Shining Force RPG 2 session 8
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force awakens after a well deserved rest... For once, the night brought no peril. <Narrator> Music and dancing is heard outside of the inn... * Jess awakens to the sounds. She walks over to her window and opens the drapes. "ALL RIGHT!" * Dal snores, oblivious to everything... * Reisha is still sleeping... draped over the bed... * Jess runs into Darin's room. "DARIN...WAKE UP!" * David stumbles out of his room in only his pants... "What the..." <Reisha> .zzZZ <Darin> GAHHHHH!!!! WHAAAAAT!!!??? * Darin falls out of bed, nude. <Jess> Don't's not an emergency...O_o * Jess turns her back... <Jess> Honestly, Darin... <Darin> O_O;; Jessica! * Darin pulls his clothes on * David looks around.. <Jess> of course it's me...who else would be running in here waking you up? * Jess has just turned a bright shade of red. * David walks to a window and looks outside <Darin> You don't have to shout, Jess... * Reisha claws at the air, mumbling something... <Jess> well, I just wanted to tell you to look outside. There's a carnival going on. Doesn't that look like fun? * Darin puts his hand on Jess's shoulder * Jess turns around.. <Reisha> <Jess> What? * Reisha falls off the bed! o_O * Dal wakes up... "What the hell..." * David hears a thump from Rei's room and wanders into it.. <David> Rei? O_o * Darin looks out the window, then back at Jess. "Not as fun as looking at you." <Jess> want to check it out? <Reisha> Huh.. wha..? o_O * Reisha is on the floor dazed... <David> You okay Rei..? * David kneels by Rei, concerned. "Why you on the floor?" * Reisha looks at David... grabbing the blanket tightly around her.. "'s nothing...yeah nothing! heheh.." ^^: * David frowns and backs off.. "Okkkaaaayyy.." <Reisha> Just a bad dream I guess. ^^; * Jess smiles at Darin. * David doesn't seem to care he's topless. "Anyway...theres something going on outside.." * Dal gets dressed and looks out the window, grinning. "Aw, right! Money..." <Reisha> Hey, why the hell are you in my room anyway? Do I have some sign that says perverts come in? :P * Reisha half smiles. ^^ <David> Uhm? I was just seeing if you were okay... ^_- * Jess grabs Darin's arm..."Come on..what are you scared of?" <Darin> Scared? I'm not scared... <Jess> then come on... <Reisha> Oh.. well thanks for the concern Davey.. * David nods and heads out the door.. * Reisha blushes a little as he leaves... * Jess drags Darin out of the inn by the arm... <Darin> But... <Darin> OOF! <Darin> Hey! <Reisha> Whew... this day isn't going very well. :/ <Jess> we're going to have an offical date if it's the last thing we do, Darin Moonshado. * Reisha gets dressed quickly, and heads outside in a few moments. * Darin's jaw drops. * David wanders outside * Reisha heads downstairs...wondering what everyone is up to.. <Narrator> The inn is devoid of human life... The innkeeper and the Shining Force are the only people left inside, it seems... * Reisha looks around and sees noone inside, heading outside... <Narrator> Outside, the people are singing along to a song while dancers go around showing their talents. <Narrator> A dagger is planted on the inn door, holding a piece of paper on it... * Reisha looks at the dagger. * David looks at the paper.. * Jess looks over at Darin, smiling from ear to ear. <Reisha> Oh great... this better not be some threat.. it's getting really old. :P * Darin pokes Jess and points at the paper on the Inn door. <David> Mm, yeah. * Jess looks at the paper on the inn door. * David crosses his arms and reads the paper <Narrator> The dagger is jewel encrusted... It's intricately carved in odd patterns, depicting magical runes... <Jess> strange.... * Reisha tries yanking the dagger out... * Dal goes outside and carefully works the crowd, trying to pick up some fast money. * Darin blinks... "Jess.. do you know something?" <Jess> not really... <Narrator> The paper states, "To the Shining Force. I am deeply sorry, but I, Leonid, cannot join in your quest. I believe we shall meet again at a later time... Until then. My best regards, Leonid." <Jess> question...who in the world is Leonid? <David> The guy we met the other day. * Reisha looks at the dagger. "This is some cool knife..." <Narrator> The dagger is removed from the door easily... <Reisha> Maybe he's rich or something. <Jess> must have been after I passed out. <David> Well... <David> It seems the town is celebrating something. * Reisha ponders keeping the dagger and adding it to her collection. :) <Jess> deep subject...but now that that'st aken care of...let's check out the rest of the carnival... <Jess> come on, Darin. <Darin> Ok... ok.. I'm with you Jess... * Jess takes Darin's arm and walks off into the crowd... * David watches them go and looks towards Reisha. * Reisha pockets the dagger, and smiles at David. <Narrator> The carnival is infested with people, children and adults alike... Games are scattered across the whole place... People laugh and cheer as clowns show off their tricks and say their jokes... <Reisha> Well, let's go have some fun, fearless leader! ;) <David> * David blushes faintly and nods <Narrator> == Reisha feels an aura of protection surround her as the dagger is pocketed... Reisha gains 5 defense. * David bows slightly. "After you, m'lady." * Reisha drags him to the carnival. :) * Jess laughs as a clown passes her. She then looks over at Darin and wonders just what's on his mind. * Darin smiles.. * David looks around and slips an arm around Reisha's shoulders. "'re looking beautiful tonight.." <Narrator> A large closed tent lies in the middle of the whole circus... Two large men guard the entrance... <Jess> who do you think is in that tent, Darin? * Reisha looks back at David. "You think so? I do try. ^^" * Darin shrugs.. <Jess> Oh well. Forget it. * David smiles warmly at Rei. "Yeah. But I doubt much trying is really needed." * Darin waits until Jess looks away, then slips his arm around her, praying that she wont' mind. * Dal grins to himself as his pockets slowly fill up with money. * Jess doesn't mind at all. * Reisha giggles. "You bet! I