February 8th 2003, 3:45 AM EST, After close to 3 years of downtime, I finally update/upload some logs. Will upload the rest later. Hooray.

April 2nd 2000, 7:15 PM EST, Ok ok, so alot of people took my prank seriously! heh. :p SORRY! JEEZ! I had to do it. ^_^; Now. SFRPG2 finale was... Heavenly. And the last logs ARE going to be edited eventually. :p~~ I'm now still casting for SFRPG3 and will attempt to make a page for the new RPG soon enough... ATTEMPT. Meaning I'm busier than fuck. :p~

April 1st 2000, 4:52 PM EST, APRIL FOOLS!! ^_^

Febuary 25th 2000, 5:48 AM EST, Another quick update, Shining Force IRC RPG 3 is now casting... We have alot of people willing to apply(Although alot can't apply either) so... I want a single character profile, no mentions of SFRPG1 or 2 and no mentions of magic... So magician classes aren't accepted. :p If you want some magic, mention it... But Magicians class might be phased out completely... Since the action takes place in a pseudo industrial age, I accept guns and weapons of the such, but know restraint in the arsenal you carry... Any questions, don't be afraid to E-Mail me! I'll return a detailed criticism/praise of your character application as soon as I have time so you know what I'm looking for exactly. :)

Febuary 25th 2000, 5:32 AM EST, It's back! If you're one of those people who says, "It's about damned time!" then I give you a heart felt kick in the ass! If you're one of those people who say, "Already?!" sarcastically or not, I say, reality check's in order! (See? You can never win with me! Except when I'm hentai, but anyways) Ok, the rest of the things are up to players now, things I forgot to update, dead links, stuff you want edited, etc. mail me at The usual! As for the logs not completely edited, if one person mentions that to me, I'm ready for you with a flame. ;) *grins*

October 23rd, 3:32 AM EST, I added Aura and Johei's profiles to the character's page... I guess it's about time I did so. :P Depending on what happens this saturday, I should upload Hans' profile sometime next week...

October 22nd, 2:52 AM EST, Well now... It seems Lucca added a pic to the others section... Go check it out! IF and only IF you've read SFRPG2 log 28... Otherwise, it'll be a major spoiler. :p

October 22nd, 2:43 AM EST, Log 28 is up... Hans joins... Anyways, he joins for now... He went under probation since last session... More to be discussed about this on saturday. DON'T E-MAIL ME OR ASK ABOUT IT. I WILL IGNORE YOU. Sorry for the bitterness, but I gotta draw the line somewhere... Let's not forget to mention also that log 28 beats the current 100k of data with 122k of data of its own... Go team..? :p (I'm starting to think these logs take up waaaayyy too much space)

October 7th, 10:42 PM EST, Man I despise lacking time like this. :P Log 26 and 27 up... 27 is actually an interlude session, but who gives a shit, really? ;P

September 22nd, 4:42 PM EST, GAAH! REALISATION!! Biggest SFRPG session yet! Session 25 takes the lead with a whooping 100k of data! GO TEAM!

September 22nd, 4:35 PM EST, How... Long. Ok! College can suck my big m0f0 peepee. I'm sick of it, and it's sick of me! Yeah! So... Err... So... Thassit. I uploaded SFRPG log 25... We made it 25 sessions and people STILL want more. O_o Surprising. Ok. Next session will be... *drum roll* September 25th, 1999, 9 PM EST! Yes, you read right. Or read red. Or whatever. SFRPG is having a session at 9 PM EST next saturday... Isn't that exciting?? I thought not. :P Let's not forget to mention also this session, the SFRPG says goodbye to 2 players... Zoie and Amy... And one of the two will die! I wonder which one...

August 22nd, 6:45 PM PST, Lucca again. SFRPG session 25 played out very well last night, and a log should be coming shortly. In the meantime, hop on over to the Characters page, where a bio for NPC Meredith Analise, and a new pic on Jess' character page has been added. ^_^ Till next update.

