Shining Force RPG 2 session 5
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The team is heading towards a large mansion, led by a score of guards... The general public scatter as the team passes, looking at them with fear. * Reisha wonders is she's having a bad hair day and scaring the local populace. ^^; * The guards place their hands on their swords, seeing a few of the populace getting restless. * Jess checks her own hair. "Is it my appearance? What could have these folks so scared of us?" <Salah> Sasha smirks at the frighten crowd * Darin looks around, for once, nervous.. "It's not you Jess.. you're as lovely as ever." he whispers to Jess. * Jess blushes. "Flatterer,"She says as she nudges Darin in the ribs. <Narrator> A shadow seems to loom over the mansion in the distance... Less and less people can be seen as they make their way towards it. An evil presence can be felt in the air. * David walks along, eyes dark and changing colors.. * Indigo blinks at the reaction. <Indigo> Why would they be scared of us? <Jess> I have no earthly idea, Indigo...none at all. <Indigo> Could it be the shadow? * Reisha shrugs. "Maybe they haven't seen such cool people in their town?" :) * Jess shrugs. * Darin shudders, suddenly feeling a chill run down his spine..."I don't like the looks of this.. <Jess> What do you think, Darin? * Indigo chuckles. <Darin> What do I think? I think that.. well.. I dont' know what to think.. I just really don't like the look of this... <Indigo> You're cool. I'm an old geezer. *pretends to be leaning on a cane* * Reisha laughs at Indigo's comment. * Jess grabs Darin's arm. "You're not the only one nervous." <Darin> Oh, come on, Indigo, if you're a geezer, then I'm a-- * David says nothing, seemingly lost in thought with AmeShi on his back.. * Darin stops short, blinking in surprise at Jess. <Jess> what? <Narrator> The gates of the mansion appear in front of the team. The guards halt to a full stop. * Indigo blinks and turns to him. * Darin shakes his head and takes Jess' hand. "Nothing.. * Reisha stops walking, getting kind of impatient. * Jess stops. "What now?" <Salah> Sasha looks on "God they better have a lot of money" <Narrator> A guard pushes a button next to the gate... * David glances at the guards.. * Jess looks at Darin. * The guard waits... "This is taking too long." <Reisha> Yeah..this guy must be rich to have such great security. <Jess> .oO(If you can call a bunch of goons security.) <Narrator> The door suddenly unlocks, scaring the guards. <David> Maybe there was a short. Perhaps you could go look....and get lost? <Guard> Ugh. God I hate this place... * Darin puts a protective arm around Jess. <Indigo> Excuse me, we're invited guests of your master. <Narrator> The guards open up the gate and motions the team to go in. * Reisha nods and stands proudly. <Guard> That you are. But noone's allowed to go in there without permission... * Jess looks around, more than a little nervous, probably even scared out of her wits. <David> Great. * Indigo follows. <Guard> Simply knock at the door... It should open up on its own. * David nods and heads forward * Reisha follows David's lead. <Narrator> One of the guards shudders violently while looking at the mansion. * Darin looks down at Jess... and tightens his arm slightly. * Jess follows ever so slowly. "This is too much" <Darin> I agree, Jess.. <Narrator> The minute the team enters the mansion, the sun seems to dissapear completely, engulfing the area in sudden darkness. * Reisha shivers at the sight. "Uh.." <Jess> you know, I don't like this one bit. * David swiftly gently wraps his hands around Reisha's neck! <David> boo! * Darin shivers "I can't say as I blame you, Jess.." <Indigo> Oh dear. * Jess holds one hand out as a small fireball appears. "I hope this will light our way." <Narrator> A bat swoops down and passes over the team's head. * Reisha Reisha jumps a bit, scared. o_O <Jess> you know, if I had a sense of humor, I'd say this guy had a few bats in his belfry.. * Darin glares at the bat..then looks back at Jess's remark. * David blinks and steadies Reisha with his hands on her shoulders.... "Woah there...sorry...." * Indigo looks around. <Narrator> A howling sound can be heard in the distance... <Narrator> The door seems to be much further after the howl is heard. * Reisha holds onto David