Shining Force RPG 2 session 9
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force heads back to town... David suddenly falls ill, skin turning black. <Jess> O_o <Sarah> David! O_o <Darin> David? * Reisha, who had been laughing before, suddenly goes pale with shock! "David!" o_O <Sasha> What the hell happened to him? * Sarah bends down and shakes him "David! Wake up...!" * Indigo runs to David. <Jess> Holy Mary mother of Mitula...DAVID! <Indigo> Oh no! <Dal> Erk. * David passes out. Like it said last session. :P <Indigo> How could this have happened? <Sarah> ...I might know. <Sarah> It appears I was too late in my warning. * Reisha trys to lift david's head off the ground shaking him.. * Darin blinks and stays quiet.... <Indigo> Hmmm? * Jess grabs Darin's arm and holds on for dear life. <Sarah> I'll explain! Right now, please help him into a bed...with lots of warm blankets. <Reisha> What the heck happened? o_O * David lies limp. (No dirty thoughts.) <Indigo> Let me try something! * Indigo glows green. <Indigo> Pio, Elemental of Pestilence, I summon you. Please remove this illness! <Sarah> It won't work, Indigo... <Sarah> Please just trust me. <Jess> Then let's get him somewhere we can do something for him. <Sarah> Exactly. * Reisha picks up David, looking for someone to support the other side. * Jess supports David's other side. <Narrator> == the summon fails. * David is unconcious! yeah! <Reisha> Thanks Jess.. let's get him inside... <Jess> OK... * Sarah sighs . "Chamolo....Listen..I have an assistant who might be able to help me. She's at the inn." <Reisha> Whatever.. then lets' take him there! <Indigo> But the next town is....where? <Jess> let's just get to the inn... <Sarah> Right! Hurry! * Reisha takes David to the Inn post-haste, along with Jess. <Sasha> Sarah, what happened to them? * Jess starts walking toward the inn, helping Reisha. <Sarah> ..I'll explain when we're in a more secure place... * Dal follows along. . o O (And this is the Shining Force? They're as bad as the legends say. ^^;) <Sarah> There it is! * Sasha casually walks over to the inn, making sure that no one gets the attention of them. * Sarah points to the inn, runs to it, and opens the door. "Inside!" * Sarah calls inside. "Zoie! Are you in?" * Jess walks into the inn, supporting David.. * Indigo goes to the Innkeeper. * Zoie looks up <Indigo> We have an emergency. Payment will be made later. <Zoie> yes Sarah <Sarah> I need your help. This man has fallen ill. Please prepare a bed for him. <Narrator> Innkeeper: Erm. I guess it's ok... * Zoie nods and prepares <Reisha> You heard her.. get a bed already! <Sarah> Thank you him down. * David looks ill. * Zoie helps lay David on the bed * Jess helps Zoie. "What in the world is happening?" * Sarah leaves the room for a moment, coming back in with a warm washcloth. * Indigo goes to see that they are not distrubed. * Sasha looks at David with strange look on her face. * Reisha looks at david in the bed.. trying not to seem too worried.. ^^; * Sarah puts the washcloth on his head. <Sarah> All the door locked? <Zoie> *nods* * David writhes slightly under the washcloth, muttering darkly.. * Jess puts a reassuring hand on Reisha's shoulder. "It'll be alright, Rei." <Sarah> All right...there is a reason I was trapped within that cell. * Dal looks out the window. * Reisha turns her head to Jess. "I hope so.. I haven't seen any kind of illness like this one.." <Sarah> You see...I have been blessed by the gods with the gift of sight... * Sarah raps her cane on the floor O_o. "Please pay atteion! I'm explaining what's wrong with your friend!" * Sarah coughs. "Sorry..." <Indigo> How so? The ability to see the future, to see long distances...? * Reisha snaps to attention <Sasha> The sight? <Sarah> Also knwon as seeing the future. <Sasha> You mean to see into the future. <Sarah> Exactly. <Sasha> Yeah. <Sasha> But it always clear is it? * Indigo nods. <Jess> interesting... <Reisha> So what? You knew this was going to happen to David, or something? <Sarah> Yes. <Indigo> Hmmmm.....I'll have to learn more of this for research purposes, but continue. <Reisha> Then why didn't you want us. o_O <Jess> Sarah, what is going on? * Narrator starts snoring and falls off his narrator type chair in a sickly thud. <Sarah> I was waiting till we arrived at town to warn him...but it happened too soon. <Narrator> Uhh.. O_o Sorry. *sits back up* * Darin stays quiet slowly edges closer to Jess. <Sarah> Anyway... <Dal> Shoo! <baps Narrator> <Sarah> There is a little family secret of my brother's that I dug up after my dream. <Sarah> And it's effecting his son. <Sarah> Sit down, and I'll explain. * Indigo sits on the bed. * Sasha just stands * Reisha sits on the side of the bed by David.. not liking this whole thing one bit.. <Sarah> I'm not sure you know, Indigo, but my brother was adopted by my father. Did you know this? * David groans softly.. <Sarah> Did he ever tell you? * Reisha looks at David, frowning... * Reisha puts a hand on his forehead. <Jess> if he did, he never told Queen Lara of Guardiana. She was the leader of that