Shining Force RPG 2 session 6
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining force escapes the mansion, now being in what seems to be a garden... The moon shines high above, but is it really night? <Narrator> The gate is nowhere in sight. * Reisha breathes a sigh of relief just to finally be out of the spook house. :P * Jess stays quiet...still somewhat scared out of her wits. * Dal looks around the garden warily... * Jeyer feels a little better now that he is outside... * David regards Jeyer carefully * Jeyer moves away from the people supporting him, trying to walk by himself... <Jess> any chance we might stop for a while? I'm getting exhausted here. <David> Sir Jeyer, are you okay? * Jeyer turns to David and blinks at him, seeing his eyes... <Jeyer> Y-yes... I am fine. <David> Good ^_^ * Reisha surveys the surroundings, the gloomy sky not doing much for her spirits. "We get outside and you think it would at least be sunny.." * Jeyer looks away suddenly, looking at his surroundings... * Jess looks at the skies. "You know, it looks like night, the moon looks... strange." * David looks around <Jeyer> We'd better move before Gandar sends his troops after us. * David nods <David> Lets go, people. ^_^ <Dal> Yeah... * Jess looks at David tiredly. "Whatever. Let's go." * Reisha falls in. "The the way, Davey-boy." :) * David grins at Rei and moves off :p * Jeyer spots a doorway to the front of the mansion... * Jeyer heads towards the opening * Jess follows Jeyer. <Jess> I think he may know where he's going.... <David> Fine by me. ^^ * Jeyer turns the corner, stops and gapes... * Jess stops and looks at Jeyer. "What?" * Reisha follows behind Jeyer cautiously... * Jeyer points in front of him... <Jess> O_o * Reisha looks where he is pointing... * Dal has his daggers drawn, not trusting his surroundings. <Reisha> "What...?" <Narrator> A large, dark, gloomy hedge maze lies in front of the team... 3 ways open up. <Jess> Oh great..... <David> Oh great. <Dal> Damn... <Jeyer> That wasn't there when they... Brought me here... <Jess>'s a solution... * Jess conjures up a fireball. <Reisha> Well I didn't think this was going to be easy... <Jess> hehehe..... <Narrator> The fireball appears in Jess' hand, but dissapears in a fizzle <Jess> darn... <Reisha> Ok, now I KNOW it isn't going to be easy. ^^; <Jess> there goes the SIMPLE solution to this maze. * David taps his chin <Jeyer> I don't think there's a simple solution to this maze.. <Jeyer> Gandar probably made it so there wasn't.. * Reisha tries to check the 3 passages as far as she can see without committing to one. <Dal> Maybe we can hack our way through... * Jeyer looks at the 3 entrances... <David> Hmm.. <Jess> Hmmm..... * Jeyer tries a levitation spell... * Jeyer floats up into the air, seeing an overview of the maze... <Dal> Can you see the exit? <Jeyer> God, dammit. It seems to stretch out for miles.. * David looks at Jeyer, eyes flickering between dark and light.. <Jeyer> I don't see it.. *squints* <Jeyer> I'll go in for a closer look.... * Reisha thinks Jeyer has it easy... * Jeyer floats closer to the maze... <Dal> Hey, careful... <Jeyer> What's that?... * Jeyer goes in even closer... <Dal> Hey, no, don't!... <Narrator> As Jeyer approaches the edge of the maze, magical energy can be felt building up... <Dal> We don't know what's out there! <David> Be careful, sir Jeyer. <Reisha> yourself... <Narrator> A large beam of light hits Jeyer from somewhere in the maze! * Jeyer seems unhurt by the light... <Narrator> The light dissipates slowly.... <Jeyer> What was tha-- * Reisha wonders where the light could come from... * Jeyer starts to fall! <Jeyer> AAH! HELP! * David leaps forward and tries to catch Jeyer! <Dal> Damn! I knew it! * Jeyer falls on David, throwing both of them to the floor <David> Oof!! <Jeyer> Ow! God d.... <Reisha> There goes that idea. ^^; * Jeyer gets up, rubbing his arm... * David grimaces and also stands <Jeyer> Thank you, David.. <David> No problem, sir. * Jeyer looks at the maze... <Jess> Hmmm...when Jeyer entered, some sort of magical force built up... <Jeyer> Magic negation field... <Jess> not good for a mage. <Jeyer> It surrounds the whole maze.... I think. <Dal> Great. Just great. <David> I could enter.. <Jess> any way around it? <Jeyer> Not that I saw... We'll have to go through. <Jess> terrific...if we get attacked, I'm dowright useless. <Reisha> Just great... <Jeyer> I say we use the first entrance... It looks like the one to take... <Jess> OK...just lead the way, Jeyer. * Jeyer nods to Jess and walks into the first passage... * Jess follows Jeyer, staying near the back of the party.. <Jeyer> I suggest we don't trail off... Getting lost in this maze would spell doom to someone... * Dal follows along, on his guard. <Jess> .oO(If we get attacked, we're doomed anyway. None of us can use magic.