Shining Force RPG 2 session 35
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<Jeyer> ===== SESSION START ===== <Jeyer> ===== COMBAT ===== <Jeyer> ===== Monster count: Sword of Darkness ===== * Kodah slids into a combat posture * Indigo teleports in in a burst of white light. <Indigo> Hi everyone! What's going on? ^_^ * Aura crouches down in a corner.. * Jessica pulls the hilt from the scabbard at her side, but there is no blade. * Tiernan pulls the boomerang strapped to his waist off in one fluid motion. He lanches himself into the air, so gracefully, that one would not suspect the power he wields... * Hans assumes an offensive position * <Jeyer> == Darrel attacks. * Tiernan pointedly ignores Indigo. ^^; <Jessica> Hmmm.....ok. * David stands in front of them all, AmeShi drawn with the flames crackling angrily as he defends Reisha who is at his side * Aura sloowly crawls along the edge of the room.. * Jessica channels raw Thunder power through the hilt as she summons her thunder sword. <Jeyer> == Darrel changes forms... He morphs into the sword of darkness. <Hans> ... <Jessica> hey, that's cool. A weapon of pure lightning. <Kodah> ^^;; <Jeyer> == Tiernan can attack * Tiernan tenses. "Be careful David.." <Kodah> I don't remember it doing that last time... * Tiernan holds his fingers to his lips and whispers an ancient chant that is slowly building to a crescendo.. ! "Immortals above! Grant me the power to make the first blow! Eagle Wing!" *From high above, an image of a glowing eagle appears above Tiernan, showering him with feathers that quickly dissapear as soon as they appear!* * David nods.. "I will be, Tyr.." * Aura crawls along the walls behind everyone.. * David crouches and tenses.. <Jeyer> == Tiernan casts Eagle wing... Tiernan gains 19 agility <Hans> Wonder where this thing's weakness is... <Indigo> Are you children fighting again? <Jeyer> == Tiernan can attack * Tiernan spins around slowly, as tiny whisps of faerie fire swirl and grow around him. Planting both feet firmly on the ground, the faerie flames burst into life as a collum of white fire that surrounds him, giving him new strength! * Kodah ignores Indigo with great passion * Jessica makes a point to ignore Indigo. <Jeyer> == Tiernan casts Flame Vigor... His body flows with newfound strength... 18 attack increase! * Aura ignores indi happily * Jeyer ignores Indigo from outside the shrine <Jeyer> == Kodah can attack! * Hans wonders how on earth he can hit a sword o_O; * <Jeyer> == Kodah casts Boost lv. 2 * Kodah raises both his hands, calling forth curling vortices of energy from the earth and sky to envelop his allies! * Indigo pouts at Kodah. <Indigo> No fair, I'm the Elementalist! <Jeyer> == The boost spell speeds up everyone's movement and protects them... 16 speed increase and 14 defense increase to all players! * Indigo stomps her foot. <Kodah> Get over yourself Indigo <Tiernan> Get...over...herself? <Indigo> Meanie poopyhead! <Hans> ... * Tiernan blinks at Kodah's words. ^^; <Kodah> Fine. I'm a meanie poopiehead. Can we please concentrate on the task at hand? * Aura calls out at Tyr.."He means for her to stop thinking shes the greatest thing, and that everyone should pay attention to her! because she isnt and we wont!" <Indigo> I don't know what we're doing! * Indigo folds her arms over her chest. <Jeyer> == Reisha can attack, reisha defends sexily * David blinks and raises an eyebrow. <Kodah> We have to subdue that dark sword over there *points* <Indigo> The last thing I remember is rolling off into the sunset after saying good-bye to Chamolo. <Jeyer> == David can attack * Indigo looks at the sword. <Hans> Kodah, don't tell her that! /_\ Now she'll summon some blasted god and nearly get us killed o_O; <Tiernan> Oh...Okay...thank you Aura! * David dashes towards the sword and leaps into the air, swinging AmeShi downwards to cleave it in two, leaving a flaming path in it's wake! <Indigo> Hi! I'm Indigo Mysteria, and we're the Shining Force! Surrender now or we'll have to get rough! <Hans> Indigo, it's a sword... ;P * Jessica examines her weapon again. "Who knew?" * Aura smiles over at Tyr, and goes back to crawling stealthy-like * Indigo giggles and strikes a pose, hands on hips. <Jeyer> == The two blades collide together, AmeShi's flames flaring... The sword of light absorbed in AmeShi weakens the sword of darkness... 42 damage! <Indigo> Surrender now or prepare to fight! ^_^ <Jeyer> == Indigo can attack * David grunts as he lands and dashes back to the front of the group! * Indigo glows light-blue. <Indigo> Atlas, Elemental of the Air, blast the sword with lightning! * David crouches low again, muscles twitching.. * Aura crouches in a corner...watching..waiting for her chance <Jeyer> == Indigo summons Atlas... Atlas appears and strikes down with lightning on the sword of Darkness... The dark metal of the blade shudders from the clasp of power... 31 damage! <Jeyer> == Aura can attack! <Indigo> Yippee@ <Indigo> ! * Kodah keeps a close eye on the sword, looking for an opportunity to strike * Aura grins and pushes forward with her hands, sending a sheat of ice sliding over at the sword quickly..*I forget the spell name :D* * Jessica looks over at Darin, then shows him her weapon. "How did I do this?" <Tiernan> Wasn't it 'Blizzard', Aura? ^^; * Darin shrugs at Jess. "I don't know.. how /did/ you do that?" <Jessica> dunno. Let's see how effective it is against that sword. *Points to the sword of Darkness* * Aura shrugs at Tyr.."doesnt realy matter ^^;" <Jeyer> == Aura casts Freeze field lv. 1 on the sword of darkness... The ice coats the sword, dulling its blade with the biting cold... 18 damage! The sword isn't immobilized. <Jeyer> == Hans can attack * Hans pulls his arms down to his side, arms and knees bent * Mitula, wish me luck... * Hans closes his eyes tight, then opens them. His fists are now illuminated in a light blue aura. Hans charges at the sword. He jabs a powerful right handed-punch, using his momentum and strength he gathered up while running * *Hans then immediately spins 360, to gather more momentum. Right as he spins the full circle, he delivers a backhand to his foe * * Jessica gives Darin a quick smile and turns her attention back to the sword. <Kodah> Nice technique Hans <Tiernan> Wow... * Aura grins and sits, one of her randomly happy strange psychotic the one involving the dead bear and the vertibrae * Darin shifts his blade in his hand, and nods over at Hans. "Nice one." * Aura smirks at Hans <Jeyer> == Hans attacks the sword of darkness... Its hit shatters the sheet of ice surrounding it, sending it cluttering to the floor... It slowly hovers back to a defensive stance... 