Shining Force RPG 2 session 7
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The shining force are peacefully sleeping in their rooms... Everything is calm... Too calm.... <Jess> -_0 * Dal snores in his pillow. * Darin snores lightly <Narrator> Silence reigns supreme... * Reisha is enjoying the soft bed...but she looks a little distrubed in her sleep. <Narrator> ===== In Jeyer's room ===== <Narrator> Jeyer lies peacefully in his bed, exhausted by the overcasting of his spells. * Maika stands over Jeyer's bed, brandishing a dagger... * Jess is still wide awake, thinking to herself and not noticing the eerie silence around this place. <Narrator> Sleep well, old one.... Because this will be your eternal sleep..... *raises the dagger over Jeyer's heart <Maika> Sleep well, old one.... Because this will be your eternal sleep..... *raises the dagger over Jeyer's heart and strikes down quickly* <Narrator> As the dagger's tip touches Jeyer, it bursts in white flames, illuminating the whole inn! * Maika leaps back as his dagger and Jeyer start to burn in white flames <Maika> WHAT THE?! * Reisha feels a small ray of light poke through her eyelids... <Dal> ... *shnore... shnort...* ... uhn...? * Jess turns her head toward Jeyer's room. "Hmmm?" * David groans and rolls over. :P * Jess goes and wakes up Darin. "Come on, Darin. Wake up." * Maika panics, drops his dagger and leaps out of the window! * Darin turns over, facing away from the light, ignoring Jess <Jess> OK, dammit, I'll check it out myself. * Jess walks over to Jeyer's room. * Jeyer lies in his bed, covered in white flames... The light is blinding... * Dal falls back asleep. ^^; * David is still asleep ^^; * Jess covers her eyes. "What in the name of Mitula?" * Reisha rubs her eyes groggedly at the light. 1"Ergh...Is it morning already...?" <Narrator> The light slowly diminishes... Jeyer is still out cold... * Reisha stumbles around her room, getting dressed and lumbering out into the hallway... <Jess> something's not right..... * Jess walks back out, running into Reisha. "Couldn't sleep? or did the light wake you?" * Dal groans at the annoying light... "Dammit..." He gets dressed and checks out the source... * Jeyer seems to fade into a ghost like form as the flames dissapear... * Reisha is still rubbing her eyes. 1"No...I decided to get a midnight snack...what do you think?" ^^ * Reisha looks over int he direction of Jeyer... <Jess> Hey, watch the sarcasm, will ya? * Jess turns her head in Jeyer's direction. O_o * Narrator watches the sarcasm <Reisha> What the heck..? o_O <Narrator> I think the sarcasm is just fine. * Narrator returns to telling his story * Jeyer lies in his bed as if nothing ever happened... * Dal blinks when he sees Jeyer... "Hunh?" <Narrator> The light is fully dispersed... The flames are no more. <Jess> I'll get Darin. Rei, would you mind waking David? * Reisha scratches her somewhat mussed blond hair. 1"Ok...just what happened down here?" ^^ * Reisha nods. * Jess walks back into Darin's room. * Reisha head to David's room, banging on the door. * Jess starts shaking Darin. "Hey, wake up. We have a bit of a crisis here." * David lies in his room, blankets down to his shirt on...his well defined muscles plainly in view...he snores loudly and turns over. :P <Darin> mmmmph? <Reisha> Wake up, Davey boy! We got an emergency here! :P <Dal> What the hell happened? <Jess> Darin, wake up..... * Darin blinks and turns over.. his words blurred by sleep "Is nota school day mommy..." * Reisha bangs louder. <Jess> asked for it.... * David blinks and yelps, coming awake! * David falls out of bed :P <David> *thunk* <David> huh?! <Reisha> Don't make me get medieval on your buttocks..wake up already! :P * Reisha kicks the door in. ^^ * Jess points to the air above Darin as a couple of small ice shards appear. A fireball melts them and water pours down upon Darin. chilling inferno...... * David lies on the floor nude O_o <David> REI?! Ah! Out! Get out! * Reisha blinks... <David> I'm naked!! O_o; <Reisha>;; * David leaps back under his blankets :P * Darin screams and jumps out of bed, nothing but a pair of shorts on (and they're half falling off, and now soaked) <Darin> WHAT? * Reisha about faces and slams the door, cheeks burning! * David slips some pants on and crawls out of bed :P * David walks out to Rei <David> Ahem. <Jess> finally..... <David> Whats going on? * Reisha is still blushing a bit. ^^ <Darin> What on earth was THAT for? * Dal sighs as he waits for *someone* to tell him what happened before he falls back asleep... ^^; * Darin looks down...... "Uhhhmmmm..." <Jess> to get you to wake up, that's what... <Reisha> Well..something happened with jeyer downstairs... * Reisha doesn't look David in the eye though. ^^ <Jess> Now, get dressed. We have a bit of a crisis situation here. * Jess walks out and back over to Jeyer's room. * David is not wearing a shirt and nods, walking to Jeyer's room * Darin grabs clothes and pulls them on (remembering to get a new pair of shorts :P (don't ask from where)) and dresses <Darin> Now, what's going on here? * Reisha walks down the stairs behind David... <Jess> you know that strange light? It was coming from here....from Jeyer. <Darin> how? what happened? <Reisha> .oO( Now that's a side of David I haven't seen before...eesh.. ^^ ) <Jess> that, I don't know. Wish I did. <Jess> by the way, Darin. Sorry about the water. It's the only way I could get you to wake up. * Narrator walks in wearing nothing but whipped cream and socks. <Narrator> O_o <Darin> It's ok... I know I'm a heavy sleeper... <Narrator> Wrong RPG!" * Narrator walks out. * David blinks and wanders into Jeyer's room <Narrator> Jeyer seems to move ever so slightly... * Jess grabs Darin's arm, looking over at Jeyer, kinda in between frightened and curious. * David idly taps on Jeyer's head * Darin gasps and puts a protective arm around Jess. * Reisha stands there.. <Narrator> David's hand passes through Jeyer's head. <David> O_o <David> Woah. <Reisha> Is..he a ghost? o_O * Darin blinks.....but stays silent <Jess> O_o <Dal> Um... * David pokes Jeyer's head again <Narrator> David's hand passes through Jeyer's head <David> Uh...Jeyer? * Jeyer says nothing, seeming to be sleeping. <David> JEYYYEEEERRR * Jess looks up at Darin. "Something tells me this guy is not quite human." <Darin> What gave you that idea....? <Jess> that light, and the fact that when I walked in here, he was engulfed in white flames. <David> white flames? <Jess> yes...white flames. <David> Hmmm <Reisha> Do you think somebody tried to kill him? <David> Possibly. <Jess> Honesly, Reisha, I don't know... <Reisha> Maybe it was a defensive spell or something... * Reisha tries to touch Jeyer as well. <Narrator> Reisha's hand passes through Jeyer also. <Jess> Queen Lara talked to me of Jeyer before, when I was very little. I just can't remember what she ws telling me. <Dal> Okay... so if it's a defensive spell, then something must've attacked him, or something... <Jess> a likely assumption... <Dal> And there's a bounty on our heads... <Jess> How would they know we're here, though? <Reisha> But that was us...jeyer wasn't in the poster. :/ * David thinks * David tries to punch Jeyer. <Jess> we were disguised when we came in here. <Narrator> David's fist glides through Jeyer <David> Hmm.. <David> Someone got a knife? <Dal> Unless someone saw the spell being cast on us and decided to get rid of the more powerful one... * Reisha pulls one out of her cloak. 1"Why do you need one?" * David takes it. "I want to try something." * David tries to stab Jeyer. <Narrator> As the dagger touches Jeyer, it engulfs itself in white flames that also surround Jeyer... <David> O_o <David> Ah! * Dal ums. <Narrator> The light is blinding... * David flinches and closes his eyes * Reisha shields her eyes... * Jess shields her eyes with her robe's sleeve. * Narrator runs in with his whipped cream clothes and a cherry on the tip of his penis <Narrator> O_O <Narrator> DAMMIT! * Narrator runs out <Dal> What?! <David> Jeeeyyyyerrrrr!! <Jess> I'll try to extinguish the flames... <Reisha> I guess it is a spell of some sort to get that reaction. * Jess points to the air above Jeyer. Small ice darts form and a fireball melts them, forming w stream of water that descends upon Jeyer.. <David> Maybe it takes away some of his lifeforce.. * Reisha tries to take the dagger away from David, before it burns beyond hope. ^^ <Narrator> The flames absorb the magically created water. <Reisha> Maybe...but I never saw magic like this before...this guy sure is some Wizard! <Jess> Wizard? I was told he was a Ninja in Baine's Clan. <Narrator> The flames slowly dissipate, leaving Jeyer as before, like nothing ever happened... <Narrator> The innkeeper rushes in, wide eyed... "What the!? O_o" * The innkeeper points at David... "Who are you..? And.. You??" points at Reisha... <David> Uhm... <David> David Willcott. <Reisha> Uhh...I'm Reisha Granstream. ^^; <Innkeeper> o_o;; Wait a minute... You're the fugitives that Gandar's looking for! * Jess keeps her back to the innkeeper, still latched onto Darin for dear life. * Dal sighs. <David> Oh. Shit. * Darin's heart leaps into his throat * David hits the innkeeper in the side of the head!! * Reisha rolls ehr eyes. "Oh great..." <Innkeeper> Scrawny little bunch, arent'cha... * The innkeeper falls unconscious. X_x <David> Hmph. * David wipes his hands. <Jess> we'd better get out of here. <Darin> I'd say so, Jess <Reisha> Let's get out of here before this