tightly. ^^; <Darin> What's that? * Jess tightens her one arm grip on Darin.. * David blinks repeatedly and blushes faintly, wrapping an arm around Reisha's shoulder and walking towards the door... <Reisha> This is like some horror house..and I hate those. ^^ <David> Try growing up in one. ^_- <Jess> you got the horror part right. * Indigo smiles at David and Reisha and says under her breath that young love is so beautiful. <Sasha> Our home always had mysterious hauntings, didn't it? <Narrator> A short flight of steps lies between the door and the team. <Jess> careful, folks.. * David glances at the steps. * Darin offers his other hand to Jess.. * Reisha looks a bit happy at David's humor. :) <Jess> if I give you my other hand, you'll get burned. It's holding this fireball, Darin. * David carefully walks up the stairs * Reisha trys out the steps, putting one foot on them. * Darin shrugs. <Narrator> The steps seem secure. * Jess slowly heads up the stairs...keeping her arm around Darin. * Reisha heads up. * Darin walks slowly beside Jess.. * David heads for the door, eyes glancing around.. <Jess> let's hope there's not a vampire in this place. <Narrator> A large, black, eerie door with a peephole stands at the end of the steps... A gargoyle shaped knocker is on the door and what seems to be a button marked "Doorbell" to the left. * David blinks. <Jess> doorbell? Someone has a strange sense of humor. * David reaches out and presses the button. :P <Darin> I wouldn't touch it... * Reisha was going to push it, but David was too fast on the draw. :P <Narrator> As David presses the button, Indigo, Sasha and Delina suddenly scream! <Reisha> I hope there's no drop-out floor or something.. <David> What the..?! <Narrator> As the team turns to them, they seem to have vanished. * David turns, drawing AmeShi... * Darin blinks.."Where? How?" <David> Wha.....oh, bloody hell.. * Reisha turns around. <Jess> bad choice of words, David. <Reisha> Where'd they go? o_O * David twirls AmeShi once and places it back in its makeshift sheath.. <Narrator> The button seems to have dissapeared also. * David turns and looks at the knocker.. * David uses the knocker. * Reisha stays close to David, not wanting to disapper too. * Jess stays as close as she can to Darin.. * Darin tightens his grip on Jess, vowing that if she goes, he goes with her. <Narrator> The knocking echoes throughout the surrounding area... <Narrator> Nothing happens. * Reisha frowns. * David glances at Reisha and then knocks on the door loudly. "Hey, yo! Dominoes Pizza here! Got'cher pepperoni pizza and large guzzler pepsi!" * Reisha giggles. <Narrator> The gargoyle knocker changes form and starts yelling, "HEY! Piss off! That was my face!" * Darin blinks. * Jess dissipates the fireball <Jess> do what? * Reisha gets a sweatdrop. ^^; <Reisha> It talks?! <David> Uhhh... O_o; * The gargoyle yawns... "Yeah, I talk. Whatchya expect???" <David> We wish to enter, sir...sir....uhm...sir gargoyle. :P <Reisha> Well, an inanimate object for one. :P <Gargoyle> You woke me up... For... THAT?! God you people are basic! <David> Are you gonna let us in? <Gargoyle> Yeah yeah, kid... Gimme a damn minute... <Reisha> Basic? Hey! I am not basic....just..uh...minorly-complicated. :) <Narrator> The gargoyle stops moving for a few minutes... <Jess> what did he mean by "Basic"? <Darin> Proabably just an insult... * David rubs his hands together and waits.. * Reisha taps her foot impatiently. <Narrator> The door unclenches and is opened by a shadowed character... * Jess tightens her hold on Darin. * David looks at the character.. <Person> Goooooooooooooooodddd eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeveninnnnnnnnnggggggggg. * Reisha looks at the guy. <David> Uh, okay. Hi. Can we come in? * Darin blinks <Reisha> This just gets worse and worse...