Shining Force RPG 2 session 4
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The sinister and evil laugh is heard outside the room... Sasha was seen by the team as she was blasted by a powerful magic... She is now unconscious outside of the room... <Narrator> Lying by her side is the man who stole AmeShi... Both unconscious... * Indigo fades in from nowhere, having disappeared before. :P * Indigo sees Sasha and kneels by her. <Indigo> Oh no, what happened? <Narrator> The man the team encountered in the castle earlier stands before them with a dozen of fully clad knights. * David narrows his eyes, their color changing slightly, and hoists AmeShi.. * Reisha takes a few steps back, a little nervous but not showing it. * Indigo looks up. <Indigo> Oh look, the no-account pathetic loser is back! * The mage boils... * Delina groans quietly <Mage> Nice to see you again, Indigo... I guess you're just smart enough to fall into my trap. <Indigo> By the way, what mage school did you drop out of, or were you just an embarrassment to a long line of mages? * Indigo stands. * The mage growls lowly.. * David lets Indigo do the talking.. <Reisha> Well, if it isn't dumb and ugly....wanna get your butt toasted again? <Indigo> First, I didn't fall in, I faded in. I was away for a time and came to see how my daughter and friends were doing. <Indigo> Am I going too fast or should I speak in monosyllables like....this..... * Indigo shakes her head. <Indigo> Your parents must be so disappointed in you. <David> You go, Indigo. <Indigo> You see, when a mother reaches my age, they hope for certain things. One is a competent, responsible child who actually has a wit and is capable of doing more than petty street magic and hiring two-bit thugs. Now, in your case, you are a two-bit thug who thinks he knows magic, which is an even bigger failure. * David blinks and shifts his footing, finding AmeShi a bit heavy * The mage growls madly and fires a blast of power at Indigo! * Indigo ducks. :P * Indigo makes a tsking sound. <Narrator> The bolt of power flies over Indigo's head and crashes into the wall... <Indigo> Temper temper little man. <Mage> You old hag... * Reisha thinks Indigo has more guts than she'd admit. * Indigo smiles sweetly. <Indigo> You young waste of skin. * David steps forward. "Can we start the pointless fight scene now?" <Mage> Argh. That's it! * Indigo sighs and raises her staff. <Indigo> The last resort of the petty street thug: violence. * Reisha steps forward by David. "Yeah...we've got better things to do than waste our time with losers." * Sasha groans and sits up rubbing her head "Ow..." * The mage casts an energy field. The field blocks the team's advance. <Sasha> What happened? <Indigo> He took the coward's way out my dear. He placed the field to block us so we couldn't humiliate him in front of his goons. <Mage> I hope you have fun... You'll be here until the ship docks on Gandar island... Have a nice trip. <Sasha> Who..? * The mage walks away, his knights following him... <Indigo> After all, the top goon needs to feel powerful. <David> ..... * Indigo makes an eye gesture to the departing mage. <David> phuİk. :P * Reisha pouts. * Dal groans... <Reisha> Damn..I want to wring that scrawny mage's neck. * Sasha looks at the energy field and mutters violent curses * Dal rubs the side of his head... "What the hell..." * Reisha slams a fist on the energy field. * David looks at AmeShi and then at his belt with the knife holders.....he takes the belt off and wraps it around the sword, slinging it onto his back. <Narrator> Reisha gets shocked as she hits the field, but it's a mild shock... Her fist is pushed back. * Delina sits on the ground and waits <David> Careful, Reisha. <Indigo> Oh don't worry, one day, he won't have his deluded goons and his pathetic attempts at magic, and you'll have her chance. After I rearrange his face and introduce my old hag foot to his crotch. :P <Reisha> O_O * Reisha holds her hand. "Just great.." <David> Were you always so violent? Mother told me about your tendancy to turn people into pillows. * Sasha stands up puts her hand against the wall and leans on it, still rubbing her head. * David steps forward and takes Reisha's hand, chanting and healing it. * Indigo smiles. * Dal looks around, blinks, and tries to get up, slamming into the forcefield accidentally... "Whoa!" * Reisha accepts David's offer a little reluctantly. <Reisha> Aww...its not that bad... * Delina yawns glancing at Dal * David smiles a tiny bit. "Even the smallest wounds can become large problems in a fight." * Sasha straightens her armor out and looks around. <Reisha> Well...Heroes got