Hi! This is the page where you can find all the information you want or need about any VayRPG character, or PC (Playing Character).
In some cases, the information about these characters may be purposefully left incomplete by the player because of some reason or another, and some of it could be downright false, so remember not to believe everything that is written. It is the case, though, that since we have progressed much in the plot, many things about the characters has been already revealed, so chances are most of the characters will have complete info. Just watch out for occasional surprises! ^_^
Each character page consists of one or more picture of the character (hopefully more =P), and a profile which explains in detail the background, occupation, appearance, and other information about the character. There is also, at the bottom, a short list which has- in case it isn't written down in the profile, or for all you lazy people who don't like to read so much =P- the hair colour, eye colour, relative height and weight, age, and other things about the character. Each character SHOULD have a midi or Real Audio theme embedded in his or her page- those who don't, is because the player is having trouble finding one. =)
To fully enjoy these pages, you should have a MIDI plug-in for Netscape, Explorer or whatever browser you're using, as well as the Real Player plug-in that you can obtain from Real.

Finally, if you want to see more pictures which don't appear in the character pages (you can fit only so many pictures in a page! =P) you can go to the Character Art section in the frame to the left, and if you want to read any novellas the player might have written which include his/her character (look soon for one of Alen and Arcus ^_^), likewise go to the Novella section in the frame to the left, which also has Lucca's VayRPG Novella. That said, please browse around!

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