^^; <Narrator> The person's head seems to fall off. * David smiles reassuringly at Reisha and then looks at the person again * Jess gets a sweatdrop.. <Person> Oh not again........... <David> Someone needs glue. <Narrator> What's left of the body bends over and picks up its head... * Jess looks up at Darin. "Are all adventures like this?" <Narrator> The body holds the head under its arm... * Darin shakes his head, paling a trifle. <David> So, can we come in? :P * Reisha meeps and tries not to scream. ^^ <Doorman> Go up those stairs and open the large double doors... Gandar shou----- *Head plops down on the floor again* <David> ^^; <David> You should really see someone about that. <Narrator> The body picks up the head. * Darin shudders, and pulls Jess closer.. <Doorman> Nothing works... Trust me... I've tried. * Jess puts her other arm around Darin as she tightens her hold. <Doorman> Anyways, Gandar is waiting for you. Please proceed. <David> Okay.... ^_^ * David lightly wraps his arm around Rei's shoulders again and heads forward... <Narrator> Cobwebs and dust seems to be what holds the house up. <Reisha> L-lead the way David...^^ * Reisha tries to look brave. <David> No problem...don't worry about it.. * David heads up the stairs.. <Jess> come on...Darin. * Jess slowly starts up the stairs. * Reisha shakes her head. "What am I saying? I'm a hero, I have to be brave." :D * Darin carefully heads up the stairs at Jess' side. <Narrator> The stairs seem to creek at every step... <Narrator> The rail has a sticky red substance all over it... <Narrator> Every picture in the room seems to be staring at the team. <Jess> you know, 10-1 says that red stuff is blood. * Reisha heads up more determinedly, a bit wary of the slime on the railing. * David glances at the substance. "Could be a bad paint job." <Jess> in a place like this? <David> You never know. * David continues to walk the stairs.. <Reisha> Maybe David..this place is falling apart.. <Narrator> A large yell is heard at the top of the stairs... The team spots a large white blur coming towards them. * David hauls out AmeShi! <Jess> WHA....!!!!!! * David brings it up to block! <David> Heads up! * Reisha ducks quickly. * Jess steps out of the way.. <Darin> What is THAT?!? <Reisha> Damn it..I hate this place! <Narrator> The white blur passes through the team as if only mist... The scream persists as it passes through a side door * Darin draws his Blade of Truth... * David narrows his eyes slightly and keeps AmeShi in his hand.. <Narrator> The doorman mumbles something. * Jess looks bewildered. "What just happened? What that a ghost?" * Reisha looks up and stands. <Reisha> I can take on anything..but I hate ghosts.. o_O * David glances at the side door and heads to the double doors.. * Darin resheathes his sword.... and looks at Jess.. "You ok?" <Narrator> At the top of the stairs, 2 large Hellhound statues stand by the double doors... They almost look lifelike. <Jess> actually, I don't know anymore. * Reisha glares at the doorman guy, wondering if he's getting a cheap look, and follows David. * David narrows his eyes and tightens his hold on the sword.. * David heads to the doors.. <Narrator> The doorman starts dusting. (Ironic, I know.) * Darin puts his arm back around Jess, and redraws his sword with his other hand.. <Narrator> A skeleton bursts out out of a door on the right. * David brings his sword to bear on it! * Jess's eyes glow a brilliant red as a fireball descends on the skeleton. * Darin blinks and lets Jess go, and steadies his sword with both hands. * Reisha is so jumpy she spins around and plants a dagger in the skeleton's pelvic bone. :P <Narrator> The skeleton turns around and screams, "I cannot take this! I am an ARTISTE! This salary is vile! I, my sir, QUIT!" <David> ....wha... O_o * The skeleton blinks as a dagger is planted in his pelvis. <Darin> .....what the? <Skeleton> How RUDE. * David wanders over and yanks the dagger out <David> Sorry, sir. <Skeleton> Mayhaps could you remove this dagger so I can storm out properly??? <Skeleton> Thank you. * Reisha razzes the skeleton. "Speak for your self, you bag o bones." :P * David saunters back to Reisha and hands her the dagger * The skeleton runs past, seeming to glare at Reisha(Again, ironic), cursing all the while. <David> Anyway... * Reisha takes the dagger muttering soemthing about a man... * David knocks on the double doors. <Narrator> The double doors unlock as David knocks. * David pushes them open.. <Jess> can we just get this over with? <Jess> I am starting to hate this place more and more. <Narrator> The walls are covered in a dark red substance that seems to be dripping constantly... * Darin nods and again offers his hand to Jess. * Reisha catches up quickly. "You're telling me!" <Narrator> Nothing but large bone-made chairs and a large desk are in the