery wings pop out of the form... And the three heads bellow in a deafening sound, the walls of the shrine shaking... * Tiernan 's face hardens in anger, as he chants. * David skids to a stop at the sound, a few feet from the dragon. O_o * Reisha gathers her energy to strike true, trying to focus despite the huge roar. "Hoo boy.. party time..!" * David stares up at it. ^^; * Darin follows Jess, his eyes widening slightly.. ||Jessica|| talk about bad breath. ||Narrator|| Everyone falls back a step from the bellow * Aura growls, standing straight in front of the dragon.. * David inches back slightly and gets defensive.. * Tiernan winces, but keeps on chanting. ||Jessica|| someone get that dragon a tictac/ * Reisha feels some aftershock from the big beast, wobbling and messing up her spell a tad. ||Narrator|| A deep, dark voice slowly speaks... "You... You've made it... This far. And brought me what I need." ||David|| ...? ||Kodah|| What he...needs? * Tiernan looks at Aura! O_o ||Jessica|| Eh? * Aura growls and stares at the dragon.. ||Darin|| what? ||Reisha|| Needs? What? ||Jessica|| needs? ||Tiernan|| No...could it...? * Tiernan turns back to Dark Dragon. "You won't be getting anything! You'll be the one dying this day!" ||Narrator|| A claw strikes out at Aura, aiming for her neck! ||Reisha|| I think what he needs is an ass kicking, that's what I think! ||Tiernan|| Aura!! ||Jessica|| AURA! ||Kodah|| Look out!! ||Darin|| Aura!! * Tiernan flies toward her and tries to pull her away! * Aura recoils and screams loudly.."DONT TOUCH ME!!!!" ||Narrator|| The claw is deflected suddenly by a blue field that surrounds Aura... It flickers and hums softly as the claw recoils... * Aura clutches the necklace tight in her hands and runs to the back of the group.. * Tiernan is knocked back by the field! 6^: * Reisha turns. "Hey, Aura.. watch out!" She tries flinging a lightning bolt at the clawed appendage! * Kodah moves to stand between Aura and Dark Dragon * Aura calmly saays.."You cannot have is MINE..Jeyer is MINE, the necklace is cannot HAVE IT" ||Narrator|| Dark Dragon: hah.... Ha... HAHA.... The ancient. Pathetic attempt at your sealed fate, poor fool. ||Tiernan|| ...So it is true... ||Tiernan|| Leave her alone! * Hans begins to wish he knew Hell (AKA Blast) ... * ||Narrator|| Reisha's bolt doesn't phase Dark Dragon... * Aura growls low in her throat.."Dont fuck with the ancients man...i knew the first one..and i may even be one..i shall hurt you.." ||Reisha|| Hey, you big ugly brute.. never touch a woman without permission.. :P ||Narrator|| One of Dark Dragon's heads turns towards Tiernan... "I see... That Volcanon still hasn't destroyed... His weakness." ||Tiernan|| ...I am not weak. * Aura stands there, ice forming all around her fists..."DONT TOUCH HIM!" ||Tiernan|| I will show you that first hand! * Kodah growls again ||Jessica|| we are not weak...and we will kill you, Dark Dragon. ||Kodah|| He's not a weakness! * Hans assumes an offensive position, thinking of attacking, but Hans hesitates * ||Narrator|| * Dark Dragon's full form turns around, making the ground rumble. ||Tiernan|| We are not weak! Humanity is not a weakness! It has destroyed you twice...and will do so again! ||David|| Dark Dragon! We will win! We aren't weak! ||Aura|| *The ice around Aura's fists almost looks like flame, only its ice :)" ||Aura|| * ||Narrator|| His foot slams on the ground violently, making everyone fall backwards as violently... "ENOUGH!" ||Reisha|| Yeah! So get your rear ready to fly su.. oof! ||Tiernan|| Agh! * Kodah windmills his arms, trying to stay up * Jessica falls flat of her ass. * Tiernan falls on his back, then hops up! * Reisha is knocked down onto her cute butt instead. ^^ * Aura flies backwards and lands flat on her back, losing her breath * David grimaces, barely staying afoot.. ||Narrator|| * Dark dragon emits a low growl... "... The ancient... Isn't required at this time. I thank you greatly for the other necessity." * Hans jumps just before his foot hits the ground and lands without falling * ||Tiernan|| ...Other necessity? ||David|| ...? * Darin falls back on his pooter * Aura couchs and curls up small, trying to catch her breath ||Kodah|| Now what? * Hans walks over to Aura, not taking his eyes off of Dark Dragon. He helps her