Welcome to the reader of this page. With any luck, the people who are reading this page is a LunarNet devotee/regular. This page will have goal to explain what has happened with LunarNet concerning myself, resulting in a 24 hour akill on me.

About 3 hours ago, I logged on to an ICQ message from an administrator telling me I was put on 24 hour akill due to multiple complaints by users concerning my actions on the network. I first have to apologize for my most recent action: An argument in an IRC RPG. TrueBlue, who is a character in the RPG, decided to kick me because I was talking too much during the said RPG without any warning. I was out of line for talking during the RPG in a free manner, since I was not part of the RPG itself, only a spectator. I apologize for my actions and my frustration enduced quit message. TrueBlue, I sincerely apologize and I would have wished this resolved in a more civilised manner on both our parts.

Also, I was shocked to discover what people truly thought of me. People say I purposely provoke people into arguments and then insult them. I agree I am out of line sometimes, but I do not like the way people deal about it. I have reason, I have sentient thought. I am a human being. I make mistakes, I feel pain, I feel anger, revenge. And the current real life events in my life have been more than I can bare alone, because I have been alone. This is not written for the purpose of getting pity by people, no. I do not want to be misinterpreted as I seemingly often am. People also have been annoyed with my actions and have gone to administrators in the hopes of getting me removed from the network.

I'm sad to think that people cannot come to me to tell me to stop offensive acts. This has brought on the other accusation of lacking respect for people. Yes, it happens I have had a lack of respect for some people, but those people, I tried to get to understand them better and solve this problem. Any other lack of respect may have been from a misunderstanding or other sources that cannot come to mind as of yet.

To the people of LunarNet that hold grudge against me, I am not a disturbed being that lacks any common sense, nor am I some vile creature that harvests hatred. I am human. I apologize fully to anyone who I have lacked respect to, who I have insulted, annoyed, etc. To be fully honest, I apologize to the whole network for anything I might have done to make people harbor feelings of resentment towards me. I want a fresh start, for I care about LunarNet and I always have. People who truly know me know this.

Since my actions are shunned upon and people still resent them, I've decided to not return to LunarNet until I have settled this with most of the people PERSONNALLY. As in one on one, talk it through with each person, try to achieve mutual understanding and settle this once and for all. If any of you wish to contact me, I shall be on EsperNet (dream.esper.net 5555) once in a while. Other than that, primeshade@videotron.ca is my E-Mail address and my ICQ number is: 1577453

In the hopes of settling these misunderstandings, I implore all people who read this through to pass the page along on LunarNet. I beg of you.. I want this problem resolved and I want to repair any errors I might have comitted. I want people to stop thinking me an unreasonable and uncaring person.

I thank each and everyone of you who has taken the time to read this page and respond in the hopes of fixing this problem.