room... * Jess takes Darin's hand <David> Great...chairs and a desk.. <Jess> who is this guy's decorator? Better Homes and Mortuaries? <Narrator> The desk seems to have nothing on it... No chairs are behind the desk... <Darin> This place is so ... weird. * David wanders to the desk.. <Reisha> Don't tell me some guy is going to pop up out of the desk.. <Voice> Speak for yourself! <Jess> Darin, you really do have a flar e for the obvious. * Reisha jumps. <Darin> ....???!?! <Narrator> A hole opens up on the ceiling and a man on a cord plops down in front of the desk. <Narrator> The cord looks to be attached around his neck... His neck being completely stretched and purple. <Reisha> Okeyy..I was half-right... * Darin blinks.. and looks at Jess.... <Man> Do you have an appointment?? <Darin> umm.. Appointment? * Reisha stares at the man. "Do you have one to scar the hell outta us?" :P * Darin looks at David, then back at Jess. * Jess just holds onto Darin. "This is getting to be too much." * David keeps AmeShi in his hand and eyes the man. <Man> Uhh... Uhh... Waaaiiiit... Aren't you those guys who got here on the ship? <David> Yeah. <Reisha> You bet. <Jess> O_o * Jess looks at Darin. "What is he rambling about?" <Man> Uuuuuuuuuuh... I STILL don't get it... You don't LOOK dangerous... Oh well. <Darin> No idea, Jess... <Narrator> The wall behind the man stops spewing the red substance and a door appears... * Reisha winks. "Can't tell a book by it's cover, y'know.." <Man> Walk through there... Gandar is waiting for you. <Jess> will someone mind telling me who in the hell this Gandar is? It's always Gandar this, Gandar that...who the hell is Gandar?!?!?!?! * The man rolls his eyes and they fall out of their sockets. <Man> God DAMMIT! NOT AGAIN! *whines* <Reisha> Ewwwww... * Darin blinks.. <David> Great... ^^; * Darin turns to Jess..."Umm.. I don't think that these ppl are all together.....know what I mean?" * Jess looks up at Darin. "I get your drift." * Reisha runs to the door, eager to get out of here. :P <Narrator> The cord around the man's neck suddenly jerks quickly, pulling him up. * David shakes his head and follows Reisha <Narrator> Whining can be heard coming from the ceiling... * Jess slowly follows David and Reisha. * Darin walks solemnly next to Jess. <Narrator> The door opens up... A seemingly normal office is behind the door... Degrees on the walls, books in a shelf, no dust in sight... A large wooden desk cluttered with documents and a large turned leather chair behind it. <Narrator> Someone can be heard talking from the chair itself... * Reisha looks around. "Ok, now this is more like it! * Darin whispers to Jess... "This seems a ...bit.. more normal..." * Jess whispers back. "Compared to the surroundings in the past rooms? You got that right." <Voice> I don't CARE what it takes... I want them for my decor!... Yeah... Uhun... Ok. How 'bout 15 mill? WHAT?! NOT ENOUGH??? * David blinks. :P * Reisha blinks too. <Narrator> The leather chair spins around... A large red demon with black horns and 6 inch claws is holding a cell phone... <Reisha> Uhh....hi...^^; <David> Hmmm.. <Darin> Ummm... <Jess> O_O <Demon> 25 million?? I can swing that. Ok... I'll take the Olsen twins for my horror decor. Ok... Thanks. Let's do lunch or something. <Narrator> The demon hangs up. * The demon glares at the team... "Ahh... So you are the new members of the Shining force.... Excellent." * David eyes the demon, tightening his hold on AmeShi. * Jess tightens her hold on Darin. <Reisha> Shining Force? * Reisha looks to David a bit puzzled. ^^ * Darin shifts his hold on his Blade.. <Jess> I thought Queen Lara of Guardiana was part of the Shining Force... <Demon> Yeah, Shining Force... Why do you think I was gathering up all the greatest fighters of Grans island?? <David> Because you have no life? <Demon> Wait a minute... Someone's missing. <Demon> Where's that little thief? What's his name... Dal? <Demon> Of all the incompetent, sniveling little... *mumbles* <Reisha> We left that little filcher. :P <Narrator> The demon presses on a large red button. * David raises an eyebrow and the flames on AmeShi flicker wildly... * Jess looks at Darin. "Looks like someone's pissed." <Narrator> A score of bone knights walk in. * Reisha Huh? o_O * Darin looks back at Jess... "No kidding... " <Jess> look at all