28 damage! * Hans leaps back * Thanks ^_^ <Jessica> smooth move, Hans. <Hans> Not good enough, though... <Jeyer> == Jessica and Darin can attack! <Hans> Put alot of my aura into those blows... * Hans cracks his neck * * Jessica goes airborne, then dives at the sword, delivering an arcing attack on the sword of Darkness with her LIGHTNING sword. * Darin grasps the Blade of Truth with both hands and delivers a hearty slash to the sword of Darkness. <Jeyer> == Darin and Jess' blades collide violently with the sword of Darkness, sending sparks flying everywhere! The sword clangs to the ground from the sheer force of the double blow! 44 damage, 49 damage! Critical! <Tiernan> ^_^ All right! <Jessica> wow. * Indigo giggles. <Indigo> Silly sword! Battles are for grown-ups! * Darin smiles at Jessica. "Wow.. nice. You've been practicing, I see." * Aura grins and makes a pile of ice-balls to throw * Jessica smiles back at Darin. "Yeah. Looks like you have been to." <Jeyer> ===== The sword of Darkness can attack! ===== * Hans preps himself... * <Jeyer> == The sword of darkness pulls back further down the room to a dark altar... On it, a dark flame burns... It lowers itself into the flame, mending the broken parts and its edge... The sword of Darkness recovers fully. <Tiernan> No! <Darin> ..... <Kodah> Dang! <Hans> What the...? <Jessica> Oh bow.... * Aura blinks and makes a pile of ice balls around herself <Jessica> oh, bother....this thing just refuses to die. * Aura hides behind them <Hans> I'm going all-out, this time! <Tiernan> Me too! * David frowns and nudges his hair from his eyes before crouching again.. <Jessica> same here. * Indigo looks at the altar. * Kodah growls, preparing to attack * Hans assumes a special position... Kind of odd. An old fighting position rarely seen anymore * <Jeyer> == The sword of darkness can attack! <Jeyer> == The sword of darkness prepares itself and dives towards Reisha <David> !! * Darin shifts a little, bracing himself better. He shifts the grip of his Blade a bit to me more comfortable. <Jessica> REISHA! * David blinks and wideyes, jumping in it's path! * Aura cringes.."reeeeeii...reeeieiiiiii..." <Darin> Rei! * Hans suddenly leaves the position and assumes another... * <Tiernan> Reisha! * Aura swears.."david dont be stupid! JUst push her out of the way!!!" * Aura lunges to push them both out of the way <David> O_o Oh, damnit! Blonde moment! <Jeyer> == The sword dives towards David, but leaps over him and strikes at Reisha... Reisha takes 34 damage! * David grimaces and scowls, crouching lower... "Alright, now I'm angry." <Tiernan> She'll be all right, David...NO~ <Hans> o_O; * Aura blinks and falls onto her side on the ground.."ow..pain" <Tiernan> David, if you get angry, you'll be defeated like last time! Don't you see what it's trying to do?! * Jessica narrows her eyes at the Sword. * David closes his eyes, the flames on AmeShi growing larger.. <Jeyer> == The sword of Darkness glows dark and grows in size as it pulls back... <Tiernan> Please David! Listen to me... * Hans slowly approaches, Rei, charging a magical sphere on the tip of his index finger. It glows a bright golden color... * <Darin> This... is bad... <Indigo> Now you apologize stupid sword, or I'll tell David's daddy and mommy on you! Kara will come down here and really unload on you, and Chamolo will cheer her on! <Tiernan> Who is Chamolo...? ^^: <Hans> Who is Kara? ^^;; * Aura blinks.."is the blade horny..ooor is that just in my head o_O>> <Kodah> Friends of mine from the Shining Force before you <Hans> Ahh ^_^ * David grits his teeth and forces himself to untense.. <Tiernan> You can do it, David... <Indigo> Chamolo is a funny, somewhat whiny priest from last time. Really sweet though. Kara's a ninja with nerves of ice, and a lot of misplaced aggression. ^_^ * Aura blinks at the blade.."did it just grow, or am i seeing things?" <Tiernan> Keep in control...and you'll win! I'm right behind you... <Indigo> They're David's parents! * David shakes his head and twirls AmeShi casually.. "Right, Tyr..!" <Tiernan> ^_^ <Jeyer> == Tiernan can attack! * Tiernan closes his eyes and crosses his arms. His wings burst into fire, and a low gutteral moan escapes from Tyr's lips. "Black Earth Mother, courtesan of the end! Open thy hands and set free the fires of your twisted passions! Exploder 3!" The earth begins to moan in response, and the ground bursts into fire around him! The fire spreads outwards at an incredible rate, engulfing everything in searing magma! <Kodah> Keep yourself under control, David. Lose control and you give power to that Dark Sword. Beleive me, I heald it once before * David nods and draws AmeShi back, ready to pounce.. <Jeyer> == Exploder 3 is cast... The ground shakes and writhes at it spews its lifeforce at the sword of darkness... The heat warps the blade badly, but as it dissipates, the blade returns to its original form... <Jeyer> == 46 damage! * Aura crawls back over to the pile of ice and sharpes some of them.. <Jeyer> == Kodah can attack! <Kodah> Here we go! * Kodah draws in power from the world around him, causing the temperature and ambient light around him to drop. He leaps high into the air as he gathers the energy into an infinitely dark sphere centered around his hands. The whole world seems to bend away from him, as if afriad. "Ikkaseisemeru no Koda! Ikuze...HASSHA!" * Kodah pushes his hands forward, and a single blast of black energy arcs out of the sphere and smashes into the enemy. A split-second later two more blasts strike home. Then four. Then six. Then ten. Within seconds there are too many to count. Blast after blast smashes into the enemy again and again without pause. Soon nothing can be heard over the deafening roar of devil power mercilessly beating upon Kodah's helpless foe! * Jessica channels more thunder power into her lightning sword. * Aura spends time making the ice as hard and as sharp as she can... <Tiernan> Kodah..! O_o <Jeyer> == REEEOOOWWWR... The blasts crush the sword of darkness, though the dark energy seems to lessen the damage dealt to the black blade... 39 damage! Critical! * Kodah lands onto the grounds again, his breathing heavy and labored and his hands smoking. * Tiernan flies down to Kodah and helps him up. "You okay?" <Kodah> I'm a bit winded...but I'm okay <Jessica> Sssssssssmokin. <Tiernan> Good... ^_^ <Jeyer> == David can attack! <Aura> Daaamn cool Kodah! :D <Tiernan> Jessica...don't make fun of Kodah! :/ <Kodah> Don't worry about it Tyr, and thanks Aura <Kodah> Though the actual effect left something to be desired... * Tiernan nods and flies back into battle formation. * Aura smiles at kodah and grins evilly as she makes some razor sharp ice points * David rushes forward and pauses underneath the sword, looking up at it briefly before leaping straight upwards, dragging his blade up the same mark he made earlier, driving the blade cruelly into the 'hilt' of the sword before falling back to the group! <Jeyer> == AmeShi's blade swiftly connects with the hilt of the sword, shattering the hilt into a dozen pieces! 58 damage! Critical! * David grins wolfishly and crouches..! <Hans> Nice one, Dave! <Jeyer> == Reisha can attack... Reisha defends sexily with a large gouging cut on her side. :P * Aura nods to david.."nice!" <Kodah> Well doe David! <Jeyer> == Aura can attack! * Hans is still charging the heal spell... * <Indigo> ((Punted)) *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Tiernan * Aura grins and leaps up in the air, arms full of ice and throws them at the sword at top spead..pelting the shattered areas, the sharp points gouging into the blade.. <Jeyer> == Aura casts freeze field... The sharp pieces of ice crash on the already greatly damaged sword, sending it crashing to the ground... The blade bends under the weight of the ice... 32 damage, Immobilized! <Jeyer> == Hans can attack! * Hans puts his index finger to Rei's forehead * Mother of all... Goddess of tranquility... Please aid me in this healing... Heal 3! * Hans narrows his eyes, using up a majority of his magic energy to cast this spell. The light orb on his index finger jumps off and seeps into Rei's forehead, rejuvinating her! * <Tiernan> We're doing it! Keep it up, everyone! * Aura lands on the ground, bows, then retreats to the shadows again <Jeyer> == Hans casts Heal level 3 on Reisha... Reisha recovers fully from her wounds... * Hans steps back to where he was standing before, a bit of a wobble in his steps * <Jeyer> == Indigo can attack <Indigo> I have an idea! ^_^ * Indigo glows blue. <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, tidal wave the altar! Put the dark flame out! <Hans> o_O That actually might work... * Darin sweatdrops. <Tiernan> Indigo...! <Jeyer> == Indigo summons Neptune... The tidal wave collides with the altar violently, sending splashes of water spraying back towards the shining force! After the water clears, the altar is lightless, devoid of the once dark flame it held... * Indigo smiles proudly. * Aura blinks at indi and inches up high in the doorway away from the water <Kodah> That...was actually a good idea <Hans> o_O Nice job, old woman! ^_^ <Darin> Wow... <Tiernan> Thank you Indigo! <Jessica> good job, Indigo.. * Aura smirks.."not bad.." <Indigo> No problem! I do get flashes of inspiration now and then. ^_^ * David nods.. <Jeyer> == Darin and Jess can attack! ;P And they're aaaaall wet! * Jessica whispers in Darin's ear. "About time that psycho did something useful.