Shining Force. * David 's forehead is hot to Rei's touch.. <Indigo> I believe he mentioned something like this. I remember vaguely that his father and he were enemies for a time I is hard to remember back to that time... <Sarah> Well...very little is known about his biological I did some reasearch <Sarah> The reason that he was given up for adoption is because he is cursed.... <Reisha> Damn.. he's got a high fever... :/ * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> A curse? <Jess> cursed? <Sarah> Since he was a little baby. * Jess pales at the word curse. <Sarah> It's not a curse that would affect him in normal life....and that's why nothing seemed to be wrong... * Reisha looks up.. "Huh? David's dad was cursed? o_O" <Sasha> Hey, just like the non-existent curse I have. =P <Sarah> However...once he had a son.... <Sarah> The curse came to life. Both son and father are physically linked. <Indigo> What was the nature of the curse? <Jess> so this is happening to Chamolo and David? * Indigo murmurs to Sasha "Our curse is different dear." <Sarah> So if something happens to Chamolo, something will happen to David. <Sarah> And something did happen. <Indigo> So where is Cham? <Sarah> Do you remember a story about a certain Princess Elis? <Sarah> Back at Galam. <Indigo> No. <Jess> somewhat. * Dal nods. <Sarah> She was poisoned...and it took two years for her to recover. <Sarah> the symptoms are almost identical. <Sarah> I wouldn't doubt they are the same thing. This is work of the devils! <Jess> but....wasn't that cured by Bowie... <Sarah> It a kiss... <Sarah> But...we don't have two years to wait! <Reisha> Curse... this sure does look evil to me... <Jess> how long have we got? * David curls up on the bed.. <Reisha> A.. kiss? o_O * Indigo nods sagely. <Sarah> Yes. A Kiss. <Indigo> Okay. Are there any prerequistes? <Sarah> As in who kisses him? * Reisha looks from David to sarah, and back.. <Indigo> Does one have to be a royal woman for instance. That is usually a standard. <Sarah> Someone who is his true love..and someone who loves him in return. <Sarah> No, it does not. <Reisha> Umm... are you sure about that? ^^ * Sarah nods. <Sarah> Now...hold on a moment. <Indigo> Hmmm...where we find someone like that. David has no love life as far as I know. * Sarah whips out a book and thumbs through it. * Reisha fidgets with her hands a bit... <Reisha> .oO( A kiss.. nah.. it wouldn't work.. ) * Jess looksa t Rei and just thinks to herself...."Could Reisha...." <Sarah> You must go to the Cave of Desicion....and use the recovery springs that are housed within... <Jess> Where is that? <Sarah> Because the water of the springs will loose their magical properties quickly, you must take David with you. <Sarah> Go East, then north. <Sarah> And then once you give him the water, kiss him. <Sarah> Or.. <Sarah> Whoever plans to ^_^ <Sarah> Now... <Sarah> Zoie.. * Sarah looks at her deciple. <Zoie> yes? <Reisha> You're sure about this..? ^^ * Jess looks at Reisha, and then to her friends. <Sarah> I want you to please accompany them. * Reisha looks at David again... <Zoie> *nod* <Sarah> I need to stay here and research something. <Zoie> i shall.. <Sarah> When you heal David, return here. * David grimaces in pain...his forehead sweating.. * Zoie picks up her pouch and slings it over her shoulder <Sarah> This young woman is Zoie, my apprentice. She's a little inexperienced...but can use healing magic...and keep you alive. Please, take her with you! * Jess stands up and extends her hand to Zoie. "Welcome to the team." * Indigo fades back in. <Indigo> Sorry, I had to disappear for a moment. Here's the spellbook, I think. It was under a lot of other junk at the Tower. <Sarah> Hurry! You need to move! * David lies there. Because he's ill. Duh. <Indigo> What? <Sarah> Soon the poison will become so intense that the healing water will no longer work! <Reisha> Will it be oka to move him? <Sarah> Yes. He'll be all right. <Jess> then let's go.. <Indigo> Healing water? <Reisha> Well then.. it's settled! :P <Indigo> I teleport out for a few moments and miss everything around here. :P * Reisha stands up and grabs David, hualing him up. ^^ * David groans.. <Indigo> Shouldn't we get the water and bring it back? <Sarah> It won't be as powerful. <Reisha> Suck it in Davey.. we're going to save you, and you're going to like it. :P <Indigo> Oh, okay. <Sarah> The water looses it's power quickly. It must be taken there. * David mumbles something incoherent.. * Indigo sharpens the metal spike on her staff. <Indigo> Just in case. :P <Indigo> Come along lttle one. *smiles to David* You're off to be healed. <Jess> shall we, Rei? * Reisha holds David up. * Dal shakes his head. "Beats being in jail..." * Jess helps Reisha support David. * Sarah stays behind at the inn. <Reisha> Well.. let's go already! :P * Jess nods and starts walking.. * Zoie follows * Indigo strolls off, idly looking at the fires from the main tent with a contented smile. * Dal follows along. ^^; <Narrator> People are frantically running around, trying to extinguish the fire in the tent... <Indigo> Ah, the