just have everybody beat!" :P * David chuckles and looks around, noting the tent.. "hmm...wonder whats in there.." * Reisha follows his eyes to the tent. * Darin looks at Jess. "Wanna go check it out?" * Indigo appears again out of nowhere in a beam of white light, behind the group. <Indigo> Hello! * Jess looks up at Darin. "Why not?" <Narrator> A man is suddenly thrown outside of the tent by two other men. <Jess> O_o <Reisha> Whatever it, it must be the best thing here, judging by Ugly 1 and Ugly 2 two at the door... <Narrator> The man yells, "I DEMAND TO SEE THE MANAGER OF THIS PLACE! THIS INSTANT!" * Indigo looks at the man. <Jess> sounds like a hostile environment to me. <Narrator> A crowd of people turn to him. * Darin stops short, and holds Jess back with him. "Maybe we shouldn't after all.." * Jeyer gets up and dusts himself off, glaring at one of the gruff fellows. <Jess> good idea. * David blinks * Darin blinks... <David> It's Jeyer! <Indigo> Jeyer? <Jess> O_o <Jess> Jeyer? * Reisha looks at the man, as he seems familiar.. <Darin> Jeyer?? <Indigo> What are you doing here? <Indigo> Slumming? * The guard grunts and says, "He's in a "meeting" right now, little mage. You'd need to be important to get in there." <Reisha> How about that.. the mighty jeyer getting thrown out of a carnival tent. :P * Jeyer snorts and blinks as he recognizes familiar voices... * David chuckles at Rei's comment.. <Jeyer> Ahh David! Shining Force... Finally you arrived. * Indigo nods. <Narrator> Jeyer: Did the enchanted forest give you any trouble? <Jess> yeah...this is a nice touch. * Dal is at the other end of the carnival grounds. ^^ <Jess> Only just exhausted us. <David> Nah, not really. Just tired us a bit. <Indigo> Sorry, I was away again. You know. But can we help you here? The goons shouldn't be too hard to fool. <Reisha> Nah.. piece 'o cake. ^_^ * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> Enchanted forest??? <Jess> No wonder those gnats turned into light and disappeared.. <Jeyer> Ahh. So you didn't know. <Darin> Feh.. <Jeyer> I see you still have much to learn... * Reisha blinks.. * David tilts his head at Jeyer, eyes flashing.. <Indigo> What are you talking about Jeyer? <Reisha> hey, we're not exactly choped liver ya know... <Jeyer> I learned much since we parted... <Indigo> We're the Shining Force! <Jess> come on, Rei. We can all afford to learn more. We're in a strange land and we have to find our way back to granseal. <Darin> Like how to get thrown out of a Carnival tent? *snickers* * Indigo chuckles. * Reisha laughs out loud. <Jess> funny, Darin..*giggles* <Jeyer> Basically, Gandar is an associate of some cult which worships Dark Dragon... <Indigo> Took my line Darin. :P <Darin> Cult? <Reisha> Dark Dragon? <Jess> Dark Dragon? <Jeyer> Even in its death, its evil spreads... <David> Dark Dragon.. <Indigo> That lizard is still around? I thought we destroyed it. * David tenses slightly * Darin shudders * Jess pales. <Jeyer> The legend of the Dark Dragon... Surely you've heard about it before. <David> Yes... I have.. * Jeyer nods... "That you did, Indigo..." <Jess> Queen Lara told me of Dark Dragon. * Indigo shakes her head and nods. <Indigo> I remember fighting it. * Reisha feels David's arm around her tense up <Jeyer> Its influence is still apparently very strong in this part of the world... * Jess tightens her hold around Darin's arm. <Jeyer> They must not know of its demise... * Darin tightens his hold on Jess. * David looks down at Rei and loosens his hold slightly.. <Reisha> Well.. it's dead and over with.. so no problem, right? <Indigo> So why don't we inform them? <Jeyer> An associate of Gandar runs this circus... I wanted an audience with him, but... Was denied. As you saw. <David> So we just....take an audience. <Jess> yeah...I saw. * Indigo nods to David. <Indigo> Right. <Indigo> I wonder where Sasha is? She's good at this sort of thing. :P * Reisha looks at David... "Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?" * Jeyer snickers... "That kid of yours needs to get with it." * Jess looks around. "To think that a servent of evil is running such a joyous place. I was having a great time here." * David smiles at Rei and raises an eyebrow. "I'm open to suggestions." <Indigo> Oh, she's a good girl. * Indigo looks to David. <Indigo> So...straight rush into the tent? <Jess> not very practical, Indi. <Reisha> Well, I can think of a thing or two... :P <David> Got any spells to take out the guards, miss Indigo? * Indigo nods. <Jeyer> Isn't that risky? * Reisha looks oevr at the guards, sizing them up.. <Indigo> I have an elemental who can help here. <Jeyer> Do any of you have a sleep spell? <David> Thats what I meant...a sleep spell.. <Jess> No..but I can freeze them in a solid sheet of ice. * Indigo nods. <Indigo> Yes, a permanent sleep spell... <Jeyer> Which would turn attention to us. <Reisha> Heh.. well I've got a better idea.. ^^ * Indigo draws a finger across her neck. "That is my only sleep spell I fear." <Jeyer> We can't afford to be suspected... I say one of us turns their attention away while the others sneak in..." * David looks at Reisha... "Go for it." * Reisha leaves David's side and makes her way towards the guards... <Jess> sorry...all I was taught was fire, ice, thunder and healing. I still haven't practiced enough of my lightning and healing to be able to use it. * Indigo looks over and waves to Sasha. <Indigo> Hello dearest, we're just planning to sneak in and deal with some guards. Would you like to help? <Darin> I could hack someone to little bits... *points at his Blade of Truth* <Jess> I'm not getting involved in distracting the guards. * Reisha walks up to the two of them, looking very seductively at them... <Jess> No, Darin. I don't want you getting arrested <David> I think we should move now while Rei does her thing. * Jeyer shakes his head... "Such violence... <Indigo> Why must we not be suspected though? <Reisha> Hey, tough guys.. <Darin> Look.. look at Rei.. <Jeyer> We are in a town of many... This would be an act of treason against Gandar's government... * David tears his eyes away from