those bone knights? Can we say overkill? <Demon> You guys! Suit up into human form! You're going thief hunting. I WANT THAT THIEF! * Reisha breathes a sigh of relief. ^^ * The knights are surrounded by a green mist... they turn into humans and run out. <David> So why are we here? <Jess> good question.... <Narrator> The demon looks at the Shining Force again... <Reisha> Yeah..what's this about a "Shiny Force" ? <Demon> Why are you here? Why... So you can die, of course! * Darin tightens his hold on Jess' hand <Demon> Isn't it obvious? * Reisha thinks it might be a clue to the rumors. ^^ <David> Great. So you want to kill us? <Darin> I am not here to die. Not without one HELL of a fight. <Reisha> God, you brought us here for that? :P (mimics doorknocker voice) * Jess looks at Darin and whispers. "I'm guessing that guy's fire elemental. concentrate on cold attacks." <Narrator> Oh fight? You really think you'll fight? Hah! This'll be fun. <Demon> O_o HEY! THAT'S MY LINE! * Narrator snickers... "Whatever." * Jess taps Reisha on the shoulder. "Do you know any ice spells?" <Demon> o_o; Erm... Anyways. * Reisha looks to Jess. "Nope..but if it's Lightnin' you be needin'..." ^_^ * The demon idly flips a switch and a large trap door opens up under the team. <Jess> shoots that idea in the foot... <Narrator> The team plummets down the hole... <David> Erk ^^; <Reisha> Oh no...! I knew they put that somewhereeee......... <Darin> O_O; <Jess> O_o * The demon laughs morbidly as the team falls! <Jess> this is not good... <Narrator> The shining Force plummets for a few more seconds before falling in a large tub of blood. * Reisha gasps for air and sees the color of the liquid. * David blinks and chokes! "Argh! What the hell?!" <Jess> YUCK! Now my robes are totally ruined. <Reisha> AAAHHH! Blood!! O_O <Darin> Oh... GODS! * David slicks his hair back and notices AmeShi is missing O_o <David> Agh! * David takes a deep breath and goes under the blood.. ^^; * Reisha sloshes around looking for a way out of the vat. <Jess> let's just try to get out of this vat.... * Darin resheaths his blade, and makes his way to Jess.... <Darin> Jess.. are you all right? <Jess> I'll be a hell of a lot better once we get out of this vat of blood. <Narrator> The team seems to be in a large closed room with only 1 gate... * David searches for AmeShi, making his way around the tub under the blood.....groping for AmeShi blindly on the bottom.. <Narrator> A small balcony can be seen far up... <Jess> Darin, do you think that that demon is watching us from up there? <Reisha> clothes..That guy's gonna pay for this! <Darin> Probably... <Narrator> The gate starts clanking as it opens... * David hasn't come up for air yet.. ^^; <Narrator> Voice of the Demon: Ahh, this will be fun... Prepare to defend your lives, Shining Force! * Jess gets the hell out of the pool of blood and readies herself for a fight. * Reisha slips on AmeShi while thrashing about. :P <Narrator> A large wolf like creature, VERY LARGE wolf like creature, VERY VERY VERY VEEEEERY LARGE wolf like creature walks out of the gate, sniffing the air frantically. <Narrator> The creature seems to be missing its tail. * Reisha throws herself out of the tub, and looks up at the monster. * Jess looks at the monster. "I think fire and lightning will be a good idea to attack him with." <Voice of Demon> HAHAHAHAHA! Meet your doom, Shining Force! * David surfaces, panting and slicks the blood outta his hair.. "Oh is my sword?!" <Jess> DARIN! * Darin pulls himself out of the tub and pulls his sword out. * The demon's voice adresses the creature, "Make short work of them, blood hound!" <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== * Reisha gets into a fighting stance, blood dripping off her clothes..."This is not my day!" o_O <Narrator> ===== 1 Dinky the tailless blood hound ===== * David groans and hauls himself out of the blood slowly, standing tall and dripping the blood.. "You think you're having a bad day? I have no weapons!" <Jess> look at me. My robes are ruined. you, monster, will DIE!!!!!!!! <Jess> and I don't think I'll ever get all that blood out of my hair. :P <Narrator> == Dinky the tailless blood hound attacks! * Reisha hands David some familiar daggers. "Deja vu, huh?" <Demon> WAIT! <Narrator> Dinky stops his attack. * David casts Rei a warm look and nods, taking the daggers.. <Narrator> A rock to the far left opens up... A small figure rolls through the opening and tumbles onto the floor at the feet of the Shining Force <Dal> Uhn... <Jess> DAL? * Reisha looks. "Oh great..just what we need.."