fruits of a job well done. *said with a self-satisfied smile* <Narrator> The Shining Force heads out of town, direction of the Cave of Decision. <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Back in Gallam, Chamolo lies in bed... His skin darkened... His breathing shallow... <Narrator> Baine sits by Chamolo, looking over him, worried... * Baine sits by Chamolo, looking worried. :P <Narrator> On the other side of the bed, a physician tries to figure out the cause of the illness... * Chamolo groans... * Baine brushes Cham's hair out of his eyes.. <Narrator> Physician: Hmm.. * Lara walks into the room and spots Chamolo. "Holy Mitula. What happened, Kara?" <Baine> He fell ill....we don't know why.. <Lara> I got here as soon as I could. * The physician hmms again... "Very odd.." <Lara> So, how is he doing so far? * Baine looks at the doctor.. "Is there any clue..?" <Baine> Not well, it seems Lara.. * The Physician looks up at Baine... "It looks to be a poison, but not all the symptoms fit.. This is beyond physical of nature." * Lara puts a hand on Chamolo's forehead. "He's burning hot to the touch." <Baine> Do you mean to tell me it's mystically concieved? * Baine crosses her arms, eyes going darker. <Physician> Yes. It seems to be a spell. A very powerful one. * Chamolo stops moaning, his breath coming out in shallow, ragged gasps. <Lara> you know I'll help in any way possible, Kara. * Baine tenses, stepping closer to Cham.. "There's got to be something someone can do, Lara...." <Baine> He's got to pull through...he's got to.... * Lara thinks to herself. "I don't know of any physicians or priests in Guardiana that's got that kind of special training." <Narrator> A voice in Baine's mind echoes.... "Remember the legends.... They shall guide the way..." * Baine sighs and places a hand on Chamolo's forehead.... * Baine thinks, triggered by the voice :P <Lara> Hmmm..... * Chamolo sighs and falls into a fitful slumber... * Baine kisses Cham lightly and blinks.. "Wait....didn't....didn't something like this occur before...?" * The physician frowns, feeling out of place... "There's nothing I can do here..." <Lara> of course, Kara. Princess Elis in the legends.. <Baine> Princess Elis.... <Lara> was that cured again? Darn, I've been away from Granseal too long. <Baine> How did they cure Elis.. <Physician> I say we wait this out.. His symptoms might clear themselves.. Like a regular poison would be purged by the system. * Baine looks at the Physician.. "I....I suppose you're right..." <Lara> There may just be a way. If I remember correctly, there is a healing spring somewhere on this continent. * Baine falters, looking at Lara and then at Chamolo <Baine> I...we should wait.. <Lara> not that I know where anyway...but just something I heard.. * The physician nods and walks out... * Lara stands there with her friend. "Somehow, this will work out." <Narrator> Lara and Baine stand over Chamolo, waiting being the only thing left for them to do.... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force continue on the path to the cave of decision to cure David of this odd illness... * Reisha mutters something about working out more... :P <Jess> join the club, Rei. <Narrator> ... Someone say "work out"? Err... Nevermind. *returns to narrating * David breathes shallowly, sweat beading on his forehead... <Reisha> hey.. who's complaining? Not me! ^^; * Dal trudges wordlessly. * David moans in pain, curling up.. <Narrator> The surrounding forest seems quiet enough, unlike the forest of illusion. * Indigo pets David's forehead. * Reisha tightens her grip on David. <Jess> we'll be there soon enough. Just hol don, David. <Indigo> There there child, it shall be all right. <David> nn..hh..... <Reisha> Of course he'll hold on... * David goes limp, not breathing at all <Reisha> o_O; <Jess> DAVID! <Reisha> I said you'll HOLD ON! * Reisha shakes him. * Indigo gasps. <Darin> ... * David inhales sharply, coughing weakly as his heart starts again..... <Indigo> I think electro-shock...oh, never mind. <Reisha> If that's what it takes if he does that again.. * Indigo nods, glowing light-blue. * David mumbles incoherently once more and grows hotter.. <Indigo> Okay, I'll keep a summons to Apollo available, just in case. * Reisha looks at Indigo.. insisting that the honor be hers. she is a thunder mage after all... * Darin stays quiet... not knowing what to say, never being in this situation before. <Reisha> Let's hurry up.. before I get a nervous breakdown worrying. <Reisha> :P <Jess> it's kinda hard to speed along when you're carrying someone that probably weighs over 200 pounds. * Dal sharpens his daggers while walking.. * David accidently thwaps Jess <Reisha> Well I'm trying my best! Look who's complaining now! * Reisha starts snickering... <Jess> hehehe.... * Indigo giggles. <Narrator> The road becomes more rocky, forest leaving the sides of the path... <Indigo> I think I may have a way to get us there faster would probably wreck the place... * Darin sighs... and shakes his head. * David mumbles Reisha's name...and then mumbles about