Shining Force RPG 2 session interlude
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force is resting after saving David from almost certain death... Everyone sleeps peacefully, the moon shining high in the dark sky, faint sounds of nature soothing the soul... Everyone rests, but two people... * Reisha is obviously not sleeping well, tossing and turning, and starting at the cieling... <Reisha> Damn.. I.. can't sleep... * Reisha grumbles to herself... "I'm still thinking about today..." <Reisha> I mean I actually kissed him... o_O * Reisha hops out of her bed and slips some clothes on. "Screw this.. I got to get this out right now..." * Reisha opens her door and looks for David's room. <Narrator> Silence fills the corridor... Two green eyes stare out at Reisha from besides the window... * Reisha looks at the eyes. "Hey... what the hell are you staring at?" :P <Narrator> A hissing sound is heard from the corner... And suddenly, a black cat runs out from the corner and zooms past Reisha... * Reisha is a bit startled. o_O <Reisha> Darn cat.., anyhow... * Reisha goes and knocks on david's door. <David> *muffled* I'm awake....come in.. * Reisha opens the door slowly, and pokes her head inside. * David is leaning against the wall, staring out his window into the night with his chin against his crossed arms... "Hi, Rei....couldn't sleep?" <Reisha> Hmm.. what gave it away? ^^ <Reisha> Mind if I come in? <David> Your breathing, your footfalls and your scent. ^_^ Sure. ^_- * Reisha blinks... "Okayy there... actualy I just wanted to talk." * Reisha joins him by the window. * David turns to face Rei slightly... "About..?" * Reisha shuffles a bit. <Reisha> Well.. it's about yesterday... * David blushes faintly. "Oh..." <Reisha> I mean.. it isn't everyday I make a fool out of myself in front of people and kiss someone, y know.. ;) <David> A fool, hmm? * Reisha sighs... <Reisha> Yeah.. more like me... <Reisha> :/ * David raises an eyebrow. "More like you..? What d'you mean?" <Reisha> Well, it's like... you ever have something you want to forget, and you try so hard.. <Reisha> But then something happens and you remember it all over again. * David gets a slightly dark look, his eyes going a bit cold... "Yeah...yes, I do....why? What happened to you, Rei...?" * Reisha sits down on the side of the bed, looking a little unhappy... * Reisha glances at David a minuet before continuing. * David crosses his arms almost protectively and waits.. <Reisha> Well... back there in the spring... I thought I'd lost you because of a promise I had made <David> A promise..? <Reisha> To myself. * Reisha nods... <David> What promise would that be..? <Reisha> I mean.. I promised I'd never EVER kiss a guy again.. * David raises both eyebrows. "Uh.....why...?" <Reisha> Well.. it's because of something that happened a long time ago... <Reisha> My mind can't forget and my body sure as hell can't. * David moves a little closer to Rei but not enough to crowd her.. "Someone hurt you..?" <Reisha> Hurt is putting it mildly... _ * David gets a warm look.. "You didn't have to kiss me, Rei...even to save me... I'm sorry you had to choose like that.." * Reisha shakes her head... <Reisha> No, I had to... We can't lose you.. you're the real leader here, much as I hate to admit it. ^^ * David laughs softly... "A leader...amazing...but lets not talk about me, Rei...what about you...are you okay?" <Reisha> Actually.. if I'm talking to someone like this I doubt I'm ok. :P * Reisha forces a little smile. * David looks concerned... <David> You can tell me anything you want.. <Reisha> See that's the whole thing... * Reisha waves her hand about to make her point. <Reisha> YOu're so.. not a guy... <Reisha> I mean.. you're sensitive <Reisha> And you actually give a damn what happens. * David chuckles... "I was raised to respect and care about women I care for....and even strangers.... I hate to see you in pain." <Reisha> It's great you were raised like that.. I think we should've had more moms like that back home.. <Reisha> I mean.. my mother was the only one who actually supported me... * Reisha looks a little teary eyed * David moves to sit by Rei, concern plain on his face... <Reisha> Everybody else just ground me into the dirt and said I was a failure.. <David> But you're not... * Reisha looks to him. "At least you belive me..." <David> Of course I do. <Reisha> I mean, I go around acting all big... but I just want somebody to care about me for once... <David> Well....I...I mean... I care about you...if that means anything... * Reisha hugs David. :) * David returns the hug and sits back, blushing a little. <Reisha> If I didn't know that, then why would I actually kiss you? :P <David> Uhhh....because...because you had to? ^^; <Reisha> Well yeah that too.. but if you were some bum off the local bar, I'd let ya rot. ;) <Reisha> Leader or no. * David chuckles at Rei's words.. <David> Well.... I mean...thank you...for giving me my life back.. <Narrator> Something suddenly jumps on David's shoulder. <Reisha> Hey.. hey.. you don't have to thank me.. I should be thanking you really... <David> ACK! O_o * David falls off the bed! <Reisha> Huh? o_O <Narrator> A black cat stumbles away and hides under the bed. * David blinks! "A cat...?" * Reisha rolls her eyes.. "Not that damn cat again.." ^^ * Reisha helps David up. * David blushes faintly.. "Thanks, Rei.." <Narrator> The cat scuttles to the window and jumps on the side... * Reisha smiles. "Stop thankign