Shining Force RPG 2 session 34
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> Darkness fills his thoughts... His mind slowly returns to coherent thought... His eyes although opened, see nothing... <Narrator> Frantically, Darin struggles to regain his sight, rubbing at his eyes... * Narrator pokes Darin... <Narrator> O_o *returns to Narrating* <Narrator> Darin lies on the ground, a cloud of dust choking him... His sight is still gone * Darin rubs his eyes.. "What the..?" * Darin starts coughing as soon as he tries to speak.. "Dammit.." he chokes.. <Narrator> Slowly, the darkness recedes... His sight makes out the sky... Awash with stars and a half crescent moon... * Darin looks up at the moon... squinting... <Narrator> Darin feels a presence not far from where he now lies.... * Darin looks around... "..W.. who's out there?" * Darin coughs again.. <Narrator> A voice, familiar to him, only filled with disgust and bitterness speaks.... "Darin... Welcome to the plain of the damned." <Darin> ....... What? <Darin> ... WHO are you? <Narrator> The voice suddenly reminds Darin of the stone at his neck... "Why, you already forgot about me?" * Darin reaches up and touches the SunStone at his throat... " .... " <Narrator> The woman's voice comes from behind Darin... "Well? Aren't you even going to speak to me?" * Darin turns around... "Who...?" <Narrator> As Darin realizes who's speaking to him, he reels back... "Yes, it's Kalla... Surprised to see me? Here of ALL places?" her face is contorted and angry... <Darin> .... But.. ... How... /Why/ are you here?! What happened?! <Narrator> * Kalla snickers.. "You died. I in turn was killed because of YOU." <Darin> I... I don't understand, Kalla... Dammit.. What's going ON?! <Narrator> * Kalla suddenly calms down and looks genuinely sorry... "Dark Dragon... He came... And.. He killed me. For the stone.." * Darin pales, and hiss eyes widen.... "For the... Oh dear gods..." <Narrator> Kalla: Now... We're stuck here.. But the stones are around our necks still.. Why would he kill us for them and leave them to us? <Darin> I dont' know.... Is there something that only we know about them? <Narrator> * Kalla takes the stone from her neck and stares at it.. "I just want to throw this away.. It caused us so much trouble." <Darin> Maybe that's what he /wants/ us to do, Kalla... there's got to be something significant that we know about them.. and the way they.... * Darin narrows his eyes... "And the way they protect us..." <Narrator> * Kalla glances at him... "Maybe if we use them... Maybe.. We can get out of this... Place?" * Darin nods... "Perhaps... if we work together...." <Narrator> * Kalla walks towards Darin, hesitating... * Darin takes a hesitant step foreward... "Kalla? Are you all right?" <Narrator> * Kalla shakes her head... "I'm just... Afraid." And walks the rest of the way. * Darin nods.. "I've never done this...You have more experience at this than I do." <Narrator> Kalla: Just insert your stone here *she points to a crux inside her own stone* * Darin removes the stone from his pendant, and puts it where his sister specifies... "I Hope you know what you're doing, hon.." He looks up at her. <Narrator> As the stone touches the required spot, both fuse and light up eerily... * Darin takes a step back.. "Whoa..." <Narrator> The energy slowly surrounds Kalla... She closes her eyes and lifts her chin... "I... I can see it.. I can... See her. Thank you, foolish boy.." * Darin blinks... "What? See who... What are you talking about Kalla?!" <Narrator> An evil grin twists itself from Kalla's face as she reshapes into a dark form... Her body writes as the three heads slowly appear... <Narrator> Dark Dragon: Thank you, foolish mortal... Now I have the location of the other stone... * Darin gasps.. "Shit... You ... Bastard!!" <Narrator> * Dark dragon laughs evilly! "Now your soul is of no use to me... I cast you back down to your mortal and foolish body! Hope that your foolish friends healed it!" <Narrator> * Dark Dragon then pulls his heads back and spits three distinct fireballs at Darin... * Darin backs away from the fireballs, cursing every obscenity he can think of, and cowers.. <Narrator> The fireballs collide with him, but the flames do not burn him... Darin slowly falls into unconsciousness... Once again, losing his sight to darkness. <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force, after the ordeal at the shrine, finish resting and gather their goods to go after Dark Dragon... Tiernan recovered, but Darin is still unconscious... <Narrator> The Shining Force, after the ordeal at the shrine, finish resting and gather their goods to go after Dark Dragon... Tiernan and Darin are still unconscious... * Jessica has stayed up all night, kneeling beside Darin. Her eyes are bloodshot for lack of sleep and crying. * Aura mrphs and opens her eyes grogilly * Kodah is staying with Tyr, watching over him as he recovers from his ordeal * David snores peacefully besides Rei * Tiernan lies on one of the beds, the blankets pulled up over his shoulder, and breathes if in deep sleep. * Jessica has not moved from Darin's side since bringing him back to town. <Kodah> ... * Reisha is already awake, and tapping David's head. "Wow David.. I didn't think you'd ever wear out..haha!" * Aura pushes herself up slowly on her arms and blinkblinks.. * David makes a soft grumbling noise and opens an eye, dazedly gazing at Rei.. "Mmmphhh...must be the company.." <Tiernan> ... * Aura grahs and rubs at her eyes * Reisha stands with ehr hands on ehr hips, dressed in a very loose fitting tunic. "Wake up, you big ninny.. we still have a world to save, and all that stuff.." * Kodah pulls a small well-worn book out of his bag and starts to read * David yawns softly and stretches, the bed covers falling down to his lap and revealing his impressively muscled body. ;) His hair is cutely rumpled. * Jessica holds Darin's hand in hers. * Tiernan doesn't get his hand held...because he doesn't have a signifigant other. Damn. * Reisha runs a hand through her long blonde hair, pausing to study David's more heroic features. ;) * Aura rubs and her eyes and looks down at the necklace nestled in her cleavage ^_- * David blushes and gazes at Rei for a moment, eyebrow raising slowly...before hopping out of bed! ;) * Aura smiles softly and picks up her clothes.. * Indigo wakes up and looks around her. * Reisha nods to herself, still standing by the bedside. "That's better.." * David cracks his back and laughs softly, hauling on his clothes hurriedly.. "I can't believe you're encouraging me to get out of bed!" * Indigo walks over and pokes at Tiernan's body with her staff. * Tiernan doesn't react ^^; <Kodah> Don't do that Indigo. You'll disturb him * Jessica doesn't want to move from where she's at. * Indigo tilts her head, looking at it in child-like fascination. * Reisha grins, and starts laughing, walking up to david and rubbing his shoulders. "Aw.. hey I can be worried to you know." <Indigo> Daddy, why doesn't the pretty birdie wake up? * Aura stands up and pulls on her clothes over her naked body..fixing the necklace just right * Indigo pokes at Tiernan again. * Tiernan doesn't react. ^^ <Indigo> Pokie, pokie, pokie.... <Reisha> I promised myself I wouldn't let you out of mys ight today.. and that's the way it's gonna be. ^_^ * Kodah lowers his reading glasses at Indigo, "He's been hurt rather badly. He needs time to get better. Please stop poking him" * David tilts his head back with a soft growl on pleasure. "Mm....fine by me.....ah, stop unless you wanna end up in bed again!" * David gently removes Rei's hands, turning to kiss her softly before dashing to the bathroom! * Jessica looks up at Indigo, who's not far from where she's kneeling, raises a hand and shoots several ice daggers at her. * Aura wanders to the bathroom tiredly * Reisha takes a hand and whaps david's head in a cute fashion, following it up with a quick kiss. "Later, loverboy.. we have other business that can't wait till the wee hours.." ;)" * Indigo screams * Indigo glows orange. <Indigo> Apollo, Elemental of Fire, make all this ice go *away*! <David> Yeah yeah.. ;) Alright, I'm ready. Let's rock, Rei! * Aura mrphs questioningly at the scream.."indi's here....damn" <Kodah> Jess, please stop tormenting Indigo. Indigo please stop screaming. If you two must fight, please do so elsewhere * David stretches and heads to Rei's side before blinking. "Uh....screaming...?" <Narrator> Apollo is summoned... The ice melts slowly... * Tiernan moans softly. <Indigo> The pretty birdie's waking up! ^_^ * Reisha grabs her cape and armor from a nearby chair, and dons it it a swirl of bleu and gold. "I'm always rockin'.. and heart stoppin'" :) * Tiernan doesn't awaken, however. * Kodah puts his book aside, and observe Tyr <Jessica> for once, I would like that psycho to leave us alone. It's really because of her goddess forsaken Final Judgement that..... * David chuckles and gazes at Rei appreciatively. "C'mon...sounds like Indi is freaking out..." * Reisha blinks. "..must be Indigo." * Indigo goes and gently picks Tiernan up, half-dragging him to the nearest window, then opening it and preparing to throw Tyr out. <Indigo> Fly pretty birdie! Fly! ^_^ * Reisha ehads out to investigate alongside David. * Kodah calmly takes Tyr from Indi, and put hinm back in bed * Indigo starts swinging him and then pouts. * David dashes into Tyr's room and blinks at Indi. O_o * Aura rubs her eyes again and fixes her clothes so they look right <Kodah> None of that Indigo. He'll fly when he's good