guy comes to. <David> What of Jeyer? <Darin> .... <Darin> That's a good question.... <Jess> he'll be OK as long as he's in that ghostlike form. <Reisha> I agree with Jess...but unlike him, we can't just make ourselves ghosts... <Jess> we can escape out the window, Rei. * David shakes his head * Reisha grabs some rope from behind the counter and ties up the innkeeper for good measure. * Jeyer seems to solidify somewhat... <Narrator> Light peeks in through the window... * Darin blinks and looks at Jeyer <David> Mm...good! <Reisha> Let's get Jeyer and get out of here...and get me an asprin while we're at it, I've got a headache. :P * Reisha holds her head, and gestures out the door. ^^ <Jess> Darin, David, grab Jeyer.... * David grabs Jeyer * Darin goes over to Jeyer, and lifts him by one arm <Jess> Now, can we get the hell outta here? * Dal nod-nods. <Jess> OK....which way do we go? The window? <Darin> who cares, lets just get out of here <Jess> good point.... * Jess takes a flying leap out the window...using her magic to create an ice ramp for the rest of hte party to exit by. * Reisha checks if the doorway is clear... <Reisha> ...hey, I'm not arguing with that! * Darin looks at David, and heads for the window * Reisha hops down the ramp. ^^ <Narrator> The alley by the inn is empty, save for a few rats and alley cats... * David follows <Narrator> The main street lies a few steps away... <Narrator> The morning sun starts to rise... <Jess> Hmmm..... * Reisha checks if the coast is clear... * Dal sighs as he realizes he didn't get much sleep. ^^; * Jess melts the ice ramp when everyone is finally outside. <Reisha> WE'd better get out before sunrise...then we're dead meat. ^^ <Darin> I don't think we should head that way, once the main street is light, we're as good as dead. <Jess> Good point... <Jess> which way, then? * Jess scans the entire area around them.... <Narrator> The back of the inn seems to lead to another alleyway <Darin> We'll have to find a way to keep in the shadows as much as we can until we're out of here.. <Jess> then someone lead the way.... * Reisha points. "That alley looks might lead to the gate..." <Jess> excellent idea, Reisha. * Dal just plain follows. * Reisha heads down it, playing leader for once. ^_^ * Jess follows Reisha. <Darin> Most of these towns, have the border walls, if we can keep in its shadow, we might make it. <Narrator> The back alley splits up in two ways... One leading on the side of a bakery and the other leading by residential buildings... <Reisha> Lesse... <Jess> Hmmm...which way is the city gate... * Reisha looks down both avenues. * Darin shifts his grip on Jeyer <Jess> if we go into the residential district, it's a good chance we're going to be spotted. <Reisha> Right...and the bakery probably isn't open yet. * Reisha heads bakery-side. * Darin nods. "Until the shops open, we should be safe going that way." * Jess follows... <Narrator> The Shining Force is now escaping from Gandar... The group are at back of the buildings, finding their way through the alleyways, trying to get to the front gate (or any gate for that matter.) * Jess looks around, apparently in deep thought. * Indigo reappears suddenly from whereever she was. <Indigo> Hello everyone, what's going on? <Darin> Jess? <Jess> Shhh.....not so loud..we don't want any of Gandar's goons to find us. <Jess> yes, Darin? * Dal wonders how the hell he'll get out of *this* mess. * David nods and thinks.. <Indigo> Gandar? Who's that? * Sasha wonders why she even JOIN this helpless group. <Indigo> I'm sorry, I was away for a time, on another spiritual plane. <Darin> You all right? <Jess> I'm fine, Darin. Just never been wanted by the authorities before.. <David> what now? <David> We need a plan. <Darin> Heh.. that's wonderful.. I used to BE the authorities before this.. <Darin> You're guess is as good as mine at this point David.. * Indigo looks around. <Jess> well, first off, we need to find a way out of this city... <Indigo> Should we go to the main gate? <Jess> we're sitting ducks here. <Dal> They'd stop us at the main gates. <Indigo> Hmmm.... <Indigo> I have an idea. <Indigo> I'll make an exit for us. The ship is still here, right? <Jess> I don't know, Indigo. I have no idea where we are.. <Jess> and as far as MAKING an exit goes, I could blow a hole in the wall with my fire magic... * Jeyer mumbles and opens his eyes.. <Sasha> Jess, do that and you'll wake the dead * Indigo nods. <Dal> It'd have to be in a deserted part of the city... <Jeyer> Wh.. Wha..? Where are we..? <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of Earth, create an earthquake to level the walls! <Jess> like there's a deserted part of THIS city? * Dal sweats. "You never know..." ^^; * Indigo points to the city