To all people of LunarNet,

To all people of LunarNet,

This page is as much for myself as for other people of LunarNet. Some of you may have noticed my sudden departure from the network and a few of you were there when I unregistered my channel, #sfrpg, and my nicks. This was spurred by my desire to leave LunarNet. No one act made me leave, no one person either. I left because I felt as if the network had become a hostile enviroment. Alot of people truly do not care about this situation, but a few of us do. The people who made this network our second home, a safe haven where friends interact in peace, has been shattered by petty conflict on many people’s parts. This letter was written to show that some of us still care and we are as much as fault as the rest. I am not here to point the blame, thus I will not blatantly name guilty parties.

To begin, the question of #Arcadia has been a cause for conflict for a long time. Many people are offended by what goes on in that realm. Channel founder has made it clear that it is her channel, but many things clash with her decision. Some people want the channel and the people in it gone. If the channel is so offensive, as long as we don’t shove it in your face, why care if it’s there or not ? As long as we keep to ourselves and obey the rules, of course.

Which brings me to the question of rules. For a long time, Arcadia has been without rules or regulations, but this changed when the administration made the most rational people in the channel realize that without rules, chaos settles. This was plainly obvious for alot of us. After agreeing to uphold the rules, you would think conflict would settle and peace would return. Not so, it seems. Some people still hold a grudge against Arcadia. It is a sad situation, in my honest opinion.

I only know what I’ve seen for myself. I am not an administrator. I do not know internal affairs other than what I am told openly, thus what is told to all users. I have close ties with only a few people on this network. Namely, B`Elanna, Lucca, neo and Random. The rest only know me because I was a faithful LunarNet user. My ultimate problem was I listened more than I voiced my thoughts. It is time that I do otherwise.

The case of B`Elanna, AKA Roxy. She and I are quite close. Alot of users know this. These following words are not spoken out of devotion to her, nor am I biased in any way. I say this because it is true. Many people think that Roxy is a b*tch because that is the first impression they’ve gotten of her. What they fail to realize is that she ran the network for such a long time and has had so many problems that stress builds up. You all know what stress is, you’ve all had stress in your lives, I’m sure. If not, I pity and envy you at the same time. To be completely honest, she is the most caring person I know. The only reason she may come off as otherwise is when she’s attempting to settle a network problem which is about 90% of her online time. As for the number of people who do not like her, I can’t fathom the number since I do not know how many people have had contact with her and fell to first impressions, I do know this : Most people of Arcadia like her because they’ve gotten to know her. The rest don’t want to bother. This line, and I quote " <Anonymous> I don't make fun of her...I try and be her friend..." shows that it might not be a majority that feel this way. This line was taken from an Arcadia log. I commend that user and thank him. Be greatful that Roxy takes money from her own pockets and pays for the server which you have made your home, LunarNet users. Be eternally greatful. She does you people great service and she deserves to be thanked more often than not. She doesn’t deserve to be pushed away and treated like an outcast. She deserves to be treated like a human being.

The case of the rest of the administration. The Arcadia matter is settled in my opinion. What is left to be done is clean up your ranks and realize you are working for the good of the network. Put your differences behind and take pride in knowing you are helping people, not hindering them. I quote from Arcadia’s founder : " We came to the conclusion that we'd all follow the rules." And I know the people who care about the network will follow suit. The rest may break the rules until they are forced off the network. Either way, the network from now on should be better as long as it is not administrated in a tyrannical manner.

I have been away from LunarNet for close to a week now. I have logged back on to unregister my nicks and channel and to look for old friends I miss. I don’t know how the network fares other than it’s still up. I want to return to the network I called my home, but if I do so and the skirmishes persist, I would again be forced to leave. Maybe this time for good. I hate being chased away from the things I love, especially by immature actions by a small number of people. Enough is enough.

As for the matter of Shining Force RPG, I will restart the RPG on LunarNet at a later date if I see that it is a hospitable enviroment for both my players and myself. I am saddened I had to discontinue SFRPG because of network problems. Truly saddened. My players, even though most never bothered to E-Mail me to tell me so(Even tho I know most of you guys care. :P . o O ( Sorry for the guilt tripping. :p )) would surely love the chance to return to the Shining Force RPG and take up our usual gaming.

In conclusion, since I’ve said almost everything I needed to say in this letter, I’ll take this time to thank the people who’ve made a difference to me.

Lucca, thanks for listening to me all those times I needed to talk to someone… Even though I know that must have been WAY too often and you’re probably sick of my rantings and I’ll shut up now. :p (Yes, I ‘ll read your char’s bio !)

Neo, same as above, I guess… You listened when I needed it, tried to cheer me up when I was down and made me laugh with our… Unorthodox conversation topics. :P Cheer up, boyo ! You’ll find happiness soon enough !

Random, well… Random… My little lawn gnome ! heh… Haven’t seen you in ages, but hey… Thanks for caring… I appreciate having a good friend like you. ^_^

Lilith, odd I’d include you in here, ne ? ^_- I do consider you a friend and I’m glad to have met you !

The Shining Force Kroo, heh… You guys… All those times I said I was sick of SFRPG… I’m sorry… I truly am. ^_^ I love you guys and all your frooty chars too ! :D

And finally, B`Elanna… I have so much I’d want to tell you… But you’ve prolly heard most of it already in some other mindless ranting of mine. ;P I’ll sum it up nicely : I love you… Thank you for loving me back.


PrimeShade, Panfha of the people !