up * You ok? * Kodah leaps back onto his feet, ready for action * David helps Reisha up.. ||Narrator|| The three heads reel back and recoil quickly forward, sending three immense fireballs flying towards Darin... As they crash into him, his blade flares white, his whole body consumed by the four lights! * Aura growls.."dont touch me..i'm fine.." ||David|| ! * Tiernan 's face goes blank with shock. "Darin!" * Aura blinks.."darin..." ||David|| Darin! ||Jessica|| DARIN!!!!!!!!!!!! ||Kodah|| Crap! What the hell is this?! * Darin screams.. "What the HELL?" ||Hans|| Eh...? ||Tiernan|| Dark Dragon, what are you doing?! * Aura runs forward.."D..Darin!?" * Reisha gets to her feet again. "Holy cripes!" ||Jessica|| D.....DARIN...... ||Narrator|| Darin feels intense, violent pain... His charred, lifeless form falls to the ground, a faint whisp of smoke flying overhead.... ||Tiernan|| No...NO! ||David|| ?! ||Kodah|| D...damn! * Hans runs towards Darin * ||Jessica|| NOOOOOOO * Jessica 's voice reverberates throughout the land as she casts her ultimate incantation. "Celestial spirits of the elements, allow your power to flow through me to decimate my enemy. ELEMENTAL TEMPEST 2 !" She raises both arms to the skies as Dark_Dragon is buffetted with ice daggers. a pillar of fire engulfs the icy Dark_Dragon as a massive bolt of lightning shoots down, electrocuting and frying Jess's target. * Aura looks back at Jessica and quickly hides Darin from her as best she can.. ||Tiernan|| ...You stole his life essence... ||Tiernan|| You...You...bastard! * Jessica is clearly pissed. * Hans mumbles something under his breath, a ball of light growing into a tremendous ball he kneels before Darin and the ball seeps into Darin's chest, trying to perform a large rejuvination * C'mon! Live! * Aura crouches next to Darins body and glares up at the dragon.."You fucking whore.." ||Narrator|| * Dark dragon cackles as he absorbs Jessica's spell... ||Hans|| HEAL 3!! ||Narrator|| The heal spell is unnafected... * Kodah growls in a most inhuman manner * David steps forward and glares at the Dark Dragon.. "You'll pay..." ||Hans|| DAMMIT!! * Jessica draws her rapier. "I'll make you pay, dammit. GODDESS DAMMIT, YOU'RE DEAD!" * Tiernan glares at Dark Dragon...and begins to chant again. "This is for Darin..." * Reisha gathers electricity in the air. "Oh, you're going to be feeling this for eternity pal...TRIANGLE BOLT!" She flings three bolts of power which sear the Dragon in a prism of electrical agony! * Aura stays crouched near the dragon....growling low in her throat, and preparing a big ass ice sheat.. * David crouches and dashes at the dragon, slashing at it! * Tiernan closes his eyes and crosses his arms. His wings burst into fire, and a low gutteral moan escapes from Tyr's lips. "Black Earth Mother, courtesan of the end! Open thy hands and set free the fires of your twisted passions! Exploder 3!" The earth begins to moan in response, and the ground bursts into fire around him! The fire spreads outwards at an incredible rate, engulfing everything in searing magma! * Kodah 's aura begins to flare outward, as he draws in power from the world around him * Jessica rushes at Dark Dragon, tears welling up in her eyes. She surrounds her blade with the power of all her elemental spells as she leaps into the air. She drives the blade down upon Dark Dragon with as much power as she can. * Hans picks up Darin's body and puts it over his shoulder and runs back to the Shining Force * I couldn't help him! ||Narrator|| Dark Dragon: Well now... Isn't this quaint. *Dark Dragon takes the hits, not phasing him as they should* ||Tiernan|| ...Impossible...! ||Jessica|| that was my.....strongest...strike...... * David snarls and drives his sword into the dragon a final time before leaping back.. "...." * Tiernan turns to Hans sadly. "You can't help him...Dark Dragon..." * Aura growls...wishes jeyer could do something.." me.." ||Reisha|| What the hell... he's got to at least flich from that!! ||Hans|| I know... DAMMIT!!! * Jessica runs back to Darin's side. By the Gods...what will it take to kill this thing? ||Narrator|| A voice whispers in Aura's head... "I... Can't.." * Aura swears..whispering..."jeyer...please...something...i need something...please...we cant die again..." ||Narrator|| == Dark