>> * Jessica does the airborne, arcing LIGHTNING slice again. <Hans> Hmm... * Darin runs up and slashes the holy **** <<insert word of your choice.>> out of the sword of Darkness with his big sword. <Hans> It's wet... If we had some thunder magic, this'd be useful... Wait... *Glances over at Rei* _ <Tiernan> Wait..Jessica...isn't using lightning while wet...bad? <Jeyer> == The two swords collide on the sword of darkness violently... The ice shatters from the blade, freeing it once more, but damaging it badly once again... 38 damage and 44 damage! <Darin> Only to that sword, Tyr... I hope. <Jessica> Tyr, my blade is PURE lightning. * Hans jumps as Jess attacks * ^^; * Aura swears.."now it can move, dammit!" <Jeyer> == The sword of darkness can attack! <Jeyer> == The sword of darkness strikes at David! * David blinks and brings AmeShi up to block! <Darin> David look out! <Kodah> Watch it! * Aura swears.."damned blade! stop going for the important people!" <Tiernan> David@ * Aura runs out and tries to push david out of the way <Jeyer> == the weakened shape of the blade makes it strike weakly! David parries the blow. <Jeyer> == David can counter attack! * David grins as he parries the blow! He lunges forward at the opening and slams the blade home, burying the flaming AmeShi into the sword hilt again, twisting it. "AAAAAAAHHHHHYYYYAAH!!!" <Jeyer> The blade disrupts from reality for a second, flickering at the force of the attack... Then turns into dark energy, wrapping itself around AmeShi, the energy absorbed into the blade... <Jeyer> ===== Victory! ===== <Tiernan> Yes! We did it!! <Kodah> Ha! * Tiernan smiles! <Darin> Yes! * Aura yeeehooo's * David drops to the floor, panting softly.. * Aura pats David.."good job" * Jessica makes the lightning in her blade disappear, puts the hilt away and jumps right into Darin's arms. "We did it!" * Hans sighs, and rubs his right hand. His right hand is the hand he always casts spells with... * * Indigo takes up the remnants of the sword and puts them in her cape pocket. * Aura scampers over to look for small peices of blade, if there are any.. <Jeyer> AmeShi's blade turns deep crimson as the sword of light and darkness merge together with the blade's fire... * David blinks and wideyes.. <Tiernan> ...David...! <Tiernan> The sword...! * Aura raises an eyebrow at David.."woah..sword.." * Darin drops the Blade of Truth to the ground as he catches Jess.. and watches the sword.. <Hans> o_O; <Kodah> You okay there David? * Jeyer walks down the stairs to the room... <Tiernan> Jeyer... * David eyes AmeShi.. * Aura looks over at Jeyer and points at the blade <Jeyer> Sounds of victory... I see you've finally won. <Kodah> I guess we did <Tiernan> Yeah...we did...but David did most of the work. ^_^ * Aura nods.."David rocked" <Tiernan> Although we all did our best too! * David blushes and looks at Jeyer. "Ah, it was really all them!" <Tiernan> It was all of us! <Hans> ... * Aura lets out one laugh.."Ha! David did way more!" * Jeyer shakes his head and chuckles... * Hans wrings out his cape, hood and robe, once taking them off * * Jessica surrounds her and Darin in mystic heat, to dry themselves off. * Jeyer puts his hand out, asking for AmeShi... * Hans puts his robe cape and hood back on * * David blinks and hesitates before giving the blade to Jeyer.. * Darin carefully sets Jessica down, and sheathes the Blade of Truth once they're dry. * Hans cracks his neck and then pulls his hood over his head, silently * * Aura watches... * Tiernan lands on the ground and watches Jeyer quietly. <Kodah> ... * Jeyer grabs AmeShi and flinches as the hilt touches his hand... But then regains his composure and studies the blade... <Jessica> so, what now, Jeyer? * Jeyer swings the sword around... Getting the feel of the blade. * David 's muscles twitch.. * Aura shrinks away from the blade <Hans> ... <Kodah> So...what's the verdict Jeyer? * Jeyer then stops and holds it blade pointing up, hilt tight in hand... He closes his eyes and whispers a few words... * David frowns, tilting his head.. * Darin watches in slience. * Jessica holds onto Darin as she watches. <Hans> ... * Aura stays in her shrunken back somewhat defensive posture.. * Hans pulls out his Mitula pendant and looks at it, then tucks it back under his robe, concealed from view * * Jeyer 's robe slowly fades away and his dark purplish ninja garb materializes to be instead... The blade takes on a purplish tint, same color as the garb... He then opens his eyes and hands the blade over to David, hilt first... * Aura blinks and wideeyes at Jeyer * David blinks and looks at Jeyer briefly before reaching out to grasp the hilt, tugging the sword free.. * Hans kneels and begins to say a prayer, having forgotten to pray recently * <Jeyer> == As David grabs hold of the blade, a surge of strength, at first painful but then familar, surges through his body... His clothes reshape into a blazing armor set, molding to his features... His face hardens and ages... AmeShi reshapes itself, growing in size, the detail work becoming much more intricate... * Aura raises an eyebrow and blinks at David * David closes his eyes tight, not seeing any of this.. <Tiernan> Whoa... <Darin> Wow.... <Jeyer> == David is promoted to Hero! <Jessica> whoa. * David snaps his eyes open and blinks slowly.. <Tiernan> look good! <Kodah> Well done David....well done * Aura blinks at David.."wow o_O not bad" <Darin> All right David! Way to go man! * David looks down at himself and then at the group, smiling faintly.. "Thank you.." * David looks at Jeyer... * Hans finishes praying and stands * * Doesn't seem surprised that David has been promoted * Congratulations ^_^ <Jeyer> * Reisha whistles, "Secsey!" * David raises an eyebrow at Rei and breaks into a grin.. * Jeyer looks back at David, his face devoid of emotions, his eyes gleaming faintly with a light of pride... * Aura does an opera clap * David steps forward and hugs Jeyer, lifting him off his feet! ;) * Hans reaches into his pack and pulls out a canteen of some odd sort. Hans walks around, drinking a few sips every now and then. He stops near Kodah * So, what do we do now? * Jeyer gehs at the hug, but hugs back.... * David places Jeyer back down and steps back, straightening his shoulders. ^_^ <Kodah> We keep going towards Arc Valley. Dark Dragon still has to be stopped * Indigo teleports back in in another flash of blinding white light and a loud *ching* sound, then begins dusting herself off. <Tiernan> Yes... * Indigo smiles at David and rubs his head. * Tiernan 's face suddenly darkens. "Time is running out..." <Indigo> Little Davie made a friend! ^_^ * David grimaces at Indi and nods.. <David> We should go. * Aura blinks at Tyr..."what do you mean..?" <Kodah> How so Tyr? * Indigo clambers up on David's shoulders and settles herself in. * Jeyer stands there, unmoving, his features turning grim... * Hans offers some water to Kodah, from his canteen * <Indigo> Let's go! ^_^ * Indigo raises her staff high, the sun catching the gold inlays. * Aura looks