to take their bumps I guess. :P <Indigo> I was insane David. My darker side was quite violent and breaking the dragon's wings was not my fault. Those scales were there for pillows. Oh, and I'm not taking responsibility for slamming Yogurt in a garbage can either.... * Reisha manages a smile, but is still a little frustrated. * David raises an eyebrow at Indigo. <Indigo> I thought he was a teddy bear. * David notices he hasn't let go of Reisha's hand....and gently lets go before turning to face Indigo. <David> Ah yes.....I remember that tale.. <Indigo> Oh, and that tidal wave attack on the King of Granseal was simply an...accident.... * Dal curses. "Great. So much for escape... where's this bucket headed, anyways?" * Reisha looks from her hand to David for an awkward moment. * David grins lightly. "An accident..." <Reisha> Well what to do... <Indigo> Umm...yes... <David> We could sing campfire songs. * David has a joking tone to his voice :P * Reisha ponders zapping the force field, but it probably would just strengthen it. <Indigo> Oh, he said something about Gandar Island. <Narrator> A large bat flies down from the ceiling and clamps itself to Dal's head! * Reisha rolls her eyes at David's remark. <Dal> Aah! Get it off, get it off, dammit! [Dal swats at it] * David thwaps at the bat...hitting it and Dal's head. :P <Narrator> The bat screeches and is swatted off! <Sasha> Mom, you're letting your old geezers syndrome get to you, you're telling stories again. * Reisha turns around at Dal's screaming. "Serves him right." * Dal rubs his head and glares at David. "Geez, I'd rather face the bat." =p * Indigo laughs. <David> Yeah well. That was for stealing my mother's sword. <Dal> Look, I just want to know where the hell we're going so I get away from you psychos... <Indigo> I'm not *that* old dear. I'm only 34. <Narrator> The bat flies away through an air duct to the left of the room * David notices the air duct <Sasha> I'm not psycho, on the otherhand... <David> Hey. * Delina looks at the air duct * David heads to it.. <Sasha> these people might be... <Indigo> I'm not a psycho...anymore. :P * Reisha notices david walking off. "Hey, where you going?" * David latches onto the edges of it and examines it's size. <Indigo> I'm in balance now. :) <David> Air duct. <David> could be our way out. * Dal walks to it and looks up through it... * Indigo follows David. <Delina> is it big enough? * Delina walks over * Reisha heads over and peers at it. <Narrator> The grate is broken... The passage is very narrow... <Dal> I... *think* I can fit... <Dal> Someone lift me up... If I get you guys out of this, you don't kill me, okay? <David> Sure. * David grabs Dal and lifts him. * Dal tries to slip through... * Reisha looks at. "Maybe I could get in there..but it looks really cramped." * Indigo looks at it. * David crosses his arms <Narrator> Dal managed to get in the air duct... The air is damp and it's full of spider webs and dust... Light is non-existant... Darkness fills the duct. * Reisha watches as Dal disappears. "I guess maybe he's good for something.." <Delina> thats if he decides to help <David> If he runs off I'll find him and make him eat AmeShi's blade. * Indigo chuckles. <Sasha> Well, now we can call him pig boy.... * Dal silently casts a low-level fire spell to briefly light the way. <Indigo> Why is that dear? <Sasha> Cause if he's small enough to fit through that duct, he must be as small as a pig. <Narrator> The way is lit... A long tunnel, turning sharply to the left and right is ahead... * Dal sighs. "I heard that!" * Indigo laughs. * Dal pokes his head out of the duct. "It splits up in there... I'll pull you guys up..." <Narrator> The ship suddenly rumbles loudly and the engines go dead... All light dies out except for a large red light that englows the whole room! <David> ....shit. <Delina> uh oh? <Reisha> Uh oh. * Dal holds out his hand... "C'mon, we don't have all day! Woah!" <Indigo> Oh dear. * Dal rolls into the duct... * David walks to where the forcefield is and attempts to see if it has disappeared. <Narrator> The force field is still in place, but seems to be faded a little... <David> Hmm.. <Narrator> Loud cursing can be heard in the distance... <David> Things aren't going as planned. * Delina looks for a hideing spot <Indigo> Oh they never do David. One of the facts of adventuring. ^_^ <Reisha> Let's hope that cursing means trouble's found mister mage and his cronies. * Indigo looks around, then tries to find a hiding-spot. * Dal crawls through the duct, and looks down both passages... * Indigo slinks to a corner and curls into an anonymous gray ball. * David stays still, hand