Dragon flaps his wings once, pushing everyone back. * Jessica grabs Darin as she's pushed back. * David grimaces and steps backwards.. * Kodah 's concentration dizzolves as he's slammed against the wall * Hans is flung back. He loses his grip of Darin, and is flung back * * Tiernan wonders if his sacrifice spell will work...but the chances of that are slim at best... * Aura auhs and is pushed back against the wa;; ||Jessica|| You guys get out of ehre. I'll take on the dragon. * Tiernan slams into a wall along with Kodah! ||David|| No, Jess! ||Tiernan|| Jessica....No! ||Kodah|| This isn't working! * Hans gets back up and runs back to Darin's body and puts it over his shoulder again* ||Tiernan|| We must work together! ||Narrator|| == Dark Dragon flies up and crashes through the ceiling of the shrine... "Consider this a... Present. You shall live another day... " ||Hans|| WE CAN'T WIN RIGHT NOW! * Aura glares at Jessica.."Thats fucking bullshit way in hell you could take him.." ||David|| .... * Reisha tries to use her arms to shield herself, but slowly skids back, until she too slams into a far wall of the chamber. ||Jessica|| What else have I got to go on for? Darin's dead...and he's all I stayed in this for. ||Hans|| WE HAVE TO RETREAT AND THINK OF SOMETHING!! ||Kodah|| ... * Aura leaps up and runs outside.."COME BACK HERE!!!" * David grabs Rei's arm and hauls her up.. * Jessica stands up and turns to the dragon. Her eyes show nothing but plain rage and determination. ||Tiernan|| Jessica! NO! ||Narrator|| Another violent bellow can be heard as Dark Dragon flies northward... Then silence ensues.... * Jessica picks up Darin's sword. * Reisha blinks dazedly as David catches her. "Fuck.. this is not what I expected at all.." ||Tiernan|| ... * Aura runs outside..."COME BACK HERE DAMMIT.." ||Tiernan|| Volcanon...I..I will not give up. Ever. * David squeezes Rei a bit and murmurs.. "....this isn't over." ||Hans|| NO POINT IN GETTING YOURSELF KILLED!!! ||Kodah|| I can't strong he is * Darin lies lifeless, the SunStone usually glittering at his throat .... missing.... * Aura growls...wandering back inside.. * Aura collapses on the ground.."he..hes gone..." * Jessica falls to her knees after the drago leaves. She picks up Darin's lifeless body in her arms as the tears start to flow like a river. ||Tiernan|| Jessica... ||Tiernan|| Wait... * Kodah collapses to his knees * Reisha stands once more. "Darin.. the poor guy..." :/ ||Jessica|| D....Darin.....that damn dragon. ||Hans|| Guys... We have to run. We can't win right now. * David nods, silent with pain in his deep blue eyes.. ||Jessica|| Why run? I'm staying right here. * Tiernan looks thoughtful. "But..." * Aura curls up small and whimpers.."j...jeyer...why couldnt you helpp...why..." ||Kodah|| ... ||Hans|| The legend... With Maxx... He used a sacred blade. Hell, i don't know, we may need it as well! ||Narrator|| Jessica feels a sudden sharp pain at the back or her neck, but it's only momentary... ||Tiernan|| And Bowie as well... ||Hans|| The Chaos Breaker! ||Hans|| Eh...? ||Tiernan|| The Sword of the Gods... ||Tiernan|| But where to find such a sword... * David looks at Tyr.. ||Jessica|| Eh? ||Narrator|| Jeyer's voice echoes in Aura's thoughts.. "This had to come pass, Aura.. I'm sorry.." ||Jessica|| Wait a minute.....Guardiana Castle... * Aura cries and curls up small.."but..but darin..." ||Jessica|| if I know Lara, she's still got the Force Sword... ||Reisha|| I don't have a clue about any sword... but I'm sure madder than hell right now.. ||:| ||Tiernan|| Jessica...please...hold on a moment... ||Jessica|| but...what's the use in fightng anymore.... ||Tiernan|| Jessica! No! ||Tiernan|| Don't give up! That's what Dark Dragon wants! ||Jessica|| look in my eyes, Tyr. What do you see? ||Hans|| Jess, Darin wouldn'tve given up! * Aura whimpers and holds her necklace tight.."we..we'll get you out somehow Jeyer....i swear..i swear on my life..." ||Hans|| He's trying to make us afraid! ||Kodah|| ... * Reisha looks determined. "Jessica.. don't be a wuss now, when you gotta be strong! Think of Darin, for Mitula's sake.." ||Hans|| If we're afraid, no matter what, we're dead! We have to be strong! ||Tiernan|| I see...Sadness...but Jessica...I don't think Darin is... ||Hans|| But not rash! We