walls, glowing brown. * Jeyer blinks. "Why are you people moving me in my regeneration session..?" <Dal> ... mind you, blowing a hole in the wall would have been more subtle than what *she's* doing... <Narrator> == Dao appears before the Shining Force. * Dal points to Indy... <Darin> Oh no.. I think this is a bad idea..... <Jess> same here, Darin... <David> Ehh....possibly. <Narrator> == Dao digs his arms deep into the ground and pulls up quickly. A massive shockwave moves through the ground towards the wall. * Dal groans. "We're hopeless." * Indigo nods. <Indigo> Good, good, good.... <Jess> not good.... <David> Okay! Well...uhm.. <Narrator> == the shockwave hits the wall full force, leveling everything at a 10 feet diameter * Jess loses her footing and falls right into Darin's arms. <Dal> Um. Isn't that a *little* too... argh. <Darin> Jess.. you all right? * Indigo nods to Dao to return. <Indigo> Now for the distraction... * Darin looks around... * Indigo raises her arms and glows blue. <Jess> leave that to me, Indi.. <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, deluge the city in a tidal wave! * Indigo blinks and turns to her. <Indigo> Hmmm? <Dal> O_O <Jess> mercury, celestial spirit if ice and water, create a sheet of ice to cover our path! * Sasha shrugs "I don't care who does the distraction, I don't care even if there IS one, let's just go!" <Indigo> Perhaps I should have summoned the Elemental of Plagues.... * Jess waves her arm to the skies as a sheet of ice not only blocks the alleyways, but creates a solid sheet on the ground behind the party so that no one can follow then. <Narrator> The whole area is sealed off, letting the Shining Force make there escapes. <Darin> Great.. now lets get OUT of here! * Dal gives up and goes along with the rest. ^^; <Narrator> Alarms sound in the distance... * David makes his gallant escape :P * Jess cuts a high trail out of there. <Indigo> Okay. * Indigo walks out calmly. * Sasha follows everyone * Darin follows everyone out <Indigo> Oh...about the guards..... <Jess> Indi, tey can't follow...those ice walls will make sure of that... <Indigo> Perhaps a visit from Pio will deal with them. We don't want them following us... <Indigo> Oh, okay, and the tidal wave will keep them busy too.... <Jess> of course.... <Narrator> The Shining Force heads off as far as they can from Gandar... To the north, the ocean can be spotted... <Sasha> Yeah, and it'll probably drown every innocent person living here too. <Indigo> Hmmm? * Indigo looks back. <Indigo> Neptune hasn't dropped the wave yet. <Jess> well, they'll all be slipping and sliding for a while. Every street there is a solid sheet of ice. <Indigo> And the walls are smashed. <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water...what are you doing? <David> Douching? * Darin blinks at David.. <Indigo> Hmm? <Narrator> == the wave crashes upon the town, unusually large. The guards can be seen scrambling inside from the gates. * Indigo smiles and nods. ^_^ <Indigo> There you go Neptune! * Sasha looks around for a suitable boat * Indigo goes to Sasha. <Indigo> Dear, you seem unhappy, what's wrong? * Indigo looks at her with motherly concern. * Jess walks over behind Sasha. "See anything worth our while?" <Narrator> Forested area can be seen to the south... A dirt road leading southward can also be spotted. <Sasha> A dirt road * David applaudes with sarcasm <Jess> maybe that road will take us to a port of sorts. <Narrator> No boats can be seen. The whole coast line is empty. * Sasha glares at David "What is your problem?" <David> Oh nothiiinggg.. <Indigo> Or we could go back to Gandar and take a boat. * Sasha heads along the dirt path "No boats around here, might as well explore the island" <Jess> Indi, why would we go back there after we just ESCAPED from that city? <Sasha> You guys coming? * Jess glares at Indigo.. <Indigo> It shouldn't take long. We just go in and demand a boat, threaten to wreck the city again if they don't comply. * Indigo hugs Sasha. * Jess follows Sasha. "That woman's a nut...just like Queen Lara always told me." * David follows Jess. :P * Sasha pulls away from the hug "That's enough of that, we can do this later." * Darin follows Jess <Sasha> My mother is no nut. <Jess> she means well, but still a nut. * Jeyer, not able to stay silent any longer, speaks up. "We have no idea how long we were travelling, nor where Grans island is to this place." <Jess> a fruitcake maybe? <Sasha> She is no nut, or fruitcake * Indigo follows along. * Jeyer grumbles.. "Never listen to the old people.. Buncha ingrates.." <Indigo> No, I'm not. I'm quite sane and rational now. Back when I traveled with Lara, I was insane and I had a split personality, but I overcame my madness. *** Lucca