and ready * Tiernan mumbles something softly...then slips back into silence. * Reisha comes in behind him. "Holy cripes.." :o <Indigo> But, I want the pretty birdie to fly Daddy! * Indigo stomps her foot. <David> Uh....Indi..? * Kodah sits back down, slips his glasses abck on, and starts reading again, "He will. You have to be patient" * Jessica tries to fireball Indigo out the window. * Reisha holds up an outstrecthed palm, obvious what she's thinking. "Just say the word, David." * Indigo eeps and glows blue. <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, flood away the fireball! <Narrator> The fireball misses <David> Uh! O_o dear gods! <David> Indi!! <Jessica> leave, psycho. <Narrator> A tidal wave crashes against the inn, sending it awash with water! * Indigo pouts and goes over to Jessica. <Indigo> You're a meanie-head! <Narrator> VERY COLD water! * David gets rather...damp. and Cold <David> AAAAAUUGH! * Kodah lifts Tyr out of bed to keep him from getting wet * Indigo bonks Jessica on the head with her staff before being washed aside. * Aura gets rather wet and cold and nipply * Reisha leaps, putting out ehr electricity before she fries everyone. ^^ * Jessica picks up Darin. * Tiernan 's feet get wet and he shivers a bit...the bottom of his nightshirt getting soaked ^^; * Darin is now unconcious... and soaked too.. * Kodah carries Tyr upstairs away from the chaos <Reisha> Indigo! Will you please KNOCK THAT OFF! <Indigo> But she's a poopy-head! * Jessica carries Darin away from Indigo. "For once in your life, listen to me and leave us alone." * Indigo points at Jessica. <Narrator> The innkeeper runs out of the inn screaming like a madman! * Aura smakcs indi upside the head <David> Uhm...uhm.. <David> Indi! <David> How about something to drink and eat! * Kodah puts Tyr into one of the upstairs beds, and places an extra blanket on the bed <Reisha> Well, you'll be a lot more of a poopy-head when I'm done with you.. :P <Indigo> Ooooo! Lunchtime! * Indigo toddles over to David. * Kodah sits back down once again, slips his glasses abck on, and starts reading again, "He will. You have to be patient" * Aura chuckles and smiles.."thatll shut her up.." <Indigo> You must be a new boy here. I'm Indigo Mysteria, and I * Jessica lies Darin down upstairs, staying by his side." * David falters a bit. ^^; <Indigo> You must be a new boy here. I'm Indigo Mysteria, and I'm training to be a sorceress. ^_^ * Aura raises an eyebrow..."indi??" * Reisha blinks. "Indigo.. you're being mroe freaky than usual now." <Indigo> See, Mommy and Daddy live up in that Tower over there..... * Indigo points out of the window. * Aura blinks..."Indi...??" <Indigo> And they're teaching me. I have to be a Sorceress, because my family is cursed you see. * Aura keeps blinking.. <Aura> Indi?? <David> Indi...why don't you tell me this fascinating story downstairs? <Indigo> What stairs? There are no stairs in a field silly! ^_^ * Reisha rubs ehr head, shaking some of the water out of her boots. "Now she thinks she's a 10 year old..." * Aura pokes Indi * David rests his forehead in his hand. ^^; * Kodah places a hand on Tyr's forehead, making a quick check of his temperature <Jessica> darn psycho. Why doesn't she go back to the drudge that spawned her and leave us be. * Tiernan 's head feels a little on the cool side...but nothing life threatening. * Narrator kicks Indigo in the head! "GO SKITZO!" * Kodah sits back down and resumes reading <Indigo> Let's see now, what else. Oh, be careful. Someone really creepy came in yesterday and made the floor slippery. They blame me though! * Indigo reels as something kicks her in the head. <Indigo> Hey! Meanie! I'll tell on you! * Indigo wanders around aimlessly. * Aura backs away from Indi blinkine...raises an eyebrow at David * Reisha snickers. "Hey maybe that strange voice knows karate too." <David> ... * Jessica gently runs her hand through Darin's hair. "Why won't you wake up?" <David> So! Rei! Why'd we wake up again? * Reisha holds up a hand. "Why.. to tell me where you were going to go of course! And to help good old Darin.." * Indigo wanders about, then bonks Jessica on the head again and toddles off. * David sighs. ^^; "Of course." * Aura blinks.. <Indigo> That ought to fix you, poopy-head! ^_^ * Aura oheees.... * Aura wanders away.. <Jessica> Darin, I'll be back in a minute. <Tiernan> >> Indigo feels something pinch her butt! :O But no one is there! * Jessica stands up and grabs her rapier. "That's it, Indigo, I've had it with you," she says silently as she stalks toward the psychotic summoner. She then picks up the pace and aims the blade right at Indi's head as she spots Indigo. "DIE!" * Aura blinks and watching * David blinks and slaps the blade away from Jess! <David> Hey! <David> Jess! <Aura> <watches> <David> Calm down! * Kodah quietly gets up and shuts the door to Tyr's room * Indigo turns and eeps, glowing green. <Tiernan> >> "Both of peace!" (A cloud of smoke envelops both Jessica and Indigo! :O) <Indigo> Pio, Elemental of Plague, protect me from this crazy person! <David> Oh, by the gods! * Jessica looks at David for a minute. "I've had enough of her, David. I can't take it." * Aura grahs.."indi you monkey..." * Reisha sighs, and mumbles to herself. "And here I was expectign a cheery morning.. and here I wake up to a psycho grown toddler. I guess I lose again.." <Narrator> == Jess and Indigo fall asleep... * David touches Rei on the shoulder.. "Hey.." * Jessica falls over, asleep. * Aura blinks at Jess and Rei and rolls her eyes * Indigo slumps. <Hans> ... <Tiernan> [Voice] Well, David...It's nice to know the Shining Force is neurotic as usual ^^; * David blinks.. "Who?" * Aura blinks and wanders to find food ^^ <Tiernan> [Voice] (Jokingly mocking) Oh come on, David...I can't beleive you don't remember me. My little boy went out into the world and forgot his old man ^_- i'm insulted. Baine would pass out and spasm if she knew. * Hans walks downstairs. He pulls his hood over his head as he finishes stepping down the last step * <David> ! <David> D-dad? ^^; * Chamolo walks inside. ^^; "Hello son." * Aura blinks..."who??" * David glances at Rei and blushes. "Ah, hello, dad..." <Jessica> -_- zzz...die....psycho....zzzz *remains asleep* * Reisha acks. "Hey.. isn't that your old man?" ^^ * Chamolo then looks down at Indigo. "If you really want to tame her, tie her up...but be careful. She likes to kick places..." *mutters to himself* <David> That would be him, Rei.. ^^; * Aura keeps blinking..."Whoooo??" * David stares at his dad. "Tie her up?" <Chamolo> ^^; She doesn't hurt herself...or others that way. <Jessica> zzz....kill....psycho...zzzzz * Reisha fixes her hair a second, and grins at Chamolo. * Indigo mumbles. * Hans glances at everyone in the room then to Chamolo * Hmm...? * Narrator sits on Jess' head <David> Alright....anyone got rope? ^^; <Indigo> Stupid poopy-head...... *grumble* * Aura raises a hand.."i do!" <Chamolo> Anyway...I'm Chamolo Willcott. David's Father. (Adresses the others with a polite nod.) <David> Tie her up, would you? Or maybe Rei should...cause she's an ex-..I mean.. * David links his hands behind his back. ^^; * Aura grins and pulls some ripe out of her waist bag thing * Reisha blushes. " elast introduce me first!" ;) <Hans> Chamolo...? I've heard that name somewhere before... * Jessica remains alseep, mumbling something about killing a psycho. <Chamolo> ^_^ Ah...I recognize this woman...from...that... * Chamolo stops and just gives David a nervous look ^^; * David returns it. ^^; * Hans rubs his head, trying to remember * o_O; * Reisha blinks. "That... that.. what?" :o <Chamolo> ^^; Nothing important. <David> Uh...uh...nothing! * Aura wanders over and ties up Indi...looks up at the new guy, raises an eyebrow, and keeps tying <David> Anyway, dad...this is Reisha Granstream.. ^^; She's....a thunder mage! <Chamolo> I see. It's a pleasure meeting you, Miss Reisha. <Chamolo> Nice to know you've been keeping my son happy. ^_^ * Reisha waves dismissedly. "That's thunder wizard now!" ^^ * David blushes and looks at the floor! ^^; * Kodah continues reading quietly, waiting for the next disaster to strike * Aura is done tying and wanders over to everybody else again * Reisha puts an arm around David. "Oh yeah.. beleive me he needs a lot of cheering up,, right, Davey?" * Jessica remains asleep. <Chamolo> ...Kodah! <Chamolo> Is that you? O_o * David grins at Rei and nods, jabbing her in the ribs gently. ;) <Chamolo> Anyway, I came here because I was worried about you...after ^^; But it appears my worries were unfounded. <David> Ah, actually.. <David> We do have sort of a problem. ^^; * Aura stands next to David and rei and blinkies at Chamolo questioningly <Chamolo> Oh? <Chamolo> What sort of problem? <Chamolo> If this involves Miss Reisha... * Chamolo smirks a bit ^^; <David> ! <David> no NO <David> Uhh <Jessica> zzzzzz * Reisha starts stifling a giggle. <David> One of our comrades....Darin...was wounded by the dark dragon...he's breathing but doesn't have any signs of waking up.. ^^; <Chamolo> Ah... <Aura> e chuckles <Chamolo> Anything else? * Hans is kind of lost in the conversation * That what? o_O The what? o_O;;; <David> Erm, no. ^^; Everything else is just...fantastic. * Aura raises a hand.."theres a dead ninja i'm in love with in my necklace!" * Chamolo wanders over to Darin and checks out his vital signs. * Jessica moves her hand to her rapier as she starts to awaken. She follows Chamolo over to Darin. <Chamolo> ...