ahve to retreat! * David holds up AmeShi and gazes at the blade.. * Aura glares at Hans.."shut up..fool.." ||Jessica|| O_o ||Narrator|| A comforting, invisible touch surrounds Aura... ||Jessica|| Wait a minute.. * Jessica looks at Darin's neck. "The stone..IT'S GONE!" ||Hans|| Aura, I know you don't like me one bit, but still, we have to kill this thing. We can't now, though. We aren't ready * Aura whimpers and keeps holding the necklace tight..."i love you jeyer..i swear i'll do something.." ||Tiernan|| That's what I've been trying to say...! ||Tiernan|| I don't know if Darin ||Tiernan|| I don't know...I don't think he's really dead. * Reisha looks over David's shoudler at Jess and Darin's body. "You think his spirit is in the stone or something.." ||Jessica|| that stone must contain his life essence. ||Kodah|| ... ||Tiernan|| I saw a wisp appear out of his was his life essence... ||Tiernan|| But if it's not returned to him...he may die... * David sheathes AmeShi and wraps his arms around Rei, drawing her near.. "....possible. Either which way, if he's not dead, we'll save him.." ||Tiernan|| Everyone... * Aura looks over at Tyr, tears in her eyes ||Tiernan|| I can give him a bit of my life energy to keep alive. ||Tiernan|| But it'll only prolong the inevitable... * Reisha does likewise, holding onto David and feeling a lot more confident, hoping he feels the same. :) ||Tiernan|| Do you want me to, Jessica? ||Jessica|| If it'll keep him alive long enough to get that stone back... * Aura cries softly...still holding her necklace.. ||Tiernan|| All right...someone will have to carry me for a couple of hours though. ^^; I hope no one minds. * Reisha tilts her head. "Tyr, you don't ahve to ask a question like that." * David wrinkles his nose. "Again, Tyr? Yeesh!" ||Kodah|| I'll do it * Tiernan blushes. "I'm sorry David. A phoenix is about sacrifice..." ||David|| I know,'s very noble.. ||Tiernan|| ..Please set Darin down on the floor.. * Jessica lies Darin down on the floor. * Reisha smiles. "Tyr.. you're one in a million..Do what you gotta do, kid." ^_^ * Tiernan closes his eyes, a orange aura springing up around him. * David kisses Rei's forehead lightly and gazes at Darin... * Kodah stands by Tyr, just in case ||Hans|| ... * Aura watches through her tears * Tiernan spreads his wings wide, and flames ripple across his entire body! Then with a shriek, his body is consumed in flames! The flames spiral outward from his body, and wrap around the wounded and unconcious Darin, bathing his in phoenix fire! After the flames subside, Tyr lies lifelessly on the ground, his life force spent. * Jessica 's tears still haven't dried.... * Reisha grins, and give him a peck on the cheek, turning to watch as well, still embracing lightly. * Kodah bends down and gently picks up Tyr * Aura cries softly...whispering to the necklace i love you..before pullin herself to her feet ||Narrator|| Darin starts breathing again.... But stays unconscious... His body returns to life... ||Kodah|| I suggest that we not stay here. This isn;t the best place for the wounded to recover * Tiernan breathes softly, totally lifeless. * Hans mumbles * I've been saying that, but nooooo... Nobody here listens to me _ ||Jessica|| Where do you suggest we go....I'm not strong enough to carry Darin.... * David reluctantly releases Rei, bending down to kiss her lightly on the lips before heading to Kodah. "I agree....where, though?" ||Kodah|| For now, let's just try to find someplace we can set up camp or something. The we can get our bearings ||Kodah|| Depending on our overall condition, we may have to head back to town. But if things go well, then I say we head after Dark Dragon * Jessica kneels beside Darin, and then she places her head on his chest, the tears still flowing. * Reisha parts, getting to thinking herself. "Well, the muddy crap outside isn't exactly great." ||David|| The town? Lovely. ;P Well....are we all ready to go...? ||Hans|| Why not head to where the Chaos Breaker was last sighted? * Aura sighs and wanders to everybody ||Kodah|| Let's not get ahead of ourselves Hans. We need to stake stock of ourselves first * Kodah looks at David, "That's my recommendation at least." ||Reisha|| Kodah's right.. I think we need a new battle plan and all.. * David nods. "Fair