is on IRC <Sasha> You people don't talk much do you? * Jeyer sighs.. "You people need to get your act together.." <Jess> not when there's alot on my mind... * Sasha continues walking along <Darin> Is there a reason to? <Jeyer> To get out of here?? To find out WHY we were brought here? <Sasha> Really, I thought mages had a lot more brains than most people. <Darin> I was speaking to Sasha, Jeyer.. <Sasha> So was I * Jeyer sighs.. "Nonetheless, there is no way I am staying here with you people any longer.. I need to get to the bottom of this. Thank you for freeing me, but this is where we part ways..." <Jess> Sasha, has it ever occurred to you that I am thinking right now about our current situation and how in the hell to get us OUT of here? <Jess> There's got to be another port town down this road somewhere... * Jeyer looks at David and whispers, "'till we meet again, young David." <Jess> Gandar can't be the only port in this city. * Sasha looks at Jess "You can't stand it when you're not the leader can you?" * David nods to Jeyer.. <Narrator> == Jeyer casts a teleport spell and dissapears in a flash of light. * Dal sighs and decides not to butt in the argument... * Dal blinks. * Jess glares at Sasha. "Why would I even want that job?" <Indigo> Oh, bye Jeyer! <Indigo> I remember him fondly. <Indigo> I think I once kicked him in the groin.... * Darin backs off... not getting involved.. <Sasha> Well, y'see, most people who are the leaders think of ways to get out of messes, you seem to be the only one thinking up a plan <Darin> At least she's trying to get us out of here and think of something, Sasha.. <Indigo> Perhaps....the dirt road. <Jess> Thank you, Darin... <Sasha> Just go with the flow, how can you think up of a way to get out of a mess while walking on a dirt road, there's nothing around. <Darin> At least she's trying. <Indigo> There used to be something we would do I think.... * Indigo takes out a coin. <Indigo> Heads or tails? <Narrator> Mmm... Head. <Narrator> O_o Sorry! *goes back to narrating * Dal shrugs. "Tails..." * Sasha continues along "True, at least she IS trying, but there is nothing around, so just relax, you can't alter a plan unless you know what to expect" <Sasha> And you don't * Sasha stretches her arms and sighs "Anyway..." * Indigo follows along, enjoying the scenery. <Narrator> The alarm goes off suddenly. <Indigo> Oh well, nothing we can do now...hmmm? * Darin blinks.. "What on earth??" <Jess> OH great...what now? * Indigo whirls towards the alarm. * Jess looks toward the alarm... * Sasha draws her weapon in full alert "Now what?" <Indigo> Probably those goons from Gandar. * Indigo prepares to summon an elemental. * Sasha scans the area for any of the bad guys * Jess readies her magic. "Spirits of the elements let your power become my weapon." * Dal sighs and draws his dagger. "Here we go again." <Narrator> Everything in sight is calm. <Indigo> An ambush? <Sasha> There's nothing. <Narrator> A dust cloud can be spotted to the south... Nothing more. <Indigo> An invisible enemy perhaps.... <Sasha> Except for that dust cloud <Jess> Hmmm..... * Sasha places her sword back in its scabbard. <Darin> so what was that alarm?? * Sasha continues walking along <Narrator> A small humanoid form pokes out of the trees, eeps and runs back inside the forest. * Indigo keeps her power ready, but relaxes a little. <Jess> maybe we should head after that dust cloud....looks like someone is really cutting a trail. * Darin blinks.. "Look there... near the forest!" * Indigo whirls, prepared to summon Doom. <Sasha> That alarm must've been from that little imp that just whizzed back into the forest. <Indigo> Let's follow it! * Sasha nods <Jess> good idea... * Sasha dashes into the forest after the little critter * Indigo chases after her. * Jess follows Sasha.. <Narrator> No sign of a human can be seen in the woods. * Dal follows. "Hell..." <Narrator> Everything is calm. * Dal looks around. <Sasha> Where did it go? <Darin> who knows.. * Indigo looks around. <Jess> got me, Darin... <Indigo> We won't hurt you! Come out! * Sasha trips on something and falls face first into the ground <Jess> something isn't right...I just can't put my finger on it at the moment... <Narrator> Another alarm goes off. * Sasha gets back up "I don't think its just one person..." <Sasha> I think its a whole tribe of people.. <Jess> not a town in sight, but what is with those alarms? <Dal> Maybe it's some kind of freaky magic? <Indigo> Perhaps little people. <Sasha> I doubt it. <Sasha> Must be a race of people who live here. * Darin stays silent.. <Narrator> The alarms go completely silent. <Darin> Uhm.. what does this mean....? * Indigo prepares her magic, just in case. * Sasha just waits <Narrator> A large