^^ You'll come next, young lady. ^^; * Aura smirks <Narrator> The necklace suddenly glows pale blue... <David> Kodah is upstairs with another young lad named Tiernan...who is also resting...perhaps you should check on him.. * Aura ohees and blinks at her necklace <Chamolo> Kodah? O_o You mean KODAH Kodah? <David> Yes.. ^^; <Aura> is glowing again... <Hans> o_O;;; <Chamolo> Wow...It's great to know he's here... <Chamolo> Well... * Indigo mumbles the names of the Elementals as she sleeps, glowing but not forming coherent summons. She just rolls around. * Aura looks over at David.."my necklace is gloowing agaaain" * David slips an arm around Rei's waist and watches his dad.. before looking at Aura. "Uhm...Jeyer is saying hi?" <Chamolo> hmm...intresting... * Hans looks at David then Chamolo repeatedly, comparing them * o_O; * Chamolo sighs. "There's nothing I can do for him till his soul is replaced." * David is much buffer than his dad, but has the hair shade and the same warm look in his eyes. ;) * Aura grins at David.."highly likely" <Chamolo> However, he should recover quickly once it is replaced... * Indigo rolls over to Chamolo's feet and mumbles. <Hans> o_O;;; <David> His soul.. * Aura frowns and looks at Darin.."his soul..?" * Hans sits down and closes his eyes, rubbing his head * * Chamolo casts a healing spell on him, giving him a bit more energy to survive. "Who is the healer that got him breathing again? I'm curious." <Jessica> -_- <Aura> Tiernan.. <David> Tiernan. He's with Kodah. :) * Reisha wideyes. "So his soul was trapped in that rock?" * Hans walks over to the bar counter and hops over it, then begins to look for some elven wine! :9 * <Chamolo> He's a priest, eh? <David> No....he's...a phoenix. ^^; Sort of. * Jessica doesn't hear a bit of this as she's still asleep.... * Aura shakes her head.."no.." <Chamolo> ^_^ Nice to know more young people are trying to be priests, no...oh. O_o I see. <Chamolo>! * Hans sighs * He didn't get another shipment? /_\ * Chamolo turns to Aura. <Chamolo> Now...there is a dead ninja in your necklace? * David lazily strokes Rei's hip. "Maybe you could teach me a new Heal level, father..?" <Hans> Shoot... I thought they got more supplies daily! Oh well... * Aura smiles warily.."helloo.." <Aura> yeas.. * Chamolo smiles at David. "^_^ I'd be happy to." <Chamolo> ^^; How on Earth did that happen? <Aura> his name is Jeyer.. * Chamolo twictches O_o * Reisha smiles. "That's my david.. always thinking of others.." * Reisha winks. * Hans begins to think * If Chamolo is a priest and David's father, then David might have the ability to use magic like him... o_O * David blushes and grins at Rei.. <Chamolo> Ah...I...I see... ^^ (whispers) Oh sweet Mitula i'm fucked (Louder) Aaha! ^^; Okay then...let me see the necklace. ^^; <Aura> i donno...its sort of an Ancient relic..and i guess he can live in it...he says he's cursed.. <Aura> i heard that by the way.. * Aura smirks * Aura takes off the necklace and looks at it <Chamolo> ^^; We...don't have the best relationship. * Hans decides to go upstairs to Kodah's room * <Chamolo> ...We hate each others guts, actually ^^; * Aura nods.. <Aura> oh... * Jessica gets stepped on by Hans. <Chamolo> But...ah...I can't even wish this on my worst enemy. I'll try to free him -_- * Hans knocks on Kodah's room's door * <Jessica> .oO(I'm really gonna be pissed off when I wake up.) <Kodah> Enter * Aura sighs and stares at the ground.. * Hans says "Sorry" to Jess * o_O;; <Narrator> . o O ( I'm still sitting on Jess' head... * Chamolo begins to cast a spell on the starts glowing white! O_o * Hans opens the door * Hey Kodah... <Kodah> Yes? <Hans> Funny thing... David's father showed up... <Hans> He's downstairs. * Aura blinks and stares at the necklase..."its never glowed white before O_O" * Kodah lowers his glasses again, "What was that?" <Hans> Some man downstairs named "Chamolo" is here. He resembles David.. * Chamolo begins speaking in the language of magic...and the necklace suddenly flares with light! <Kodah> Cham's here?! o_O * Aura squeeks and wideeyes.."dont break it!" <Chamolo> ^^; I won't. Don't worry.... <Chamolo> Come on out Jeyer. -_- <Hans> Yep.. <Hans> Downstairs * Hans motions downwards with his head * * Kodah quickly hops out of his chair, "Watch Tyr for a sec would ya?" * Aura blinksblinks...mumbles softly..."jeeeeyer.....cmon..let this work" <Hans> Sure. * Kodah dashes past Hans! * Reisha frowns. "Even though he was a pain the ass, I do kinda miss the guy..." <Narrator> The light slowly fades... And nothing happens. <Chamolo> ...What? * Chamolo frowns. <Chamolo> Hmm...this might be beyond even me.. * Aura frowns and looks like she's going to cry..."but.." <Chamolo> more try... <Narrator> A faint humming can be heard coming from the necklace... <Chamolo> ...Wait... * Aura mehs..blinking as she stares at the necklace..just wishing it would work.. <Narrator> A faint blue light appears over the surface... * David slowly unwinds from Rei and heads out of the room.. * Kodah roars out of Tyr's room, slides down the banister, lands in front of Chamolo and grabs him in a fierce bear-hug, "CHAM! Great googly moogly its good to see a friendly face!!" ^_^ * Aura blinks still stareing.."blue is good..." * Chamolo blinks, then smiles widely and hugs Kodah back! "^_^ Hey! Long time no see, stranger!" * Kodah sets Cham down, "Let me have a good look at you." * Chamolo takes a long look at him. "You've changed a bit. But you still look quite good. Still have that hair Kara goes crazy over ^_-" <Kodah> Heh ^_- * Aura looks longingly at the neclace.."jeeyer..hunn..." * Reisha watches where David goes, shadowing him. "No sneaking off now.." <Chamolo> So what have you been up to? ^_- * David leans against the wall outside the room, eyeing Rei with a slight smile.. "I doubt I could get away if I tried." * Kodah 's smile drops rather abruptly, but he makes an attempt to recover, "Its...a long story." * Aura whimpers and keeps mumbling to the necklace.."cmon......pleease..." *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Reisha * Chamolo frowns a bit. "I see... :/ I won't press into it if you don't want to talk about it...but it IS good to see you well. ^_^" <Kodah> too. Before you go, you HAVE to tell how everyone is doing back in on Parmecia * David tilts his head at Rei * Aura whimpers and kisses the necklace softly.."cmon jeyer.." * Reisha pats his shoulder. "Hey.. I'm like glue.. stuck to you! Where you going off to?" * Indigo mutters "Quit it hag or I'll roast you....." * David laughs softly and manages a small smile.. "Nowhere...just needed to get away from the dad vibes.." <Chamolo> Oh! They're all fine...Kara is the same as she always is...^_- I miss her...*sigh* And Lara is off with Blackhawk doing Mitula knows what. If you understand my meaning. ^^; Things are peaceful for now...but we've heard the whole trouble here with Volcanon and Zeon. Nice to know David handled it...quite well in fact. ^_- As did you and everyone else. * Jessica mutters "Blaze 2" and a fireball flies again toward Indigo. * Reisha nods. "Actually, your father's a real sweetheart... no wonder he's famous." <Kodah> Sounds pretty normal then. Oh! Before I forget... * Aura whimpers and holds the necklace tight.. * Kodah hands over the small well-worn book he was reading earlier to Chamolo <David> Ah, he's alright...he's my dad. Not much you can say about that.. * Chamolo blinks. "What is this?" * Reisha pinches his cheek. "Maybe you're afraid you're too much like him." ;) <Kodah> This belongs to Erin. I borrowed it from her before I...disapeared. Could you return it to her. And tell her that I said thank you and hello? * Aura kisses the necklace softly * David raises both eyebrows and captures Rei's hand. "I am so not like him!" <Chamolo> Oh...of course I can....I haven't seen her for a while though...last time i saw her...she was as silent as she always was. <Kodah> No surpise there <Chamolo> Anyway, I came to see if David was all that I know he is...I should probably head back to Granseal... <Reisha> So, you eman you're father's nt dashing and gallant and all that other good stuff? I'm disappointed! ^^ * Kodah 's smile droops again, "Gods I've missed you all back home. I've missed out on so much..." <David> Oh dear ^^; Well...uh...he is...but...he's....not me! <Narrator> The blow hue of the necklace slowly flows outwards, tracing a shape on the ground.... <Chamolo> Why can't you head back home, Kodah? We'd be happy to see you in Granseal. <Narrator> The light solidifies into a human shape... <Kodah> I can't. At least not yet...a...lot of things have happened to me. Most of them very unpleasant * Aura looks down at the blue..."j...jeyer.." <Chamolo> :/ I understand. If you can head back home, please do. * Reisha blushes. "I was just teasing... there's only one you.. and only one person I have the hots for." <Kodah> I will...somehow * David gazes at Rei thoughtfully, his grey blue eyes shining....he grabs her by the hips and hauls her close, gently kissing her.. * Jessica dozes * Chamolo hugs Kodah again. "Keep the faith, friend. It'll work out." * Aura kneels down near the person.."jeyer jeyer jeyer..?" <Narrator> The light fades away, leaving a man lying on the floor... In a white robe... <Kodah> I hope so. I'd like things to work out for once <Chamolo> They will. * Aura squeels.."Jeyer!?" <Narrator> * Jeyer opens his eyes and blinks twice... "Uhm. Hey.. Who cast that spell?" *holds his head and sits up, wincing* * Reisha enjoys the moment. "Even though I'd love to stay.. maybe we should see if Cammy there made any progress..." * Chamolo winces