enough." ||Jessica|| I don't know anymore.... ||Narrator|| Something pulls at David... Something calling him... ||Hans|| I know, but... *Whispers to Kodah* Darin's life is limitted. Tyr can't give off his life forever. He have to hurry * David blinks.. * David frowns suddenly.. ||David|| What..? ||Kodah|| I know that Hans. One crisis at a time * Aura looks around and clutches her necklace.."jeyer jeyer jeyer..." * Reisha looks at David, noticing his frown. "Hey.. what happened?" * David mumbles.. "I this weird me..." ||Hans|| I thought that was what we were focusing on. ||Kodah|| Calling eh? * David tilts his head to the side.. ||Narrator|| The voice speaks to David alone... "When you are ready.. Come back... To the shrine." ||David|| Yes.. * David blinks O_o ||Kodah|| Yes what? * Aura frowns... ||David|| .... ||Jessica|| I...failed you...Darin. * Reisha rubs her blonde head. "Calling, huh... well, I'll follow you just so you don't go off alone again." :P * David smiles softly at Rei.. "Uh huh...." * Tiernan shivers a bit in Kodah's arms. ^^; ||Hans|| ... ||David|| Lets go, people... ||Hans|| Exactly what I was thinking... * Aura sighs.."cmon..lets just..set up camp.." * Hans turns and walks out ahead of everyone else * * Jessica stands up. "Do what you want, people. Darin's life is most important to me. I'm going after Dark Dragon....but should I not make it...Reisha, may I ask a favor? * David blinks * Kodah heft Tyr again, then nods to David * Reisha looks at Jess. "A favor? Woah, this must be serious.." * Jessica turns to the north. "tell Darin before he dies...taht I'm sorry...and that I did truly love him." * Aura growls * Hans waits at the front of the shrine entrance for everyone ||Kodah|| You sound like you've already given up Jess * Reisha stops for a second, a certain look crossing her eyes... * Aura runs over and grabs Jess by the arm.."you didnt fail him..youre failing him by giving up..." ||Reisha|| I will Jess, but I'll be damned if you give up on him like that before we even try. * Jessica turns her face to Kodah. "I'm not giving up, Kodah. But you saw what he did. and I can't forgive him...or myself, for allowing that to happen." ||Kodah|| Yes, you have given up. Otherwise you;d want to be there when Darin openes his eyes. * David smiles wryly at Rei.. "Sounds familiar." * David gazes at Jess.. * Tiernan would tell Jess not to give up, but is rather unconsicous! Yeah! * Hans pauses and says * Hey... Where's Indigo? ||Kodah|| Instead, you can't bear to think that he might die, so you;re throwing yourself at a superior enemy in a mad attempt at redemption * Reisha blushes a little at David's words. * Darin would smack Jess to her senses if he were awake, but he's kinda incapacitated :P ||Jessica|| you think it's mad? Maybe I am. maybe I am just sooo madly angered at the fact that the one person that I have come to care for most in this world was just KILLED by that monster that I want to do something about it before time runs out. * Aura sighs softly.."jeesssica.....dont...stay...please..we will kill him..together.." ||Hans|| Let's go, guys. Jess, don't try any blind heroics. Come with us and Darin is sure to live. ||Kodah|| He's not dead yet Jess. Get a grip * Jessica walks just a few steps further into the shrine...and stops...bowing her head. * David wraps an arm around Rei's waist slowly.. * Reisha stops blushing, and flings her cape oevr her shoulder. "Oh, enough already...let's get out of here!" * Tiernan sighs softly in Kodah's arms, but is still pale and...well. I think you figured out he's unconscious by now. ||David|| Yes, let's. * Reisha accidentally smacks David's face. ^^ "Whoops." * David grimaces ^^; ||David|| Save it for bed. ;) ||Kodah|| Don't give up on Darin yet Jess ||David|| C'mon, people.. * Hans is still waiting outside * ||Reisha|| Oh you little monster... just lead us out of here. ;) * Aura hugs Jess quickly and walks back to the group * Jessica just stands there.... * David winks at Rei slyly, murmuring. "we still need to figure out the bed roll situation." * Aura sighs and drags Jess back with her ^^; * Jessica slaps Aura's hand away. "Can't you see I want to be alone for a while?" ||David|| C'mon.. ||David|| Lets wait outside. * David heads out.. ;) * Aura sighs softly.."as long