black cloud comes from the north... <Jess> into the forrest...QUICK! <David> That can't be good.. <Sasha> We are in the forest Jess <Jess> I mean off the damn path, Sasha.. <Jess> out of plain sight.. * Indigo steps off the path into the concealment of the trees. * Jess steps into the trees... * Dal hides in a tree. <Narrator> As the cloud appears closer, it can be spotted as a large colony of gnats. <Sasha> We are out of plain sight, remember, we went into the forest to try and catch that little man. * Darin steps off the path near Jess <Narrator> They seem to be on an intercept course with the Shining Force. <Indigo> Shall we fight them? * Sasha prepares to summon Apollo. * Indigo smiles, recognizing Sasha's intent. <Jess> gnats? that'd be a waste of energy, Indigo. * Indigo nods. <Narrator> As the gnats appear closer, they seem to be quite large... <Narrator> The buzzing noise becomes quite irritating. * Indigo looks back at Sasha. * Dal stuffs a leaf in each ear. <Sasha> Those are some big and ugly looking gnats <Indigo> But just in case, Fire and Air my daughter? <Jess> let's give them a little ice as well, Indi. * Sasha laughs at Dal <David> This could be bad.. :p * Dal shrugs, seeing Sasha laugh. "Hey, it works." <Narrator> The gnats place themselves in the form of a large flying sword and take an offensive stance. <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Narrator> ===== Monsters: Swarm of Gnats. ===== * Darin draws his blade, though he thinks it will be useless * Jess prepares her magics. "Let the powers of the elements become my sword." * Dal sweats... not wanting to use his powers. * David draws AmeShi <Narrator> == Dal can attack <Narrator> HELLO?? EARTH TO DAL :p * Dal leaps out of the tree, drawing his dagger, and slashes at the gnats! <Narrator> == Dal slashes at the gnats, managing to crush one or two. 12 damage. <Narrator> == David and Indigo can attack. * Indigo prepares to summon an elemental. <Narrator> == David attacks with AmeShi, slashing through a few more gnats... 17 damage. <Narrator> == Indigo summons Apollo... Apollo burns through the gnats, sounds of popping, fizzing and a stench of burned bugs fills the air... 34 damage! <Narrator> == Reisha can attack. <Narrator> == Reisha casts bolt level 1 on the gnats. Lightning strikes a few more down. 12 damage. <Narrator> == Sasha can attack. * Sasha cast Thunder! Bolts of white hot lightning strike the gnats with a thunderous boom! <Narrator> == Sasha casts thunder... The bolts shock some of the gnats to death... 11 damage. <Narrator> == Jess can attack. * Reisha swats at the gnats, firing up some more lightning in her hands... * Jess raises a hand toward her enemy as a solid sheet of ice encases gnats. Suddenly, the ground under gnats opens up and a massive blaze rises from the cracks....CHILLING INFERNO! * David smacks some aside with his sword.. <Reisha> Someone bring some industrial strength bug spray or something?! <Jess> I think my Chilling Inferno should do the job. ^_^ <Sasha> Nope * David smacks some gnats away from Rei's head <Sasha> I perfer the old slice and dice routine <Narrator> == Jess casts chilling inferno... The spell surrounds the gnats, killing off quite a few... 21 damage. <Jess> besides that? No smell of burned bugs. * Reisha flicks one off David's nose. ;) * David raises an eyebrow at Rei <Narrator> == Darin can attack. <Jess> get em, Darin! * Darin slashes through the swarm ... unable to get a fix on any one gnat, and feeling stupid... <Narrator> == Darin's slashes hit some of the gnats, but not many... 10 damage. <Reisha> David...refresh my memory how we even got into this mess? ^^ <Narrator> == the swarm attacks. <David> You don't want to know, Rei. ^_- Look out! * Jess steps between the swarm and Darin...bracing herself to be attacked. <Narrator> == The swarm forms into a ball and chain... The ball smacks Sasha across the head! 11 damage! * Sasha goes flying into the air. <Narrator> == The swarm reforms * Reisha blinks... "Oh great...they're smart too..." o_O <Narrator> == The swarm turns into a sword and slashes at Darin! 12 damage! <David> Maybe they're just attracted to....nevermind. <Dal> Geez... * Indigo rushes to Sasha and cradles her. <Narrator> == The swarm reforms. * Sasha lands hard into the ground "Ow" <Jess> ;| <Darin> ..... <Jess> DARIN! * Jess rushes over to Darin. "Are you OK?" <Indigo> Oh my poor baby.... <Narrator> == The swarm shapes itself into a large foot and kicks at David. 