along with Jeyer. "Hello, Jeyer. ^^;" <Kodah> Jeyer... * Aura squeeeeels and hugs Jeyer tight.. * Kodah helps Jeyer to his feet * Chamolo whispers to Kodah. "Reviving him made me feel sick and dirty inside. ^^;;;" * David nods a little and releases Rei reluctantly.. "Mm. I suppose, beautiful. Lets head back into the fray." * Kodah looks sympathetically at Chammy * Aura pokes Kodah away from Jeyer and helps him up instead ;) <Narrator> * Jeyer blinks and hugs back, looking over at Cham, saying in a surprised tone... "Still haven't gotten used to bedside manners, have you..." * Jessica is STILL asleep.... <Chamolo> I see you haven't changed much. * Kodah looks a bit annoyed at Aura, but understands <Narrator> * Jeyer is helped to his feet.. "heh.. Th-thanks..." * David straightens and heads for the room again, stopping as he walks in on Cham, Kodah and Jeyer.. "" <Chamolo> No problem, Jeyer. * Reisha nods. "Besides, I have all my insults ready for Jeyer! Can't waste all that time spent thinking!" ^^ * Aura blushes at Kodah and murmer.."sorry" * Aura huggles Jeyer tight around the middle <Narrator> * Jeyer glances over at Aura, smiles and her then walks towards Chamolo.... <David> Use them all now, love. * Chamolo nods to Aura. "But I see that you've found someone special, Jeyer. You have my congradulations" * Reisha lemmings behind David, making the scene. <Kodah> Don't worry about it Aura. No hard feelings * David heads towards Cham slowly.. "Dad...?" * Aura smiles happily and tries not to run arond in circles <Chamolo> David? <Narrator> * Jeyer looks at Kodah for a second.. "Yes.. Someone else.." <Kodah> How are you holding up Jeyer? You hungry or something? <David> Could you...teach me that spell now...? Not to seem too enthusiastic...but.. ^_- * Reisha looks around, spotting Jeyer. "Well I'll be.." <Chamolo> Ah! Of course, Son! ^^; <Narrator> * Jeyer chuckles uncomfortably... "I'm fine.. A little groggy from not being in a physical form for a while, but... Still." <Chamolo> If you'll excuse me, Jeyer. * Aura does a little 'my unf toy is back' dance <Chamolo> Everyone. ^^; <Narrator> * Jeyer looks at Cham and whispers, "Thanks, old man." <Kodah> Thanks Cham...for everything * Chamolo nods at Jeyer. "It was nothing...for all the times you've taken care of Kara..." * Aura bobbles about <Chamolo> It was nothing...really. ^^; * Chamolo blushes a bit, still modest in his old age. <Narrator> * Jeyer nods slowly and mutters to himself, ".. You don't know half of it.." * David looks at Rei warmly and nods to her a bit....he looks back at his dad. "Geez, gonna take all year?" ;) * Jessica sleeps.. * Aura bobbles over and hugs Jeyer again <Chamolo> Anyway, David...^^ No no! Outside! I'll teach you the spell. ^^; * Reisha grins, holding her head high. "See Jeyer.. you can't always handle everythign by yourself.." :P <Narrator> * Jeyer hugs back limply... * David brushes his hair from his eyes and briefly strokes his goatee before heading outside..! * Aura frowns softly and kisses Jeyer's cheek <Narrator> ===== Cut Scene! ===== <Narrator> Jess dodges one of Indigo's attacks and thrusts with her rapier in an attempt to hurt the sorceress! <Narrator> == Indigo can attack! * Indigo glows black. <Indigo> Doom, Elemental of Death, destroy this creature! <Narrator> == Doom is summoned... It flies overhead, casting its death spell over Jess... After the spell's failure, he swoops down and swats Jess with his scythe... 21 damage! <Narrator> == Jess can attack! * Jessica makes another attempt to slice the psychotic sorceress to ribbons. "I've told you too many times to leave me and Darin alone, dammit! NOW DIE!" She surrounds the rapier in the power of all 3 of her mystic elements as she rushes right at Indigo, and leaps into the air, to drive her sword down upon Indi's head. <Narrator> == Jess drives her rapier through Indigo's head, killing her instantly! 218 damage! Dispatched! <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Jessica> now maybe you'll learn. <Narrator> Indigo's blood flows on the ground in a vile manner... Jess' surroundings dissapear slowly... As she starts to glow a deep red... <Jessica> what now? <Narrator> A voice at Jess' back says, "Darkness... The taste of blood... Yes... Give in to your dementia..." * Jessica raises one eyebrow. "What in the world are you talking about? Who are you?" * Jessica turns around. <Narrator> A mirror, reflecting Jessica's face is the only thing behind her... Her face is distorted... Evil... Her eyes gleam a deep red... <Jessica> O_o; That's the same as in that.... <Jessica> that fairy lake...I remember now. <Narrator> The voice deepens.... Jessica feels the sudden need to kill again... "Give in... You want the blood...." <Jessica> I want no such thing. * Jessica sheathes the blade. <Narrator> Jessica's limbs move... Her sword hand lifts... Aiming it at her throat... * Jessica tries to fight it. <Narrator> "Fighting is pointless dear... You're doomed." The sword dives through Jessica's neck. * Jessica falls in a bloody heap. <Narrator> The deep voice mumbles, "so is your future, weakling.... Haha... HAHAHAHA..!" <Narrator> ===== End Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Jessica wakes up from the nightmare, panting hoarsely <Jessica> O_o; <Narrator> Indigo slowly awakens also... * Jessica wakes p in a cold sweat. * Indigo groans, waking up at Chamolo's feet. Feeling herself bound, she instinctively arches back and unleashes a snapping kick with her high-heeled, steel-toed boot....straight into Chamolo's groin. :P <Indigo> What....where am I? I thought I heard some prissy voice........sounded familiar..... <Jessica> Uhh.....what just...happened? <Indigo> So I reacted. ^_^ * Indigo looks about her. <Kodah> ... * Aura kicks Indi <Jessica> that image....was it all a dream? <Indigo> Well, we woke up, and I heard a voice that sounds kind of high-pitched, and prissy so I did what came instinctively.... * Indigo moans from Aura's kick. * Aura blinkies up at Jeyer, then back down at Indi * Jessica stands back up and runs upstairs back to Darin's side. <Narrator> * Jeyer chuckles.. "I always knew Indigo was into bondage, but this is ridiculous." * Indigo looks over at him. * Aura chuckles.."well....y'neever know what people reealy like untill you experience it" <Indigo> I remember you..... Jackass the No-talent Ninja, right? * Kodah sits down, waiting for the chaos to once again subside * Jessica kneels beside Darin and just buries her head in his chest again. <Narrator> * Jeyer steps on Indigo's hand... "Actually... That's "I am your Ancient daddy" to you, sorceress." <Kodah> Are we all done fighting amongst ourselves? * Indigo looks up at him, then rolls over, under Jeyer's feet to trip him. <Narrator> * Jeyer looks over at Kodah... "Who's fighting? I'm getting into the indy feel of th--oof!" <Narrator> * Jeyer crawls away from Indigo the psychotic bitch! * Reisha claps her hands. "Wow, how low the mighty have fallen was never more true than right here.." * Indigo laughs. * David is outside with dear old dad <Indigo> Losing your non-existent edge, I see. <Narrator> * Jeyer struggles to his feet... "Always entertaining, that one." * Reisha walks over to Jeyer, and actually helps him up. "Seriously, you look like hell..." * Indigo looks around. <Narrator> * Jeyer suddenly thinks of something.. "I didn't test to see if the curse is fully lifted yet..." * Jessica is still upstairs. Not coming down, apparently. <Narrator> * Jeyer nods to Reisha.. "Being without a body does that to you." <Kodah> So give yourself a stretch there Jeyer <Indigo> The last thing I remember is let's see......first there was a Dragon, then a squirrel or something, then this guy and some device.... * Reisha poses. "Well, hey.. I wouldn't ever want to lsoe this body.. the world world be devestated.." ^^ <Narrator> * Jeyer turns towards Indigo... <Narrator> * Jeyer casts Rayjin level 1 on Indigo... The spell works, frying Indigo for 12 damage! <Indigo> Then there was....oh.....a King, who I smashed, and then this guy got tore up by a demon, then we destroyed Zeon.... * Kodah applauds Jeyer * Indigo screams and glows orange. <Narrator> * Jeyer stumbles a bit from the spell... "I... Seem to be fixed..." <Indigo> Apollo, Elemental of Fire, burn this creep! * Jessica is not moving from where she is. <Indigo> Good, you've done the world a favor. <Reisha> Umm Jeyer.. that's not exactly the best guinea pig there. * Indigo smiles to Aura. <Narrator> == Appolo is summoned... Jeyer gets fried! 