August 21st, 5:10 PM PST, Lucca here. I've updated the Others page with pictures drawn by Jupiter (AKA David). Both of them are really cute, and worth a looksee! The contact page was also updated with the current Lunarnet servers. Also, we've got a session tonight on Lunarnet. Why not drop on by? That's why I updated the contact page, peeps. :) We love a peanut gallery. (No, really.)

August 16th, 6:20 PM, Others page hehauhahue. :p
From Lucca and PrimeShade: We would also like to add that the banner picture (Which also doubles as the group picture) was drawn by Locke. We are mucho grateful, yes we are. Gape at his awesome artisitic power! Don't you just wanna eat him up? He's THAT GOOD! :O Thanku!!

August 16th, 6:15 PM, Main page, hehahue. :p

August 15th, 4:20 PM, SFRPG session scheduled for the 21st of August... All players must attend or notify me if they can't...

August 4th, 5:40 PM, Emergency Shining Force RPG meeting(NOT session. Meeting.) on Saturday, August 7th, 9 PM EST. I want all players there, not one exception. Cleaning up the character roster so everyone who doesn't show up without warning me so is flushed... This'll be 20 minutes of your time, people... It's not asking much... So please show. The meeting's gonna be on LunarNet, #sfrpg... The channel isn't registered anymore, so just stay in there and op everyone as they logon...

August 3rd, 8:15 PM, Essay I wrote... Read it, live it, pass it around.

July 30th, 4:15 PM, SFRPG is officially put on hold as of this moment... I'm reorganizing my life, leaving LunarNet for a period of time and need to get through some rather emotionnal stuff. I'm sorry to all players... I'm sorry to all SFRPG fans... I'm sorry to many people... I just can't deal anymore. If you must E-Mail me, my new E-Mail is I'd enjoy comments, support E-Mails, even flame... However you feel like taking this, I'll accept the responsibility of being on the receiving end of your E-Mail. Thanks to Lucca, my Co GM and one of the rare friends I have left online... To Roxy... You know why I'm thanking you.. Even though you might hate me for what I'm doing. I'd also like to thank the SFRPG players... Thank you for giving meaning to my RPG...

July 25th, 11:40 PM, Damn! And I mean, DAMN!! I haven't updated in ages! I wonder why. :P Err. Ok! DAMN YOU LUCCA! DAMN YOUUUUU!!!!!!! :o Ok. Err. Logs 23 and 24 are NOT uploaded for Lucca. For the rest of you, they are. :P (hint, I wrote a script that blocks it out for Lucca only! So HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

June 23rd, 5:30 PM, Uploaded something to the others page... It's sorta... Erm... Botched, rushed, fucked, whatever you wanna name it... Keep in mind, time took == 15 minutes for roughly 1400 words... :p

June 21st, 4:30 PM, *glares* Log 22 online. Players REFER TO THE LAST NEWS POST. And anyone else who keeps tabs on SFRPG. I am not happy about this.

June 21st, 2:30 PM, No, log 22 isn't online. I want to make something very clear: If someone isn't content with ANYTHING in my RPG, come to ME and noone else. *I* am in charge of SFRPG, noone else. *I* decide what goes on in SFRPG, noone else. *I* have the final word, noone else. Are we clear on this, people? I would hope so. I will not tolerate people saying things behind my player's back NOR will I tolerate people openly confronting my players.