^^; <Dal> What the hell... <Voice of Demon> Now... We can start! * Dal blinks when he sees the blood-soaked SF and Dinky. "Um." <Narrator> Dinky the tailless blood hound attacks! <David> Oh great. * David twirls the daggers.. * Dal acks and pulls out a dagger. "What the hell is going on?!" <David> We're having tea and crumpets. <David> Duh. * David crouches low. * Dal glares at David. "You're a big help." =p * Jess begins chanting as mystical flames surround her. "Deep within the pits of darkness, let the fires of hell engulf this creature. Powers of the flames, obey my command! decimate this creature that threatens us! 4,0BLAZE 1! <David> More than some people... <Narrator> == Dinky bites at David! * David tries to dodge! <Reisha> Watch out David! <Narrator> == Dinky bites down on David's arm! 14 damage! * Darin shifts his blade again... <David> O_o yargghh! * David yanks his arm away <Jess> that had to hurt. * David stares at the blood forming in the wound and his eyes turn ice cold....he glares at the hound.. <Narrator> == David can attack! * David passes AmeShi from one hand to the next, the dark flames flickering this way and that. He stops the games and drops low, rushing in to deliver a crushing upward slash to Hound that turns into a backflip. * David lands back with the party. <Narrator> == David delivers a punishing blow that makes Dinky yelp! 31 damage! <Reisha> Wait..David! I think I slipped on something in that tub...was it your sword? ^^ <Narrator> == Dinky counterattacks! <David> O_o Probably, Rei.. <Narrator> == Dinky lashes out at David again! <Jess> wait a minute..I am getting an idea...a brainstorm. * David tries to dodge! <Narrator> == Dinky delivers a paw blow at David! 6 damage! <David> ow! Goddamnit! #^%$&^&#@@#$&%^%^* :P * Reisha gets angry at the monster picking on David. :P * David curses like his mother :P <Narrator> == Dal can attack! * Dal aims and throws his dagger at Dinky's head! * Jess continues to chant her spell.. <Narrator> == The dagger plants in deep in Dinky's neck! 35 damage! <Narrator> == Dinky counterattacks! <Dal> "I aimed for the head... oh well..." Dal shrugs. <Reisha> David, go back and get your sword..I'll handle poochie from hell here! <Dal> O_o <Narrator> == Dinky sniffs and decides to attack Reisha! <Jess> Darin, Reisha, I'm getting an idea. * Reisha tries to duck and roll away quickly. <Darin> what? <Dal> It's the blood! He's going for the blood, not us! Does anyone have any water spells? <Narrator> == Dinky bites at Reisha! Reisha takes 10 damage, one of the teeth scraping her leg! * Reisha eeps. <Jess> he's a BLOOD hound...let's give him all the blood he can take... * David twirls the daggers and hooks them in his belt... <Jess> Dal, I do have ICE magic..does that count? * Reisha gets up, favoring her other leg.. * David glances at Rei and then runs to the blood pool, leaping into it <Jess> heheh....CHILLING INFERNO...THAT'S IT! <Dal> Sure! We'll freeze to death, that'll do it... =p * Jess changes her incantations in mid spell.... <Dal> O_o <Dal> I wasn't serious! <Narrator> == Reisha can attack! <Reisha> Damn it..I'm going to put this guy on a leash! * David searches for AmeShi and spots it, grabbing hold... * Reisha concentrates, chanting quickly "Spirit of Thunder I call down thy wrath..strike down the enemies in our path! Bolt2!" The sky above rumbles loudly, as lightning rains down all around Dinky. <Narrator> == Reisha casts Bolt 2 on Dinky! The lightning courses through dinky's body, shocking him! 10 damage! <Narrator> == Dinky counterattacks! <Narrator> == Dinky swats at Reisha! * Reisha is a bit off balance from the casting to dodge well. <Narrator> == The swat hits Reisha squarely. 7 damage! * David bursts out of the pool of blood and lands crouched, panting with blood dripping off him... * Reisha falls down, seriously hurt. "Ugh..." <Jess> OK...HERE GOES NOTHING! <Narrator> == Jess can attack! * David blinks and flips over to Reisha, blocking her from further harm... * David brandishes AmeShi and gets a rare bloodthirsty look.. * Jess raises her hands to the skies as she concentrates....large shards of ice appear above the party as a fireball consumes them, melting the ice...CHILLING INFERNO! * Reisha staggers and sees David, smiling weakly. "Nice timing..."