>> * David draws AmeShi * David follows Jeyer * Reisha follows the gang, making sure her daggers are all set just in case... <Jeyer> David... You take the front.... I just don't feel right leading.. * David grins and nods, taking the lead.. <Narrator> The first door is a long passageway... It seems to do a sharp turn to the left... * Reisha feels reassured with David leading. * David hmmms and keeps going, wary <Narrator> The end of the passageway leads to another passageway that cuts north... <Jeyer> This'll probably lead up deep in the maze... <David> Hmmm.. <David> Any objections? <Reisha> Further in mean further out, right? ^^ <Jess> not from me, if we'll get our asses out of here. <Jeyer> I don't think we have much of a choice, really.. * David nods and heads to the passageway * Jess follows David, her mind seemingly elsewhere at the moment.. <Narrator> A small corridor of a few meters leads to a large open area... 3 passages open up to the Shining Force. <Jess> not again... <Narrator> This is a maze... What do you expect?? :PPPP * Dal sighs... * Narrator goes back to telling his story. <Dal> Shut up, Narrator! ;p <David> Hmmm.. <David> Which way? * Reisha starts doing eenie meenie... * Jeyer shrugs... <David> Hmm.. <Reisha> How about left? <Jeyer> I guess we should head left... * David looks at Rei. <David> Yeah...left. ^_^ <Jeyer> It would be the logical choice... * David walks left. ^_^ * Jess follows. * Dal folows, shrugging. ^^; * Reisha goes left. :D <Narrator> The left passage leads to a fork... 2 more passages open up. <David> Ehh... :P * Reisha sighs. "Not again..." <Jeyer> God... This is annoying. <Reisha> You decide David." :D <David> Hmm...right? <Dal> Works for me. <Jess> -_- <Jeyer> Let's go right, I guess... * David goes right.. * Jess follows.... * Jeyer follows cautiously... <Narrator> The right passage leads to another long corridor... <Narrator> It seems to cut left. <David> Geez.. <Narrator> The passage after turning left cuts left again... <Jeyer> ... Is it just me, or are we going into a circle here..? <David> Yeah.. :p <Jess> looks like it. <Reisha> I feel like we're going in circles... * Jeyer sighs... Let's go back to the beginning.... <David> Damnit :P <Reisha> Let's go left again then. <Dal> It's a hedge maze... I still say hacking our way through would be easier. <Reisha> If right brought us around... <Narrator> But it's mostly in my head. :P * Reisha hits her head. "Damn..I hate mazes." <Jess> Why do I feel like a lab rat? <Jeyer> ... Back to the opening... <Narrator> The Shining Force returns to the open space with the 3 passages... <Jeyer> Now. up or right.. <Jess> which way did we go before? <David> Hmm....why don't you choose now, sir Jeyer? <Reisha> Left was no good... <Jeyer> We came from the south.. Then we went left. <Jeyer> Now we have either up or right..... <Jeyer> I opt for right. <Jess> I opt for whicheve way will get us the hell outta here. This negation field is starting to mess with my head...Migranes aren't this bad. <Dal> I'm just sick of this place. =p <Narrator> The Shining Force heads right... <Narrator> The right passage goes up, left, up... <Narrator> Another fork left and up opens up... <Jeyer> Again with a fork! God.. <Jeyer> Dal? You want to do the honors this time? * Reisha looks somewhat impatient... <Jess> I say we head straight forward..... * Jeyer turns to Jess... "I think that's a good idea... * Jess nods... * Jeyer prods David... <David> Huh? Oh yeah * David heads forward * Jess follows. <Narrator> The Shining Force heads forward... <Narrator> The maze cuts left again, then up... Then right, up and a long passageway left... <Narrator> In the middle of the long passageway, the team hears a scream of frustration come from the north <Jess> O_o * Dal blinks. <Narrator> The passage seems to cut to the north... * Jess peers around the corner. <Narrator> A large statue in the middle of the fountain can be seen... 2 