knives..... :p <Jess> O_o * Darin blinks at David.. * David then mumbles about cottage cheese ^_^ <Darin> O_o <Dal> ^^; * Indigo starts throwing rocks as she walks. :P <David>'some bread too.. <Jess> he's delirious... * Reisha blinks.. wondering what David is thnking in that unconscious little mind.. <David> I've got a lovely buncha...coconuts..there they are...a a rowwww.. * David mumbles odd things :P <Reisha> maybe if I go crazy enough.. that actually might make sense.. * Reisha walks faster... ^^ * Jess speeds up to keep up with Reisha. * David starts to shiver <Narrator> The cave entrance can be seen up ahead... <Jess> about time... <Indigo> Apollo, Elemental of Fire, warm David up and keep him warm! <David> nnnhhmmm.....lew...inksy's....dress.. * Reisha looks into the cave enterance.. * Darin shivers.. * Jess looks at the entrance and then to Rei. "Shall we?" * David shivers violently.. O_o <Reisha> This looks like the place... you bet Jess. * Jess keeps walking toward the entrance... * Reisha tries to hold David tightly and stop his rapid shivering so she can walk straight. ^^ <Narrator> I do... :P * Dal goes through the entrance... * David actually snuggles against Reisha and calms down slightly ;) <Dal> Dark in here... <Narrator> The cave is dark and enclosed.... * Reisha blushes a little bit as she notices David snuggling next to her... and keeps walking. ^^ <Narrator> A large pool lies in the middle of the cave, which is a single roomed cave... A large black stump lies in the middle of the pool... <Jess> Rei, you're turning an interesting shade of red there. * Indigo strides right in. <Reisha> Uhh.. just shut up jess.. :P * Jess smiles. "It's ok, Reisha. you think I can't see?" * Darin shudders then steps into the cave. * David accidently thwaps Jess again. <Jess> this has to be the healing spring... * Reisha goes toward the pool.. looking for a place to put David down safely.. <Jess> Hmmm... <Reisha> No, really? :P <Narrator> The cave starts rumbling softly... * Jess eyes the black stump. <Indigo> Let's get the water and go. <Dal> Hunh? <Jess> something just isn't right here... * Reisha looks around.. <Narrator> The black stump in the middle of the water starts to move... <Reisha> Rumbling..not good... <Jess> is that stump moving? * David tenses, almost as if sensing danger subconciously.. <Reisha> Moving black stump.. even worse. :P <Dal> This is bad. <Narrator> The stump raises out of the water slowly, growing in size and diameter... <Darin> Uhhhh..... * Reisha draws back, trying to get David as far away as possible <Jess> this is NOT good. <Indigo> Here we go! * Dal draws his daggers, ready to fight! <Narrator> A lizard head emerges from the water, its long neck linked to the stump which seems to be the body... <Reisha> Why can't things ever be easy! * Jess conjues up a fireball. * Darin draws his Blade. <Narrator> Another head pops out of the water.... <Darin> O_o;; <Narrator> And a third one.... <Jess> Holy Mary mother of Mitula...A HYDRA! <Dal> Great. <Indigo> Well, another monster for the Shining Force archives. <Narrator> 4 other heads raise out of the water and let out a loud hissing noise before the body emerges out of the water completely... The whole cave echoes of the horrid sound. <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== * David shudders, curling up <Narrator> ===== 1 Hydra, 7 heads. ===== * Reisha tries to set david down behind the group, standing in front of him protectively. <Indigo> Who wants Hydra steak for dinner? <Reisha> Forget the steak... it won't be anything but a cinder when I'm done with it. The quicker, the better. :P <Jess> not me...always too tough..besides, I gotta watch my figure. *Winks over at Darin.* * Reisha charges up...static electricity filling the air.... <Narrator> == Dal can attack * Dal throws three of his daggers in a blur, aiming at one of the heads. * Darin smiles. * Indigo glows black. <Narrator> == The head receives the three daggers... The one head yells out in pain! 16 damage! * Narrator David can attack <Narrator> == Indigo can attack <Indigo> Doom, Elemental of Death, finish this creature! <Narrator> == Doom is summoned... <Narrator> == Doom attacks the head with a black field of power... 2 heads fall. <Narrator> == Reisha can attack. <Reisha> Alright... you asked for it... * Reisha raises her hands high. "Odin, O Lord of the sky...bring down your power to maim and fry! Bolt..." extends her hands forward "...3!" Lightning gathers seemingly out of thin air, decimating all foes! <Jess> Go Rei! <Narrator> == The bolt 3 spell claps on the water, sending a shockwave of lightning throughout the cave... The Hydra takes 22 damage, each remaining head takes 25. * The Hydra snarls in pain. <Narrator> == The Hydra mounts an attack. <Jess> Look out! <Reisha> Rrr.. no way I'm done yet! <Darin> ..... * Reisha defends David... ^^ <Narrator> == The hydra's remaining head prepare for a breath attack. * Darin tries to put himself in front of Jess. * Jess tries to shield Darin. <Narrator> == The Hydra heads spit out a foul smelling liquid that descends upon the