on the hilt of AmeShi. * Sasha doesn't bother hiding and draws her sword <Narrator> The mage's concentration seems to be fading as the force field is slowly dissipating... * Indigo whispers "Sasha get down for a surprise attack!" * Dal lights the way in both tunnels, checking what's in both. * David blinks and unfreezes, poking the force field again. * Sasha sticks her sword through the forcefield seeing if it's safe to pass * Reisha moves closer to the force field, looking for a weak spot. <Narrator> The air duct ends up in a large engine room on one side and the other seems to hold a large machine with a compass... Probably navigation. <Narrator> The force field repulses the sword... <Dal> Hehe... either I mess one thing up or the other... * Indigo stands and kicks the forcefield soundly. <Sasha> It's still working enough not to let us through * Dal slips down into the engine room... <Indigo> Maybe we can distract the mage by attacking the ship. * Reisha turns to David. "Think if I zap it right, I could short it out?" <Narrator> Dal spots two people looking at the engine, trying to fix it... <Indigo> For instance, an earthquake in the cargo room... * David furrows his eyebrows. "You could make it stronger.." <Sasha> Mom, how can we protect ourselves from the spell then? * Reisha looks a bit disappointed. "You're probably right..darn it.." <Indigo> Magic requires concentration, if the concentration is disturbed, it will grow weaker. <David> It's least you suggested something instead of hiding. * David turns and looks at the duct. <Indigo> There are the elementals dear. Their power can be localized. <Indigo> It's worth a shot, right? <Narrator> The force field fades more as a large blast is heard in the distance <David> Huh... * David kicks the forcefield. * Dal prepares a fire spell... "Oh, yoo-hoo! I'd stop doing that if you you unless you wanted to be char-broiled." Dal's got this almost sadistic grin on his face. <Narrator> David's foot is repulsed. * Reisha flexes. "Hey, if its one thing I ain't, it's coward!" <David> Ow. <Narrator> One of the men blinks and runs while the other throws his wrench at Dal! * Reisha lokks at david a moment to see if he's ok. * David digs his foot against the floor, looking alright. <David> I hate being trapped. <Reisha> Well, I'm not a big fan of it either. * Indigo looks at the forcefield, then concentrates. * Dal attempts to duck the wrench and pull off the spell at both the engine and the other man... * Reisha taps her foot, thinking. * David runs a hand through his hair, his eyes a ice cold blue color. * Reisha whips out four daggers. <Narrator> The wrench flies by Dal, hitting the wall and falling to the floor in a large metallic clunk... <David> ...? <Reisha> Maybe if I disrupt it in four places.. <Narrator> The blaze spell hits the man and the engine... The man falls to the floor, screaming in agony! <David> Where do you keep those? <Narrator> The engine pops and fizzles, sparks flying! <Indigo> Apollo, elemental of fire, set a blaze in the cargo hold and the mage's bedrooms and studies aboard this ship, but confine the blaze to those areas unless I say otherwise. * Reisha winks. "It's a secret!" <Dal> Told ya... now... * Dal looks around. * David's eyes widen and he coughs, blushing faintly.. :P <Narrator> The other man who threw the wrench stays there, frozen with fear... * Reisha backs away from the force field, and hurls the dagger at four corners of it, almost forming a square. * David once again kicks the forcefield * Indigo smiles at David's blush, still holding the spell. <Narrator> Apollo starts his work, burning the desired areas by Indigo... <Narrator> The daggers bounce off the force field and fall to the floor... <Dal> "Oh, you're still around?" Dal picks up the wrench and throws it at him. * Reisha obviously isn't happy... * David bends down and picks up two of the daggers <Narrator> The man screams in a high pitch voice and faints as the wrench hits him! * David hands them to Reisha <Reisha> Well there goes plan B..its still too strong... * Reisha takes the daggers from David. "Thanks." * Indigo gets an idea. :P <David> No problem. <Narrator> A large door, opened askew is next to the unconscious man... * Reisha goes and picks up the other two, stowing them away safely in her robe. * David draws AmeShi....the sword is normal-looking... * David concentrates and black flames suddenly appear around the blade. <Indigo> Neptune, elemental of water, spring a few leaks in the ship. Nothing major and don't interefere with Apollo's lovely fires. * Dal looks around... anything he should notice? <Reisha> Yeah...Maybe your cool sword