women are sitting besides it, looking quite desperate... * Sasha slams her fist into the water and screams again <Jess> .oO(Looks like someone's pissed.) <Indigo> What is wrong dear? <Sasha> I am going to kill the artitect of this damn maze! <Jeyer> ... Who is that..? *squints* <Jess> I know those voices? INDIGO? SASHA? * Reisha stops and looks at the two. "Well, at least that's one mystery solved..." ^^; * Jeyer's jaw drops as he recognizes the robe of the oldest of the two... * Indigo sighs. <Indigo> We need something to blow up this maze. * Jeyer walks into the large open space, staring at Indigo, unbelieving... <Jess> .oO(too bad my magic is negated...I'd blaze us a path through it.) <Dal> . o O (I still say hacking through would be better.) * Jess follows Jeyer, still with somewhat of a MAJOR headache. * Sasha cups her hands and dips them into the water and splashes it onto her face "I can't stand it here, no money, not even a simple piece of jewelry" * Reisha looks at Indigo and Jeyer. <Indigo> Sasha, do you know any tricks from your days as a bounty hunter that could help? * Jeyer stops a few feet from Indigo and blinks... "Indigo...? Is that you? O_o" <Reisha> "Wait! Don't tell me...another reunion?" * Sasha thinks <Indigo> Oh yes, it is. * Jeyer gapes... "You've... Aged..." * Sasha looks around <Dal> Ho, boy. * Reisha makes her way into the open space a little behind Jeyer. <David> Uhm. * Indigo laughs. <Indigo> I'm only 34 Jeyer! <Sasha> Why is this fountain here? * Jess stays just a few feet behind the party. <Narrator> * Jeyer coughs and chuckles... <Jess> Guys, I've got to sit down for a minute. This's really taking it's toll on me. <Jeyer> I didn't mean that in a bad way... You actually look much more mature... And... Erm. *coughs again* * Reisha cant's help but giggle. * Jess rests while Jeyer and Indi catch up on old times. <Jeyer> Erm.. anyways, how did you get here?? Did Gandar capture you also? * Sasha checks the fountain for anything unusual <Indigo> You mean sane Jeyer? <Narrator> The fountain looks like a regular fountain... * David eyes Rei quizzically..eyes changing colors slightly.. <Jeyer> Err... Sane... Yeah... Thassit. * Indigo laughs. <Indigo> Yes, I finally found my sanity. * Sasha kicks the stupid fountain * Sasha glances at Jeyer and then at her mother "Uh, whoever you are, you can stop drooling now" <Jeyer> I'm happy to see a familiar face! Did you meet Baine and Chamolo's son? They rescued me from the mansion... * David blushes faintly at the mention <Indigo> Oh yes, little David. * Indigo smiles. <David> little?! * Jeyer glares at Sasha... "If I were you, I would be a little more polite to your elders, little one." * David blushes more * Reisha looks over to David, noticing his glance...and giggles more at the words "little" ^^; * Sasha glances at David "You're looking a little girlish all of a sudden Davey" * Jess stands up. "Can we please find a way out of this damn maze before one of us goes mad?" * Dal is just plain lost. ^^; * Indigo smiles and stands, mussing David's hair. <David> ehh :p * Jeyer blinks and turns to the fountain... * Reisha trys to stop her fit of merriment and regain her composure... <Jeyer> Indigo...? Look up there.... *points to the top of the statue* <Sasha> Don't bother with it, I didn't find anything unusual about it, just some dumb old fountain. * Indigo looks at the top of the statue. <Reisha> Ahem..well..nice to see you're both ok. ^^ <Jeyer> Look at its eyes.... * David smiles and leans back, again glancing at Reisha ^_- * Jess looks where Indigo and Jeyer are. <Narrator> The eyes of the statue seem to be moving... <Jeyer> It seems to be looking at us.. * Reisha turns her head and briefly meets David's stare again, turning instead to the statue... <Dal> Hmm. <Indigo> Hmmm..... * David looks down and shuffles his feet slightly before and looks at the statue. <Reisha> I thought we were out of this whole freak show... <Jeyer> Someone... Try casting a spell. * Jess raises a hand toward her enemy as a solid sheet of ice encases statue. Suddenly, the ground under statue opens up and a massive blaze rises from the cracks.... CHILLING INFERNO! * Sasha glances at David, and the rest of the group then turning towards the statues eyes. <Narrator> The eyes of the statue open up wide and light covers Jess... The spell fails. <Reisha> Oh ho! <Jeyer> O_o * Indigo raises a