7 damage. * Sasha gets up "T-thanks mom but I'm okay" <Narrator> ===== End of round. Monster count: 1 swarm fo Gnats. ===== <Jess> DARIN....Will you say something? * Reisha tosses a knife through the swarm, not very effective.. "Leave him alone, you antfarm rejects!" <Narrator> == Dal can attack. * Dal throws daggers at the gnats at lightning speed, very discreetly adding some fire magic on the blades as he throws them. * Jess glares at the swarm. "this time you will burn in the firey hell that now imprisons Zeon!" <Narrator> == Dal attacks the gnats with his daggers... The daggers knock 5 more gnats out of the sky... * David concentrates.. <Narrator> == The gnats take 13 damage... The swarm loses some integrity. <Jess> Hear me now, Mars, Great Celestial spirit of fire. Let your power become my sword to decimate this swarm. * Dal hopes no one noticed the magic, and climbs back into a tree. <Narrator> == David and Indigo can attack! * Indigo summons Atlas to unleash a tornado upon the gnats. * David does a figure-eight slash with AmeShi, the fire on the blade igniting random gnats!! <Narrator> == The gnats fall to AmeShi's blade, taking 6 more down... <Narrator> == Indigo's Atlas summons sends 10 more gnats flying out of the sky! 21 damage! <Narrator> == Reisha can attack. <David> Go Rei! Kick their asses! * Reisha concentrates, chanting quickly "Spirit of Thunder I call down thy wrath..strike down the enemies in our path! Bolt2!" The sky above rumbles loudly, as lightning rains down all around the Swarm. <Reisha> Eat this suckers! :P <Narrator> == Reisha casts bolt 2... The rest of the gnats fall down all crispy and poppin fresh. 27 damage. Dispatched. <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Narrator> == XP bookmark <David> Nicely done. ^_- <Jess> whew.... * Reisha flexes her arm. "All right! Score one for the winning team." ;) * Jess breathes a sigh of relief. * Dal sighs. "About time..." * Indigo kicks a gnat. <Darin> ... * Jess runs back over to Darin. "Will you say something please, Darin? Are you OK?" <Darin> ...... <Darin> I..I'm fine, Jess.... <Jess> Thank the Goddess. That swarm gave you one hell of a shot. * Reisha looks around, wondering just where she is and what she was doing last... ^^ * David gently puts his hand on Rei's shoulder. "Nicely done, that battle." <Narrator> Another black cloud can be seen coming from the same direction... <Dal> Not again! <Darin> not another... <Jess> let's get the hell outta here! * Reisha smiles and pats his back. "Hey, you're not so bad yourself there, Davey." ;) <Dal> Run away!!! * Dal runs. ^^; * David blinks and looks at the cloud. "Shit. Lets book!" * Jess makes tracks towardt he south. <Reisha> Not more of those bugs...! * David runs off following Jess * Reisha dashes off after him. "I'm with you on that one!" <Narrator> the Shining Force runs down the main road, the gnats flying to keep up... <Narrator> The Shining Force races through the forest path to get away from the gnats... <Darin> Those things just don't quit do they!? * Jess tries to use fire and ice magic to block the gnat's progress.. * Reisha tries to keep up, panting. "This is the last time a take some little nature hike for a long time..." ^^ <Jess> Don't seem like it, Darin. Hopefully, my magic will block them some. * David grunts but keeps running, trying to keep ahead.. <Narrator> The gnats start gaining on the team <Jess> Oh cripes.... * Dal keeps running... <Darin> I don't think I can take this much more..*tries to pick up his speed* <Jess> my power won't hold out forever, the way I'm using it.. * David pants and slows slightly.. <Reisha> Darn it...they're gaining on us... * Jess keeps running, throwing fireballs at the gnats. <Narrator> The forest seems to open up to a large plain up ahead... * Reisha tries firing some scattered electricity into the swarm to disorient them for a moment... <Narrator> The gnats are 20 strides or so away and gaining every second... <Jess> and to think that I HATE BUGS! <Narrator> The electricity kills a few gnats while the rest proceed on unscathed. * David yelps as he trips! <Reisha> I'm not..huf..a big fan...puff..myself.. :P <Jess> I'm almost out of wind and Magic...huf.....this is....not...good. * Reisha reaches down and huals David up. "This is no time to lay down on the job, MR. hero!" :P * David casts Rei a slight bashful grin and runs again, faster.. "Too true!" * Dal sighs... "Dammit!" He turns around and casts Blaze on the gnats, running backwards. * Darin stumbles, saving his breath by not talking.. <Narrator> The blaze kills off 3 more gnats, the rest gain a stride <Narrator> The clearing is a few seconds away, the gnats 4 strides behind * Reisha starts to lose some momentum... * Jess keeps running...toward the clearing and out of breath. * David reaches back and grabs Rei's shoulder, hauling her ahead of himself! <Narrator> The team passes the forest and into the clearing.... As the gnats enter the clearing, they start to dissipate and fade away into ghost like lights... <Jess> an