over at Jeyer and frowns.. <Jessica> go where? <Indigo> I don't know. To where we all won last time. * Kodah nods to Hans, and takes the canteen, pulling a good-sized draw from it * Aura steps over to jeyer.."whats up..?" <Tiernan> Time...time is...if we don't get to Arc Valley... <Jessica> Kodah, wasn't the last battle of the last Shining Force's war in Arc Valley? <Tiernan> This world will...break up into nothing. <Jessica> Then let's get going. * Kodah hands the canteen back to Hans, then walks over to Jeyer * Jeyer looks at Aura, startled and whispers, "I'm afraid.." * Jessica follows Kodah, bringing Darin wiht her. <Indigo> Now now, quit being pessimtic! You're a god. You can just put it back together again, or make Dark Dragon go away. * Hans fills the canteen with some water from the floor in a certain spot appearing clean * * Aura frowns and wraps her arms around him.."afraid..?" * Darin gets dragged around again O_o <Kodah> Jeyer...can I talk to you about something? In private? <Tiernan> I'm not a god now... * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> Hi ho Davie, away! <David> ^^; * Jeyer wraps his arm around Aura, hugging her close for a second before nodding to Kodah and letting go... * Indigo tightens her legs and lighting kicks the sides of his ribs. <Indigo> lightly* * Aura smiles weakly.. * Hans tucks the canteen away * * Jeyer moves away from the party with Kodah * Indigo pouts. * Jessica looks at Darin. "When do we get to fry Indigo?" <David> Uhm...Indi... ^^; <Indigo> I miss Erin and Johei though. They were my favorite horseys! <Tiernan> ^^; <Indigo> I used to give Erin a sugar lick when she was good. ^_^ <Kodah> *Over his shoulder* Erin was not a Horsey! * Aura blinks at Indi..mumbles 'sick sick woman..' * Darin shrugs at Jessica. "I dont' know... but... I don't think we should soon... after the world is safe... .....nevermind." * David gently removes Indi from his shoulders. ^^; * Jeyer goes up the stairs to go out of the room, Kodah close behind.... * Tiernan waits paitently for Kodah and Jeyer to return. <Tiernan> I wonder what they want to talk about...? * Jessica stands there and waits. <Jeyer> ===== Cut scene! ===== * Jeyer walks to the center of the main room... The spot where Dark Dragon was... Then turns around and looks at Kodah... "Yes... What did you want to talk to me about?" in a broken voice... <Kodah> I don't mean to be blunt Jeyer, but I have 2 questions <Kodah> 1. How long have you had that piece of Arc Valley? <Kodah> 2. WHat are you planning to do with it? * Jeyer growls at himself softly, sighs and mumbles, "I've had it longer than you can imagine.." <Kodah> Humor me. Please * Jeyer pauses to find the right way to explain it, then says, "I... I hold the key to Arc valley.." * Kodah nods, largely unfazed <Jeyer> As for what I intend to do with it... I intend to use it. <Jeyer> As to who'll pass through the gate first, I can't say. I'll let the fates decide.. <Kodah> So, its reasonable to assume, that you have at least some idea of where Arc Valley is, and what you need to do when you get there * Jeyer stiffens as he listens to Kodah talk, as though he withheld some information... "Yes. I know." <Kodah> ANd I have a good suspicion that you haven't told us everything. ANd I also know that you have your reasons not to. SO I won;t ask you to * Jeyer nods... "Thanks for understanding.. This... This is too complicated to get into.. We need haste." <Kodah> I don't mean to sound threatening, since your actions so far have shown merit... <Kodah> ...but if those actions of yours lose their merit...I will have to try and stop you. And perhaps the ShiningForce will as well <Kodah> But I'm hoping that I can still believe that you're trying to do the right thing * Jeyer holds back a snicker.. "Let's just say I've realized how futile my plan to take Arc Valley was... And I wouldn't worry.. I might be the Shining Force's final salvation.. But enough of this. We need to move on... Get the rest of the Shining Force and bring them here." <Kodah> All right * Kodah starts to turn away, "And Jeyer..." * Jeyer raises his head and looks at Kodah... <Kodah> Thanks. For everything * Jeyer nods, smiling painfully... * Kodah heads back towards the group * Jeyer turns back resolutely, hitting an invisible switch on the floor... A console raises up from the northern wall of the room... Jeyer starts his work on it without looking back. <Jeyer> ===== end cut scene! ===== <Hans> ... * Indigo goes and holds up a salt lick to Jeyer. <Narrator> Back in the basement, the Shining Force continues their pointless gossip! * David holds Rei in his arms and kisses her gently.. * Hans is still silent * * Kodah walks back to the group, and whistles loudly * Tiernan looks around the basement, waiting for Kodah to return. * Tiernan jumps! O_o * Jessica holds Darin, kissing him. <Tiernan> Kodah! You're back! <Kodah> All right people! Listen up! * Aura sighs and looks around.. <Jeyer> * Reisha pulls back and stuffs a hershey's kisses in his mouth! * Indigo putters and hums the Smurf theme. <Kodah> Everyone follow me. Jeyer wants to talk to everyone <Indigo> What's he want? More ancient ravings? * David nods and releases Rei, heading to the stairs.. * Kodah ushers everyone upstairs <Jessica> aw cripes.... * Indigo drifts along the stairs. * Tiernan follows Kodah without complaint. <Jeyer> * Reisha follows David, checking him out. ;) * Hans wishes to stay downstairs, but slowly follows behind * * Jessica follows Kodah. "Just when the mood was really getting good." * Aura runs up the stairs <Kodah> You'll get otehr opportunities for passion Jess. Now hustle <Indigo> I wish the others were here. It's no fun dealing with Jeyer without Flamestrike and Yogurt and Kara.... * Darin refuses to comment on that one, and follwos after Jess. <Indigo> I wonder whatever became of Yogurt.... <Tiernan> Everyone! Stop complaining! :/ We're part of the Shining Force to stop evil...not bicker! * Indigo giggles. <Indigo> But we do both Tiernan! It's a proud tradition dating back to the first Shining Force! We always argued and fought, yet we won in the end. * Aura raises an eyebrow at Indi, "Someone probably ate him for breakfast along with a grapefruit and a bran muffin..complete with his own snap together yellow plastic spoon *smirk*" <Hans> ... <Tiernan> But...It's not a nice tradition... :/ We'd fight even better if we didn't...fight amongst ourselves. * David trots along quietly, looking much different in his armor.. <Hans> I've got no quarrel with anyone here... * Kodah continues to herd the force upstairs <Jessica> neither do I... <Indigo> Yeah, but its' no fun otherwise! * Aura shrugs.."I'm indifferent...