hand. * David grins and brandishes AmeShi, flames flickering <Jeyer> I KNEW it! <David> Lemme cut its eyes out. <Jess> that statue....destroy it... <Reisha> I have an idea guys... <Indigo> Pio, elemental of Pestilence, I summon you! * Sasha casts Thunder Bolt <Narrator> The light from the statue's eyes dissipates the spells just cast. * Reisha takes out two throwing knives... * David leaps at the statue and slams AmeShi's blade into the left eye! * Sasha leaps up onto the statue and slashes the right eye! * Reisha hurls the daggers into each eye for good measure. :P * David barely avoids getting hit by a dagger :P <Narrator> The eyes shatter into crystal dust.... Light gushes out of the eyes and the ground starts to rumble... * Reisha sweatdrops. ^^; * Dal lets the others do the dirty work. ;) <Dal> Oops. <Narrator> The water drains out of the fountain.... * David hauls the blade out and grabs the daggers * David leaps back to the group * Sasha loses her balance on the statue and falls toward the ground * David bows slightly and offers the daggers to Reisha. ^_- <Narrator> The hedge maze moves into a certain pattern to limit the space... * Sasha lands on David =P <David> O_o <David> Oof! <Jess> Oh great... * David falls over! <Jess> what now? * Reisha takes them, blushing a little. * Indigo looks at the maze and frowns. <Jess> just for good measure... * Reisha sees David fall... <Indigo> Let's try again.... * Sasha rolls herself off David and helps him up "Thanks" <David> uh. :P * Jess tries to conjure up a fireball to see if she can cast again. <David> Sure. No problem. :P * Indigo laughs. <Narrator> The large statue gets off its pedestal, crushing the rock on the bottom... <Indigo> Pio, elemental of Pestilence, I summon you! <David> Woah.. <Narrator> The spells are nullified. * Reisha smiles and shakes her head. "Poor get no respect." ;) <Reisha> Uh oh... * Jeyer gapes.... Uhh... Incoming...? <Jess> Oh damn...and I still can't cast....I'm useless for this battle. * David blushes faintly and then brandishes AmeShi! * Dal groans. <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Narrator> ===== 1 giant stone statue ===== * Reisha flicks the daggers into her palms, standing behind David for this one... * Jess stays behind everyone else, unable to do any kind of damage to this beast. * David glances at Rei and casts her a reassuring look before bracing himself in an offensive position <Narrator> == Dal can attack! * Indigo stands there, useless with the elementals. * Dal rushes towards the statue, slashing at it as he passes by before landing behind it in a defensive position. <Narrator> == The statue takes light damage from the weapon... 7 damage! * Dal d'ohs... <Narrator> == Jeyer can attack! <Narrator> == Jeyer tries to cast a spell.... * Jeyer raises his arms in the air... "Thunder... transform this stone into a pile of rubble! RAYJIN!" <Jess> O_o <Narrator> == Jeyer casts Rayjin level 5 <Narrator> == A bolt of concentrated lightning drives through the statue! 31 damage! * Reisha wideeyes and whispers. "That's some helluva strong thunder magic he's using...." * Jeyer falls on his ass <David> Thats...similar to my mother's spell.. <Jeyer> Ooof. <Jess> Jeyer? Are you OK? <Jeyer> I should have used level 4.. <Jess> let me help you up... * Jess extends her hand to Jeyer. <Reisha> David: Was she a magician? * Jeyer gets up and shakes off the shock of the spell... "Thanks, Jess.." <David> Uh, no.. ^^; Jeyer and my mother trained together.. <Jess> no problem.. it's all I can do here.. <Narrator> == The statue attacks. <Reisha> Ah told me she was a ninja. ^^ <David> Jeyer is. ^_^ <Reisha> Uh time for small's coming! <Jeyer> Ex... Ninja.... Well...... Ahh forget it. My situation is too complicated. * Jeyer gets into position. <Narrator> == The statue lashes out at Darin * David moves to defend Rei slightly while defending himself <Jess> DARIN! <Narrator> == Darin evades most of the blow, but is still thrown back... 3 damage. <Indigo> Oh no! * Jess starts to feel herself getting extremely pissed. "To hell with this field. MONSTER, YOUR ASS IS MINE!" <Narrator> == David and Indigo can attack! * Reisha cheers David on! * Indigo throws her staff into the ceiling, trying to dislodge it and make it fall on the statue to crush it. * David leaps at the statue and slams the hilt of AmeShi into the statue's face, landing on its shoulders....he