23 damage! <Indigo> You see, you have to be responsible with pets. <Indigo> Leave them alone and they'll have litters all over the place. I'm glad Jerker was responsible enough to get himself fixed. * Reisha shakes ehr head sadly. "And here I'm trying to be focused.." <Narrator> * Jeyer tried to put out part of his robe that's on fire! * David is still outside ;P * Indigo glows blue. <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, help him put out his robe....with a tidal wave. * Kodah shakes his head, then goes back upstairs to watch Tyr * Reisha looks around. "Hey.. where's Jessica anyway? Maybe I should drag her down here to see this.." <Narrator> == Neptune is summoned... Neptune tries to tidal wave... But fails. * Indigo glows light-blue. * Jessica is not moving from where she is right now. <Indigo> Atlas, Elemental of Air, put out his fire with a whirlwind! * Reisha goes upstairs. (I suppose :)) <Narrator> == Indigo's mana power is drained... The spell fails... * Aura blinks at Indi and Jeyer.. <Narrator> * Jeyer snickers as the fire is put out... * Indigo pouts, grabs her staff with her feet, and tosses it spike-first. * Aura growls at indi and kicks the staff out of the air ^^ * Indigo centipedes over to the door and lurches out. * Aura kicks Indi in the but <Indigo> Oh, Chammy! You're the prissy voice I remember! Tell Kara I said hi! * Indigo looks at David. <Chamolo> ^^; Ah...yes...Hi... * Jessica remains upstairs. Not moving one bit. <Indigo> Is that your son? But I thought Kara was frigid? She seemed that way when we met. Well, congratulations! ^_^ <Chamolo> ^^; No...this is my son. <David> ^^; * Reisha knocks on the door of Jess & Darin. <Jessica> who is it? * Aura rolls her eyes and uses jeyer's shoulder as a head rest * Indigo smiles. <Jessica> and if it's Indigo, leave us alone. <David> Teach me! Teach me, father! <Narrator> * Jeyer smiles and holds Aura close... <Indigo> He'll grow up big and....well...he'll grow up big! I'llintroduce you to my daughter sometime! Bye! * Indigo centipedes off. <Reisha> Wow, you sure read that one, didn't you girl? <Chamolo> ^^; Okay! <Jessica> Come in, Reisha. * Aura wraps her arms around Jeyer and smiles happily * Reisha comes in and, smiles. "Darin looking any better?" <Narrator> * Jeyer whispers in her ear, "They're all crazy... It's scary, isn't it." <Jessica> he's still alive...but he hasn't woke up yet. I don't get it, Rei. * David flexes his hands * Aura giggles and murmers a "yea" * Aura snuggles close to Jeyer * Kodah sits down in the chair in Tyr's room and resumes his vigil <Narrator> * Jeyer sighs softly... "We should move on.. But everyone's busy doing their own things." * Aura nods.."we should do something...but..i mean...Darin and Tyr..they're both out.." * Reisha sighs. "Well David's father there said it's definitely something with his soul... but what that ugly Dragon wants with it is beyond me." <Jessica> Rei, do you think we should leave him here? Or take him with us? * Aura kisses Jeyer's cheek again * Reisha thinks, turning her head back to the door. "Well at this rate, maybe he's betetr off here.." ^^ <Chamolo> Okay David... <Narrator> * Jeyer blushes slightly, feeling out of place... <Chamolo> What you must conccentrate....focus your power on who you want to heal...and repeat this string of words... * David gazes at his dad with eyes that resemble Baine's and nods.. * Aura blushes as well.."Soo...Jeyer....what did you learn while you were in there..?" <Jessica> Rei, I don't know what I'd do...if he were to die. Is there any way to defeat that blasted dragon? * Chamolo mutters a series of words. "Now repeat them." * Reisha balls a fist and hits her palm. "There's got to be.. the bigger they are the harder they fall.." * Reisha blinks. <Narrator> * Jeyer looks at her and stays silent for a while... "You... Erm.. Have really nice.. Erm. *coughs slightly* Nothing much, really.." <Reisha> WEll, that's usually for me.. but you get what I mean. <Jessica> I hope so...for Darin's sake. * David wrinkles his nose and chants softly, opening his palms and holding them out to a wilting flower on the ground.. "...powers that be...surround this form...let the instincts burn... Heal 2!" * Aura chuckles softly..."you like most of my dreams..?" <Narrator> * Jeyer doesn't say a word, just turns crimson red... * Aura purrs softly and kisses Jeyer's cheek again.."sure you did.." <Narrator> == David casts Heal level 2... David learns Heal level 2! <Chamolo> ^_^ Excellent. <David> Aww yea. ;P * Kodah puts his hand on Tyr's forhead again, checking his temperature <David> I am the man. * David erms and coughs. * Jessica stands up and looks down at Darin's lifeless form. "I'll be fine, Darin. Don't worry about me." a small tear comes to her eye. "I'll get back your stone." * Aura frowns a little.."i'm...i'm sure you polly didnt like some of them....about..well.....them..and stuff...but yknow.." <Chamolo> >> Tyr still feels cool to the touch <David> Thank you, father.. <Chamolo> Don't get too cocky though. Remember to give, never take. * David nods a little.. "Yes sir.." * Chamolo nods back. ^^; * Jessica leans down and lightly kisses Darin on the forehead, then turns to Reisha. "What do we have to do?" * Kodah seems satisfied, and returns to his chair * David grins and hugs his father a bit before turning on his heel and running back to the Inn! <Narrator> * Jeyer looks down at Aura... "I.. I dunno what to say, really." * Reisha throws her cape to the side. "Well, first.. I suggest we stop everyone from killing each other downstairs. Then we find out what's up with this voice David heard.." * Aura sighs softly and rubs at her eyes.."damn uncles.." <Narrator> * Jeyer suddenly feels uncomfortable... * Chamolo smiles and laughs a bit. "^^; I'm going to go take a nap...I'm rather old and have traveled quite a ways. * David promptly trips over the rug in the hall and goes flying into some chairs, making a loud crashing sound. ^^; * Aura mrphs and looks up at jeyer.. * Chamolo hears the crash and sighs -_- * Aura smiles meakly and shuffles away <David> OW!! FOR THE BLESSED BREASTS OF MITULA!! * Jessica walks downstairs and goes wide-eyed. "What happened here?" <Chamolo> O_o David! Watch your mouth! * Reisha opens the door just in time to hear david's comment. <Narrator> * Jeyer blinks. "Uhm." and mumbles, "Not from my side of the family.. Not from my side." * Chamolo stomps back into the inn :p * David grimaces and rubs his head <Kodah> ...ah yes. The Shining Force moves on <Reisha> Well David.. I leave you alone for one second, and look what happens.. * David mutters dark things. ^^; * Aura blinks at the David on the floor.."clumsy are we?" * Reisha grins, and hefts the big boy up. <Jessica> yeah, he's having impure thoughts about a goddess. imagine that, eh, Rei? * David blinks and blushes furiously. "The, nevermind." <David> Hey! <David> I am not! * Aura patpats David as she suffles by <David> I only have impure thoughts about Re-..I mean! * Aura shuffles outside <David> So, lets go! * David coughs. * Reisha smirks. "Hey, I"m the only goddess he should be having impure thoughts about.." :P <Chamolo> ^^; * Jessica shrugs. <Chamolo> Gah, Anyway, I'll be upstairs. Call me if you need me, David... <Chamolo> And also... <Chamolo> I'd like to ask Jeyer a few questions later... * David continues to blush, rubbing the rapidly forming bruise on his forehead. <Jessica> Mr. Chamolo.. * Aura looks around outside.. <David> Yes, father.. * Aura smiles meakly at Chamolo * Chamolo blinks at Jessica. "Yes?" <Jessica> could you watch over Darin while I'm gone, please? <Narrator> * Jeyer sits in the corner of the inn and stays there, thinking to himself... <Chamolo> Of course. * Aura sits outside and thinks to herself * Jessica turns to walk out the door. "Goddess knows he's really all I have left in this world to keep going on for." * Chamolo nods and walks upstairs. * Aura whimpers and peeks in the window at Jeyer <Narrator> * Jeyer feels eyes on him and glances at the window... * Aura squeeks and ducks * Tiernan shifts a bit in bed <Kodah> ..? <Narrator> * Jeyer chuckles and shakes his head, returning to his thoughts.. * Aura peeks in the window again and smiles * Aura lays out on the ground in front of the inn and stares up at the sky * Tiernan 's hand moves towards his face, rubbing one of his eyes. <Kodah> Tyr? * Aura humms happully and plays with sand * Tiernan opens his eyes slowly, looking groggy. "Kodah...?" <Kodah> Hey there tough guy. Nice to see you made it back <Tiernan> ...That's right...Darin...Is he...? * Aura sighs and wonders if the damned sf could gather already <Tiernan> Is Darin...? <Narrator> * Jeyer sits up resolutely... * Tiernan tries to shake the grogginess away. <Kodah> He's still out of it * Aura peeks in the window again, not just at jeyer, but checks for anybody <Hans> ... * Tiernan frowns. "Oh...they must hurry...or Darin will..." <Narrator> * Jeyer suddenly casts a teleportation spell, dissapearing from view. * Aura sighs and goes back to drawing on the ground with a twig.. <Kodah> Darin will what? <Tiernan> Die... * Aura peeks back in.."jeyer...gone..?damn..not so soooonnn.." <Tiernan> Please tell them to hurry... <Kodah> Them? Them who? <Tiernan> David...Everyone... * Aura swears and stares down at her little doodle of a phoenix <Kodah> Hurry and what? We don;t know how to help him <Hans> ... <Tiernan> I...I...Dark...Dragon.... * Tiernan is still very weak and stuggles to keep talking. * Aura whimpers and peeks back in the window, hoping to see Jeyer <Kodah> What about Dark Dragon? Did he have something to do wioth Darin's condition? <Tiernan> He...took his soull... * Hans steps outside and sits on the steps... * * Hans seems to be thinking about something. A look of anger comes to his face * * Aura looks over at Hans and sighs * Aura doodles around the phoenix drawing <Kodah> Dark Dragon took Darin's soul? How can we get it back? * Hans is in such deep thought, that he doesn't even seem to notice Aura... * <Tiernan> I...I don't...know... * Kodah thinks <Kodah> Okay, you rest now. We'll think of something * Tiernan looks like he's beginning to lapse back into unconsciousness, his eyelids drooping shut. * Aura peeks back in the window.. * Hans punches the ground * * Kodah stands up, and heads back downstairs * Aura mrphs and writes Jeyer in the swirly doodles around the phoenix <Tiernan> careful... <Kodah> I will. I promise * Hans curses under his breath. He then stands back up, and walks back inside, slamming the door behind him. He heads upstairs, and to his room * <Tiernan> >> David