Other Wholesome Goodies!

This page is a section for all the other stuff I accumulate that's SFRPG related... Although it's not big right now, I'm open to suggestions on what I can add here... You can submit short stories, fan work, anything your mind can think of. ^_^ As of now, I have this online:

Dark Angel of Retribution...
If you haven't read up to SFRPG 2 session 28, this is a spoiler! However if you have, take a look at the Shining Force's newest enemy. Drawn by Locke.

David Willcott gets love advice.
David wonders if flowers would charm his lady fair (AKA Reisha), and Flara (of FFbeta ) tells it to him straight. Drawn by Jupiter (AKA David).

Reisha Granstream gazes upward...!
Reisha gazes upward, showing off her beautiful bod and proving that she's the best in whatever she does! ^_^ This pic was also drawn by Jupiter (AKA David).

Shining Force RPG 2 group pic!
Group pic! I think that says it all...

Jeyer's plight part 2
Well it seems I get inspiration about Jeyer lately... here's a 2 page story I wrote at work today in oh roughly 15 minutes. Thus don't be too judgemental about it. :p Kay tnx

This picture was made by Scott... It is a picture of Jess, his character.

This picture is of Tiernan... However, if you haven't read up to session 27, it's a spoiler. You've been warned!

Map of the Broken Isles
This map, I've been putting off creating for a while... Now that the SFRPG has reached the midnight's eve, I guess it's time I started editing it. I only edited part of it, leaving the rest for further adventuring... So the players don't all know at once... That sorta makes it boring. ^_^

Map of the Gandar Isle
This map I created for the Gandar isle... Most of the players know about it, but thassit. This is for you other people. ^_^

Jessica's Memories
Well, this story written by Scotty boy, explaining Jess' situation before SFRPG... I skimmed it quickly, but hell. :p I'm a busy man! It's good! Must read. ^_^

The Shining Force IRC RPG official group picture.
Ahh, SFRPG 1... My baby. ^_^ Well, Shining Force IRC RPG 1 was more than interesting... It touched alot of the players unlike anything SFRPG2 has yet to achieve. For me, it was my first overly successful RPG and I loved each and everyone of my players... I've been holding on to this for a while and it's finally available for you sick puppies online. ^_^

Baine's Testimony
This is a story written by our own SFRPG1's Baine and SFRPG2's david. ^_^ It's a short story explaining Baine's loathing of Hassan in full details... For you who don't remember, the old logs are still up. ^_- Enjoy!

Jeyer's plight
This is a short story I wrote for my English II class in College... The teacher gave me a more than generous mark for it (i.e. 100%) so I thought you people would like to read it. ^_^ It's about Jeyer after he met Kodah at the desert checkpoint... For you who don't know which log, Here. ^_^ It's quite short mind you, but it's worth a read...

More coming soon!

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