then moves to slice across its eyes again! * David stays on the shoulders, teetering a bit ^^; * Jess begins concentrating as she starts to chant. "Rising up from the deepest depths of the earth, let my fires engulf this creature! powers of mars, spirit of fire, become my sword." <Narrator> == Indigo and David attack the statue... David's slash cuts through the stone like a hot knife through butter... Indigo's blow crushes part of the statue's arm... 17 damage, 11 damage... <Narrator> == Reisha can attack! * Reisha slides her foot forward and makes a dash at the staute, flinging a dagger right in it's chest...she leaps back off the solid mass, following up with another right in it's eyes. ^^ <Reisha> Kyah! <Narrator> == The daggers hardly deal any damage, but do manage to have an effect... 9 damage. <Narrator> == Jess can attack! * Reisha lands crouching on the ground near David. "Whew...been awhile since I tried that one.." * Jess attempts to summon forth her bolt 2 spell. * David smiles faintly at Reisha. "Nice shot." * Jess begins concentrating as she starts to chant. "Rising up from the deepest depths of the earth, let my fires engulf this creature! powers of mars, spirit of fire, become my sword.BLAZE 2! <Narrator> == The blaze 2 spell seems to work fully... The statue teeters back from the blast of the spell... 8 damage. <Jess> ALL RIGHT! <Narrator> == Darin can attack... * Reisha grins. "Hey, I didn't devote ALL my time to magic y'know." ;) <Narrator> == Darin attacks the statue. His sword doesn't seem all that effective against the stone... 6 damage. <Narrator> == Sasha can attack! <Narrator> == Sasha throws daggers at the statue... Again, damage is hardly done to it... 8 damage. <Narrator> ===== Monsters left: Stone statue. ===== <Narrator> == Dal can attack! <Jeyer> This thing is tough... * Jess begins chanting again. * Dal rushes behind the statue and drives both his daggers into the statue, not bothering to try to pull them out. <Jess> maybe my chilling inferno will put it down. <Reisha> Think I should try my magic? Jess is having some luck at least. ^^ <Narrator> == The statue seems to be easier to damage this time around... The daggers slice through the stone... 18 damage. <Reisha> I think it's cracking... <Narrator> == Jeyer can attack <Dal> Aw right! <Narrator> == Jeyer pulls back, wind still knocked out of him from the last spell... <Narrator> == The statue can attack <Narrator> == The statue lashes out at David! * David holds his ground, not wanting it to hit Rei <Reisha> Watch out David! It's heading for you! o_O * Jess closes her eyes as her words reverberate throughout the area. "Powers of Neptune and Mars, let your fury be felt. rain down ice and fire to decimate this creature." <Narrator> == A large fist comes smashing down at David.... It hits him square on the head... 13 damage. * David grimaces.. * Reisha holds David to stop him from falling back... <Narrator> == David and Indigo can attack! * David blinks rapidly at Rei and stares at her for a second before nodding and steadying himself.. * David's eyes turn freezingly cold.. <Narrator> == Indigo bashes the statue with her staff once again... It crushes one of its arms! 11 damage! <Reisha> Hang in's almost through...I hope. ^^; * David leaps at the statue and slashes at it rampantly, shouting his fury!! <Narrator> == David(The berserker) lashes at the statue... ;) AmeShi glides through the stone, dealing massive damage! 32! Critical! <Narrator> == Reisha can attack! * David leaps back, snarling...he looks like his mother almost in his rage.. <Reisha> Screw this field! I'm ending this little party righT now! * Reisha points her finger at Statue. "Force of Lightning, crash and burn...zap my foe with power in turn! Bolt !" A column of intense electricity leaps from her hand, frying them to a tender crisp. <Jess> leave some of that creature for me...I have a little surprise for it. ^_^ <Narrator> == The bolt of power crashes on the statue! A large wail is heard, although it sounds artificial... 