(It's big! It's heavy! It's...er...)

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are the official logs of the VayRPG group (Huay!) Please note that:

There aren't a whole lotta logs here. Most of them are currently being edited for your viewing pleasure. Please be patient. Once we're caught up, expect a log very shortly after a session is completed (Anywhere between 1-3 days)

A lot of the earlier sessions have quite a bit of cussing in them. In fact, you could consider this to be an R-rated RPG. Therefore, I (nor the log editor, Bryann) will edit anything out. If you're offended by cursing, mature situations, etc., then ether read the logs with your eyes closed (Hard to do), don't read them at all, or read them and just keep your big mouth shut! ^_^

With that said, read on!

"Act One"
Intro Session: Bounty Session 9: Island of Insanity? Session 18: Natalya and the Resistance
Session 1: Hour of Darkness: Part 1 Session 10: Interlude #2 - Homecoming Session 19: Truth Behind the Mask
Session 2: Hour of Darkness: Part 2 Session 11: Escape from Bani Session 19: Truth Behind the Mask
Session 3: All is Not What it Seems Session 12: Pirate Hijacking Session 20: Castle Ambush
Session 4: Unorthodox Flying Lesson Session 13: Search for the Jeweled Blade of Oozmalak Session 21: Lashing Out
Session 5: Orbs, Water, Memory Session 14: Interlude #3 - Betrayed Session 22: Family Ties
Session 6: Interlude #1 - Recollections Session 15: Meeting Savannah, Guardian of the Earth Session 23: From the Ashes
Session 7: Horror From the Past Session 16: Showdown! Battle with the Sorceress Divine... Session 25: Wake Up Call
Session 8: Payback Session 17: Adek's Lost Innocence Session 26: Infiltration

"Act Two" (Current Act)
Session 27: Requiem
Session 28: Night Patrol
Session 29: Adventures in Spelunking
Session 30: Perverted Experimentation
Session 31: Disturbing Memories


Arcus and Natalya