^^ <Narrator> == The reaction between the fire and the ice makes water(Duh)... The water rains down upon the team and cleans off most of the blood... * Dal watches it rain. * David glances over his shoulder and nods to Rei. "Take it easy.." <Narrator> == Dinky counterattacks! * Jess attempts to dodge the attack. <Narrator> == Dinky sniffs around and looks confused... He walks over to the tub of blood and starts lapping at it... <Reisha> Thanks Jess..whatever you did worked... * Jess smiles... <David> This'll give me a chance.. <Voice of Demon> ARGH! YOU STUPID MUTT! * David sheathes AmeShi.. <Darin> That worked well... <Jess> thanks, Reisha... <Narrator> == Darin can attack! * David turns to Rei and chants, his hands glowing with a soft white light.... <Jess> Time to wail away.... * Darin smiles and leaps at the Hound and drives his Blade of Truth deep into the monster's hide. He then withdraws, and backs away from it quickly. <Jess> Wicked strike, Darin! <Narrator> == Dinky yowls loudly as the sword glides through him! 26 damage! Dispatched! <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Dal> Now for *him*... * Dal glares at the demon. <Jess> ALL RIGHT! * David casts Heal on Reisha.. <Narrator> == XP bookmark * Reisha raises her arm in victory, adrenaline pumping. :) * Darin looks up at the Demon. * Jess looks up. "Your turn, Demon!" * Reisha nods and hugs David. "Thanks.." :) * David blinks and blushes slightly. "No problem." <Voice of Demon> I sincerely do NOT think so. * David looks up at where the voice is coming from <Narrator> The floor yet again opens up and the team plummets down yet another hole. <Jess> This is getting know that? <Darin> No kidding... <Reisha> Not again.... * Dal sighs as he falls... * David falls ^^; <Jess> if we land in ANOTHER pool of blood, I am going to lose my mind.k <Narrator> The team lands on a large mattress! <David> O_o oof! <Jess> Hmmm.....this somehow has it's merits...but not at THIS moment. * Reisha lands and bounces <Reisha> least it's not more blood... * Darin lands, then looks at Jess for her comment. <Narrator> The hole closes up. The Shining Force is now in a large jail... <Dal> Been there, done that... <David> Oh for the love of Mitula! * Reisha looks around. <Jess> so have we. <Reisha> Scratch's worse. :P * David slams his fist into the mattress, putting a hole in it :P <Darin> Well.. now what? <Jess> let me see if I can cast magic. If so, we'll be able to bust out of here. <Narrator> A groan can be heard from the far wall of the room... * Dal looks there... * David glances in the direction of the groan and removes his hand from inside the mattress.. * Jess looks at the door. her eyes flare a brilliant red as she tries to summon forth a fireball to decimate the door. <Narrator> The corner is shadowed... But shackles can be seen holding the man... * David leaps up and walks to the man.. "Hello? Sir?" <Narrator> The man groans and tries to speak, but can't.. * David hauls out AmeShi and slashes the man's shackles.. * Reisha gets up, a glances over at the man. <Narrator> The man slumps to the floor, making a sickening thumping noise... <Dal> Um... * David sheathes AmeShi.. * David helps the man up.. <Jess> oh well. Guess magic is negated in this cell. <David> Sir? Are you okay? <Narrator> The man tries to speak... But starts coughing loudly. * Dal checks to see if he still has that wine he was saving... <David> Anyone got something to wet this man's throat? <Jess> hold on...maybe we can help out. <Reisha> Ok..there's no way we're goona end up locked in here and tunr out like that guy. ^^; * Jess creates a small piece of ice and melts it with fire magic. creating water. * Dal finds it and pours some down his throat... * Jess gives the water to the old man... <David> Sir? Is that better? * The man drinks some of the wine, then is offered water... * The man coughs a little and drinks the water also.. <Man> I.. I thank... You, kind sirs.. <Jess> no problem... <Dal> So tell us what happened to you... <Jess> How long have you been here? * The man looks at the wine bottle again.. "I.. I haven't tasted wine in months.." <Reisha> Did that demon