Rei, blushing. "Come on, people. Lets go sneak into the tent." <Reisha> I saw you throw that loser out before... that was so manly of you... * Reisha winks at them. ;) * The man grunts. "Away with you, little girl. I don't have time for your petty flirting." * Indigo whispers to Jeyer "We smashed up Gandar's city before, with earthquakes, ice sheets, and tidal waves." <Reisha> What.. you sayinga girl's too much for you? :P <Jess> this isn't good. * Indigo watches Rei and frowns at the guards. <Man> I'm saying I won't be distracted. Now 'Git! <Indigo> If this doesn't work, can I try something? * David tenses. <Jess> really not good.. <Jeyer> And I frowned upon those actions, my dear Indigo... <Reisha> God.. you guards have no idea of a good time... <Jeyer> Brute force is not the way. * Indigo begins to glow a pulsating black, sable energy coursing through her. <Reisha> How about I show you how to enjoy yourselves, rather than stand up all day. :P * The guard snorts. <David> Indigo, halt. Let me try... * Indigo nods, keeping the summons ready just in case. * Reisha pushes her hair to the side.. wondering if her friends have got a plan yet... ^^ * Jeyer sighs... * Jess wonders just what is going to happen next.. * Reisha peers towards the tent... * Indigo looks around for a distraction. <Reisha> Say, who's in there? Some important guy I bet? * Jess looks at Darin. "What do we do now?" <Darin> I don't know.. * Darin looks at David <David> Lets go. <Indigo> Perhaps we can cause a small civil disturbance and sneak in while the guards are distracted. * David heads around the tent.. <Jess> let's follow David. * Sasha quietly walks over to the tent's side and draws her sword. * Jess follows David. * Reisha looks out of the corner of her eye at David, and resumes her loy. ;) * Indigo follows David. * David glances at Rei and grins faintly, ending up by Sasha. "Okay...cut 'er open." <Reisha> Why don't you forget him, and come with me? :P * Sasha cuts circle in the tent making a hole. * The guard stands proud, not being wavered by Reisha's attempts. * Indigo shakes her head, still glowing. <David> Great...into the hole, people.. * Reisha pouts. "Pooh.. see if you get any more attention from a female this lifetime." :P * Jess steps into the tent. * Darin follows Jess * Sasha enters the tent. * David follows.. * The guard grunts again. * Indigo whispers "They're making a better breed of guard these days. The goons from my first adventure would have fallen over themselves to get a pretty girl." * Indigo follows the others. <Indigo> " <Narrator> The tent is quite large... A table in the far corner holds 3 cutthroats and a large arena in the center... A sealed off area to the back of the tent can also be spotted. <Jess> Hmmm.... * Reisha gives the guard one last chance, and leaves his sight, utterly disgusted. ^^ * Dal is now filthy rich. ^^; <Reisha> Feh.. men.... :( <Narrator> The cutthroats seem to be playing some sort of card game, not spotting the Shining Force... * Indigo looks around. <Jess> this does not seem very interesting...always hated to watch the fights. <Indigo> Let's wait for Rei. <w> * Reisha stalks around the tent finding the hole discreetly. ^^ * Reisha pokes her head in... * David looks at Rei.. "You good at throwing knives..?" <Indigo> <w> David, can we sneak up and subdue them or do we need the direct approach? <Reisha> Of.. *catches herself, going to a whisper* of course I am. <David> We need to do it quietly, Indigo <Sasha> (w) You know all this sneaking around is REALLY boring * Indigo nods to Sasha. * Reisha gets inside quickly. "..I should've nailed that bonehead guard with one too..." <Jess> (w)but necessary, Sasha... <David> Can you throw three knives at once..? <Indigo> <w> But it has it's uses...sometimes. <Reisha> Hey, I threw four back in the ship, remember! No sweat. :D <David> Nail those guys.. * Reisha looks over at the guys palying poker... <Reisha> I'm taking out my aggression on these bozos. <Jess> let's just find out what in the hell's going on. This is giving me the creeps. * David nods * Reisha reaches in her robe and whips out three shiny knives. * David grins.. * Reisha draws a bead, leans back.. and let's em rip! <Narrator> == The three daggers zoom towards the cutthroats.... All three hit their marks! * David draws AmeShi and runs in.. * Indigo follows along, the black energy glowing around her. <Jess> always so violent.. <Narrator> == the three cutthroats are stunned. * Reisha follows David in, and scopes out the guys. * Jess follows, a fireball in hand, should it be needed. <Reisha> Oh yeah... that felt soo good. ^_^ * David rushes to one of the cutthroats and smacks him upside the head! * Indigo smiles at Rei. ^_^ * The cutthroat emits a low groan of pain and falls unconscious, losing blood rapidly. * David slides to the other, doing the same to him * Jess impales an ice dagger into the last guard. * The cutthroat emits a low groan of pain and falls unconscious, losing blood rapidly. :P * Indigo looks around for valuable papers. * The final cutthroat gurgles sickeningly and dies. * Reisha summons electricity, and hits all three of them for good measure. ^^ <David> Uhm...okay guys. Overkill is not reccomended. <Jess> ^_^ * The three guards are dead. LEAVE THEM ALONE! ;_; <Reisha> Sorry David.. just had to get it out. :P * David looks around <Jess> it looks like we have free roam of the place. * Sasha knocks one in the head a couple times "Hey, you guys did it, why can't I?" * Indigo rummages through the guards's stuff and begins looting the corpses. * The narrator squishes Sasha then reshapes her, causing massive pain. Sasha drops to 1 HP. <Narrator> That's why. :P <David> Geeeeezzz... :P <Jess> Where is that son of a bitch? <Indigo> <m> I'm sure they must have valuable information on them. Villains always give valuable information or items to bottom-rung lackwits. <David> Yeah...the head honcho.. <Narrator> 100 gold pieces, a few rusty swords and 2 valuable necklaces are all that's left. * David heads to the ring * Narrator gives Sasha full health again. * Indigo takes the necklaces and puts the gold in