whole team, burning their skin! Each player takes 12 damage! <Dal> Aaaaah! <Jess> Ouch...that hurt. * Indigo eeps, then waves her hand before her face. * Darin winces in pain.. * David cries out and curls into a tighter ball * Indigo goes over to the hydra and offers it a breath mint. * Reisha grits her teeth... <Indigo> Ouch....ouch...ouch..... <Jess> someone get that thing a tic-tac. <Narrator> == The Hydra makes a terrible sound which shakes the foundations of the cave and goes to a defensive stance... <Reisha> Better yet get it out of my face. :P <Narrator> == Jess can attack <Jess> better idea, Rei... * Jess softly chants "Mars, celestial spirit of fire, let your power shine through me. bring forth your firey judgement on these that would destroy your emmisary. BLAZE 2! Jess raises a hand toward Hydra as massive fireballs fall from the skies and impact into the enemy. <Narrator> == Jess casts Blaze 2 on the Hydra... Large fireballs crash down on its undefended body, causing massive damage... 12 damage! <Narrator> == Darin can attack * Darin attacks the head nearest him, slashing as hard as he can, hoping to remove it. <Jess> get 'em, sir Knight! * Indigo glows red. <Narrator> == Darin slashes at the head, its blade sectionning part of it off... 39 damage! Critical! Dispatched. <Narrator> == Sasha can attack <Darin> Take THAT you ugly.. *mumbles* <Narrator> == Sasha lashes out at the Hydra... <Narrator> == The hydra takes 19 damage. * Jess smiles at Darin. "Great move." <Narrator> ===== Monster count. 4 heads, 1 Hydra. ===== <Narrator> The heads lying limp in the spring regenerate and revive..... <Darin> O_O <Jess> Rei, think you can fry the Hydra. <Jess> Holy shit! <Dal> ... <Reisha> Damn it.. the spring works for it too... <Dal> The spring might become tainted if it wallows in there for long... <Narrator> == Dal can attack! <Dal> That's it... * Dal closes his eyes, concentrating... "Lords of fire, hear my voice and send me the power to decimate my foes... BLAZE 1!" A bolt of fire magic blasts from his hands and blasts one of the heads! <Jess> Then it's time to make this thing know it's damn role. <Reisha> I can go on all day.. but David doesn't have that luxury.. we have to nail this thing fast! * David mumbles Rei's name softly and curls up tighter <Jess> Then let's lay the smack down on this things monkey ass. Hit the main body with all you got. <Narrator> == Dal casts blaze 1 on one of the recently healed heads... The head starts to pop and fizzle, falling into the water again... 9 damage! Dispatched. <Narrator> == Indigo can attack. <Indigo> Tien, Elemental of War, I summon you, unleash your destructive power upon this beast's body! <Narrator> == Tien is summoned... The elemental of War charges at the Hydra on its war horse, piercing him with a mythical spear... The Hydra takes 50 damage! <Narrator> == Reisha can attack <Reisha> Here we go again! <Reisha> Bolt..... <Reisha> ...3! * Reisha unleashes the fury of thunder at the beast! ^^ <Narrator> == Reisha casts bolt 3... The lightning has the same effect as the other one... The lightning hits the body for 25, each head takes 17... 2 heads are dispatched. * Reisha flexes her arms, preparing a third! <Jess> one more time here... <Reisha> Hang in there Davey.. I'll get this thing yet... <Narrator> == The Hydra mounts an attack. <Narrator> == The hydra uses its breath attack again... The team takes 8 damage each. * Dal winces. * David hisses through gritted teeth.. <Jess> Youch.... * Darin winces.. * Jess steps backwards a bit... * Indigo hisses and jumps. * Reisha crys out a little.. taking a step back... <Narrator> == Jess can attack * Jess softly chants "Mars, celestial spirit of fire, let your power shine through me. bring forth your firey judgement on these that would destroy your emmisary. BLAZE 2!" Jess raises a hand toward Hydra as massive fireballs fall from the skies and impact into the enemy. <Narrator> == Jess casts Blaze 2 on the Hydra... Its black scales sizzle and pop again at the scorching heat... 13 damage! <Jess> Darin, hit the main body with your sword! <Narrator> == Darin can attack. * Darin leaps at the Hydra's body, driving his blade deep into it's ugly hide! <David> nnnhhnnn.. <Narrator> == Darin attacks the Hydra... The Hydra's scales do not protect it from the attack... 21 damage! <Narrator> ===== Monster count: 4 heads, 1 Hydra. ===== * Reisha looks at David.. "Yeah.. I know you want to wake up... I'm doing my best, so wait up a while longer!" ^^ <Narrator> The heads yet again regenerate and revive... <Narrator> == Dal can attack <Jess> Now I wish I'd practiced healing magic a bit more. * Dal throws three more daggers, fire magic surrounding each blade as it pierces through the hydra's body! <Narrator> == Dal casts blaze 1 and attacks... The blades pass through its hide easily, causing heavy damage... 24 damage! <Narrator> == Indigo can attack! <Indigo> Tien, Elemental of War, I summon you, unleash your destructive power upon this beast's body! <Narrator> == Tien is summoned... His powerful attack again damages the Hydra beyond belief... 