hears a voice echo from inside his mind It is time. You must face me. Come to the shrine." * Kodah keeps the door open in case Tyr needs something, then heads down the stairs again <Kodah> Jeyer? Are you still around? * Aura hmphs at Hans and stares at the lil phoenix drawing * Hans pauses, hearing her faint "hmph" from inside. He then continues walking, going upstairs * <Kodah> Jeyer! * Aura peeks in the window at Kodah, but still sees no Jeyer * Aura whimpers and looks at her necklace <Tiernan> >> You then all hear the same voice that David heard in your minds "It is time. You must all face me. Come to the shrine." <Kodah> ?! <Kodah> Shrine? What shrine? * Jessica looks over at David. "You hear something, Dave?" * Tiernan suddenly sits upright in bed! * Hans walks back downstairs. He is wearing baggy navy blue pants and leather shoes. His hair and face are matted with a bit of dirt from the constant travelling * <Kodah> Someone want to explain what the deal-io is? <Tiernan> ...Something is.... * Hans walks over to the bar counter, looking for some water... * * Hans pauses hearing the voice * ...? * Kodah goes outside, and looks around * Aura hears Kodah and sighs.. * Aura looks around outside for something to do * Aura looks around..assuming the voices in her head are just talking to her again.."hm...someone new in my head..?" <Narrator> The voice echoes through the thoughts of the whole party again... "The trial has come... The shrine of Transition awaits." <Kodah> Shrine of..that sounds familiar * Jessica starts walking toward the shrine to the north once more, with a lightning bolt crackling in her hand. <Tiernan> Wait...everyone... * Jessica stops...hearing Tiernan. * Lilith looks around.."what the fuck..thats not just in my head is it.." <Kodah> Hm? * Tiernan tries to get out of bed...his legs shaky. "I...I think I need to come too." * Kodah give Tyr an assist <Tiernan> Thank you...can you hold on while I change into my clothes? ^^; * Tiernan points to his nightshirt. <Kodah> Sure <Tiernan> Thank you ^^; * Tiernan toddles/stumbles/wobbles to the bathroom and gets changed. ^^: * Aura sighs and looks around...."where is this here temple shrine thing..hmm.. * Reisha follows the group, dragging David with her. :) * Tiernan comes back out, changed, and still toddling/stumbling/wobbling ^^; <Tiernan> Thank you for waitng for me... <Kodah> No prob. Are we ready to go? * Aura sighs and stares north..."prolly back there again.." * Jessica starts walking again...heading north. <Jessica> I am, Kodah...let's go. * Kodah helps Tyr along, and starts moving north <Tiernan> Thank you Kodah...I should regain my strength soon... <Tiernan> I'm just so worried about Darin... <Kodah> One crisis at a time Tyr * Jessica looks at Tiernan. "You're not the only one, have no idea how worried I am about him." <Tiernan> We'll save him, Jessica. <Tiernan> I'm sure we will! * Aura sighs softly and sits down on the ground..staring north.."jeyer jeyer jeyer.." <Jessica> hopefully Chamolo will be able to keep him alive till we return with that stone. <Tiernan> Jeyer? <Tiernan> He was here? <Tiernan> But I thought he was in your necklace... * Aura nods..."chamolo let him out..then..he disapeared -_-" <Tiernan> Oh! <Kodah> Cham manages to free Jeyer...I think * Tiernan smiles. "He always comes back and watches over us, Aura. He's fine...He-" * Tiernan blinks... * Aura rubs at her eyes.."i want him back tho.." <Jessica> something wrong, Tyr? * Tiernan stumbles back...holding his stomach, as if something struck him O_o <Jessica> Tiernan? * Aura looks over at Tyr.."Tyr...??" <Tiernan> Something...something is wrong...the same feeling... <Kodah> Tyr..? * Tiernan holds his stomach. "I feel sick..." * Aura mehs and runs over and holds Tyr up.."What is it?" <Reisha> Woah Tyr.. you ok? <Jessica> you alright, Tiernan? <Tiernan> This presence... <Tiernan> I...I know what it is...! <Kodah> ..? <Jessica> what is it, Tyr? * Tiernan points to....Jessica! O_o "And it's coming from you...!" <Aura> Tyr..? <Jessica> O_o; <Kodah> What? <Jessica> from me? <Kodah> ..! Wait!! <Tiernan> Devil magic...! * Aura raises an eyebrow at Jessica <Jessica> ^_o <Kodah> Not just any devil magic! Its Zeon! I can feel him!! <Reisha> But wait a minute here.. Kodah's the only devil in this gang. <Tiernan> Yes! * Jessica looks at everyone. "What the..." <Tiernan> Jessica...he's inside he was inside of me! <Jessica> Zeon? in me? How? * Aura blinks at Jessica.. <Jessica> that must explain the...... <Kodah> Explain the what? <Jessica> that dream I had.... * Aura lets go of Tyr and backs away... <Tiernan> need to get healed by Chamolo...before he manafests inside you... <Jessica> back at the inn...while I was out. <Jessica> I'll head back then. * Jessica runs back to the inn...and to Chamolo. <Kodah> Damn! <Tiernan> Wait! Not alone! <Jessica> What? * Jessica stops suddenly. <Tiernan> If you go to town alone...and Zeon revives inside you...You could do the same thing...I did to Saith... * Tiernan looks ashamed. <Jessica> Then, Reisha, come with me. * Reisha blinks. "Hey, why me?" <Kodah> No time to dweel on the past, we need a plan <Jessica> Because I trust you, Rei... <Jessica> I trust you about as much as I trust Darin.... * Reisha sighs. "Oh alright...I'll guide you. Just ahte to miss the fun and all.." <Tiernan> You don't trust me? :/ <Jessica> and I'd trsut Darin Moonshado with my life. <Kodah> ... * Aura sighs softly.."course you dont trust me, i'm just the perky psychopath.." <Jessica> I'm not saying that, Tyr. You all are my cherished friends, but there's a level of understanding between me and Reisha. I'd trust her with my life, the same as I would Darin. <Tiernan> ...I trust you all with my life too... * Reisha smiels. "Thanks for the vote of confidence." :) * Jessica takes Tyr's hand in hers. "Look, Tyr. You'll be needed at the shrine. I'll be fine with Reisha." <Aura> please...nobody say they trust me...that generally turns out bad.. <Narrator> Jess suddenly feels a spasm go through her... * Tiernan shudders violently. "That magic..." <Tiernan> Jessica! * Jessica collapses on one knee. * Reisha holds onto Jess. :o * Tiernan shakes her. "Don't let him do this to you too! Please!" <Kodah> ... * Aura looks over at Jess * Jessica tries to fight Zeon's control. <Narrator> Her eyes start to glow deep crimson.... <Reisha> Hey.. don't scare me here.. Jess, if there's something inside you, fight that sucker! <Tiernan> Please! ;_: <Kodah> Jess? * Jessica keeps up her attempts to fight Zeon, but her eyes start glowing a deep crimson red. "REisha...knock me out NOW!" <Kodah> ! <Jessica> use your strongest magic, Rei...DO IT! <Tiernan> ...I'll do it, Jessica... * Tiernan stands back, and begins to chant. <Jessica> DO IT, TYR...SOMEONE....KNOCK ME OUT! <Reisha> OK.. * Aura backs away <Jessica> Kodah..can't you summon him out of me again? * Reisha twirls her finger as energy crackles about it. "Oh you're going to get a charge outta this... Paralyze!" A field of intense static electricity then erupts around Jessica, delivering a huge paralyzing shock to the foe's system, not to mention leaving their hair standing on end. ^_^ * Tiernan spreads his wings and concentrates. Then he snaps his fingers and points at Jessica! "Infinite Earth Mother! Lend me your power to crush my opponents! Exploder!" The earth shrieks as a tower of magma erupts beneath Jessica's feet! <Kodah> I don't know if I can do it a second time. I took Zeon by surprise last time * Jessica now needs to see a hair stylist, as well as a priest. <Reisha> No hard felings Jess..! <Narrator> == The two spells hit Jess! But a protective field surrounds her, blocking and absorbing the two spells <Kodah> No! <Tiernan> No! Please! <Narrator> In a deep voice, one that isn't her own, Jess says, "Too late, kiddies." and a guttural laugh ensues before Jess fades from view... <Tiernan> No!! <Kodah> Damn!! <Aura> shit.... * Jessica vanishes from sight. * Reisha acks. "Umm.. that wasn't suppsoed to happen." o_o * Tiernan begins to cry. "Please...Not you too...please...don't hurt her too..." * Aura hugs Tyr tight <Kodah> Zeon...damn you * Tiernan cries softly into Aura's shoulder. * Aura cringes and patpats Tyr's back * Kodah opesn his senses, trying desperately to lock onto Zeon once again <Kodah> The Shrine...Zeon's up to something with the Shrine of Transition! * Tiernan stops and backs up. "I'm sorry...I shouldn' that..." <Kodah> If we hury we might be able to still do something! <Tiernan> ! The voice at the shrine! * Aura sigh and patpats Tyr.. <Kodah> Let's go!! * Tiernan tries to run after Kodah, still slightly weak. * Aura smilres meakly, and bolts off towards the shrine * Kodah charges in the direction for the shrine! * Reisha follows, still a little flabberghasted by all this. "Why Jess...?" * Tiernan stumbles a bit, catching his breath. * Aura keeeeeps running fast <Tiernan> *Pant* *Pant* *Pant* <Narrator> The scenery goes by as if it was cardboard. :P * Tiernan keeps running! * Kodah 's black aura begins to pulse adn expand <Reisha> Maybe she had all that hatred at Drak Dragon for losing Darin? <Tiernan> Maybe...Zeon can take over weak willed minds...or so I heard him say... <Tiernan> But Jessica isn't weak! :/ * Aura swears a few times while shes running <Narrator> The shrine seems quiet enough as the party approaches its large, opened doors... * Reisha keeps up. "Man.. I can't keep these demons straight anymore.. but I can kick their evil ass all the same..!" ^^ <Tiernan> It's Zeon, the same one who possessed me... :/ * Aura stops