the common pool, leaving the swords and follwing David, giving off black energy. <Narrator> Damned unions... Always bitching about character rights... *mumbles and returns to narrating* * Reisha swipes a sword or two, but lets em drop seeing the rust. * Jess stays just a few steps behind David, holding onto Darin. * David enters the ring and walks to the middle, looking around.. <Narrator> The arena is quite large... It could support 20 fighters easily. * Sasha picks up the gold <Reisha> Okay.. now where's Mr. Bigshot... <David> Great....hmm.. * Reisha hefts herself into the ring, leaping over the top rope. * Jess scans the area quickly.. * Sasha looks over to the sercured area at the back of the tent. <Narrator> A cut off section of the tent can be spotted... Voices can be heard talking... * Indigo goes to the spectator area. * David narrows his eyes * Jess steps between the bottom and center ropes * Indigo heads in that direction. <Jess> what say we follow the voices. <David> Indigo...don't do anything rash.. * David follows Indigo slowly.. * Reisha takes note of the voices. * Jess follows the sounds of the voices. <Indigo> I've made my fame on doing rash and/or insane things dear. :P <Reisha> Well, that's got to be them... or more doofus guardsmen. * Indigo winks and keeps going, quietly. <David> Uhmm.....try not to right now... * David sighs ^^; * Sasha walks over to the voices, making sure not to get too close but just close enough to hear what they're saying. * Jess shakes her head and whispers to David. "I said she was a nut." * Reisha slides under the ropes and proceeds towards the voices with the rest of the party. <Narrator> A large, thick cloth lies over the door... <Narrator> The voices come from behind that entrance... <David> Careful people.. * Jess listens intently to the voices. * Indigo stands to one side of the entrance, her glow heightening to pitch-black. <Reisha> Hmm... * Reisha takes a side, eyeing the cloth... <Narrator> The voices are too muffled to hear anything... <Reisha> Maybe if we set it on fire, we could force them out, and get them... <Reisha> One at a time through the door. ^^ * David heads to the cloth, glances at Rei momentarily, and then goes inside. <Jess> not right now Rei. We have to know what they're saying. * Indigo follows him in. * Jess follows David and Indi. * Reisha shrugs... and joins in. <Narrator> A large man sits at a table, another skinny fellow in front of the shining Force.... <Narrator> The two seem surprised at the unexpected visit. <Indigo> Hi! We're the Shining Force! * Reisha looks at the two guys, not the least bit intimidated. <Jess> Oh...gee..thanks, Indigo...just give us away. <Sasha> Don't mind us, continue your chat ^_^;; * David stands by Indigo and eyes the men <Large man> Err. May I ask what you are doing here? This is a PRIVATE meeting. <Indigo> I'm Indigo Mysteria, a sorceress and elementalist, but yes, please keep going. We won't interfere. * Indigo nods. <Indigo> And we're crashing it. <Jess> we're from the secretarial pool, to take down notes for your files. <Reisha> Well, if it's so important, then why weren't we invited, hmm? * The man glares at them. "Leave this instant. Or I'll call the guards." * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> You mean...the corpses outside? * The large man grins... "As I would expect from the Shining Force...." <Jess> Not good...:P <David> And who might you be? * David keeps AmeShi in hand * Reisha makes a fist. "Yeah.. don't take us lightly!" ;) * Jess conjures up an aquamarine blue aura...getting ready to cast. <Large man> Allow me to introduce myself... I am Primuss... This is Germain... *points to the skinny man* * Indigo is throwing off arcs of black energy. <Indigo> Prissy? Your name is Prissy? <Primuss> We are in charge of this carnival on orders of Gandar. Now. I shall ask you to leave now or face us in battle. <Reisha> We want to know about this Gandar guy... then we can duke it out all you want. ^^ <Sasha> Primpuss, you think you could actually win against all of us? <Indigo> Gandar...Gandar....ah yes, the Head Moron I assume. <Jess> yeah...that's him... <Primuss> Ahh. So confident... Yet so fragile. *gets up* Come! We shall fight. If you win, I will divulge any info demanded. <David> Sounds like a deal. <Sasha> Wait! <Indigo> Fragile? Like you can talk? Most of that bulk is probably fat. * Indigo looks at Sasha. * Darin smiles.. "Suits me." He draws his Blade. <Jess> HOLD YOUR HORSES, GUYS! <Sasha> You have to give up some money as well, say, 300 gold pieces? >=) <David> Ugh. ^^; <David> Sasha, just shut up and fight! <Jess> chilling Inferno coming up... * Reisha smiles, as some lightning crackles around her. "Works for me!" :) * Primuss snickers... "I'll offer you 5,000 if you defeat US..." * Indigo grins and the black aura becomes a sphere of darkness around her. * Primuss and Germain exit the room and go to the arena. <Sasha> 5,000? Hmmm.... kay <Jess> little mercenary. :P * David follows them.. <Indigo> That's my girl! ^_^ * Primuss and Germain await on the arena. * Reisha follows to the ring, leaping over the top rope like a superstar. ^^ * Darin follows David * Jess follows david...still preparing her spells. * Indigo beams proudly at her daughter and goes to the arena. * Indigo climbs into the ring, preparing an elemental. * Reisha cracks her knuckles. "let's get it on.. I still need to burn off some steam!" * David raises an eyebrow at Rei and then looks at the men, his eyes turning a cold grey.. "Lets rumble." <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Narrator> ===== Monsters: Primuss, Germain. ===== * Jess conjures up her casting aura. "I do too...This completely ruins my date with Darin." <Narrator> == Germain can attack. * Darin blinks at Jess.. and smiles, shifting his blade in his hand. <Narrator> == Germain summons a sword out of thin air and takes a battle stance. <Narrator> == Germain casts Sword rush. <Narrator> == Germain tosses the sword in the air over the shining Force and leaps after it. As the sword stops in mid air, Germain catches it and dives towards the group. A