*looks at indi* mostly indifferent.." <Indigo> I mean, the King of Granseal didn't complain when I used a tidal wave against him! You just have to be flexible! <Jeyer> The shrine suddenly starts to rumble... A loud humming sound starts to echo through the room... <Jessica> O_o; <Hans> ... Hmm? <Tiernan> W...What is that..? <Darin> ..... * Indigo looks upstairs crossly. * David blinks and tenses..! <Kodah> ... * Aura blinks and runs up to the top of the stairs <Indigo> Don't play with the machines Joxer! <Jeyer> * Reisha looks at David tense <Indigo> Just play with yourself until the trained professionals get there! <Kodah> Shush Indigo * Indigo stomps on upstairs, muttering. <Jessica> This is WTMI where we always give you Way Too Much Information. * David follows Aura.. <Indigo> Kids.... * Jessica follows Dave. * Tiernan ignores Indigo now ^^: * Darin raises an eyebrow... and raises his hands in the "not going there" gesture, then follows Jess. * Aura stands up at the top of the stairs and blinks.."jeyer???" <Indigo> Now, if that console's all screwed up when we get there, you're in big trouble mister! <Tiernan> Stop it Indigo! Just stop! <Tiernan> Please! <Indigo> Last time we let you play with an ancient device you almost blew us to kingdom come.... * Jeyer stands at his console, hitting random keys and pulling on throttle sticks, not saying anything to the Shining Force... * Aura dashes over and watches from about a meter away * Indigo sighs and holds up a salt lick, walking to Jeyer. * Aura smacks indi back down the stairs <Indigo> Here Jeyer Jeyer Jeyer...good Jeyer. If you're a good no-nothing ninjerk today and stop with the controls, I'll give you this..... * Tiernan sighs and wishes he had a muting spell...for Indigo. ^^; * Indigo approaches up the stairs with the salt lick again. * Kodah puts a restraining hand on Indi's shoulder <Kodah> ENough Indigo, let him work <Indigo> Otherwise, no dinner for you and you have to muck out your own cage tonight! <Hans> ... * Jeyer points a finger towards Indigo's voice.... Whispers "Rayjin level 1." A bolt of lightning fries the floor in front of Indigo... Then he returns to working... <Jessica> is there anything we can stuff Indi in to shut her up? * David sighs and shakes his head... ^^; * Aura rolls her eyes and mumbles something about too much crack * Indigo pouts, then glows light-blue. <Indigo> Atlas, Elemental of the Air, hit him with a lightning bolt! * Tiernan finally cracks, having enough, and pushes Indigo down with a blast of air! "STOP IT!!" <Tiernan> Leave him ALONE! <Jeyer> == Atlas is summoned... The humming coming from the walls of the shrine disrupts his shape, sending him back to the elemental plain... <Indigo> He started it. Bleeding no-account ninja, always causing trouble, even from the first, when he attacked Chamolo's dad. <Tiernan> did! <Hans> ... * Indigo kicks the machines in anger. <Tiernan> You're the're the one that Volcanon does not trust! <Tiernan> You must be... <Indigo> Always popping in and out. Just when we thought he was gone, he'd come back and screw everything up. * Jeyer hits a certain control... And the whole shrine jerks violently to the right... <Tiernan> Stop hat...Aaah! * Kodah steadies himself * Indigo kicks at the machine again, then again when she's jerked. * Tiernan crashes hard into the wall! <Indigo> Hey! Do you even know what you're doing?! * Indigo rubs her sore shoulder. * David grimaces and balances himself, his silver armor glinting ominously.. * Kodah grips both of Indi's shoulders and pulls her away from Jeyer and the machine * Jessica falls backwards into Darin. * Aura smashes into a wall near Jeyer and slumps to the ground * Tiernan lies slumped against the wall. <Kodah> You okay Tyr? * Jeyer turns around from the controls... "Of course I know. I'm launching this ship." <Tiernan> Ugh... * Indigo throws her point-ended staff into the machine in frustration. <Tiernan> Indigo...please stop...hating....please... * Jeyer blinks and runs towards Aura, kneeling by her * Aura is out cold * Kodah helps Tyr back onto his feet * Tiernan stumbles, holding his head. * Darin falls backwards onto his rear. "Ow.. dammit.." <Indigo> Joker, you couldn't launch your boogers from your nose, much less a ship.... * Jeyer sighs.. "Dammit.." * Indigo hugs Tyr. * Tiernan looks at Indigo with a steady glare. <Indigo> I don't hate him. He just irritates me. <Tiernan> hate him. <Tiernan> Don't kid yourself... <Hans> .. <Tiernan> Why else would you constantly belittle him when he's helped us...? <Tiernan> Now is the time to work together despite our differences... <Indigo> Well, he's been a pain in the butt since day one, and I remember, vaguely, some of what he did before. * Aura isnt out that cold because shes got her eyes open a lil b it <Tiernan> Let the past go, Indigo...please... * Jeyer growls softly and gets up and says growling, "We're elevating to a high distance.. Throw her out. She's not our problem anymore." then picks up Aura and moves back in the basement, away from the Shining Force... * Indigo looks at Jeyer, and the light dances over eyes that show no sanity. <Indigo> Okay, but if you try anything....what?! * Indigo glows black. <Tiernan> Stop...Stop it..! <Indigo> Doom, Elemental of Death....! <Tiernan> NO! * Tiernan tackles Indigo from behind! * Aura snuggles against Jeyer, mumbling * David blinks and starts towards Indi before Tyr grabs her * Indigo points at Jeyer before she falls. <Jeyer> == Death is summoned... Before Jeyer reaches the steps, he slumps to the floor as death's haze covers him and Aura... <David> ... <Tiernan> NO! <Kodah> INDIGO!!! * Tiernan runs towards Jeyer, and shakes him! "Jeyer!" * Indigo pouts. <Hans> ...? <Jessica> That does it. <Indigo> He'll come back. He's always come back before.... * Aura is clinging to Jeyer, but is quite dead..(i think) * Kodah claps Indigo in a full nelson and hoists her into the air! "Enough out of you!" * Jeyer moans softly, his skin white... But still alive... * Jessica pulls the hilt from her scabbard once more, channeling raw fire mana into it...a blade of pure fire forms on the scabbard. * Indigo glows blue. <Tiernan> Jeyer... * Darin blinks a few times... and stares wide eyed at what's happening.. <Tiernan> Hans! Please heal him! <Hans> Should I attempt a healing spell? *Approaches Jeyer* <Hans> Okay! <Indigo> Atlas, Elemental of Air, whirlwind.....destroy.....everything! <Tiernan> Yes please! <Tiernan> ... <Jessica> I'll stop Indigo. * Aura at least seams pretty dead..i mean, she was out cold, and now shes been Indi'ed, so who knows realy. * Tiernan turns around, glaring at Indigo. "To save the planet...I have to...I have to..." * Indigo screams before she summons, kicking. <Hans> Mitula, bless these unworth hands of a lowly monk... Heal level 3 -- Maximum energy! *Light fills the room as a ray of light suddenly appears above Jeyer and seeps into his body* * David blinks and runs to Indigo, stuffing some fabric in her mouth and tying it around her head so she can't spit it out! * Kodah growls and uses his black aura to try and stifle Indi's magic with his own <Indigo> Destroy me and the valley and...... * Jessica looks to Indigo.....and rushes right at her, fire blade aimed right at Indigo's head. <Tiernan> Stop it, Indigo! Just stop! * David blocks Jess! <Tiernan> I don't want to have to kill you, but to save this planet and protect everyone here, I will! <David> Stop! <Jeyer> == Jeyer's complexion returns to a normal color, but stays knocked out... <David> This is madness! <Hans> He'll be out cold... * Indigo lets out a muffled scream as she kicks and thrashes. <Jeyer> == Indigo's summons succeed... * Hans checks Aura's pulse... * <Darin> ... This isn't happening.. This isnt' happening... * David groans. ^^; <Tiernan> Indigo! NO! If you destroy the valley...we'll all die! <Jessica> Just say the word and that psycho's fried. * Indigo spits out the cloth. * Tiernan sighs, his face full of sorrow for what he's about to do. "Please...someone forgive me..." <Indigo> Sasha's * Hans sighs and charges another spell, now seeming rather weary, casting several heal 3 spells * <Hans> One more... * Kodah pends over backwards incredibly fast, slamming the top of Indi's head onto the floor! * Tiernan begins to chant. <Kodah> ENOUGH! * David places a hand on Tyr's shoulder. <David> Stop. * Hans surges up all his mana... He glows as a beam of light surrounds Aura, healing her * * Tiernan blinks. "David...She'll..." <Jeyer> == Atlas starts a dark gale... Mixed with Death's power... The other elementals join in... And turn into an apocalyptic wind, spinning everyone around like ragdolls... <Tiernan> Do you have any idea what she'll do? <Tiernan> Agh!! * Indigo slumps, but not before slamming one fist into Kodah's crotch. * David grimaces ^^; * Tiernan begins to slam into the walls, thanks to Indigo's wind! * Aura groans and clings to Jeyer * Jessica flies around and into Tiernan. * David slams back against the wall! * Kodah barely notices Indi's feeble attack before he's carried into the air by the apocalyptic winds <Kodah> Damnit!! <Jeyer> == Apollo appears... Sending bursts of fire throughout the room, burning the Shining Force... 