June 17th, 5:25 PM,

Well, it seems the apparent conflict was resolved sooner than I expected. And with means that are pretty final, I might add. Thus, Dal of Hassan dies in the SFRPG session scheduled for June 19th. I'm angry and saddened by this, but well, what can I do... Cicumstances ended up against me, thus I lose a player and a friend all in one blow. It seems this means I have an opening in SFRPG now... I'm going to be EXTREMELY picky about whom I decide to choose, mind you. Also, the following criteria are to be followed to the letter by all players:

The Shining Force RPG has gone through tough times... Many tough times. This one will be the hardest of these times since the RPG itself is on rocky foundations because of the past few week's events. I expect my players to understand and back me up on these decisions. This might sound tyranical on my part, but hell, I have to make sacrifices and tighten the rules if I want this RPG to survive. I've been working at this for close to three years now and I won't let a single player's irrationality ruin it for the rest of the players.

Thus I say, rest in peace, Dal of Hassan... You will be sorely missed.

Other matter now, I started working 40 hour weeks now, thus my time is limited to update the page during the week, but my weekends are almost completely free... Thus, I will take under review a project to return SFRPG from its bi weekly form to a weekly form. This will be discussed with players this weekend, for I need to know what they think and decide before I plan anything else.

I'd also like to say that I will soon be getting a copy of Shining Force 3 for the Sega Saturn... I'm quite happy about this, since I've been trying to get this game for ages... Now this doesn't mean that I will implement elements of SF3 in the RPG... It only means I will have a deeper understanding of the full Shining Force world. I've also been playing Shining Force CD for the past month on and off now, and I realized what potential for new RPG elements it contains... Thus I might add elements of SFCD into the RPG, but I'm still unsure about this.

Oh... before I forget. sfchar.txt for character creation... And all old requests who entered for the RPG are asked to reapply their characters if they want to be reviewed since I've lost just about all old E-Mails concerning SFRPG. -_- Also, from now on, a player cannot join the RPG unless I get a unanimous vote by other players... So... Good luck.

This is getting to be a quite long news entry. o_O And my news file still holds all entries made since the start of the Shining Force RPG... Thus.. Err.. Until the next update.

June 16th, 6:15 PM, I've lost a player... Dal of Hassan... Musashi... I stand to lose yet another player, maybe even two if I do what I can to get Dal back in the RPG... Thus, after thinking it through, I'm officially suspending SFRPG for an indefinite amount of time. Any hate mail/flames/"Are you a FUCKING IDIOT YOU DUMBASS??" mail will be read, laughed at and processed into an ignore filter... SFRPG will resume once I settle the situation in the best manner possible..

June 7th, 8:55 PM, I added a page to discuss my current situation with LunarNet and the problems I've had there. You can read it here.

June 5th, 3:55 PM, Log 21 kay tnx. LUCCA BIRFDAY! KAY? TNX

May 25th, 3:10 PM, Log 20 online... Again played a sunday... Prolly the last time too... Thanks to Lucca(Tiernan) who edited both log 19 and 20... The help was truly appreciated...

May 20th, 5:10 AM, Log 19 online... It was played a sunday... Before anyone asks for other updates, keep in mind I AM during my finals and I AM quite stressed as it is... Kay tnx.

May 5th, 11:31 PM, Log 17 online, did the same thing as last week, log 18 online... You'll understand why log 18 was required after you read 17... :p I'm very tired right now, thus the logs might have tons of errors in em.. If you ever spot an error, PLEASE E-Mail me! Also, new midi for jess... That is all.

April 30th, 10:20 PM, HEHAHUEHAUHE! I wanna SCORE! err. :P Darin's pic and new midi are up... Go see and stuff... HEHAUHEUAHUEHA! I WANNA SCORE!!

April 26th, 4:20 PM, Logs 15 and 16 are up... Why 2 logs? Well let's develop the whole situation... Session 15 started VERY late... And I sorta had a fit... And... Yeah. Players know, others... None of your business. :p~~ Ok... So we played until like, 3 AM EST... David had to leave... Cuz Newfoundland time zones SUCK. Reisha and David couldn't finish a scenario they wanted to do... Thus... Interlude 15 was created... You'll notice Zoie's presence was scant in the last 3 sessions... This brought on talking to her and deciding to make her an interlude also... Cuz I wub my little Roxi-chan. ^_^ And about 3 other people wanted to RP... Thus... Session 16 was born! Here they are! Enjoy. :)

April 20th, 8:11 PM, dammit... 25 people dead... How sick is this damned world. Trenchcoat Mafia... Hah. -_- New picture in the others section... Oh yeah... I forgot... RPGCafe domain name now.