running so fast she trips over the first step to get inside <Tiernan> That's why I was able to feel him. <Kodah> He's the king fo the Devils <Tiernan> He's evil... <Kodah> And he's inside, I can feel him in my bones * Aura hits her head on a step and whimpers <Tiernan> . o O ( I may not be up to full power yet...but I have to help friends...this world...I have to protect what I care about and love! ) * Reisha extends a hand to Aura. "NO laying down on the job, honey." ^^ * Aura whimpers up at Reisha and rubs her head.."hurts" * Kodah walks up to the door to the shrine <Narrator> The middle of the shrine where Zeon was standing now holds a stairway going downward... * Aura takes Rei's hand and mumbles a thank you <Tiernan> . o O ( ...Is this what Love means?...Sasha...Kodah....everyone? ) * Aura looks inside.."oookaaayy.." * Reisha shrugs. "Hey, can't leave anyone behind..." <Tiernan> ...I feel him! We're getting closer! * Kodah starts for the stairs * Reisha looks at the stairs. "Well, follow your nose Tyr.." ^^ * Aura goes after Kodah <Tiernan> ^^ I can't smell him. I feel him! <Aura> ohee... * Aura walks quietly <Tiernan> Jessica! <Tiernan> Where are you!? * Reisha assumes down is the most likely option for evil demons and such. :P <Narrator> The stairs lead to a large, spacy room... In the center of it, Jessica fights with Darrel, the sword of darkness... * Kodah continues moving forward, keeping all his senses primed for danger * Jessica has her rapier drawn and is fighting with the sword. * Aura grumbles..mumbling.."jeyer would be useful right now...let alone cute.." <Reisha> Jess.. you here, gi..hoo boy... * Reisha stops at the sight of the fighting... <Tiernan> Jessica! NO! <Narrator> * Jeyer runs down the stairs after the Shining Force and stops by where they are, panting, "Did... I miss... any-- Oh boy." <Tiernan> Fight him Jessica! You can do this! * Aura blinks and jaw-drops.."sweet little Jess?!" <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> ...I meant Zeon! ^^; Not the sword! * Jessica keeps fighting the sword, lunging in with her rapier. <Reisha> Jessica.. fighting a sword? This is wrong.. * Aura steps closer to the fight..having that sorta insane thing going where she forgets about the fact she could get realy hurt, she walks as close as pissible * Tiernan sighs, and gulps. "Here goes nothing..." * Tiernan rushes towards Jessica, and tries to knock her down while she's distracted! <Kodah> Tyr! * Aura blinksblinks.. <Narrator> Tiernan is propulsed back by a field blocking them... Jessica once against speaks with a deep, groaning voice, "You cannot stop this, phoenix boy! Do not try!" <Tiernan> I won't let you take over another innocent person! I won't let them suffer! * Aura pokes her hand out to see if she can touch the feild ^^ * Reisha holds out a hand, and gets Tyr in ehr gut, rolling down to the floor. "Ouch." ^^ * Tiernan oofs and hits Reisha hard! ^^; <Tiernan> did you get Zeon out of me...? <Reisha> What the heck you thinking? :o * Jessica continues her battle with Zeon. <Kodah> I summoned him <Tiernan> I...I can't let her die! * Aura pokepokes the feild <Tiernan> Can you try that again? * Aura actually hasnt noticed that Jeyer is there yet <Kodah> ...I can try, but I don't think it'll work this time. Zeon won;t be tricked twice <Tiernan> Jeyer! Do you have any ideas? <Reisha> Hey, if Zeon's controlling her, maybe I can scramble his concentration so to speak.. * Aura blinks and swings around.."jeyers here?!" <Narrator> * Jeyer shrugs... "This is out of my jurisdiction I believe.." <Tiernan> ...We might have to weaken order to save her... <Tiernan> ...Forgive me, Jessica... * Tiernan spreads his wings and concentrates. Then he snaps his fingers and points at Jessica! "Infinite Earth Mother! Lend me your power to crush my opponents! Exploder!" The earth shrieks as a tower of magma erupts beneath Jessica's feet! * Aura silently huays and stares at the fight * Kodah spreads his stance out, and his black aura flares outward like wildfire! <Kodah> Here we go! <Narrator> The spell blows up short of Jessica and the sword of darkness... A deep growl comes from her as she thrusts towards the sword of darkness... * Reisha forms a dark ball of force in her hands. "Dark storms of time, cleanse the world of my enemy.. DE-soul!" Reisha winds up like a baseball pitch, and throws the shadow hurlting towards Jessica as it takes the form of the Reaper! "Maybe I can knock Zeon outta you!" <Tiernan> I can't do anything...I can't get through! * Jessica lets out a primal yell as she thrusts her blade toward the sword once more. <Narrator> == The Desoul spell is cast... A black aura fades in an out of perspective... The sword of darkness absorbs the death spell... * Aura punches at the power feild that keeps them away <Tiernan> ...What can I do...? <Narrator> The sword of darkness parries the blow and cuts right for Jessica's ribs <Reisha> No good.. it's absorbing everything. <Tiernan> Zeon! You...are a coward! <Narrator> Aura's hand bounces away, undamaged. <Reisha> Jess...! For Mitula's sakes snap out of it before you get killed! :o * Kodah continues to concetrate, but something seems wrong * Jessica tries parry the sword's stike and lunges once more. <Tiernan> You have to use others to get what you want! * Aura swears and kicks at the feild <Narrator> Zeon's voice growls and ignores the words spoken... <Reisha> Think of Darin! <Tiernan> Darin's waiting for you, Jessica! Don't leave him! <Kodah> Its...not....working! <Aura> Jess! pleeeaaassseee!!!! * Aura smashes at the feild with both fists <Narrator> * Jeyer moves away, this not being his fight... * Jessica hears them not as she keeps slicing at the sword with all the strength she can muster. * Reisha reaches into her sleeves and pulls out a shiny dagger. She then hurls it with lethal precision at the Blade, to at least distract Jess, or the weapon somehow.. <Narrator> The field once again diverts the attack * Aura swears as she tries to punch through the feild * Tiernan tries to hurl his boomerang at the field, not giving up! <Reisha> Damnit Jess, listen to your girlfriend here! <Narrator> Jess gives a punishing blow to the sword of Darkness... It falls to the ground and before it can float back up, Jess holds it down with her foot HARD. <Tiernan> No! * Aura gently pokes at the feild...wondering if maybe shes slow she can get through * Jessica stands there over the sword. <Kodah> Damn!! <Narrator> Zeon once again speaks as Jess turns around, her features twisted and writhing... "Now ends.... My... Emprisonment......" <Tiernan> You're a fool, Zeon... <Tiernan> Don't you realize Volcanon's protection is won't have a world to rule... <Tiernan> Because of what you've done... * Jessica raises both hands toward the party as she starts chanting to the celestial sprits. "Bring forth your full fury, unleash the ultimate spell of elemental destruction..." * Darin walks into the room... "Oh my gods...... JESSICA!! What are you DOING?!?!" <Aura> Shit! * Tiernan turns around sharply. "Darin! You're all right!" * Kodah struggles to try and hold Zeon, but his aura is starting to flicker <Tiernan> Zeon's inside her! <Jessica> O_O; * Reisha blinks. "Darin?! You ahve some great timing, coma boy!" ^^ * Aura ducks down small and tries to hide * Darin runs up to the others. "yeah.. I'm all right now.." .... "What did you just say, Tyr?" * Jessica falls to her knees as she sees Darin. <Kodah> I can't....old...him!! <Tiernan> Zeon's inside her! <Darin> Gods no... <Tiernan> Please help her Darin...I think you're the only one who can! * Jessica holds her heart. "No....Zeon...I won't....kill...." * Aura scampers over and hides behind Jeyer's legs <Jessica> DARIN!!!!!! <Narrator> The sword of darkness frees itself and lifts up into the air... Looking for a final strike... <Darin> JESSICA! <Jessica> HELP ME OUT HERE! * Kodah 's aura shatters into a billions pices, and he falls to his knees * Aura leaps out from her hiding spot, seeing the sword wanting to strike.. <Jessica> I can't...fight..Zeon for...long..>Darin..Please help me. <Tiernan> Kodah! * Darin runs toward Jessica... * Tiernan rushes to his friend! * Tiernan helps Kodah to his feet. "It's okay, Kodah..." * Aura gets realy tempted to grab the sword <Narrator> Darin is pushed back by the magic field... <Tiernan> The sword, Darin! Your sword! <Darin> ... What in Hell?. .. <Jessica> Darin....try..the blade ...of truth.... * Aura slowly walks around the bubblefeildthing * Darin draws the Blade... and strikes at the field. "Dammit.. let me the hell through!" * Jessica seems to be fighting...her eyes flash red, but turn back to their normal blue.... <Narrator> Zeon breaks over Jessica's voice and bellows, "SILENCE! I SHALL NOT LOSE AGAIN!" <Jessica> I won't...kill Darin, won't make me. <Narrator> The sword slices through the field, shattering it in a spark of light! * Aura blinks * Aura backs up against the wall ^^ <Jessica> Darin, hit me wtih the blade NOW! <Narrator> The sword of Darkness starts its death blow, diving towards Jess' head! * Darin backs away for a few seconds, then runs for Jess. <Reisha> Yeah! Darin, think fast! * Darin puts himself between the sword of Darkness and Jessica. <Tiernan> Darrel! NO! STOP! * Aura runs forward to grab the sword of darkness if it dares hit Jess ^^ * Jessica can't fight Zeon for much longer. "Darin...please...use the sword on me." <Kodah> ... * Aura jumps and tries to grab the blade of darkness <Narrator> The sword of darkness stops cold before hitting Darin... And reshapes into Darrel, who