shockwave goes through the Shining Force, dealing 10 damage on each! <Indigo> Ouch! Jerk. <Narrator> == Germain leaps back and goes to a defensive stance. * Reisha gets knocked back a little, but shakes it off.. looking more determined than ever. <Jess> Ouch! * David grunts and brings AmeShi up, the flames flickering * Darin shakes off the attack.. "Jess? You all right?" <Jess> I'm fine, Darin...This guy's gonna feel my full magic fury. * Jess keeps chanting. "I call upon Mars and Mercury, celestial spirits of water and fire. Let your powers become mys sword to decimate these two!" <Narrator> == David and Indigo can attack. * David leaps at Germain and slams the hilt of AmeShi into his face with a sickening crack. He drops to a crouch and then slashes upwards with AmeShi, the fiery blade striking hard and fast! * Indigo grins. "Doom, Elemental of Death, I summon you!" Indigo turns the full force of Doom against Germain. * David leaps back to the group! <Narrator> == David's attack makes Germain stagger back a little. 31 damage. <Narrator> == Death elemental is cast. Primuss is unnafected. Germain is poisonned. <Reisha> Warm them up for me, David! :P * Indigo grins and chuckles. * Reisha prepares a spell... <Indigo> I've been saving that summons for a while now. * Indigo has lost her black glow. * David raises an eyebrow at Reisha. <Narrator> == Reisha can attack! <Reisha> Oh boy, do I have a treat for you guys! * Reisha concentrates. "Odin lord of the sky... bring down your power to maim and fry!" :P <Reisha> Bolt....3! <Narrator> == Reisha casts bolt 3... <Narrator> == lightning gathers from thin air and thunders down upon the two. 21 damage each! * Primuss winces... <David> Impressive. * David twirls AmeShi and growls. * Reisha laughs at the two... <Reisha> Had enough, wimps? <Reisha> There's more where that came from! :P <Primuss> Enough? Hah. Such confidence... <Narrator> == Jess can attack! * Jess raises a hand toward her enemy as a solid sheet of ice encases Primuss_and_Germain. Suddenly, the ground under Primuss_and_Germain opens up and a massive blaze rises from the cracks.... CHILLING INFERNO! <Narrator> == Jess casts chilling inferno... <Jess> eat that... <Narrator> == the spells toast damages Primuss more than Germain... 14 damage on Primuss, 9 damage on Germain... * Primuss laughs maniacally as he gets hit! <Narrator> == Primuss can attack! <Narrator> == Primuss closes his eyes and starts to glow red.... <Jess> Oh great....anyone know a magic shield spell? <Narrator> == Primuss starts to grow... His size quadruples.... <Darin> Uhhh....... <Jess> Oh shit. <Jess> maybe I shouldn't have used magic against him. <David> Grand. <Narrator> == Primuss lights up in flames. <Indigo> Oh, a big idiot. <David> Oh well, bigger target. <Jess> a big firey target....we're about to be toasted, guys. <Indigo> The bigger they are, the harder they fall. <Jess> and if he falls on us, we're finished... <Narrator> == Darin can attack. <Indigo> You know, in most life-forms, a bigger size also comes with a decreased intellect. <Darin> ...... <Jess> but in increase in strength and defense....which is not good in our case. * Darin growls, gathers his strength and leaps at Primuss, driving his Blade of Truth into him and slashing him across the chest, then pulls his Blade back. <Jess> YOU GO, DARIN! <Narrator> == Primuss shrugs off the blow. 1 damage. * Darin lands back next to Jess.. "This is NOT good..." <Jess> tell me about it, hon. <Jess> maybe a little ice can put his fire out.. <Narrator> == Germain takes 30 damage from the poison. <Narrator> ===== End of round. Monster count: Primuss, Germain. ===== <Narrator> == Germain can attack! <Jess> Look out, guys...this can't be good. <Narrator> == Germain attacks Jess <Jess> O_o <Jess> OH SHIT! <Darin> JESS!! * Jess braces herself.. * Darin tries to get between Germain and Jess. <Narrator> == Germain crouches low and summons his sword... He changes into a light being, moving at a blazing speed... The blade passes through Jess, dealing massive damage! 23 damage! <Narrator> == Jess falls unconscious. <David> Grr. <Darin> JESS!! <Jess> -_- <Jess> Da...rin.... * David brings AmeShi up.. <Narrator> == Germain flashes back to his position. * Jess falls to the ground... <Narrator> == David and Indigo can attack. :P <Darin> All right... You are TOAST, you ... you..... * David leaps at Germain and slashes downwards on him. He then does a backflip, sticking his sword up to slash upwards through Germain again.. * David lands back with the ground <Narrator> == Germain sustains heavy damage from David's attack... 34 damage! <David> Hah. * David twirls AmeShi, the black flames flickering wildly * Darin shifts his blade in his hand... * Indigo takes her the sharpened metal point end of her staff and drives it through Germain's groin area. <David> O_o <David> ow. I felt that. <Narrator> == Germain braces for the impact... And fails. 23 damage! Germain stumbles back. <Narrator> == Primuss starts to glow... * Indigo grins and mocks his new....indefiniecy. <Narrator> == Reisha can attack. * Indigo jumps back, taking her staff with her the hard way. <Narrator> == Reisha casts bolt 3..... Primuss takes 1 damage. Germain takes 21. <Narrator> == Darin can attack. * Darin leaps at Germain, anger and vengence in his eyes, he slashes through Germain as hard as he can. <Narrator> == Germain watches the sword come down on him... Germain winces as the blade digs deep into him.... 73 damage! Critical! <Narrator> == Germain disperses into light. <Narrator> == Germain's energy merges with Primuss. <Narrator> == Sasha can attack. * Darin backs away, and kneels beside Jess, gathering her into his arms.. * Sasha stands there,s he draws her sword and glares at the monster, suddenly her sword slashes brightly, energy begins to surround it, she charges at the monster and leaps into the air and drives her sword into Primuss, she pulls it out and uppercuts the monster into the air, she leaps up and slashes the enemy several times before delivering a crushing blow slamming the monster down to the ground. <Narrator> == Sasha's attack seem to