50 damage! <Narrator> == Reisha can attack! <Reisha> Third time's.. the charm... * Reisha raises her hands high. "Odin, O Lord of the sky...bring down your power to maim and fry! Bolt..." extends her hands forward "...3!" Lightning gathers seemingly out of thin air, decimating all foes! <Narrator> == Reisha casts Bolt 3... The heads all fall to the powerful attack, the main body takes 20! <Narrator> == The Hydra mounts an attack... * Reisha is startign to look strained... <Reisha> Damn.. just.. die.. already.. <Narrator> == The hydra's body starts to charge at the Shining Force... <Jess> I hope this isn't 3 strikes and you're out. * Reisha tries to defend her position by David as best as she can. * Indigo stands calmly, thrusting her pointy-ended staff at the creature. <Narrator> == The Hydra slams into Darin and Reisha HARD, the others evading the attack! 18 damage! <Jess> DARIN! <Narrator> == Reisha falls. <Reisha> Ahh....! o_O * Reisha collapses... <Narrator> == Jess can attack. * Jess keeps chanting, a aura of pure fire surrounding her entire body. * Jess softly chants "Mars, celestial spirit of fire, let your power shine through me. bring forth your firey judgement on these that would destroy your emmisary. BLAZE 2!" Jess raises a hand toward Hydra as massive fireballs fall from the skies and impact into the enemy. * Reisha lies at David's feet, trying to move... "Dave.. ugh..." * David murmurs in pain, his forehead beaded with sweat.. <Narrator> == Jess casts blaze 2 on the Hydra... The hydra, having sustained massive damage, simply gives up as the blaze incinerates what's left of its body... 11 damage, dispatched. <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== * Indigo spins and thrusts her staff into the air. <Jess> There..... <Darin> ... * David lies by Rei :p * Reisha lies by David.. but can't muster the energy to get up... :/ * Darin stares blankly... * David mumbles Rei's name a final time and goes completely comatose * Jess walks over to the spring and cups some of the water in her hands. She gives it to Reisha. * Indigo begins to push David and Reisha into the pool. <Narrator> Reisha and David are placed in the pool... The water heals Reisha's wounds, letting her regain consciousness... * Reisha struggles a little... eyes snapping open.. "Huh..? Wha..?" <Narrator> David seems unnaffected by the water... * David lies, looking dead. <Reisha> Did we get it? o_O <Jess> David! I don't thinkt he water is working. * Reisha ignores the fact she is sopping wet, when she sees David not reacting to the water at all.. <Darin> Why.. why isn't.. it working....? <Reisha> Oh no.. <Reisha> Does this mean...? <Jess> Rei, try the kiss...maybe then it'll work. <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, enhance the power of this water. Restore David! * Reisha looks down to David, closing her eyes. <Narrator> == Neptune leaves the summons unanswered... <Reisha> .oO( "Gotta do it for David.. yeah.. but I swore I'd never.. ) <Reisha> Oh, the hell with it!! <Narrator> David's breathing ceases... * Reisha bends down and kisses him! o_O <Indigo> I wonder why she's not answering... <Narrator> David's lips feel cold... Lifeless... <Reisha> <Reisha> You're not getting off that easy david! You're not leaving us! * Jess bows her head. "Gandar, Dark Dragon, if you didn't know by now...YOUR ASS BETTER CALL SOMEBODY! David, your death will not have been in vain." * Reisha hugs him.. ;_; <Dal> ... * Darin bites his lip, and stays silent... * Indigo cries sadly. <Reisha> Wake up, damn it! <Indigo> He was a good boy. His parents would have been proud... * Reisha is crying.. and she can't stop it.. <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Back in Gallam, Chamolo's situation looks bleak... His breathing suddenly lets out, life draining out of him... * Chamolo shudders once and goes limp. * Baine goes pale and half leaps to Cham's side! "NO!" <Baine> DON'T YOU LEAVE ME! * Lara stands in behind Baine. "Not this way...please Mitula. Don't let his life end like this." * Baine breaks down sobbing, face down against Cham's chest... <Baine> N-no.... * Chamolo doesn't stir...breathe....he's gone..... <Narrator> ===== Alternate cut scene. ===== <Narrator> Empty space... A dark and empty void... No light can be seen, no life can be felt... Suddenly, a single spec of light appears inside the void.... David floats in spirit form, alone... Naked... Cold... * David shivers violently.. <David> Whu... * David looks down.. "By the gods! I'm nude!" <Narrator> Another spec of light, not far from David, slowly appears... Chamolo's form can be recognized by David... * Chamolo's voice rings out "By the gods, I'm nude!" * David blinks... "D-dad?" <Chamolo> ...son O_o * Chamolo blinks. <David> Wha....whats going on...? <Chamolo> O_o ..I don't even want to know. * David looks around... "Where are we.....and why are we nude?" <Chamolo> ...I think we're dead. O_o <David> Dead?! <David> I can't be dead! <Chamolo> You think in the afterlife they'd give us some clothes.. <David> I'm not supposed to be dead....this is wrong....I've got to