can do it.... <Delina> umm are leaks really a good idea? * David twirls the sword and slashes at the forcefield. * Dal draws his dagger and peeks through the door... <Narrator> As AmeShi hits the force field, it scatters in small sparks, fading completely... <David> Yes! * Indigo smiles. * Reisha jumps up. "Alriiiiight!" * David grins and twirls the blade a final time before sheathing it. <Indigo> Great! Good job David! <Sasha> Nice one smiley! <Delina> yey <David> Lets go, people ^^ <Narrator> As Dal looks through the door, he feels intense heat pouring out of the room... Apollo is burning the insides of the room! * Reisha give David a quick hug in all her excitement. * Sasha heads out of the room * Indigo takes off after David. <Dal> O_o Er... * Dal closes the door. ^^; * David blinks and blushes again before running off ^^ "Lets go, Rei!" * Dal climbs back up through the duct and goes to the navigation room... <Reisha> Now we'll get em for trapping us! :P * Delina runs after * Reisha hurries off not far behind. ("He called me Rei...cute ^^") <Indigo> Yeah! :P I wonder what the mage will feel when he finds his bedroom and his important books all burned up. * Indigo runs on, grinning. <Narrator> As Dal arrives in the control room, he spots a large console saying, "Magnetic locking system." <Narrator> A large "ON" in bold, green letters can be seen on the console... * Sasha shakes her head and continues running down the hall "These people are crazy!" * David runs, looking solemn and rather handsome with the sword strapped to his back and his eyes almost glowing in their excitement. <Narrator> The team outside in the cargo hold sees only one other door they can get to... <Indigo> I hope you don't mean me too dear! * Sasha opens the door and dashes in * Dal just can't resist, and looks for the "OFF" button. * David follows Sasha <Narrator> Dal finds a large red button saying, "Do not push! Signed: Ship mechanist." <Dal> Ha! Too easy! [Dal hits the button, looking innocent.] <Narrator> As Dal presses the button, a loud grinding of Metal against Metal is heard... <Dal> ... <Narrator> A status bar flashes to the right... "Engines ejected. Status: Clear." * Reisha follows the group through the door. * Delina follows <Dal> ... <Dal> That's no good. Really. * Dal gets away from the scene of the crime. ^^; * Indigo runs along, looking for a reaction to what is going on. <Narrator> The door leads to the navigation room... Dal is in the room and the large sign saying the engines were ejected is there. <Dal> Oops. * David blinks. <Delina> great.... <Narrator> Louder cursing can be heard in the distance! <Indigo> Oh, this could be a problem. * Reisha says sarcastically. "Don't tell did somethign stupid like ejecting the engine's didn't you?" * David narrows his eyes and looks for another door. <Narrator> A green button flashes on the dashboard of the console to Dal's left... * Delina walks over looking at the button * Reisha looks over the looks much more complicated than the ships back home... <Dal> Me? Naw. A man from the engine room on the other side came through here, whacked me, and hit the button... I chased him to the other room, got rid of him, then came back here to see what went on. <Narrator> Large blasts can be heard in the distance as Apollo's fire burns a few electronic objects. <David> I don't suppose there is a 'Eject Geeky Mage' button? <Reisha> I wish. * Reisha looks at the button. * David slams his fist down on the green button. * Indigo hears the noise and smiles. <Indigo> Ah finally, Apollo is at work. <Dal> Wait, the ship's burning, there's no engines... <Reisha> Man this ship's controls are so complicated...I'd try to navigate if it was simpler... <Narrator> The button stops flashing as it is pressed... A rumble is heard to the north of the room... <Dal> Um, can I suggest we get off this sinking bucket? * Reisha turns to the rumbling. <Indigo> Oh, did I mention the leaks in the ship? * Delina looks towards the rumble <Narrator> The pannel says, "Backup engines initiated... Auto recall of the ship to Gandar dock commencing." * Indigo looks toward the rumble too. <David> Augh, fuck. <Delina> Indigo can you stop Apollo? * David slams his fists into the panel in anger O_o <Reisha> Auto-recall? Damn, its going to take us there anyway! * Dal almost dies. "Leaking... how long is it gonna take us to get to that Gandar place? We may as well bail..." <Indigo> Sure, but Neptune is at work too, making leaks in the ship. <Delina> well can you stop Neptune too? <Narrator> The pannel beeps loudly and the pannel states, "Please do not pound the console. Thank you." * Reisha sweatdrops. * David