do about jack shit. Primuss takes 1 damage. <Narrator> == Primuss glows brighter...... <Narrator> == Primuss mounts an attack. <Darin> I have an insane idea.. <David> This could be bad. <Narrator> == Primuss lifts himself in the air..... <Narrator> == Primuss forms into a ball of fire the size of the arena..... <Darin> Could our attacks perhaps be giving him strength? <Narrator> == Primuss dives down at the Shining Force, crushing each and everyone of them. <Narrator> == 246 damage each. * Indigo swoons. * Reisha wideeyes... o_O <Narrator> == The Shining Force falls...... * Darin collapses beside Jess. * David falls. <Reisha> Jerks... <Mystery_Cheese> «ooc: Ha ha :D » * Reisha falls over... <Narrator> ===== Cut scene. ===== * Sasha curses a few times then dies <Narrator> The Shining Force wakes up, stripped of all weapons, spellbooks, artifacts, money..... They lie in a storage depot... The area seems to be made of a metal that negates all magic.... * Indigo looks around. * David groans, rolling over <Jess> Oohhh....anyone get the numbers of that Centaur Stampede? * Indigo stands and looks at the wall. * Reisha is out like a light... <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of the Earth, I summon you to smash this place! * David wakes up slowly and sits up.. "wha.." <Narrator> == Indigo's call goes unanswered. * David tries to stand...and falls on Reisha! <Narrator> A low chanting can be heard over Reisha. "May Mitula heal your wounds and comfort your weariness! Mitula, heal her wounds!" * Reisha feels something land on her and snaps awake. o_O <Narrator> == Reisha is restored. * Indigo stamps her and begins kicking the wall. * David blinks rapidly and hauls himself up off Rei, grinning meekly <Reisha> David.. wha..? * Mystery_Person smiles at Reisha. It's a woman in her late twenties, with blue eyes and dark brown hair that goes down to her waist. She's in priestess garb. "Hello. ^_^" <Reisha> Ah..ahem.. <Mystery_Person> Are you feeling all right now? * Indigo looks over at the priestess. * Reisha gets up blushing very crimson. ^^ <Jess> besides a headache the size of most of Guardiana? * David brushes himself off * Mystery_Person looks at David, then his sword. <Reisha> Uh.. uh.. *snaps out of it* <Reisha> I think so.. ^^ * Reisha gets her bearings... looking at the "Mystery person" <Mystery_Person> Are you all right? What happened? I've been trying to heal you all for hours! * David raises an eyebrow, eyeing the person <Jess> we got our asses kicked. That's what happened... * Mystery_Person looks at David, narrowing her eyes. <Mystery_Person> You look very much like my brother. <David> O_o <Mystery_Person> Yes. <Indigo> Let me see....Primuss gres stronger when Germain was defeated, therefore, we must separate Germain from Primuss and keep him in his human form. <Jess> I mean...that old boy just unloaded the old Primuss 3:16 on us... * David erhms and shakes his head rapidly <David> No, miss. I'm not your brother. * Reisha is a little lost... <Mystery_Person> Oh no! I didn't say you were! <Mystery_Person> You just have a striking similarity to him. <Reisha> Well, thanks for healing us, and stuff... <Indigo> Oh yes, thank you. <David> Ah...well... David Willcott is my name....who're you? <Mystery_Person> Willcott? Ah! Then that explains it! O_o * Dal groans in the corner... * Jess looks at the mystery woman. "you wouldn't be High Priest Wilcott's sister..would you?" <David> Eh? ^^; * Indigo seems to be thinking. <Mystery_Person> My name is Sarah Willcott ^_^; I'm Chamolo's half sister <David> Oh!'re my aunt. ^_^ <Sarah> Exactly! ^_^ <Reisha> Wait a sec.. wasn't that your dad, David? o_O <Jess> Thought so...I think I saw you at Granseal castle a few times. <Indigo> Chamolo had a sister? <David> Ehh....this is my dad's half sister. ^_^ * David nods <Sarah> Well...half sister. Chamolo was adopted by my father... <Indigo> Interesting. He never spoke of you Sarah. <Sarah> Really? :/ * Reisha sighs. "Another reunion.. this is getting just too cliche..." <Jess> I think so..I could be mistaken. * David elbows Rei gently in the stomach and eyes her. "Be nice, Rei." <Sarah> ^^; <Reisha> the way, I'm Reisha Granstream. ^^ <Sarah> Anyway, what's my nephew doing in a place like this? <Indigo> Oh well, I was insane at the time, so I may have forgotten it. ^_^ <Sarah> ^_^ Hello Reisha. <David> We....we uhm got beaten. <David> Badly. * Reisha elbows David a bit back. :P <Jess> Sorry. I'm Jessica Sorenson. <David> By some Pri-...oof! <Sarah> :/ Ah. So was I. <David> You took them on? <Indigo> Really? * Indigo looks at her with interest. <Sarah> Well....more like they caught me, I fought back, and...well.. <Sarah> I ended up here :/ <Indigo> I'm Indigo Mysteria, an elementalist. <Sasha> This is getting ridulious, I'm tired of hanging around you guys <Sarah> Hello Indigo. My brother spoke of you. <Indigo> Really? Something good I hope. ^_^ <Reisha> And to think even with my new spell it wasn't enough... :/ <David> Well.. <Sarah> ^_^ Of course. <David> What do we do now? <Sarah> By the you know where my brother is? * Reisha folds her arms, looking for any clue how to get her stuff back. ^^ <Indigo> Oh, meet my daughter Sarah Mysteria, a sorceress-in-training. <Jess> consider yourself lucky your spells have increased. <Indigo> I mean Sasha Mysteria. <Jess> anyway... we can't seem to use magic in here....this is not a good thing. * Indigo smiles. * Reisha nods to Jess... * Indigo nods. <Reisha> And they lifted my daggers too. * David looks around the room <Indigo> If we could find a crack we could blast it open, or summon an elemental. * Dal gets up, rubbing his head... "God dammit. They took all my stuff! ;_;" <Jess> I normally carry a cane...but somehow, it just ruins it all for me when casting. <Sasha> I am no sorceress in training mother. Just a bounty hunter, I haven't learned any magic <Sarah> I could use magic... <David> What magics do you have..? <Sarah> Hmm...but I've also been training for quite a while...and it's not very strong in here.. :/ <David> Hm. <Sarah> Just healing...but I do have a blast spell.... * Jess tries to conjure