me already!" ;) * David laughs and grins.. "So-...I mean....okay..." <Narrator> The cat me-ows oddly and stares at the two. * Reisha looks at the cat. "Hey.. paws off..." :P * David looks at the cat. <Narrator> The cat hisses at Reisha and then blinks at David... * Reisha puts an arm around David. * David blinks at Rei, noticing her arm around him * Reisha lets a few playful lightinign bolts off at the cat's feet. ^^ <Narrator> The cat hisses and growls at Reisha, ears back, eyes narrow... <David>'re a good person....I know what I mean.... * David glances at the cat <Reisha> You're ruining my moment. :P * Reisha shoos it away, and goes back to david. ^^ <Narrator> The cat takes a swat at Reisha, claws extended... <Reisha> Hey..! o_o * David growls faintly at the cat.. "go on...go chase some mice..." <Narrator> The cat blinks at David... <Narrator> The cat turns around and leaps out the window... * David shrugs faintly, smiling at Rei. * Reisha luaghs faintly... <Reisha> Guess even animals like you Davey. ^^ * David chuckles.. "Magnetic personality.." * David tilts his head curiously.... "If there's anything I can do, Rei...I don't make you feel better...just tell me..." * Reisha suddenly blushes. <Reisha> Uhh.. well.. I don't know actually.. talking to you is really nice... ^^ <Reisha> Ah who am I fooling... * David raises an eyebrow <Reisha> Kiss me, ya big lug. ;) * David blushes and hugs Rei close, kissing her.. * Reisha hugs David and kisses back unafarid! ^^ * Reisha break the kiss and looks into his eyes... <Reisha> I was right... * David blinks, his eyes a light metallic blue.. "Right..?" <Reisha> Well.. I actually feel comfortable now.. I don't think I'm afraid anymore... ^^ * Reisha hugs himtightly... * David blushes more and returns the hug... "I...uh...I'm glad I could help." <Reisha> You better be glad... ;) * David blushes more and smiles.. "I am.." * Reisha kisses his forehead lightly. <Reisha> Now you better not go dying on me again, you hear? * David laughs lowly... "Who, me? I'll try not to make it a habit." * Reisha giggles. "Say.. I wanted to ask you something.." <David> Yeah? <Reisha> What was it like.. did you see some light or anything? <Reisha> They say you see some strange stuff. ^^ * David ponders telling her about the whole nude son and father thing * David decides not to.. <David> It was.....I had to choose... <Reisha> Choose? <David> Between going back or going to the light.. <Reisha> And you chose me? ^_^ * David blushes and coughs... "Yeah...." <Reisha> Wow... I got a one up even on death... killer... ;) * Reisha smiles ahppily.. her old concietedness showing. ^^ * David laughs a little and casts Rei a warm look.. " should probably go do that sleep thing, you know..?" * Reisha blushes and snaps out of it. "Oh... right.. sleep.. is a good thing..." * David smiles and brushes his fingers across Rei's shoulder. "Yep...definately.." <Reisha> I wanted to stay here, but I guess you need some rest too.. flirting with death and all. ;) * Reisha takes David's hand and kisses it. * David blinks and blushes, stuttering slightly.. * Reisha rises off the bed slowly... * David opens his mouth to say something but clicks it shut again before saying.. " you want me to walk you to your room?" * Reisha puts her hands to her sides. "I can't belive you had to even ask that david.." :P * David blushes.. "Ehhh...was that a yes or a no...?" <Reisha> Of course I want you to! It's the rules! :P * David laughs and stands.. * Reisha gives off a little bit of short laughter. ^^ * David casually slips his arm around Rei's shoulders and walks her out of his room.. * Reisha lets David lead her around for once. ^^ * David glances at Rei as he leads her to the door of her room.. * Reisha looks genuinely happy for once... <Reisha> Wow.. who says chivalry is dead? * David laughs softly.. "Not my father." <Reisha> You've got some family... * David looks a bit dark.. "Yeah...a murdering mother and a priest father...what a pair..." <Reisha> Hey, but looks how you came out? I'd say it was a winning combonation. * Reisha hugs him, and opens the door * David gazes at Rei slightly and then blushes.. "I....uh...I guess I'll see you...tomorrow.." * Reisha leans on the doorframe.. <Reisha> Yeah... <Reisha> Just one thing though. * David blinks.. "What..?" * Reisha holds a finger to his mouth. "Don't tell anybody Iwas actually sensitive for once.. I have an image, y'know?" ;) * David nods slowly and then kisses the finger... "Sure thing, Rei..." * Reisha smiles softly, holding her gaze a moment on david's mesmerizing eyes. <Reisha> I think I'm going to sleep peacefully tonight... Take care Davey. ;) * David smiles softly also and nods... "Anyway...I was uhm...yeah...leaving." * David nods.. ^^; <David> Night Rei.. * Reisha nods, and turns to go inside... * David stands there and opens his mouth before turning away to go to his room.. ^^; * Reisha closes the door slow, leaving it open a crack. "Night..." * Reisha leaps on her bed, wondering if david took her mild hint.. or if he really is that diffrent. ^^ <Narrator> The night returns to its peacefullness.... Souls put at rest yet again, the night continues its course, awaiting the morning sun... <Narrator> ==== Session end! ===== if he really is that diffrent. ^^ <Narrator> The night returns to its peacefullness.... Souls put at rest yet again, the night continues its course, awaiting the morning sun... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====