10 damage! Dispatched! <Dal> Finally! <Narrator> == The statue crumbles into dust... <Reisha> Bingo! <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== * Dal goes and retrieves his daggers. * Reisha stands proudly. "Sorry there Jess..." <Jess> damn...and I had a chilling inferno ready for that bastard. <Jess> Oh well... * David grins at Rei and sheathes the sword.. * Jeyer pants loudly.. "I never thought a spell could knock me out like this.." * Reisha shifts through the dusts and retrieves her knives herself, to spare David the trouble. ^^ <Jess> you should have seen how my spell combos knocked me out when I first learned how to do them. <Narrator> The hedge maze starts moving.... <Narrator> It reshapes to block all passages but one... <David> This must be our way out. ^_- <Jess> we can hope. <Jeyer> But Jess... I.. Ahh, nevermind. * Dal heads for the passage. <Dal> I want out. =p * Jeyer groans as he moves... * Jess follows Dal. <Reisha> I think Dal has the right idea... * David looks at Jeyer worriedly <Jess> I hope there's a town nearby. <Narrator> The shining Force heads through the passage... Yet another long corridor of foliage brings the team to a wooden door... * Reisha looks where David's turned to. "I knew he shouldn't have used that big spell..." * David nods and smiles at Reisha before looking at the door. <Narrator> The door has a large metal ring on it... It doesn't seem to hold a lock of any kind. <Jess> let's just get out of here? * Jess leans against the door. * Dal checks the door suspiciously... * Reisha nods and smiles back, still quite proud after the victory. <Reisha> C'mon..we beat a statue..a door's no sweat. :) * Jess tries to pull the door open. "A hand please" * Reisha rubs her hands and gives the ring a yank. * David helps <Narrator> The door opens up with a squeak of rusted metal... * Dal peeks through. <Narrator> Behind the door seems to be a city alley... * Reisha gets an odd thought for a second, but dismisses it. ^^ <Jess> Thank you, Mitula.... <Dal> Mm, familiar territory... * Jeyer coughs.. "Let's get moving.." * Dal goes in the alley... * Reisha looks down the alley. "Freedom here we come..." <Jess> let's find an inn. * Jeyer heads into the alley... * Jess follows the party. * Reisha follows. * David follows. ^_^ <Narrator> After everyone exits into the alley, the door closes itself and fades away to brick.... <Jess> O_O Another illusion? <Dal> .... * Reisha turns he head around sighing. "Deja vu..." <Jess> deja vu all over again, eh, Reisha? <Narrator> Night covers the city alley... Light is scant. * David draws AmeShi, the flames flickering.. * Reisha nods to Jess. "No kidding...I'm wondering if there is a connection..." * David heads forward.. <Jess> there probably is. We'll find it soon enough. <Narrator> The glow of AmeShi lights up the alley ever so slightly... * Jess conjures up a fireball. "This should light up the place a bit more." * Reisha goes forward, thinking aloud. "..that big guy said he was gathering people... was that we were in the camp too..that was an illusion...this was an illusion..." <Narrator> Light peeks into the alley due to the fireball, but seems to be engulfed by the darkness... The team's steps are lighted for a few feet... * Jess walks up to Reisha and taps her on the shoulder. "You don't think that demon had something to do with that camp we were in when we met?" <Narrator> A large poster on the wall gets Jeyer's attention... <Jeyer> What's this...? <David> Hm? <Reisha> That's gotta be it..but why though? And what's this 'Shining Force' business?" <Jess> Hmmm? What is it, Jeyer? <Jeyer> Look... It's a wanted poster..... David..... Jess... Reish-- All of you but me are on here. <Jess> I have no idea, Rei. the last shining force was lead by the present queen of Guardiana. * David narrows his eyes <David> What? <Dal> Wait, I'm on that? <Jess> do what? * Reisha looks at the poster... * Jeyer reads aloud... * Jess looks at the poster. * Reisha sighs and pushes back ehr blonde hair. <Reisha> I think they caught my bad side there. :P <Jeyer> Wanted.... Dead or alive. Preferably alive. 