The pain. The utter pain. Sharp needle like blows pummeling him, sending waves of energy coursing body causing him unbearable agony. His arms slowly went numb, feeling like limp noodles dangling from his oversensitive body. He winced and gritted his teeth as the following burst of energy collided with him. His body was feeling like it was hit by a battering ram for the past three hours, thus Jeyer collapsed to the floor, breathing shallowly. "Impressive, boy. Impressive indeed." An old, coarse voice says, depicting both endless wisdom and hints of insanity.

Jeyer forced himself to his feet even though his body was telling him to collapse and stop moving. "Why must I go through this? Why is this necessary to my training?" Jeyer said as he clutched his side to try and stop the bleeding from one of the many spell blasts he encountered in the last three hours.

A humanoid form with a wolve's head, deep, purple eyes, gray fur covering his whole body, wearing nothing but a small leather padded suit, molding him to show of his incredible physique walks out from the shadows, his eyes flaring an odd purple hue. The only thing distinguishing the man as an elder was his wild, unkept gray hair, unusual for a person of the wolf tribe of the Bedoe region, and his eyes, which seemed filled with the wisdom of the ages.

"In due time, you will know, Jeyer of Mist. In due time." The old man walks away, stiffling a chuckle, while Jeyer attempts to stench the flow of blood with his hands. Thinking the situation impossible and feeling himself grow faint from his loss of blood, Jeyer stepped forward as a woman walked in to help him. Her long, flowing hair and finely chizzled face made her a heavenly sight for Jeyer. Her look seemed grim as she gazed back at the poor, battered man. A frown made its way on her visage as she noticed how badly he had been injured this time. "You have to stop doing this. He'll kill you!" she whispered worriedly. "Do you really think I have a choice, Kara?" was the only words he spoke before slipping out of consciousness, his whole world turning dark in a matter of seconds.

Jeyer's eyes quickly crept opened and he jumped up to a sitting position. He blinked as he felt no pain from his ribs. He started touching his side to attempt to find the wound that he'd felt only minutes ago, or so it seemed. All that was left was a deep scar, the pink flesh having covered the surface of the old wound. Jeyer sighed as he realized he had dreamt about that horrid day yet again.

As he looked to his side, he noticed a small form curled up under a blanket. He reached over and kissed the cheek of his love. Nalya stirred awake at the warm feeling of his lips on her cheek. Looking worried, she whispered, "That dream again..?" Jeyer simply nodded and layed back down. Nalya frowned and reached over to snuggle close to the man. "It's the tenth time this month, Jeyer. I'm getting worried." Jeyer blinked at that bold statement. Had she counted everytime he had the nightmare? What surprised him more is that she was actually correct. Ten times had his troubled mind replayed that part of his life to him in the past month. Ten times had the images hurt him mentally more than physically. And he knew there would be an eleventh, twelve, even thirteenth time. He must clear his mind by figuring out the reason this scenario has been replayed time after time. The only thing that came to mind was unfinished business with Baine, unsaid feelings, unexplained emotions and actions. Jeyer did not notice anything else from the dream, even after playing it through his mind for hours straight.

He suddenly realised a hand caressing his chest. He blinked and returned to reality. "Jeyer..? I'm scared. What's happening to you? I don't want things to be like this. I just want us to be together forever." Jeyer sighed and closed his eyes. She then leaned over slowly to kiss him, he knew, he felt her warm breath so close to his lips. But before her lips could reach his, she stopped cold.

Jeyer slowly opened his eyes again and the shock and horror of the revelation he'd just seen sent him reeling off the bed, hitting his head on the floor hard. He scuttled back to a pile of equipment in the top right corner of the room, gazing unbelievingly, eyes wide and mouth agape with horror at the scene in front of him. A large centaur wearing a plated armor of the purest white, his spear the same shade of bright white, his whole form seeming like a pure star, radiating its light to the heavens, had driven the tip of his spear through the back of Nalya's head, the tip emerging from her mouth, blood and brain caked all over the spear's length.

Jeyer, sickened by the scene, turned around and vomited at his side as the form cackled a manner that didn't become his holy stature. His eyes suddenly gleamed a deep, crimson red, swirling and flickering. Jeyer wiped his chin and dug through his equipment to extract his katana from its slick, ebony sheath. Kazen'rah stood poised and at the ready in Jeyer's clutched hands, white flames flickering from Jeyer's anger. The evil paladin centaur grinned as his red eyes started to glow brighter. The intensity seemed to grow and grow, becoming red hot balls of fire, as they burst out of his sockets in ghastly sounds of the evil undead. The two swirling globes reformed into Gizmos, creatures from the dark abyss, spawned from evil, created by devils, serving the purpose of possession and torment.

Jeyer leapt at the two creatures, Kazen'rah in an offensive position. Jeyer slashed at the gizmos, but his blade simply swishing through the ghost form of the Gizmos. Jeyer stood unbelieving and resumed slashing. Relentlessly, he made his blade come down hard on the gizmos. The flames, dancing in a hypnotic fashion, seemed to do no harm, nor did the sharp and deadly edge of the katana. The gizmos let out a blood curdling laugh and stood without any attempt to stop Jeyer's ridiculous attack, nor did they attempt to inflict pain to the man. Jeyer, on the brink of tears, suddenly felt a sting in his back and the warmth of his blood flowing down his back. His eyes once again opening wide, he looked down at his torso to see the same spear that killed Nalya pierce through his stomach. Jeyer stood staring at the spear for what seemed minutes, then screamed at the top of his lungs, in a desperate plea to rid himself of his built up emotions of anger and despair.

Jeyer's mind returning to him in a sudden burst, shook his head wildly from the awful imagery that was just flashed back to him. He wondered why his mind plagued him with images of Nalya dying. He had not seen her die until he'd gotten an astral projection of it the day he returned to find the rubble that was the Emeriss house. Jeyer had since then hunted Kodah, whom he blamed for this whole ordeal. Gerad was of no concern to him until he deciphered the meaning of the dream. Gerad was under control by Dark Dragon. He gazed up at the sky, looking grimly as it darkened around him. He spat, knowing what was coming. He knew this was the time for him to abandon his hatred and face his future. Jeyer now understood what the memories symbolized. He comprehended all too well. His master had hurt him time and time again, sending him to new realms of pain for he was certain that Jeyer's future would lead to this. He was aware somehow that Jeyer would achieve greatness. Jeyer rolled up his sleeves, in a manner of speaking, and headed towards the dark, abnormal patch of sky. "Dark Dragon. Today, you face me and perish. Arc Valley shall be mine.. Arc Valley shall help me repair the mistakes your kind caused in this world and rid it of evil once and for all."