22 damage to everyone! * Tiernan then gets slammed from beind by Jessica. "!" * Indigo glows with the rainbow light, which pulses......then dies...... * Hans is struck with the attack, so weak from the spell casting that he fully collapses... * <Jessica> you goddess damn psycho! How do we stop this blasted wind? * Kodah winces, trying to shield himself with his devil magic * Darin crouches against a wall. "I can't believe this is /happening/.." <Tiernan> We...have to destroy stop...the wind... <Tiernan> Or...reason... * Aura whimpers and curls up on Jeyer.. <Jeyer> == Neptune arrives, and smame i everyone with sheets of cold, unforgiving water... 26 damage to everyone! Jeyer and Aura are dispatched! <Jessica> Well, since we're in a torrential wind...It should make my fire weapon more powerful. * Hans struggles back up he stands back up to his feet, now breathing heavily * <Indigo> <Tiernan> Aggh! * Tiernan gets splashed! * David grimaces.. <Tiernan> ...No choice! * Hans is hit again and falls onto his back he screams in pain * * Tiernan spreads his wings and concentrates. Then he snaps his fingers and points at Indigo her! "Infinite Earth Mother! Lend me your power to crush my opponents! Exploder!" The earth shrieks as a tower of magma erupts beneath Indigo her's feet! <Jessica> Tiernan, combine your magic with mine. * Jessica 's voice reverberates throughout the land as she casts her ultimate incantation. "Celestial spirits of the elements, allow your power to flow through me to decimate my enemy. ELEMENTAL TEMPEST LEVEL 2 !" She raises both arms to the skies as Indigo is buffetted with ice daggers. a pillar of fire engulfs the icy Indigo as a massive bolt of lightning shoots down, electrocuting and frying Jess's target. * Hans puts his hand to his chest and begisn to try to heal himself... * * Kodah points at Indi, focusing his black aura at his fingertips * Tiernan begins to cry. "Indigo...I'm sorry...but this world..." <Jeyer> == The summoning of such elemental power negates all other magics in the area... <Hans> dammit! * David doesn't make a move.. * Hans passes out * <Darin> ...... * Tiernan takes out his boomerang, and tries to throw it at Indigo's head! <Indigo> Everything, fade to black....nothing more.....universe the black wind.... <Jessica> if we don't stop her now.... <Jeyer> The wind knicks at the team, dealing 12 damage each! Hans and Jess are dispatched! <Jessica> -_- <Tiernan> Jessica! Hans...! * David grits his teeth... <Darin> Jessica! NO! * Hans struggles and manages to come to in a quick recovery he grunts as he gets back up on his feet, but is struck again. He silently falls back * <Tiernan> David...what should we do? * Jessica flies from wall to wall, hitting each one hard. * Kodah tries to call on his healing magic, not going down without a fight! * Hans hits the ground with a "fwump" * <Jeyer> == The healing fails... The magic is nullified... * Jessica finally flies right into Darin. <Kodah> Damnit! * Hans closes his eyes. His cross is now out of his robe * <Tiernan> Indigo, if you keep this up, you'll kill Sasha eventually? Do you want to kill her? Please say you don't! <Indigo> Eight...powers...... * Darin wraps his arms around Jessica and keeps her close by. <Indigo> Sasha? <Tiernan> Yes! * Jessica lies limp in Darin's arms, her hair and cape flapping behind her in the torrential wind. * Tiernan struggles to keep awake. <Jeyer> == Daos, elemental of earth, appears and smashes large boulders around, crushing the shining Force... A large boulder falls on Indigo, crushing her utterly. <Jeyer> == Everyone takes 24 damage! <Tiernan> Don't...forget...aaaagh... * Kodah does his best to knock away any of the boudlers coming his way * Hans lays on the floor, motionless * * Tiernan is struck unconscious as a boulder smacks HARD against his head. * Darin winces... "Dammit..." He holds Jess tighter. * David struggles to stay standing.. * Aura is dead. still clinging to Jeyer, but realy realy dead. <Jeyer> == The Shining Force is dispatched. The shrine starts to waver and heads down towards the ground... * Tiernan then falls to the ground hard, and slides up against a wall, huddled in a corner. * Kodah slams hard against one of the walls and goes limp * Darin slumps against the wall, still holding onto Jessica. * Aura is dead. * Aura is very dead. * Darin is dead... again <Jeyer> The shrine loses altitude quickly and heads towards the ground... The Shining Force is oblivious to the impact as the shrine crumbles and crashes onto the ground.... * Aura is deader than Tiernan, yes, realy, she is deader than Tiernan <Jeyer> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Jeyer> The blinding light shines down in Jeyer's eyes as his eyes slowly open... * Jeyer winces and looks around, squinting... <Jeyer> I... What..? Why am I in bed..? * Jeyer looks around the room and sees some of the Shining Force members in beds on the other end of the room... * Jessica is in bed with Darin....oddly enough ^_^ * Jeyer suddenly realizes what happened and sits up quickly, effectively causing him much pain... * Hans rolls out of his bed and onto the floor, but remains asleep * *WHAM* Ehhh... * Kodah is so out of it X_x * Jeyer then carefully sits up on his bed and looks around... * Aura twitches and hits her head on the bedframe next to her * Jeyer stands up and walks around, his legs feeling like sticks of melted butter... * Jeyer jumps as he hears Aura hit herself * Tiernan lies quietly in bed, the covers pulled up high and his arms resting on his chest. * Aura groans and rubs her forehead.."ooow.." * Jeyer turns around and walks up to her quickly... Then proceeds to pick her up and lay her down on his bed... * Hans blindly stands up and gets back in bed, seeming to still be asleep... * * Aura mrphs softly and nuzzles jeyer, then clings to the pillow.."ow" * Jeyer walks over to the other Shining Force members and shakes them awake... * Tiernan stirs as Jeyer shakes him. "Uhhh..." * Hans already seems partway awake * Hmm...? * Jessica groans a bit. "Five more minutes, please?" <Kodah> Oogh...I can't be dead...I'm in too much pain * Hans sits up, seeming as calm as usual... * * David throws his pillow at Jeyer! <Tiernan> bed...? <Tiernan> ...Indigo..! Where is she...!? * Jeyer whimpers and falls down <Hans> What the...? * Tiernan sits up, then feels a sharp pain in his head, and falls back on the pillow. "Ugghh..." * Hans notices he's in bed * * Aura sits up and groans, rubbing her forehead.."oooww...why..why am i in paaain..i thought i was deead.." * Kodah sits up, immediately regrets it, and lies back down <Jessica> well, at least we know we're not dead...we can't hurt this much if we are. * David goes back to sleep ;) * Hans grunts feeling a slight pain in his ribs... One is probably broken * * Aura rolls off the bed onto the floor again..clutching the pillow tight <Kodah> What happened after Indi's temper tantrum? * Jeyer stays down on the floor... And mumbles, "I... Can't move." <Tiernan> Where is Indigo, she on one of the beds? * Hans stands and walks over to Jeyer and helps him up to his feet and puts him back into his bed * * Jessica winces. "I feel like I just went 10 rounds with a dragonite." * Jeyer groans as he sits up... "No.. Indigo's not." <Tiernan> ...She's