glares at it and draws AmeShi <David> Oh yeah?! * Dal looks for another button to press. * Reisha hold David back. "I don't think beating on a mindless hunk of junk is gonna help." <Indigo> Maybe, though not all at once. <Narrator> The pannel says, "Yeah, bitch. :P" * David freezes, casting a look to Reisha. "Are you sure?" :P * Indigo blinks. <Delina> can you try too , we are gonna need to use is damn ship a bit longer <David> It'll sure as hell make me feel much better. ^^; <Indigo> Ummm...Neptune and Apollo are getting a little too enthuisatic. * Reisha turns and glares at the panel. <Delina> .... <Delina> i wonder if there is a way to a life boat <Narrator> Another flashing button can be seen... * David looks at the button <Indigo> Apollo, return to your flames! Neptune, return to the oceans! <Reisha> What the hell..I don't think we're going to get anywhere anyway. * Dal thwacks the button. * Reisha eyes the button. * Sasha pushes the flashing button <Narrator> The blasts slowly recede after the unsummon of Apollo and Neptune... <Indigo> I have an idea, a kind of follow up to David's. Let's just hit every button! * Indigo raises her staff to hit the buttons. ^_^ <Narrator> Dal's hand gets poked by Sasha * Reisha looks about for any type of wheel or helm.. <Narrator> The button stops flashing and the pannel says, "Unlock sequence initiated." * David stands there, holding AmeShi ready to slice the machine bits. <David> unlock? <Narrator> A door a dozen feet away from the console opens up. * David grins <Delina> yey <David> Yes! * David heads for the door, sheathing AmeShi. * Indigo runs for the door. * Delina follows * Dal goes to the door and stands on his guard. * Sasha heads for the door, holding her sword out in case of trouble. * Reisha sees the door. "Ok..maybe its not completely worthless." <Narrator> The door leads to a room that's burnt... Only a few fires still burn... * Reisha walks out, hoping there's a lifeboat handy or something. <Indigo> I wonder what this room used to be. * David grimaces and looks for a door out of this room <Sasha> Looks like someone had a party... <Reisha> I take it Appollo had a field day with this one. <Indigo> Well, sometimes Apollo goes just a little overboard. <Narrator> A door to the left can be seen... Loud yelling is heard behind it... * Reisha smirks. "Well, I think we should be doing that too, if this ship is as bashed up as I think it is.." * David grins wildly and runs to the door * Delina looks for another door * David swings it open ^^ * David draws AmeShi and steps in * Indigo grins at Reisha, then prepares to summon Doom, the elemental of Death and follows David. * Dal yawns and crosses his arms... * Reisha runs after David, not wanting to miss all the fun. <Narrator> The mage is there, screaming as two technicians go about extinguishing fires and repairing the leaks! * Sasha heads for the door and looks into the room <Dal> Didn't I already kill those two? * David levels the tip of AmeShi at the mage's throat. "Boo." <Narrator> The mage yelps and stops moving! * David presses the blade gently to the mage's throat....and steps close.. "You're gonna pay for locking us up." <Indigo> Hello half-wit! Enjoy the fires and leaks I summoned up? I had your study burned too, and your bedroom. My friend here dumped your engine core too, and we had fun smashing the controls. :P * David's eyes turn a cold blue.. * Sasha points her sword at the two technitions "Don't move unless you want your manhood cut off" * Delina stands from behind watching quietly * Reisha grins a bit sadistically. "You should've build a better mousetrap, ya loser." * Indigo grins at her baby girl. <Narrator> The technicians stop moving. * The mage sweatdrops -_-; <Indigo> Hey David, get his hands so he can't cast spells, oh, and bind and gag him too. :) <Mage> Just get it over with... Kill me... * David gazes at the mage.. <Indigo> It helps. * David feels something primal within him. -_- * Reisha wraps her left hand in some lightining, as the air around her takes on a slight electrical charge. <David> Hold out your hands. <Dal> How shocking... * The mage groans... "JUST KILL ME!" * Dal looks around for something interesting. <David> Okay. * David slams the blade through the mage's neck smoothly. <Indigo> Wait, two things first okay? <Indigo> Oh! <Narrator> The mage makes a gurgling sound and slumps to the floor... <Sasha> David you nimbus! * Reisha dispells the effects...a bit shocked at david's actions.. * Delina shudder trying not to look at the blood * David removes the sword and looks at the blood on the blade. "Hm.." <Reisha> Woah...I though you were going