50,000 gold pieces per head. * David glances at Rei and looks at the poster. "So we're wanted now? Great....just like my mother.." <Jess> WOAH! someone must really want to start a war with Guardiana if they're offering that much for my capture. * David drips slightly bitterness :p <Dal> Not another ransom! * Dal grumbles. <Reisha> So now we're criminals...peachy... <Dal> Nothing new for me. =p <Jeyer> ... I don't think this world is part of any known land. * Reisha looks less than ecstatic. * Jeyer gets a chill down his spine.. "I feel like we're being watched.." <Jess> still, if word get to Queen Lara that the daughter of her ambassadors to Granseal has been....what? <David> Great.. :P <Reisha> I think maybe we better take it on the lamb for a while... <Jess> Good idea, Rei... * Jeyer holds his arms to his stomach, trembling.. "Let's get out of this alley.. Find someplace to rest... I can get us a room and let you through a side entrance or something.." <Reisha> If we can find that Queen, I'm sure she'll clear things up. :) * Dal nods. * Jess shakes her head. "I doubt we're anywhere near Guardiana castle. We've got nowhere to turn to here." * Jeyer starts walking towards the alley's opening... <Reisha> Well anything's better than staying here next to our mug shots... <Jess> easy way to remedy that. * Jess takes the poster down from the alley wall and sets it on fire. * Reisha narrows her eyes. "Oh..heheh." <Dal> . o O (That was a good one of me, tho. Oh well.) <Narrator> Lanterns on posts glow as Jeyer exits the alley.. * David runs a hand through his hair and follows Jeyer * Reisha nudges carefully down the alleyway after Jeyer. * Jess follows Reisha... * Dal follows Jess. ^^; <Narrator> The Shining Force exits the alley and start looking for an inn... <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> After the Shining Force exits the alley, on the opposite side of that same alley, a short figure walks out of the shadows, eyes glowing blood red... Another man, much taller, walks out and stands by the shorter figure... <Short man> There they are, Maika.... Our meal ticket. <Maika> Shouldn't we go after them, Darrel? <Darrel> No... Oh no... We follow them to the inn... And during their sleep... *slides a finger over his throat, grinning* <Maika> Ooooh... heh... Oooh! Ok... I get it... But. Erm... Didn't they say they wanted them preferably alive? <Darrel> They never stated any change in the reward if they were dead... It'll just be easier this way. <Maika> Oh... Yeah. Ok... heh. You were always the smart one.... * Darrel rolls his eyes.... "Let's go. We don't want to lose 'em." <Narrator> The two go after the Shining Force in the shadows... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force walks down the street, trying to keep quiet and not draw attention to themselves... * Jeyer squints and tries to read the signs as they pass by the different buildings... * Reisha musses her hair a bit to not look to like her picture. ^^ <Narrator> A dog walks by.... * David glances about <Narrator> He starts sniffing the air.... <Narrator> The dog walks over to David and starts sniffing his ass. * David shoves the dog away <Narrator> The dog growls.. * Reisha shoos the dog away. <Narrator> The dog walks towards David again... <Narrator> The dog growls at Reisha.... * David steps back.. <Narrator> The dog starts barking! <Jess> Oh great...-_- <Reisha> Hey, I don't like you too much yourself...dah-uh..not good!" o_O <Jeyer> Oh for the love of-- "Power of the ancients, mute this creature!" <Narrator> The dog goes mute. <Narrator> The dog barks, but no sound comes out... * Dal shakes his head... <Jeyer> that's much better. * Jeyer continues to walk... <Jeyer> ... There.... Golden Fleece inn.. <Reisha> Nice save there have some magic power there... * Jeyer nods to Reisha... <Jeyer> Wait.. * Reisha smiles at him, and looks at the inn in the distance. <Jeyer> Won't it look suspicious getting rooms for 5 people? <Reisha> would... * David glances at Jeyer and then at the inn <Dal> You have a point... * Reisha thinks. <Jeyer> Hm.. What can we do..? We could rent a suite... But.. <David> We can get seperate rooms <Reisha> Maybe you can tell them you're reserving for some soldiers coming in late? <Dal> Then we'd have to look the part. <Narrator> Hmm.. Wait. I'll try something.. <Reisha> If it's dark..maybe they won't notice. ^^; <Jess> and though I hate to admit it, we don't look like soldiers. * Jeyer takes a deep breath and starts chanting softly... "The blood of ancients flowing through me..... Enchant my thoughts and make them a reality... Reality to everyone but ourselves.... An illusion.... Inversion magic!" * Jeyer falls back as the spell takes effect... All players invert themselves, becoming their opposite sex. <Dal> !!! <David> O_o <Jess> O_o <Dal> What?! <Reisha> Huh-huh? * Jeyer coughs and falls to his knees.. * Reisha bigeyes. O_O * Dal clamps his hands over his mouth as the outburst comes out sounding like a girl's voice. <Reisha> * Jeyer