gone..? <Tiernan> Oh no... * Aura inches over to Jeyer and shoves the pillow behind him incase he falls over again * Tiernan stands sits up, wincing, "I have to..." * Darin snores loudly still. <Tiernan> Stop her... * Hans throws a pillow at Darin, which lands right on his face, stopping him from breathing * Time to wakey wakey * Jessica starts to stand up, and immediately regrets it, but she walks over to Darin, slowly, and triest o shake him awake. <Tiernan> Arc Valley...will be... <Kodah> Hold it Tyr * Jeyer just doesn't react and says, "I give up.. I just give up." * Darin snorts but doesn't wake. <Tiernan> Kodah... <Jessica> ok...time for the new approach to waking my knight up. * Aura hugs Jeyer tight.."no give up...i wont let you.." <Kodah> I won't have anyone going off half-cocked * Jessica leans down, regretting it with every inch, and lightly kisses Darin on the cheek. "Wake up, Sir Darin." <Kodah> We're not going anywhere until we've taken stock out out current situation and made a plan <Tiernan> No time...don't you...see...? <Tiernan> Don' * Jeyer stays limp in Aura's embrace.. * Aura kisses Jeyer deeeply.. * Tiernan sighs softly as his eyes roll back up into his head and he slumps against the pillow. * Hans gets back into the bed, laying down. He places his hand over his left side of his ribs. Swollen. 2 or 3 broken * * Hans begins to cast a healing spell... * <Kodah> Charging into a situation will only...oh drat * Jeyer once again doesn't react and just stares absentmindedly... * Darin opens his eyes... "What time is it Jess?.... I feel like death warmed o'er.." <Jessica> time you started to arise, Darin. * Aura looks into Jeyer's eyes..frowns.. * Darin blinks at Jessica.. "Now? I have such a headache..." * Aura remembers some things jeyer said about her necklace and takes it off, puts it around his neck, and wonders if anything'l happen <Jessica> I feel like hell too, but we do have a world to save. * Tiernan 's eyes twitch a bit. * Jeyer closes his eyes and simply doesn't react... And stops moving... <Jessica> but how do we get to Arc Valley now? * Hans finishes the spell. He stands back up, hands over his left side. He digs around in his pack and finds some bandages. He wraps some around his chest about 5 times and tears it then moistens it with some water, making it stay there. Hans then begins to get dressed in his regular clothes * * Hans puts on his cape, robe, and hood, then slips on his leather shoes and cloth belt with his pants * * Aura frowns.."jeyer....jeyer..please.." * Kodah closes his eyes and tries to drown out the pain * Jessica casts a quick heal 1 on Herself and on Darin. <Tiernan> Must...I have to...I have to...Ow...I have to... * Hans walks over to Tyr, with a glass of ice cold water * Time to wake up. *Splashes it on Tyr* * Aura holds jeyer against her.."come on..all isnt lost..." * Tiernan acks! O_o <Hans> ^^ Had to do that... <Darin> Thanks, Jess.. I feel a lotbetter now.. <Tiernan> Hans... * Darin sits up slowly. <Tiernan> I have to stop Indigo before she destroys Arc Valley... * Kodah slowly sits up again, and slids out of bed <Tiernan> head won't stop spinning. * Hans charges a light heal spell on the tips of his index finger. A small pixies hops off of it and lands on Tyr's forehead and vanishes, seeping into it * <Hans> just close your eyes and concentrate now * Aura whimpers.."jeyer..please.." * Tiernan closes his eyes, as instructed. "Thank you, Hans..." * Kodah throws his hand forward, and summons a tiny succubus. She flies around Kodah, dropping a shower of healing sparkles. * Tiernan opens them, his headache gone. "Thank you.." * Hans opens his hand. The pixie hops out of Tyr's head and flies into Hans' hand, vanishing * <Kodah> Ah, better <Hans> No problem, Tyr <Hans> Your aura just needed a jump-start * Jessica looks over at Jeyer. "Guys, I think we have a problem." * Tiernan hops out of bed, only a little sore now, and puts on his overcoat and scarf. * Jeyer pushes Aura away angrily, sits up quickly and walks painfully out of the room, * Aura shakes.."" <Tiernan> What's going on? Jeyer...? * Tiernan chases after Jeyer! * Jessica slowly walks out after Jeyer. * Hans turns his attention to Jeyer * * Kodah heads after Jeyer quietly * Aura blinks down at the ground.."no....jeyer..its not lost.." * Hans slowly follows, his backpack on his back * * Aura flops back on the floor and stares at the ceiling..blank..and without her necklace * Darin gets up and walks over to Aura. "Are you all right?" <Kodah> Jeyer, wait * Hans heads out the door and downstairs... * * Aura shakes her head and keeps staring.. * Jeyer growls as Kodah speaks, walking faster.. <Kodah> Jeyer, stop <Tiernan> Jeyer! Please stop! <Jessica> JEYER, WAIT A MINUTE! * Hans somehow, quietly catches up with Kodah and Jeyer * <Hans> Hello hello. * Jeyer growls... "NO." <Hans> Going on a morning walk...? *Chuckles* <Tiernan> Why will running away solve anything? <Tiernan> We can't run, no matter how hard it gets! * Jeyer sharply turns around. "I'M NOT RUNNING. Whatever happens, I CAN'T run. Because I'll ALWAYS have one of you or one of Dark Dragon's lackeys to run after me. ALWAYS. <Jeyer> I know I can't run. And that's what irritates me. * Darin watches Aura for a moment... "Don't worry.. We'll all get it straightened out. Don't give up just yet." He smiles slightly, and walks down the stairs. * Kodah remains impassionate during Jeyers triade <Hans> Well, Jeyer, you will eventually have to turn around and go after the source... Whatever that is. <Tiernan> So what are you doing now? * Aura taps on the floor and keeps staring at the ceiling, oblivious.. <Jessica> What is this I'm seeing in your eyes, Jeyer. Is it Fear?" * Kodah watches Jeyer for a moment, then turns and walks away, "If he wants some private time, then let him have it." <Jeyer> What am I doing? I'm trying my best to detach myself from emotion. I'm trying best I can. It's not working, thus I'm leaving. * Hans stops along with Kodah * <Hans> I'll have to agree on that. <Tiernan> You can't...We have to stay together...! * Jeyer ignores Jessica's question. <Hans> I usually can't help <Kodah> Tyr, even a team needs personal time sometimes <Tiernan> But... * Jessica walks right up to Jeyer and slaps in right in the face. "Then you're no better than Dark Dragon or Zeon, Jeyer." <Tiernan> Dark Dragon might attack him while he's alone! * Hans pulls out a canteen from his backpack and tosses it to Kodah * An extra. Hang onto it * Jeyer glares at Tiernan.. "Go back to your friends, failed God. Just go back and let me grieve the only way I know how." * Kodah nods to Hans <Tiernan> ! * Jeyer turns on his heels and walks away. * Tiernan rears back as if physically struck. <Tiernan> I..I didn't mean... <Kodah> Tyr please, come here * Tiernan numbly walks back to Kodah. * Aura gets up and runs out, realy realy quickly, wanting her necklace...her only possesion <Jessica> that cowardly son of a..... * Hans pulls out a leather band. Hans ties the canteen to it, and makes a band to hold the canteen with * * Darin catches up to the others.. and blinks a few times... "What's going on?" * Hans puts the band around his neck * <Tiernan> I'm a failure...? * Hans pulls his hood over his head * * Kodah puts a reassuring arm across Tyr's shoulder, and walks him back to the Inn, "Leave him alone Shining Force. Let him deal with this his way." <Tiernan> But...But...I'm trying so hard... <Hans> Now... Hmm... *Looks about* <Jessica> No, tyr. You're not a failure. <Tiernan> ...Maybe he's right... <Kodah> I know Tyr. I know. Just let it go <Tiernan> ... <Hans> I need to tone my skills a bit... I will be around... * Hans walks outside * * Aura runs up behind them and tackles