to tie him up... <Sasha> He could've told us some info! <Narrator> A black fog dissipates from his dead form, drying up his body to dust... * Dal yawns. "Great." * Indigo smiles. <David> ......I guess some things run in the family. <Delina> now what? <Indigo> Good job! Though, I was going to show him 31 flavors of pain first, but oh well. ^_^ <Narrator> The technicians pee in their pants * David turns on the tecnicians. "Who did he work for." * Reisha looks down at the mage's body, and wondering if she would've been able to kill like that... * Indigo had a summon spell for Pio all lined up too. :P * David walks to one of them and flashes the blade in front of the technician's face. "I swear I can make it more painful than what I did to him." <Technician> G... G..Gandar.. We.. We all work... For Gandar.. PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! I HAVE A WIFE AND 3 CHILDREN!! * David sneers. <Delina> why is it always 3 childeren * Reisha turns her back to the dust pile. "Um...well....anyway..." <David> What does this Gandar person want with us. <Indigo> Ah, don't you just love the way the mindless goons gasp the name of their boss under the slightest pressure? <Indigo> :) <Sasha> Who is Gandar? * David doesn't notice how AmeShi's black flames flicker wildly....fired by his emotions.. * Reisha sighs, a bit relieved...("Man he's scary soemtimes..") * Sasha looks at David sweetly and nods "Why of course I do" *** Narrator sets mode: +o Mena * Sasha follows the technician <Indigo> I don't know where she picked up this love of money. I didn't teach it to her. * David grabs the technician thats left behind. "How long till we get to this Gandar fellow? Better question. Will we get to this Gandar fellow?" * Reisha fixes her cape for a sec and follwos the weak-kneed technician. <Narrator> The other technician leads the team to the room while the other one rolls up into a ball and sobs like a pathetic idiot. * Dal yawns. * Indigo kicks him on the way in. <Reisha> God...these guys wouldn't know the meaning of backbone even if they looked it up... <Technician> *sob sob* Gandar's ship.. *whine cry* Auto recall... <Indigo> What's his problem? * David frowns <Narrator> The team passes through another burned room... <David> Yet more handiwork from Apollo. <Indigo> He is an artist in his craft. ^_^ <Sasha> Who casted it anyway? * Indigo looks at her. * The technician groans as he spots another leak, but just keeps walking <Indigo> I did, of course, just like I summoned Neptune to put the leaks in the ships. <Sasha> I see. * The technician opens up the other door... <Indigo> I thought I said only small leaks, but she did get carried away and so there might be bigger leaks... <Narrator> The room is filled with large chests... * Sasha beams at all the chests and starts opening them <Technician> This is it.. Now.. Can I go... Fix the leaks, so.. We don't sink before we get to Gandar? * Dal goes after the chests eagerly... * Sasha snaps Dal away from a chest <Sasha> Back off piggy! <Indigo> Well, I don't know what we did to the computers, just random bashing, and I think there are still some fires and bigger leaks... * The technician looks at Indigo pleadingly! <Dal> Piggy?! <Indigo> Okay I guess, though if you betray us, well, I won't be answerable for the consequences. <Dal> Who the hell are you calling a pig? * Sasha calls out to the technician "You may go and repair the ship" * The technician nods quickly and runs off through a side door! * Sasha continues opening the chests * Indigo strolls up and looks in the chests. * Dal opens one... <Narrator> The chests are filled to the rim with gold pieces and gems... * Sasha starts stuffing the gold and gems into her pouch <Indigo> Do you think we should take these? * Reisha widens her eyes. "Ooooo..." * Sasha grins "Jackpot" <Dal> Awright! * Dal crams loot into pockets... <Indigo> Oh well. * Indigo starts stuffing gems and gold into her pouches. * David ignores the gold and gems.. * Reisha snatches a couple sapphires and holds them around her neck. <Reisha> Maybe I can have these put in a necklace. :P * David glances at Reisha. "They do your beauty no justice." * Indigo starts humming Jingle bells as she helps loots the chests. :P <Delina> what use are they if we don't get off the ship? * Reisha turns to David, blushing a bit. "You're just saying that..." * Indigo finds a large diamond and shoves that in her cape pocket. * Indigo then dumps gold pieces and rubies over it. * David smiles a little at Reisha and then examines the blade of AmeShi.. * Sasha dusts her hands off after taking about 20 gems and looks back at the group * Reisha