lightly touches the ground... * Jessica 's appears to be still fighting....she clutches her hands to her heart as she closes her eyes. <Narrator> Aura grabs Darrel. ;P * Aura blinks and looks up at Darrel.."oh dear..." <Jessica> it me...please. <Narrator> Zeon bellows... "I... SHALL.... WIN..!" <Tiernan> You cannot win, Zeon. You...simply can't. * Darin shakes his head. "I'm not going to attack you..." <Tiernan> You have failed. <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> Give up! <Jessica> DO IT! * Reisha looks on. "Zeon, you're nothing before something like this.. just go home!" * Jessica reaches out and grabs Darin's sword by the blade. <Tiernan> Jessica! * Aura pushes Darrel against a wall and blinks at Darin.."Just do it Darin!" * Darin raises his Blade and concentrates.. "Ler her GO, Zeon!" he tries to break Zeon's hold over Jessica. <Jessica> Darin..... * Aura kicks Darrel in the cojones <Narrator> Jess cringes as the sword of truth emmenates a faint white gleam... Slowly shining brightly! * Jessica winces... <Tiernan> Leave her, Zeon! <Narrator> * Darrel doesn't react, being a simple puppet to his true form... * Aura pokes Darrel * Darin continues to concentrate... "Come on..." The Blade warms in his hand as it glows. "Let her go... NOW.. I won't let you take her from me!" <Narrator> Zeon bellows darkly, "... N...NOOO! MY... VICTORY...!" * Jessica helps Darin, fighting Zeon's possession. "You won't....make me..hurt him or my friends, Zeon...LEAVE ME NOW!" <Kodah> ... * Aura blinks at Darrel.."you havent got cojones..ew! Freak man!" * Aura scampers over to hide behind Jeyer <Narrator> The light bursts suddenly, filling the room with a blinding aura of power! * Tiernan cries out and covers his eyes! * Jessica keeps fighting Zeon. * Reisha takes a few steps back, shielding her eyes. <Kodah> Agh! * Aura yelps and trips, falling to her knees and covering her eyes quickly <Narrator> A darkness tints the light as Zeon's life energy dissipates, saying only, "THIS SHALL NOT... END NOW.... I... VICTORY....." And the light ceases... <Narrator> Jessica is slumped on the floor... * Jessica is now lying in a heap on the floor of the shrine. * Aura rubs at her eyes and blinks at Jessica.."jess..?" <Jessica> -_- * Jessica is out cold <Narrator> * Jeyer smirks and mumbles, "Good show... Good show." <Kodah> Is he gone? * Aura inches forward towards Jess and looks up at Darin <Tiernan> He's gone. * Darin drops to his knees, dropping the Blade to the ground, and pulling Jessica to him.... "Jessica?.... Jessica...?!" * Aura looks back at Jeyer and raises an eyebrow.. * Tiernan smiles. "And Jessica will be okay...she just needs sleep..." <Tiernan> Like I did, right Kodah? <Narrator> * Jeyer smiles at Aura cutely and moves towards Jessica... <Kodah> RIght <Tiernan> ^_^ * Darin holds Jessica close to him... * Aura smiles and chuckles * Jessica feels Darin pulling her into his arms and reaches up touch him. "Da...rin." * Aura looks over at Jess again...sighing softly <Darin> Oh gods.. I thought I'd lost you... <Narrator> Jeyer: Well done, Darin... Well done. <Jessica> I thought...I'd too. * Kodah manages to stand again, and extends his senses outwards * Reisha steps bac, smiling at this turn of events. "Now this is mroe like it." ^_^ <Tiernan> Kodah...are you okay? :) <Tiernan> Maybe we should take you back to the inn so you can rest! * Aura sighs softly and watches.. <Narrator> Jeyer: Darin... Jess... Stand up, will you please? <Kodah> Just checking to make sure that Zeon is gone * Jessica is a bit weak. "Darin, help me up, please?" * Darin reaches out with one hand, and sheathes the Blade of Truth, then stands, carefully helping Jess to her feet beside him, steadying her with his arm. <Tiernan> I'm so glad you're all right, Darin! <Darin> Thanks, Tyr. <Tiernan> I used my sacrifce spell on you...and I wasn't sure that would help yuu, but I'm so glad it did! * Tiernan fluffs his wings ^_^ * Kodah walks over to Darell, and watches him for a moment * Aura leans back against the wall silently and watches them.. * Jessica holds onto Darin for dear life. "You're not the only one that's glad he's back." * Darin smiles.... and hugs Jess tightly. * Aura looks over at Darrel and kodah..mumbling, "nuttless freak" <Darin> Thank you, all of you... <Narrator> * Jeyer claps his hands together... "Now. Who shall go first?" <Jessica> Eh? <Kodah> Huh? <Darin> Wha? <Narrator> Jeyer: allright... Darin, move away from Jess. <Narrator> * Jeyer grins, not saying anything more... * Reisha patpats Tyr. "You always do good Tyr.." :) <Kodah> The Sword of Darkness...its been a while since I last saw it <Jessica> I can stand now,'s alright. <Darin> .. okay... * Tiernan blushes. "I...I...thank you Reisha...*^_^* * Darin takes a few steps forward.. * Aura raises an eyebrow, watching the whole thing <Narrator> * Jeyer steps back, then walks towards Jess and whispers in her ear, "Today, the curse of your line ends... An era of hope begins anew for you..." <Jessica> eh? <Narrator> * Jeyer then pulls back as gleaming energy flows around Jessica... <Kodah> ...? * Darin watches with wide eyes.. * Aura Oooos <Narrator> Jessica reshapes and changes form slowly... Her clothes slowly reshape into an intricately designed armor... An ancient scabbard appears at her side... And a dragon shaped tiara forms in her hair.... <Darin> Woah.... * Jessica standst here as her armor appears, a lavendar cape flowing behind her now. * Tiernan claps his hands! "^_^ You look good!" * Reisha blinks. "Hey.. I think that look is really you, Jess. Stylin." * Aura wide-eyes and mumbles something to the effect of hot chick*mumblemumble* * Reisha gives a thumbs up. <Kodah> Well done Jess...well done * Aura tries not to drool <Narrator> == Jess is Promoted to Mage Knight! <Narrator> * Jeyer glances at Aura and raises an eyebrow... * Darin 's jaw drops... "Holy...." * Aura blushes at Jeyer and shuts up <Narrator> * Jeyer grins and turns towards Darin... "Now... Stand over there, Darin. *points*" * Darin shakes out of his daze.. nods, and stands where Jeyer indicates. <Narrator> Jeyer: Now Darin... You've lost something precious... To get it back, newfound strength and allies will be needed... This is your time for glory... Arise in your new aura of power. <Narrator> * Jeyer watches as Darin's armor slowly reshapes into a full breast plate... His features mature and change... A full set of magical armor wraps itself around every inch of his form and his cape flows grandiosely behind him... His sword enhances, doubling in size... The handle's design has a moon and a sun carved in an odd pattern, the word truth engraved between both. <Narrator> == Darin is prompoted to Champion! * Kodah applauds * Tiernan does likewise :D * Aura claps * Darin blinks... and looks himself over... "Whoa... wait till Kalla sees /this/...." He looks over at Jessica.. and smiles.. * Jessica jumps right into Darin's arms. * Aura smiles * Darin blinks and holds Jessica close... * Aura smiles at Jeyer * Reisha claps. "Isn't this just too damned sweet.." <Reisha> ^_^ <Narrator> * Jeyer smirks and nods at his handiwork then turns and walks to Aura's side... "Fine pair of warriors, these two are... <Reisha> But, I think we still one mroe thing to atke care of before we get our happy ending, huh? * Kodah leands against the wall, watching quietly * Aura nods and smiles at them.."yea" * Aura kisses Jeyer's cheek softly * Jessica just holds onto Darin, a smile on her face. <Narrator> * Jeyer blinks and whispers in her ear, "That bad, hunh?" * Darin looks at Jessica and kisses her full on the lips. "Did I ever tell you you're beautiful?" * Tiernan smiles. :D * Aura squeeks softly and blinks innocently at Jeyer * Jessica looks up at Darin. "And did I ever tell you how much you really mean to me, Darin Moonshado?" <Kodah> ... <Narrator> * Darrel slowly moves back to the middle of the room... A dark aura surrounding him... <Kodah> ..? * Jessica looks over at Darrel. "Eh?" <Darin> ...? * Aura swears and blinks at Darrel <Tiernan> Darrel? <Jessica> Darrel.... * Reisha watches Darrel. <Kodah> Now what? <Narrator> * Jeyer squeezes Aura's hand gently and speaks in a manner that everyone hears, "This is where I step out... I'll be waiting for you guys outside." <Kodah> Huh? * Aura blinks up at Jeyer.."wuh..?" <Jessica> what? <Narrator> * Jeyer kisses Aura softly, smiles at her and walks out without answering to anyone's inquiry... <Reisha> So big boy, you going to scrap with us or something? I'd hate to ruin this warm moment.. ^^ * Aura blushes softly and wideeyes <Aura> Okay! lets fight <Kodah> Who says we have to fight? <Tiernan> We must prove ourselves. <Narrator> Darrel: This fight... Will determine the fate of the world... Prepare yourselves, Shining Force. <Jessica> That look on Darrel's face does, Kodah. * Tiernan gets ready... * Aura shrugs.."donno...Darrel?" <Narrator> * Darrel transforms into the sword of darkness and gets into a fighting stance.... <Kodah> Damn...I was hoping to avoid this... <Reisha> Fate, the world.. yep, sounds important. can't have love without a world to have it in, afetr all. * Jessica places a hand on the hilt in the scabbard, as she channels raw magic through it. * Aura grins and makes a wall of ice apear sort of around her, ready to throw at Darrel * Kodah slids into a combat posture, his black aura flaring into existance once more! * Reisha spins, and juggles some negative charge in her hands. "Prepare to see why I'm body electric, baby!" <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====