forces himself to his feet.. "Quickly... The spell will only last for an hour.." * Reisha stops when it sounds so deep. :/ * Jess heads into the inn to get a room. * Jeyer staggers towards the inn towards.. * David follows.. <Dal> Thank Mitula for that... * Dal follows... <Reisha> .oO( Calm,'s an Illusion...just an Illusion...yeah ^^; ) * Dal pokes at his chest, cursing... * Reisha quickly follows Jeyer. * Jeyer opens the door and staggers to the desk.. * Jess quickly follows. * Jeyer coughs a little and looks at the innkeeper.. "We wo..ould li... li.." <David> We would like a room.. * Jeyer falls to the ground unconscious.. <Jess> Oh great... * David glances at Jeyer and looks at the innkeeper. "Please?" * Reisha takes a deep breath before talking to the innkeeper. * Jess Picks Jeyer up, and props him on his/her shoulder. * Dal stays silent. <Reisha> We would like a room...our friend is in very grave condition... * The innkeeper blinks. "Err. Yeah... Oook. That'll be 10 gold pieces per person.. I guess. o_O" * David hands over 70 gp * Jess pays the innkeeper. <Reisha> .oO( Hey, I'm actually a good actor. ^^; ) * The Innkeeper blinks... "Erm... One payment's enough. *hands Jess' money back to him* <Jess> Thank you. * The innkeeper tosses 7 keys on the counter. "Up the stairs and to the left... Then right, and up... The left again... And when you come to the fork, you go right... Got that?" * The innkeeper grins... "I'm kidding. Up the stairs, doors to your right. Enjoy your stays... Shall I send a wakeup call for you people?" * Reisha nods. "Thank you again, sir for your hospitality..." <Reisha> .oO( God not more mazes! AAARGH!! ) <David>, no wake up call <Jess> No thanks...we'll be gone quite early tomorrow. <Innkeeper> allright then. Enjoy your stay.. And I hope your friend gets better. * Jess helps Jeyer to his room and goes to her own. <Innkeeper> If you need anything, just come to the main desk and ask. * David wanders up to the room * Jess wanders to her room after putting Jeyer in his. * Dal goes up to the room. <Dal> . o O (This better wear off soon, damnit.) * Reisha follows David and the others, a little sick of playing her role. <Narrator> As everyone settles into their rooms and close the doors, the spells wear off and everyone reverts to their original gender. * Dal sighs in relief. * Reisha looks at David, wondering if he would be cute as a girl... :P * Jess wanders into her washroom to get the blood out of her robes and hair. * David idly removes his shirt, getting ready for bed. ^_- * Reisha breathes a sigh of relief and finally washes her robes of that darned blood. Yik. ^^ <Jess> for some reason, I guess I'm just not tired. * Reisha proceeds to take a quick shower, and goes a few rounds with her lovely locks in the mirror afterwards, before plopping into bed. * Jess walks out of her washroom with her hair up in a towel and her robes clean. She walks over to the window and looks out side. <Reisha> Ahhhh.... <Narrator> The Shining Force settles in for a well deserved rest... Except for Jess who wants to be a poopoo head. <Narrator> ===== cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The silence of the alley next to Jeyer's room is unsettling... Jeyer is fast asleep in his bed, rejuvenating... Someone looks over him in the shadows... <Narrator> Maika walks over silently to the side of the bed... His blood red eyes glowing.... * Maika grins wickedly as he unsheaths his dagger... <Maika> Sleep well, old one.... Because this will be your eternal sleep..... *raises the dagger over Jeyer's heart* <Narrator> ==== Session end! ===== of her washroom with her hair up in a towel and her robes clean. She walks over to the window and looks out side. <Reisha> Ahhhh.... <Narrator> The Shining Force settles in for a well deserved rest... Except for Jess who wants to be a poopoo head. <Narrator> ===== cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The silence of the alley next to Jeyer's room is unsettling... Jeyer is fast asleep in his bed, rejuvenating... Someone looks over him in the shadows... <Narrator> Maika walks over silently to the side of the bed... His blood red eyes glowing.... * Maika grins wickedly as he unsheaths his dagger... <Maika> Sleep well, old one.... Because this will be your eternal sleep..... *raises the dagger over Jeyer's heart* <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====