smiles. "Anyway, you never know the uses for a nice gemstone..." * Reisha looks at her finger thinking idly. * Indigo finishes after a while and her pockets and pouches bulge with "borrowed" treasure. * Indigo looks at Sasha. <Indigo> I think your allowance is raised dear. ^_~ * Sasha stuffs a gem into her armor * David notices some faint writing on the blade.. * Reisha giggles and puts the gems away. * Dal pockets are bulging. <David> Hm...'Flames of Dark Fury'... * Sasha walks out of the cargo room * Delina sits on the floor yawning * Indigo has braided some sapphires and emeralds in her hair, and then takes a large diamond and gives it to Sasha, and a large ruby for Delina. <Narrator> Someone in the distance is heard yelling, "LAND HO!" * Reisha turns to look at the other bumbling thieves, and turns to walk away. * Delina looks at the ruby * David blinks <David> Land Ho? <David> Great.. <Reisha> Let's ditch moneybags Sasha and Dal here...and check it out. <Dal> I say we bail off now and meet this guy on our own terms... * Sasha walks down to the brigde of the ship * Indigo waddles off towards the deck, her pockets so full she can barely keept her balance. * David sheathes AmeShi and grins. "Sounds like a plan." <Dal> I mean, won't there be guards once we dock? * Delina puts the ruby back * David heads up on deck. * Delina heads up to the deck <Narrator> The ship slowly docks... * Reisha follows David above deck. * Indigo appears on deck. <Dal> Fine, don't listen to me, go out there and slit your own throats, why don'tcha... * Dal heads up on deck... * David stands on the deck and stares out to the land that boat is approaching. * Indigo finds a large sack and dumps her treasure into it, then goes back down and loads the bag until it's full, taking about half the first chest before coming back up. * Reisha smells the sea air and is reminded of home.. <Sasha> Mom, you're worse than me! <Indigo> Am not! * Indigo laughs. <Indigo> But the Crystal Tower needs renovation so.... <Sasha> Are too Mom! * David's hair is ruffled gently in the soft breeze and his gaze softens.. <Narrator> A score of knights with a phoenix emblem on their armors stand on the dock, weapons in sheath. <Dal> Told ya... <sigh> * Reisha puts her hand up to her eyes and looks over the welcoming wagon. * Delina looks to the knight"umm..hi? <David> It could be worst. <Narrator> The ship finishes docking, a mechanical clamp holding it in place... <Narrator> A bridge lowers itself to let the team walk off the ship... * Sasha removes her helm and looks toward the city, her fiery red hair blowing in the wind * David heads up the bridge.. * Indigo is reading a book. * Delina walks off the ship * David keeps a hand on the hilt of AmeShi * Reisha watches the bridge extending. "If I ever get to be Queen of Anapest, I'm getting these for our harbor :P" * Sasha steps off the ship, her sword sheathed * Dal walks off the ship... * Indigo puts away her book and heads off the ship with her loot. * Reisha debarks, ready for trouble. <Narrator> The head knight walks up to the team and pushes his visor up. "Please follow me. Gandar would like a private audience with you." <Delina> can't we get cleaned up first? * Sasha nods * David nods. <Indigo> Hmmm....too bulky. *casts a spell and the sack shrinks to a small size while keeping all the treasure, which she hides in her cape pocket.* * Indigo nods. * Reisha looks the knight over once and shrugs. <Knight> All your needs will be attended to inside Gandar's mansion. Please follow me. <Indigo> Okay. * Indigo follows along. * Sasha nods and follows the knights * David follows the knights, looking wary * Delina follows the Knights * Reisha follows wondering if this Gandar guy lives in a big mansion... * Sasha keeps her helm on her side. * Dal slips away, unnoticed by all (he hopes). <Narrator> The knights escort the team towards the mansion, many people in the streets looking at them warily, most whispering... <Narrator> ==== Session end! ===== des in her cape pocket.* * Indigo nods. * Reisha looks the knight over once and shrugs. <Knight> All your needs will be attended to inside Gandar's mansion. Please follow me. <Indigo> Okay. * Indigo follows along. * Sasha nods and follows the knights * David follows the knights, looking wary * Delina follows the Knights * Reisha follows wondering if this Gandar guy lives in a big mansion... * Sasha keeps her helm on her side. * Dal slips away, unnoticed by all (he hopes). <Narrator> The knights escort the team towards the mansion, many people in the streets looking at them warily, most whispering... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====