get back to life.... <Narrator> Under the two floating corporeal forms, two scenarios can be seen... On one side, Baine and Lara are looking over Chamolo's body... Baine crying... The other pictures David's broken form, Shining Force and Reisha at his side, also crying... <Chamolo> As do I.. <Chamolo> ...Kara... * Chamolo blinks * David looks down and gapes. <Chamolo> David...who is that girl? O_o <David> Uh...uh...that's...that's Reisha....uhm...a woman in the group.. we were close...sort of.. <Narrator> To the top of the two, a tunnel of light opens up... Which seems strangely attracting... * Chamolo chuckles despite himself ^-^; * David looks up.. <Chamolo> ...That's either a path to heaven..or a way out. <David> This is just...wrong. * David looks at Chamolo. "Well...I...I don't know......what should we do...?" <Chamolo> I'm not sure... <Chamolo> You have to pick what's right. <Chamolo> Do you want to go back? * Narrator pulls out his etherreal plain camera and takes a snapshot of David and Chamolo nekkid. * David looks down at the picture of Reisha... "I..." <Narrator> For the archives... ;) * Narrator returns to Narrating. <David>'ve got to pick too.....for mom....she's... * Chamolo blarghs at the Narrator, who he can see now that he's dead "Can't you leave me the heck alone? ;_:" <Narrator> Nope. ;P <Chamolo> I want to go back to your mother. <David> So go......she...she needs you.. * Chamolo nods... <Chamolo> Good luck son. * David nods... "I'll see you, father..." * Chamolo hugs him, and heads back to Baine. "Be careful." <Chamolo> «ooc: Um..the good light :P » * David heads towards the picture of Rei.. <Narrator> ===== End Alternate cut scene. ===== <Narrator> Chamolo suddenly starts breathing again... His complexion returning to its normal shade... He stays unconscious. * Baine notices the change in Cham and cries out in relief! "Praise Mitula!" * Lara looks down at Chamolo. Tears begin to fill her eyes as a smile comes to her face. * Baine hugs Cham to her, rocking back and forth <Lara> Now...I think the spell has to be healed with a kiss, Kara... * Baine blinks at Lara and kisses Chamolo deeply! ;) <Narrator> Chamolo slowly awakens... * Chamolo wakes up in mid-kiss. * Chamolo blinks. "Hi..." * Chamolo smiles weakly. ^_^ * Baine cries with joy and hugs Chamolo to her.. "Welcome back....welcome back!!!" <Chamolo> What happened...? <Baine> were dead.. <Baine> And.. <Chamolo> O_o * Lara has tears of joy dripping off her face. "Welcome back to the land of the living, Chammy." <Chamolo> Oh ... * Chamolo shakes the grogginess away <Chamolo> Thank you. * Chamolo hugs Baine with all his might ^_^ <Chamolo> Thank you, Mitula. * Baine snuggles up to Chamolo! <Chamolo> ^_^ For showing me how important the people in my life are * Lara hugs both her friends. "Don't stay out of touch like that again." <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== * Reisha Reisha is hugging David close.. not wanting to resign herself yet... <Narrator> David suddenly starts breathing again, his complexion changing... * Indigo gasps. * David shudderingly starts to breathe again.. <Reisha> Wha.. he's.. alive? o_O * David stays unconcious, however... <Reisha> David... * Jess looks up..."He's alive? Rei, is he alive?" <Reisha> maybe if I go for it now... <Reisha> Yes, I think so! But there's still one thing missing! * Reisha closes her eyes and kisses him softly... <Narrator> David slowly regains consciousness... * David blinks and awakens slowly to Rei kissing him.. <Reisha> .oO( Please work this time... I'm not humiliting myself again.. ^^ ) * Indigo claps. <Indigo> He's alive! <Darin> ... * David kisses Rei back ;) * Reisha blinks her eyes open and draws back after a second... ^^ * Jess rushes Darin, holding on to him for dear life. She then looks up at the knight, tears of joy streaming down her face. <Reisha> David, you big idoit! * David blinks in shock O_o <Reisha> Don't ever make me do that again! <David> Huh..? O_o * David blinks again! * Reisha hugs him, crying... ;_: <David> What? O_o * Darin keeps himself steady, and puts his arms around Jess. * David blinks once more and hugs Rei tight.. :p <David> Uhh....I'm going to catch a cold if I stay in this water much longer.. * Dal shakes his head, sighing... <Reisha> Ohh.. yeah.. right...! <Indigo> Good boy David! * David blushes faintly * Reisha trys to help david up and out of the pool... * David grins at Rei, eyes flashing... "Thanks.." <Dal> << Dal's a loner. Besides, Indy's too old for him. ;) >> * Reisha smiles back,... "Don't thank me..." ^^; * David chuckles softly and looks around... "Uhm...lets go to an inn or something, everyone....I don't know about all of you, but I'm tired and soaked. And hungry." <Jess> sounds like a plan to me. * Darin nods <Reisha> You're not the only one... * Reisha looks a bit beside herself to David... <Narrator> The Shining Force gathers their stuff, gets themselves ready and head back to town... <Narrator> ===== Back in town, after the trip down. ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force enters the town.. The carnival seems to have left... Everything seems oddly quiet now that it's gone... * David shivers from being wet and stuff. "Oh well....this is better than being nude and floating in a weird void.." * Reisha is uncharacteristically quiet the trip back.. ^^ * Jess is quiet as she holds onto Darin during the whole trip back. * David glances at Rei with some concern * Dal lies on a bed, snoring. * Reisha looks back a moment.. <Sarah> You're back! <Sarah> ^_^ And I see David is back among us! <Reisha> I'm ok david.. really. ^^ * David smiles at Rei and then looks at Sarah. "Erhm, yep!" * Sarah hugs her nephew. ^_^ * Reisha snaps to Sarah.. * David gets Sarah wet ;) * Sarah blinks O_O <Sarah> Ahem. <Reisha> Why of course he is! Did you ever doubt it? ^^ <David> Yeah...wouldn't be here without Reishal...and the group. ^_^ <Indigo> Yeah well, it was nothing. ^_^ <Sarah> Now... <Sarah> Where is that Zoie...? Ah well, she'll turn up eventually. * Reisha looks like she's going to interject with a conceited remark, but cans it. ^^ <David> Thank you for your help, Sarah.. ^_^ <Sarah> Don't mention it. <Sarah> And... * Sarah hands David a piece of paper. * Jess just hangs onto Darin, not wanting to let go of her knight. * David blinks <Sarah> ^_^ I written down a little something that might helpful to you. <Sarah> Read it. * David reads it :P <Sarah> It's a treasure that might be helpful to a desert shrine.. <Reisha> A treasure..? <Sarah> ^_^ I've written out what it does on the paper. <Jess> a desert shrine? * Reisha perks up... * Indigo fades and is gone. <David> Treasure.. ^_^ <Sarah> It's not just treasure..but an artifact. * David careful examines the writing on the paper <Sarah> And it will help you in your fight against evil! <David> Thank you.. ^_^ We owe you a lot! <Sarah> ^_^ Don't mention it! <Sarah> Beware...the desert is vast <David> No problem! Ehh....we all need a night's rest first. ^^; <Reisha> hey.. it's nothing compared to that Hydra I killed back there.. :P <Sarah> ^_^; Oh yes, rest first. <Sarah> You've earned it. * Jess keeps silent... * David raises an eyebrow at Rei. "Hydra..?" * Dal is already resting. ;) * Reisha turns to David. "Yeah.. it was in the pool blocking our path in typical bad guy fashion.." * Sarah sits down and peers through one of her books <David> Oh.. ^^; Erhm....well... you should tell me more about it later ^_^ <Narrator> Letter - After the checkpoint, cross the mountain path and head into the desert... Walk 1 hour south, then turn sharply to the east... Proceed until you reach the obelisk... There, instructions on how to access the shrine should be there... An elven guardian protects the artifact you seek. His powers are great, so I advise caution. <Reisha> Well.. considering we're soaking wet... ^^: * David nods and blushes faintly.. "Uh...listen...Rei....about that...uhm.." * Reisha blushes.. "Well. umm.. they said a kiss would break the curse....and" <David> Ah.....well...uhmmm....thanks....I mean...I owe you... I mean...well, you know what I mean. * David blushes more :p <Jess> well,'s great to have you back among the living, David... <Reisha> I uhh.. yeah.. I guess you do owe me, don't you! * Reisha smiles, and hugs him. :) * David's blush disappear and he hugs Rei back before nodding to Jess! "And how! Anyway... I'm going to go pass out in a bed now. I'll talk to you all in the morning." <Jess> OK...I think we'd better turn in too, Darin. * Darin blushes slightly and nods. <Reisha> That's a good idea... I've got a lot on my mind all of a sudden <Reisha> :/ * David squeezes Rei's shoulder. "If you need to talk." * David saunters off to his room.. * Reisha watches David go.. pondering something... <Narrator> You people done talking? :P * Jess smiles at darin as she walks off to her room. Winking, she says, "And I'll see YOU in the morning, Sir Kngiht." * Reisha heads upstairs.. "Nahh.. Rei, you're dreaming..." * Darin smiles at Jess and shakes his head.. "Only if you promise not to wake me up!" <Narrator> The Shining Force heads to their rooms to rest after this trying ordeal... <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Two shadows walk around the checkpoint streets, talking... One flips a coin, deep in thought... <Maika> What you be thinking about, Darrel? <Darrel> Hmm..? Oh... Nothing. Just wondering why Gandar hired us for this job. <Maika> He knows we're the best at what we do... And we have expertise on magic. * Darrel stop and catches the coin. <Maika> ... What? Was it something I said..? * Darrel frowns and starts walking again.... * Maika blinks and follows... "We just have to go in that shrine and kill that elf guy, right? Get that staff he's holding... Right? * Darrel sighs and whispers, "Not so loud... We don't want unwanted attention..." <Maika> ... Riiight.. Ok.. So... *whispers* Is that all we have to do...? <Darrel> In theory... *whispers* But you know how powerful his magic is rumored to be... And.... Oh forget it.. Let's go back to our rooms... I need to rest. <Maika> ... Ok... *follows Darrel back to the inn* <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====