April 17th, 9:21 PM, Updated the others page... Added 2 maps and a spoiler pic. I also was advised the page looks horrid in 640x480... I'll make a 640x480 edition once I find the time...

April 5th, 2:05 AM, Gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen!! -_- I forgot to mention Johei joined the Shining Force.. -_- gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen..

April 4th, 3:25 PM, Well, we had a small meeting before the RPG... I'm having money problems (Duh) So... I'm cancelling my net account... Luckily, a very good friend of mine(who plays Dal in the RPG) has generously offered me access. ^_^ She rocks. :D So... SFRPG will not be cancelled... I don't know when I'll schedule the next session tho... As for logs, log 14 is online, a MUST read... It's quite good... Dal's character sheet is also online... ^_^

April 3rd, 11:05 PM, Added a Jess Short story written by our very own local Jess person yaya plz. Doing this update during SFRPG2 session 14. ;)

March 26th, 5:45 PM, Added a new file to da others page! :D

March 25th, 9:55 PM, Log 13 online.. SOMEONE KILL ME!!! ^_- Ok! Log 13 isn't the only goodie as you people might already have noticed. ^_^ I added a new section called other wholesome goodies! :D Anyone with suggestions, don't be afraid to E-Mail me at! Come on... You know you want to. ;)

March 7th, 4:44 PM, Log 12 online.. SOMEONE KILL ME!!!

Febuary 21st, 3:05 PM, Log 11 online.

Febuary 7th, 6:01 PM, Log 10 is online... 2 new players introed in the RPG. ^_^ Kodah and Tiernan... AKA, DNW and Lucca... Oldie players from SFRPG1! Welcome back, funk crew! ^_^

Febuary 5th, 8:15 PM, Update! Interlude session(Reisha and David one on one, no hentai thoughts please) And 2 new chars! Last chars joining the SFRPG, I might add. :P

Febuary 1st, 3:03 AM, Yay! Got classes at 8 AM. *_* I'm doomed... At least I got this update done! YAY! Ok... Lucca is now my official Co GM! She rocks so much. ^_^ And Zoie's stats are up! Enjoy! :D BTW, welcome aboard, sexy Roxi person! :D

January 31st, 1:47 PM, Log 9's up! Yis yis yis... Love log 9... Fondle log 9... Log 9 be j00r friend... Yis.

January 30th, 1:47 AM, Added Sasha Mysteria profile and modified Indigo's profile to concur with SFRPG2. SFRPG2 session of today(30th) promises to be QUITE interesting...

January 26th, 7:27 PM, Sarah Willcott NPC online in the character's section. sfrpg.html(main page) was updated to concur with SFRPG 2...

January 25th, 6:27 PM, Let us see... Shining Force RPG cancelled due to emergency on the 23rd. People who didn't know, I had to go clear up some things with... Associates and go to the hospital. Afterwards, I ended up meeting 2 friends who were going to a party, so I went. :P At which point it was 10:30 PM... Ok! Now... VERY IMPORTANT! Shining Force IRC RPG cast is complete! I've received 6 E-Mails in the past week asking to join... The RPG is currently full! If you can meet with me on IRC to propose something good, then I shall prolly negociate something. Otherwise, you'll be put on a waiting list!Now... This is the location of the text file to create a character. Remember now, we are FULL. So waiting list shall you go on.

January 18th, 3:40 PM, MWEF! Log 8! David stats! MWEF!