up a fireball. "Mars...let your power become mine!" * Indigo smiles. <David> A blast spell? Have you tried it? <Narrator> == The Magic is negated. <Sarah> No... <Indigo> Don't you remember the training in magic I gave you as a child Sarah? <Sarah> Would you like me to? <Sarah> O_o <David> Mm.. <Jess> it might help. <Sarah> What was that, Indigo? * David looks around * Sarah nods, and tries to cast a blast spell at the wall! * Reisha starts checking around the room for any hints or leads... <Indigo> Well, don't worry, the training will resume when we get home dear. ^_^ * Reisha roots around for clues. "Hmm... they always hide something around that we can use... least it always seems that way..." <Narrator> == The blast spell works ever so slightly, chipping at the wall..... <Jess> I think that may be the reason she ran away, Indigo. Each person must follow his or her own destined path...It looks like Sasha's isn't as a summoner or sorceress. <David> Eh. O_o * Indigo blinks. * David looks at the chipped wall. * David looks at Sarah. "Not bad." * Darin looks at the wall... <Jess> Hmmm..... * Dal yawns... "I guess I'm needed yet again.." <Indigo> But...but she must be. Every female of our line has been a sorceress for over 11,045 years. * Reisha stops to look over at the wall. "Woah.. you actually chipped it.." * Dal searches himself for his lockpicks... "God DAMMIT! They took those too.. ;_;" * Darin blinks.. * Sarah tries the blast spell again ^^; * Dal frantically looks around.. "Err.. Uhh.. Any of you have a hair pin?" * Darin blinks... "My Blade..." * Reisha goes over to dal. "You think that'll help?" <Indigo> My staff's pointy end. <Narrator> == The blast spell makes a small gust and chips another part of the wall. * Jess feels around in her hair. "Nope, Dal. I sure don't. I don't use them anyway." <Sarah> ....hmm.... <Jess> are you OK, Darin? * Indigo tries to put her hand through the small hole. <David> Well. * Sarah tries it one more time <David> This is great. :P * Reisha reaches to her hair and removes the clip she wears. :P <Darin> My sword... I... I have to get that blade back.. * David growls in frustration, kicking the chipped wall * Dal groans.. "I need something small.. Very small.." <Reisha> Think you can use this? It's got a pin on the end? * Reisha hands it to him. * Dal blinks at Reisha... "Oooo yes.. That'll do nicely!" *swipes it* * Indigo hugs Sasha. * Dal runs to the door and starts tinkering... * Jess curls up beside Darin. "Are you I am now?" <Indigo> Well, I know you strayed, but you will be okay when we return to the Crystal Towence * Reisha eyes him. "You better not keep it, you filthy thief.. it's got sentimental value." :P * Sarah nods. * Dal nods.. "Yeah yeah.. :p" <Darin> Jess... I'm terrified.. * Darin puts his arms around Jess protectively <Jess> I know. Worried is putting it lightly. <Narrator> A small clicking noise can be heard.... * Dal pushes the door open... "Ta... Da.... I guess." * Reisha smiles a little... * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> Good job. <Reisha> Like I said, you're good for something. ;) * Dal throws the pin back at Reisha... * Indigo goes outside. * Reisha catches it, wondering if it's bent or anything. * Sarah follows. * Indigo stretches. * Darin stands up, and offers a hand to Jess. <Narrator> The pin is undamaged. * Jess takes Darin's hand and then follows. * Dal follows, trying to wipe the grin off his face.. <David> Beautiful pin for a beautiful woman. * Sarah smirks. <Sarah> ^_^ Call her Miss, David. <Sarah> It's polite. * David blushes <Sarah> And stand up straight. ^_^; Oh, what your father would say. <David> Yes ma'am. * Reisha snickers... * David stands up straight and sighs. ^^; <Jess> lighten up, Sarah. * Indigo laughs. <Reisha> hey.. if it's anyone who'll boss him around it's me! ;) * Darin slyly slides an arm around Jess. <David> Hey.. ^_- * David walks along with the others * Reisha grabs him by the collar and yanks him out. ^^ <Jess> Oh!....why you.. <David> Ack! <Indigo> I like you Sarah. ^_^ <Sarah> ^_^ Thank you. * Jess looks over at Darin and just smiles. She then hops up and kisses him on the cheek. * Darin turns a deep shade of red... * David is yanked by Rei.. ^^' <Indigo> You've got to teach me how to nag like that Sarah. I could use that for my little one over there. <Narrator> The corridor is similar to the one under Gandar's estate. * Indigo points to Sasha. <Indigo> ^_^ * Reisha lets go of David, her point made. ^^ <Narrator> A room seemingly used for storage is up ahead... Just like under Gandar's estate... <Sarah> ^_^ All right, Miss Indigo. <Sarah> I hope my cane is there... * Darin sighs.. "I hope my Blade is in there..." * Indigo begins brushing Sasha's hair as they walk. * David grins at Rei <Jess> I hope I can find a spell book or two. Sarah, do you think you can help me with something as soon as we're out of here? I want to work on my healing magic. * Reisha grins back. "Now.. let's find our gear and blow this joint." <Sarah> Sure! ^_^ <David> I agree! * Jess enters the storage room. * David walks to the storage area * Darin follows Jess closely. * Indigo stays outside, just in case. :P * Reisha heads off for anything that resembles a storage room. ^^ <Narrator> The storage room contains everything the team lost... * Indigo sees this and dashes in, getting her stuff. <David> Yes! * David runs to AmeShi * Jess grabs her cane and a couple of spell books. "Now to get the hell out of here." * Jess hands Darin his blade of truth. * Sarah grins. "That's" * Darin looks around and picks up his Blade, and clutches it to his chest.... * David grabs AmeShi and hugs it * Reisha grabs a whole handful of her knives, plus the very ornate one. <Darin> Thanks, Jess... <Sarah> Be careful of the flames O_o * Reisha looks at David.. <Darin> This sword ... just... <David> It doesn't hurt. ^_^ <Jess> I can tell... * David passes his hand through the flames * Darin sheathes his Blade. <Reisha> Jeez.. do you sleep with that thing too? :P * David then twirls AmeShi and sheathes it! <David> No, I sleep with...hey. ^_- <Jess> let's just go. * Darin