show the same hospitality he gave us? <Man> I've.... Been locked down here for... Well over 3 months <Dal> Hehe... I only swipe the best... <Man> They seldomly feed me.. <Dal> Geez... * The man motions for the wine bottle.. "Please, sir.." <Dal> Huh, sure... * Dal gives him the wineskin... <Dal> ... and helps him drink from it if he needs it. * Reisha sits down in the corner of the cell, wondering if things could get worse. ^^ * The man puts the wineskin to his lips and drinks large portions... <Jess> well....we need to know if there's a way to get out of here... <Dal> . o O (My wine! ;_;) <Jess> I can try my fire magic, but I doubt that'd work. * Dal checks the lock on the door... * David leans on a wall, muscular arms crossed and looking rather handsome...his eyes flicker in their color.. "Whats under the mattress?" <Narrator> The man stops drinking, seeming revitalized slightly... <Man> Maggots, probably.. * Reisha trys looking under the mattress for a key or something. <Dal> That's too easy... ^^; <Narrator> The mattress' movements makes a score of creepy crawley bugs move out... The stench of rotten food fills the air... * David wrinkles his nose * Reisha drops it back down. "Uhh...maybe I don't wanna know..."^^; * Dal tries to pick the lock, trying not to puke at the smell... <Darin> ewww.... * Jess's eyes flare a brilliant red as the bugs catch fire... * Darin turns away, turning slightly green <Narrator> The lock seems to give way.... <Narrator> The door is opened! <Dal> I rule. ^_^ * Dal walks out. <Jess> wicked cool, Dal. <Jess> let's get outta here. <David> That was too easy.. <Reisha> Ok..maybe you're good for something Dal... * Jess taps Darin on the shoulder. "we can leave now." <Dal> "What about that guy?" Dal points to the other man... * Dal gives Reisha a withered look and ignores her... <David> We take him with us? <Narrator> The man gets on his feet, knees shaking slightly.. <Man> I... I wish to come with you. <Jess> I'll help support him. <Darin> I will too * Jess helps support the man, letting him lean on her shoulder. * Darin moves to the other side of the man.. <Man> I... My name is... Jeyer.. * David blinks <David> Say what? <Jess> David, do you know that name? * David regards Jeyer with cool blue eyes.. "Jeyer of Mist?" <Jeyer> Y-yes..... I am.. <Jess> that's it. We have to get him outta here. <David> to meet you, sir.. <Jeyer> Do... I know you? <David> knew my mother.. <Reisha> You know him? * David unsheathes AmeShi and the flames flicker wildly.. * Jeyer squints to look at David... * Jeyer's jaw drops as he sees AmeShi. <Dal> I'm lost... ^^; <Jeyer> Baine.. Baine's child.... Oh God. * David blinks repeatedly and sheathes AmeShi again. <David> That's what I thought too, sir. <David> Lets go, people. * Jess nods. * Jeyer simply gapes, being supported by 2 people... <Reisha> Ok, David! lead the way. :) * David leads the group out of the cell.. * Jess follows, supporting Jeyer along with Darin. <Narrator> A long corridor of jail cells follows... * David heads down the corridor, glancing at the cells.. * Dal peers in one cell. <Narrator> Dead skeletons are all that can be seen in the cells. <Dal> Ergh... * David leads the way, quiet and thinking <Reisha> I'm really getting tired of this morbid decor... <Narrator> a flight of steps is at the end of the poorly lighted corridor... <Jess> you're not the only one, Reisha. <David> We'll be free soon, Rei. * David grins. "Steps!" <Jess> you've been quiet for a while, Darin. What's on your mind? * David draws AmeShi slowly, savoring the flames.. * David heads along the stairs. * Darin shakes his head.. * David ahems and HEADS ALONG THE STAIRS :P <Narrator> The stairs lead up to another door... * Jess keeps supporting Jeyer as she ascends the stairs. * David tries to open the door * Reisha throws caution to the wind and ascends the stairs. * Dal shrugs and follows. <Narrator> The door opens... Moonlight glows through the crease(sp?) * David grins and pushes through the door. ^_^ * Jess follows David and looks up at the moon, then over at Darin. * Darin blinks slowly as he looks at the moon... his eyes unfocus... <Narrator> The shining Force is led out of the mansion, hurrying up to get away from the demon... Indigo, Delina and Sasha mysteriously gone... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====