His mind slowly rots away like a ripe fruit. Disgustingly vivid thoughts of vengeance flowed through his once sane mind. Two entities, one of which is dark and sinister, urges him to do evil deeds beyond any horror imaginable. One measly soul transformed him from a kind, caring individual into a twisted, vindictive monster. Everything around him seemed to writhe into something dark and evil. Surrounded by a penetrating darknes, he ponders methods of anihilating his loathsome enemy. " To think I once trusted him. " His mind wavers in and out of sanity like a broken circuit. Slowly, he gets up to look around, darkness replacing itself by the soothing heat of the morning sun. The warmth slowly seeps back into him, making him cower for it seems that the night has consumed him. His eyesight seems to be under attack by the piercing light.

He runs to safety, finding shelter in a nearby cave. The dank, dark, empty ambiance seemingly offers him pleasure. Suddenly, he digs into an old, worn-out satchel. Suddenly, his hand glides over an object of interest, smiles faintly and pulls out the little flask. Its contents are a disgustingly vile, black syrup. He pops open the flask and grimaces in disgust at the offensive smell which emanates from it. He downs the vile quickly, grimacing yet again at thr foul taste that assails his tastebuds. The cave, although still omniously dark, now appears very clear to his eyes. A small opening to the back of the cave now becomes apparent to him. Feeling an unusual urge to explore the other side, he scuttles over quickly and walks on through.

The roof of the cave offers a gaping hole to the outside world, letting a speck of light penetrate the uneasy darkness. Jeyer hisses softly at the sight of the sun taking over part of his darkness, but keeps his composure and adapts to the partial light.

Hovering in the center of a small pool of crystalline water, a small orb, wrapped in light from the sunbeam, glows omniously. Jeyer blinks and stares at it, dumbfounded at his discovery. Thinking to himself, he suddenly lets loose a small, annoying giggle of glee and starts grinning like a madman. " Yes. I now know. I know what I must do… " He pulls out a dirtied old cloth and throws it over the orb which immediately tumbles into the pool of water. Quickly, Jeyer grabs the cloth with the little sphere still inside and slips it into his satchel. " Yes… I will get my revenge. " With those words, Jeyer suddenly fades away into nothingness, murder in his heart, walls seeming to cry out in protest at what they just witnessed.