January 15th, 5:05 AM, Ahh, the marvels of all nighters... Lesse... Basically, friday night, I decided to gather up the players for a little meeting... We had 3 things on the agenda... First, log 7 "debugging"... Second, character stats sheets discussion... 3rd, moving the RPG from this saturday weekend(Or should I say, sunday morning) to sunday night... Now... We moved the RPG, 3 character sheets are NOW online and I am DEAD TIRED. Night night.

January 14th, 12:36 AM, No character sheets... (Yes, I'm a lazy ass dumbfuck... So sue me. ^^) This problem will be resolved soon... I hope. -_- Log 7 was finished on the 9th, as planned... With a little network problem here, and a little dead bird there... Here a whoop, there a whine, everywhere a bitch, bitch. :P NEways... Log's up(I think) So... Check it out!... And... Stuff. ^^

December 13th, 2:36 PM, Ok... Session 6 played out, part of session 7 played out... So why no updates until now? Let me explain. Ok... First of all, log 6... About half way into the RPG, I noticed I was not logging the RPG... I asked everyone and they were like, "Uhm..". Great. Terrific. So by a miracle, Indigo WAS logging... But he had to leave... Ah well! I waited for him on ICQ everyday, but he was never there... So finally, about last thursday, I saw him on(whoop!). I asked him for the log, but he said he didn't see it in his bundle of logs... Feh. I downloaded the file from him and dug out the log(Le phew!). I just edited log 6.

Noooww... Log 7. Ok. I had basically a fit last night because my players were in the RPG so... So... NOT! David left because she was feeling sick... She asked for my permission to leave, I responded something, she took it the wrong way... Left in a huff... then I ended the RPG and also left, completely trashing inanimate objects in my room. (Can you say, Stress?) NEways... I came back, told everyone to leave and headed off to bed... So I rescheduled the RPG to the 19th to complete it, and the following session should be on January 9th. Why so late? Christmas, new years! Booze time! :P From now on, all sessions will be announced in #sfrpg on LunarNet as a channel entry message. The date will be in bold red, so if you miss it, you're... Odd. :P The character sheets will be online by january 9th, HOPEFULLY that christmas break WILL let me relax enough to do it. :p That's all, folks! (I know... It's about time I shut the fuck up. :p)

November 15th, 2:46 AM, Ooooooooooookey dokerz! SF session 5 is up... New background pic... Did a little job of cleaning up problems in SFRPG... It's been cancelled WAY too often lately. Getting players back into it. I decided to flush everyone who didn't attend... So Delina and Sasha are flushed. Also, on a brighter note, SFT has taken posession of the same time slot as SFRPG which has caused major conflicts. I'm losing players because of SFT and I am NOT happy with this... Thus, I'm presently looking for players... I REFUSE FULLY ANYONE that is already in SFT. Call it injustice, I call it common sense. Also, character sheets, schedule and a few other things will be up later on. Look for them at an SFRPG page NEAR YOU! heh.

October 18th, 4:23 PM, Okey dokes... Forget RPGcafe for now. :P God I need to update this thing more often. -_- Ok... Logs 3 and 4 up... RPG been cancelled for a while, but it'll be back soon... RPG also went bi weekly now, soooo... The new character sheets'll be online as soon as I have time away from school... I hate college. :P

September 9th, 9:23 PM, Aaaaaaaaaaaah! It feels good to update this thing again! :D Well, the move to RPGcafe took longer than expected :P (Go figure) If it happens, it'll be moved to instead of NEways! I haven't updated in such a long time because of personal problems I had a bitch to sort through... Most of my friends would know what that is. :p Well, logs are edited... SFRPG2 started... Up to session 2 is online... I added Crest's character profile from SFRPG1, but not his graphical stats... I might pull off the graphical stats alltogether due to lack of interest in them :P Aaaaaaaaaaaah... I love writing this. ^_^ I decided not to revamp the page just yet... If I do, it'll be in a few months... Right now, I'll just update with a few minor changes every once in a while. ^_^

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