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Shining Force RPG original

1100 years before this time, a band of brave and honorable warriors joined together. This was the beginning of an epic of grand proportions that would be passed along the ages from generations to generations. 1100 years ago was the birth of the Shining force. To this day, their exploits are remembered... The victory against Darksol, Dark Dragon and their followers and the glorious banishment of the evil demon Zeon and all of his minions. The time slowly passes and people forgot of the malice that once ruled the land, but the Gods did not...

Dark Dragon is to be reborn once again... When? How? Only the Gods know. The Shining Force shall be reborn also, to end this threat once again and restore the peace of the world...


Welcome to the Shining Force IRC RPG page! You have reached this page because you want to join up, are curious or by a freak accident. Whatever it is, I bid you welcome, traveller of the net. Enjoy... :)

History of the Shining Force

The original Shining Force was first produced for the Sega™ Genesis in 1992. Since then, a sequel was made also for the Genesis, 3 on Game Gear, 1 on the Sega™ CD (Which has long since passed away), and 3 on the Sega™ Saturn. The Sega Saturn versions consist of a zelda like clone, a 3D maze adventure similar to Shinin in the darkness and Shining Force 3 book 1 which was recently released in the US. I have not yet played this, and I do plan to eventually get my greedy little mitts on a copy. ^_^

Where the story takes place

I decided that the story should take place in the Shining Force 2 world, since it is more vast than the original epic. The story shall begin in Granseal. For those who are not familiar with the Shining Force, this is a Castle city where the 2nd epic started and ended. The world was also enlarged for Shining Force IRC RPG 2 with a map created by myself. New towns, new people, new adventures...

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