Jeyer from behind, taking her necklace from him.. <Jessica> that cowardly son of a drudge. What does he think running away will solve? <Kodah> THat's his opinion Tyr <Tiernan> Yes...I guess so... * Aura blinks at him..her eyes nothing but pain, and runs back upstairs.. * Hans approaches a tree. He begins to punch and kick it, like a training dummy... * <Kodah> Just remember one this my father told me. Opinions are like assholes; everyone;s got one * Jeyer lets Aura do what she must, then stands up, dusts himself off dispasionately and walks off once again towards the west. <Jessica> and they all stink, Kodah? <Tiernan> What's an asshole? * Darin looks at Tyr and sweatdrops. * Kodah whispers the answer to his friend * Tiernan blinks. "Oh. O_o" * Aura is curled up realy small in a corner upstairs stareing at the necklace...seeing if it will do anything...thinking..trying to find out what it actually does * Hans stops, after making a few good dents in the tree, breaking a slight sweat... He begins to think about his father... * <Jessica> will someone tell me how we're supposed to save this world now? Jeyer's gone off to Goddess knows where in a state of depression. <Kodah> Let him be Jess. He'll come around when he's ready <Tiernan> We'll keep fighting. We have to show Jeyer, as well as Volcanon what humanity can do... <Tiernan> Until then... * Aura tries to put all her power into the necklace <Jessica> Still. I know I saw fear in his eyes. Doesn't he think we're all afraid here? * Hans then thinks about Tarquin... Hans growls with rage. He punches the tree as hard as he can, surging up aura around it, like heat. The tree lights on fire around where he punched it, and there is a monstrous hole * <Kodah> Fear is a biggger issue for Jeyer, since he's not used to it <Jeyer> == The necklace glows a faint blue... Aura gets a sudden understanding of the Ancient's way... Aura learns Ancient Telepathy. * Aura blinks... closes her eyes tight and tries to see if jeyer is out there... <Tiernan> Kodah...Can I be alone for a while? I need to think over some things... <Kodah> Sure. Let me know if you want to talk. I'll be available <Jessica> well, all we can do now is go after Dark Dragon. Wherever that overgrown shreth is. * Tiernan smiles at his friend. "Thank you, Kodah. :)" * Hans continues to punch the tree. It is a part-way mature oak, with a rather slim trunk... The bark has been hacked on beforehand, apparently * * Tiernan fluffs his wings, and runs upstairs, quietly closing the door behind him * Jessica looks at Darin, and then takes him by the arm. "Come with me, Darin." * Hans swings a kick to the side of the tree. It suddenly tilts, and falls. Hans growls angrily, and walks back inside, his fists bruised, cut, and bleeding * * Aura runs outside...looking around....thinking hard to try and find Jeyer...see if he's out there.. * Hans passes Aura as he walks in... * <Jeyer> == Aura attemps to reach out to Jeyer... She locates his thoughts a few miles from her current location... As soon as she does, a large wall comes between her and him, blocking her out definitively. * Darin goes with Jess.. * Aura swears and slumps back against the building.."jeyer..jeyer.." * Jessica looks right in Darin's eyes. "Now, you taught me the finer points, no pun intended, of using that sword. I'm going to give you a few pointers on spell casting, ok, Darin?" * Hans sits at a table... He has wrapped his bloodied hands in bandages * * Kodah walks off to a secluded spot, sits down on the ground, and starts to meditate <Hans> Sometimes I wonder if I should've become a monk... * Darin looks at Jessica... and sighs... "I can't cast anything, Jessica...." His hand reaches up and touches where his SunStone /should/ be... * Aura looks inside.. <Hans> ... * Aura sighs and stares at the necklace some more.."there must be something in you..something in you that can help..but what do i have to do..what do i have to do to make you mine.." <Jessica> you really think so? Magic comes from inside the caster, Darin. Do you know how I learned my first spell? I was attacked by monsters outside of Granseal castle. I didn't know anything about magic before then. Just trust me. * Kodah begins his breathing excersize, trying to ceneter himself as he used to do below Creed's mansion <Darin> Jess... the only thing allowing me the power to cast is that stone. You don't understand. <Jessica> Then we'll get it back. * Aura frowns and stares at the necklace...thinking back...deep..realy trying very hard to get inside of this thing.. <Hans> ... <Jessica> Darin, Do you know why I fell for you? <Darin> .... No.... * Hans goes into deep thought about Tarquin... * <Jessica> it wasn't your strength, or anything but the fact that you saw beyond who I was, and saw the real Jess Sorenson. <Hans> Where the hell is that bastard...??? <Jeyer> == Aura finds an energy pattern imbedded inside the crystal... But her grasp on it falters.... * Aura frowns and tries again..."maybe i can do this..maybe i cant..but..its worth a try...right necklace dear..?" <Darin> ... Really? <Jessica> Yes. That's what I loved about you most, Darin. You didn't seem to care that I was the daughter of the Ambassadors from Guardiana. You just wanted me for me. * Hans stands up and walks back upstairs to the bedroom and lays on the bed... He closes his eyes and goes to sleep... * <Jeyer> A sudden, loud, crashing noise can be heard in the distance... And people screaming..? <Jessica> O_o * Aura blinks and looks up... * Aura reaches out to see what it is.. <Jessica> think we should check that out, Darin? * Darin nods.... <Jeyer> Some people can be seen running from the location of the crashing noises, others are walking carefully towards it... * Jessica starts running to the noise, she pulls the hilt from her scabbard once more and channels her ice magic into it. A brilliant blue blade emerges, creating the blade of water, or the Mizuno Blade. * Aura runs towards the location of the noise..thinking out, trying to pinpoint the cause.. <Kodah> ..? <Jeyer> As the Shining Force runs towards the sound of the disturbance, a centaur in a white armor, tarnished from overuse, wielding a large, damaged spear can be seen running around, destroying random things in his wake... He can be heard screaming, "WHERE IS THE DEVIL? BRING ME THE DEVIL!" <Jessica> O_o; <Jessica> Gerad. <Kodah> Oh boy -_- <Darin> O_o; That isn't .. Oh no.... * Kodah stands up, dusts himself off, and walks towards the demented centaur * Jessica thinks she needs her lightning blade. * Aura blinks.."woah.." <Aura> whos that?! *points* <Jessica> That is Gerad, Aura. One pain in the ass Centaur. <Kodah> I'm here Gerad. Stop trashing the town * Aura runs over and waves her arms around.."I'm the devil! over here! mememe!" * Aura swears, "damn! i wanted to be the diversion" <Jeyer> Gerad's stance seems unsteady, as if he were drunk... Although his composure and his gaze say he's not. <Kodah> I was wondering where you had gone. You don't look well * Aura runs up at raises an eyebrow at Gerad, an ice ball floating behind her back, near her hand, juust in case.. <Darin> ..... <Jeyer> * Gerad glares in Kodah's direction and gallops over to Kodah. "At last..! At last. I can end this.." * Aura raises an eyebrow...reaches out towards Gerad, wonders whats goin' on in his lil' pointy white head. * Kodah calmly prepares to defend himself, "I don't want to fight you anymore Gerad. This battle is pointless." <Jessica> looks like "My Little Pony" wants to fight. <Jeyer> * Gerad looks as though he is ready to cry, "Now I shall kill you... Or you shall kill me!" as he puts emphasis on the kill me part, he charges with his spear towards Kodah. <Jeyer> ==== Session end! =====