as you dont split out on us.." * Hans follows alongside David * ||Hans|| This is gonna be a looooonnng journey... * Kodah shakes his head, then steps out of the shrine ||Jessica|| Kodah...a minute if you don't mind. ||Hans|| So, David, should we head back to that town back there? * Reisha starts pushing David forward some, smirking at his newfound brashness. ^^ * Kodah stops, turns around, and waits for Jess to contine ||Jessica|| I just want to talk to you. You were with the last Shining Force, right? * David turns, walking backwards, and takes Rei's hand and kisses her knuckles gallantly. ;) ||Kodah|| Correct ||David|| I think we'll go back to the town...I'd rather not sleep on mud. ;) ||Hans|| Aye... ||Hans|| I'll go on ahead ||David|| Secure us rooms, Hans.. ||Jessica|| you know that I'm actually from Guardiana..right? ||Hans|| I'll meet you guys at the inn. Sure. ||Hans|| How much should it cost? * Aura sighs softly.."i'm going to town too..." ||Hans|| I'll run ahead. ||Kodah|| I gathered that, yes ||Jessica|| your former leader...actually raised me for the better part of my life. ||David|| Not much...uh....five should do. ||David|| Rooms, that is. ||Tiernan|| ... ||Hans|| Okay... Five rooms... That should be from 500-1000GP. Do you have that much on you? ||Kodah|| I have noticed some similaries in temperment over time ||Hans|| I'm... *Sigh* Kinda broke... ||David|| Yes, Hans. ;P Don't worry. ^^; We'll pay when we get there.. * Reisha looks up for a moment. ||Hans|| Okay then. * Hans nods to David and Rei then sprints back to town at great speed * * Aura starts walking towards town..mumbles.."i think i have some money..i'll buy my own room.." * David blushes, gazing at Rei. ^^; ||Jessica|| she was always there when needed....and a great source of advice and inspiration. But I have to wonder what she was like as a a friend, instead of a mother figure....and mostly....what she would have done in such a situation. ||Reisha|| .oO( Giving up before you try.. maybe I can understand how Jess feels.. I guess she shouldn't lose her loved one just like that... ) ||Kodah|| Well, let me ask you this Jess ||Kodah|| What things did she try to teach you? Out of combat * David cups Rei's chin. "Hey, gold piece for your thoughts, beautiful?" ||Jessica|| always to believe in yourself, your friends and to make the best of each moment...because you never know when your time might run out. * Reisha pauses her thinking gig to look at David. :) * Tiernan begins to slide out of Kodah's hands. ^^: ||Kodah|| And if you run after Dark Dragon without the rest of us, are you beleiving in us? And that Darin will recover? * David raises an eyebrow, gazing into Rei's eyes. "Mm?" * Kodah adjusts to keep Tyr from falling ||Reisha|| Ahh.. nothing. Just thinking how I kinda sympathesize with Jess. ||David||, and here I thought I could make some kind of witty come back to whatever you said.. ;) ||Jessica|| I don't know anymore, Kodah. I know you all are strong people. We've been through so much...but that dragon...he... * Reisha blinks, eyes twinkling. "Sorry to dissapoint ya, hotshot." ;) * David winks and ruffles Rei's hair. "Come on, lets walk back. We have a room waiting for us. A nice hot bath...?" * Tiernan actually looks a bit dirty himself. ^^; ||Kodah|| We've all been through a lot Jess ||Kodah|| But keep in mind * Darin looks like crap ;P ||Kodah|| Your instructor didn;t ever give up on the Shining Force * Kodah turns to leave, "And you shouldn't either." * Reisha rubs her hands. "Hot and steamy, alright..." *winks* "Let's hope Jess doesn't poop out after all this." * Tiernan goes along with Kodah...because he has no choice in the matter. * David blushes and drapes an arm around Rei's shoulders, starting off.. "I doubt she will....c'mon, love, let's book it." ;) * Jessica picks up Darin and walks back to town. Her mind still racing as she wonders what she should do. * Reisha takes David's arm, and heads out! * Kodah carries Tyr back to town, figuring he needs a lot of rest ||Narrator|| After a crushing defeat at the hands of Dark Dragon, the Shining Force limps back to town to lick their wounds clean... What was that voice calling for David? Will it prove to be another danger or a blessing? Only time will tell... ||Narrator|| ==== Session end! =====