illusion? * Darin blinks.. <Dal> ... huff... huff... Maybe... * Jess falls to the ground out of breath. * Reisha trips over herself, landing in a heap in the clearing. <Narrator> The lights move slowly back into the forest... <Jess> * David skids to a stop, panting.. * Darin stumbles to the ground beside Jess, his face red, and his chest aching.. <Reisha> *_* <Narrator> A town can be seen a few minutes walk away. <Dal> @_@ <Dal> Tough. I rest here. ^^; <Jess> is...that...a...mirage....? <David> a minute and we head to that town. <Reisha> What is it with all these Illusions... <Jess> have to..carry me into...that town....I am..spent. I can't..walk any further. <David> Alright.. <David> People...we can either lie here and get devored by any passing beast...or we can be in an inn. With bath. And warm bed. * Darin coughs.. and pulls himself off the ground, and offers his hand to Jess * Jess takes Darin's hand and hauls herself to her feet.. * Dal gets up, groaning, * Reisha rises. "Mmm...warm bath's..yeah..." * David nods <David> Okay! <David> So lets go! <Jess> Why does the idea of a bed sound so inviting. * Reisha raises a fist high! <Reisha> Ok, let's move, fearless leader! :P * David starts walking towards the town, casting a slight cynical glance back at Rei. "Me?" * Darin puts his arm under Jess's legs and lifts her in his arms. * Dal follows David, dragging his feet. <Jess> Yipe...Smooth move, Sir Knight. * Darin smiles.. * Jess smiles back. * Reisha nods... <Reisha> Unless of course, you want Reisha the magnificent to lead instead? ;) * David raises an eyebrow.. "What, and get us lost?" he says in a slight playful voice. ^_^ * Reisha glnaces sidelong at David. "Cute." _ * David grins and his eyes flicker in color slightly as he speeds up * Dal just wants to s l e e p... <Narrator> The town isn't barricaded.... <Reisha> So far so good... <Narrator> What seems to be the entrance lies before the SHining Force... <Narrator> Buildings and other structures seem to delimit the town... * Jess falls asleep in Darin's arms, all the the energy she had, she used in that battle and in getting away from the gnats. <David> Phew.. ^^; <Dal> . o O (Bed...) * Darin looks at Jess... and smiles to himself..... * David enters the town! * Darin follows David, cradling Jess carefully in his arms.. * Reisha follows close behind, eager for a nice posh inn. ^^ <Narrator> The town looks quiet enough... Except for the tents to the south that form a large carnival. ^_^ * Reisha scans the cityscape, noting the carnival... <Dal> Uhn... screw carnival, need bed... <Reisha> about that...a carnival... * David points to the inn <Jess> -_- <David> How about THAT? ^^ * Jess is dead to the world... * David heads to the inn <Narrator> The inn looks quiet enough... The door opened, a man lying on the side of the door, arms crossed, staring at a clown show in the distance... His face is bland of any feelings... He seems in deep thought. * Reisha heads to the inn as well...bed comes first after all... <Leonid> ..... <Leonid> I sense adventure in you all. Going my way? <Jess> -_- <David> Uhmm. * Reisha looks the man over a few times... * Jess doesn't hear whoever that fellow is...too dead asleep. <David> Maybe in the morning? <Leonid> Name's Leonid..... *twitch*.... Leonid.... Rammstein. * Jess still doesn't hear Leonid... <David> Uhm.. <Narrator> Wussies! they were damn GNATS! :P~~~~~~~~ <Reisha> I think I'll catch some zzz's over adventure right now, thank you. :) <Dal> ... where'd that voice come from? * Leonid looks at Dal, little emotion on his face. "Eh?" <Dal> ... nothing. I must have heard things. * Dal shrugs. <Leonid> I want to join you on your quest. Mind if I come along? <Jess> zzzzzzz..... <David> Sure. First we're going to conquer the realm of sleep. <Reisha> Sounds like a good plan... :P <Jess> Zzzzz....-_- <Dal> Frankly, I don't even know what our quest *is*. They say we're the Shining Force and I have no clue what that garbage is about. * Reisha struts into the Inn, and bangs on the table. * Leonid looks at Dal. <Leonid> Shining Force?! * Darin cradles Jess softly <Dal> Yeah, that's what the wanted poster said. <Leonid> I was looking for you all, I guess you were the people I was looking for, then. No matter. Sleep first, I guess. :P <David> Yes! <David> Sleep! * Leonid heads over to his bed. <Dal> Um. <pays for a room and looks for his bed> * David pays and stuff and goes to his room or bed or whatever * The innkeeper assigns room to everyone. * Reisha swipes the keys, leaves the money on the counter, and makes a beeline for the bed! :P * Dal is now officially comatose. <Narrator> The Shining Force head to their rooms for a well deserved rest.... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====