opens his mouth to comment, then looks at Jess, and just smiles instead. * Reisha winks, making her way out. ^^ * Jess grins. * David watches Rei go and raises both eyebrows, following her. * Indigo thrusts and twirls her staff. * Jess grabs Darin's arm and walks out..following David and Rei. <Narrator> a door up a flight of steps can be seen... * Sarah follows. * Sasha heads up to the door <Indigo> This looks like Gandar's place. Excuse me am moment. * Indigo goes outside. * Sarah looks at David thoughtfully. * Reisha heads to the door... a little smug grin on her face... <Narrator> The door leads to a small exit a few feet away from the tent... <Jess> Darin, what is it about that blade? I cn tell you are very attached to it. <Sarah> Do you mind if I follow you for a small while? * David follows mutely, eyes flashing <Sarah> Until we're clear of danger... ^_^ * Indigo goes up the stairs and looks at the tent. <David> No problem here, Sarah. <Reisha> Sure, Sarah... more the merrier I say. ;) <Darin> I..its just... very sentimental.... it is a very long story, Jess... you wouldn't want to hear it.. <Sasha> I'll protect you... for a price that is =) <Indigo> Are we leaving? * Dal follows mindlessly. <Jess> I'd like to think so, Indigo. * Indigo nods. <Indigo> Oh, don't mind the little one. ^_^ * David sort of keeps pace with Rei.. "So....back to town.." * Reisha heads outside... <Jess> let's just go back to town. * Reisha looks around. "Maybe we should play it low for a while too..." * David nods. <Jess> good idea. <Jess> those goons of gandar's will be looking for us. * Darin nods <Reisha> But if I see that primus guy, I want a rematch. :P * David laughs. <David> Count me in too. * Indigo follows them back to town, but cannot resist summoning Apollo to set a small fire....right in the tent..... <Narrator> == Apollo is summoned and lights part of the tent on fire... <Darin> O_o <Narrator> == Apollo returns to his plane. <Jess> I just want to go back to Grans Island. This place gives me the creeps. * Sarah blinks <Darin> I agree with Jess.. <Sarah> Impressive! * Indigo laughs. <Reisha> Let's just go already! :P <Sasha> I wanna get out of this insane group, jeeze, all of you are crazy! <David> Yeah! Lets go! <Indigo> I'm an elementalist. I can summon the eight elementals: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. ^_^ * Sarah pats Sasha on the shoulder. "But...aren't they your friends?" * Indigo smiles at Sasha. <Indigo> We'll go home dear. ^_^ * Reisha checks to see if there is any goons ahead of them and sets off to the town. * Jess gets started moving again...following Reisha. * Darin follows with Jess <Reisha> Hey Sasha.. remember they called a lot of Heroes crazy, but look how they turned out! ;) <Sasha> Not really, I just tagged along for some money <David> Yeah, like my mom! * Indigo follows them. * Reisha can't resist a controlled laugh... <Indigo> And me. ^_^ <Indigo> Except that I was crazy but no one's perfect. :D <Narrator> The Shining Force heads back to town to restock and move on.... <Narrator> ===== cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Back on Grans island... The Gallam reconstruction takes place..... Slowly but surely, Chamolo manages the reconstruction of the once powerful ally to Granseal. * Chamolo watches with satisfaction. ^_^ <Chamolo> It's finally done... <Chamolo> ...maybe now we can have some peace back in our lives.... <Chamolo> ...and.... <Chamolo> I'll be great to see Kara again... <Narrator> A pillar which holds up one of the wall in the distance starts teetering... * Chamolo doesn't notice. ^^; * The construction crew attempts to stabilize it... * Chamolo looks up. "O_o Hey! What the---?" * The construction crew calls more people to help stabilize it. "The wall's not holding! We need more men!" <Chamolo> Oh no... * Chamolo tries to step back from the danger zone ^^; <Chamolo> Keep it steady, men! You can do it! <Narrator> The wall finally stabilizes, the crew cheering! <Narrator> They go back to stabilizing the foundations.... <Narrator> Chamolo is now alone... * Chamolo smiles. * Chamolo wipes his forehead. "Phew..." <Chamolo> Now....I should report to King Granseal... * Chamolo begins to walk back in the direction of...Granseal =) <Narrator> A dark mist forms by Chamolo's side...... It reshapes into a human form Chamolo recognizes... Dorak... Reincarnation of Dark Dragon... <Chamolo> What...? O_o <Dorak> Ahh, Chamolo... You'll be the key to my rebirth...... *Dorak casts a spell, surrounding Chamolo with a dark presence...* <Chamolo> H...Hey! <Narrator> == Chamolo's skin turns black and falls unconscious.... * Dorak grins and dissapears. <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Back in Ratock, the shining Force heads back into town.... As David is walking at the lead, his skin turns pale and shades to black... David falls to his knees and unconscious, breathing shallowly... <Jess> David? <Darin> David! <Sarah> David! * Reisha is laughing still, but then goes pale. "D..David! o_O <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====Narrator> Chamolo is now alone... * Chamolo smiles. * Chamolo wipes his forehead. "Phew..." <Chamolo> Now....I should report to King Granseal... * Chamolo begins to walk back in the direction of...Granseal =) <Narrator> A dark mist forms by Chamolo's side...... It reshapes into a human form Chamolo recognizes... Dorak... Reincarnation of Dark Dragon... <Chamolo> What...? O_o <Dorak> Ahh, Chamolo... You'll be the key to my rebirth...... *Dorak casts a spell, surrounding Chamolo with a dark presence...* <Chamolo> H...Hey! <Narrator> == Chamolo's skin turns black and falls unconscious.... * Dorak grins and dissapears. <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Back in Ratock, the shining Force heads back into town.... As David is walking at the lead, his skin turns pale and shades to black... David falls to his knees and unconscious, breathing shallowly... <Jess> David? <Darin> David! <Sarah> David! * Reisha is laughing still, but then goes pale. "D..David! o_O <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====