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Welcome to the homepage of the Vay IRC RPG!

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This game has ended. This page is up for reference only.

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<Natalya> >> Vesp Offspring C attacks Jade, skeetering around and biting inbetween her cleavage!
<Victor> «ooc: I wanted to do that ;_; »
<Eressea> «ooc: Perv! >>
<Victor> «ooc: Lucky spider »
<Natalya> «ooc: ;) »

~Proof positive that Victor wanted some of Jade's hot luvin! ;)


-Huh? So what is Vay?-

Vay is a Sega-CD RPG that was released in June of 1994. Since the Sega CD wasn't sold so much as other traditional consoles, like the Super NES and the Sega Genesis, Vay isn't as well known as, say, Final Fantasy II/III (US version), but that doesn't mean it's not just as good!
It was created by Sims company of Japan, and released in America by Working Designs (In other words, a Japanese RPG). Games from Working Designs are popular because they present anime cut scenes and voices, and trademark humor. Vay was no exception to the rule, and had all three. Although not as graphically strong as it's predecessor game, Lunar: The Silver Star (At least in the overhead view), the game had a great story with involving characters and interesting plot twists, plus a lot of good Sci-Fi elements which Lunar lacked... and, besides... the way it ended left space for a sequel! That's where the VayRPG comes in. ^_^


-Right... so why Vay?-

Several reasons. Those of you who have visited Lucca's Role Playing Games Homepage (Now RPG Cafe) know that there is a Vay Novella that's being worked on... For a while now, even before I started on the novella, I wanted to do a Working Designs RPG. I thought about doing Lunar, but since there are now sixteen, count them, SIXTEEN Lunar RPGs... (...!) I thought that doing yet another would be overkill. I thought about Popful Mail, but couldn't come up with any ideas (The game is very small, world wise, and way too 'happy' to come up with serious storylines) . So, I dropped the idea till the summer of '97. Someone had read my Vay Novella and said I should make a IRC RPG out of it. I thought he was kidding, so I went to the chat room #Arcadia and jokingly asked what people would think if I started a VayRPG. When over 75% of the room said I should, I kinda got the idea.

But I couldn't do it on my own, so I looked for a GM partner. After several misses I finally found two...well, sort of. GM Cecil began the merry romp, but then GM Bahamut (of Final Fantasy Beta fame) took over.
Now, finally, I've grasped the techy side of Vay, and am the sole GM of the group, doing both story and tech work. The RPG is loosely based on the Vay Novella, but only in certain concepts. Most of it is original ;D


-Okay, I know you also used to run the CTRPG... Any difference between VayRPG and CTRPG?-

Some of you who are familiar with my other RPG, the CTRPG (Which ended August of '98), may wonder if there's any difference in how this one is played. There definitely is. First off, the group is much smaller and intimate. The battle system is totally different than the CTRPG, and is more "game like". We use stat sheets, have actual hit points, the whole bit. It's more serious and structured than the CTRPG, but still just as fun. :)


-All right, that does it! Who do I kill to get in?-

Sandor's wedding, seconds before it's rudely interrupted! =)Well, unfortunately, unless you can get to some of the current VayRPG players, there is no room. =/
We don't mind applications, just don't insist and send floods of e-mails and messages about your character, because it can get really annoying... If you want to make a character, you should follow the Character Generation Guidelines. After that, feel free to take a sneek peek at our Status Effect Summary Page. You should mention if you've played the game or know the storyline and everything, 'cuz it helps, but it's not necessary... not many of the players have. =) If there is an opening, we'll inform you!

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please mail either Lucca, the psycho GM, or the slaving maintainers of the page, Alen and Bryann, or all of them. If you're interested in that kind of stuff, you can also visit the legal disclaimer page (everyone has one of those these days, ne? =P) and drown in the sea of words. =)